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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. crazy and if thats not exploiting i dont know what is
  2. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Most players that have used this currency slide are ones hoping to win JPA

    It took me something like 6 million uri to get my hercs ..that is 420 pounds...they get 6 million for 120

    It would be justice if DO disabled JPA entry to all those that built their accounts using Venezuela

    Players who actually live in Venezuela can easily prove that
  3. yamama

    yamama User

    When a player wins JPA they check their accounts history, if they botted, tried to cheat in JPA, shared an account for someone to fight for them. So i would suspect if they used venezula they would not be given the money from JPA << my opinion though, cant say if its the truth or not.
  4. TBH i play in GB1 i never never seen a speed hack, in 7 years . Seriously just cos u get locked doesn't mean is an autolock.
    I know i know im the only one who doesnt see that .... hmmm or maybe is just you who sees that actually cos i play in gb1 almost everyday and i dont see ppl complaining about speed hacks or autolocks,( maybe about bots they still out there but they are geting banned).Dark orbit has enough problems i agree like those venezuela accs and other bugusers which are updated by inside info from supporters ,because there is no way in hell they would know a bug i mean complicated bugs unless some1 from inside informed them, basically is a corrupted system and this is the worst part.
    So guys i beg u keep it real and report real things u get frustrated from ,not arguments just cos u get poped fairly.
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  5. Yes... Luck and muscle memory have a nice play in things... And then there's that moment when you emp and cloak, in an egg, and they still target you the moment emp's effect is over... Multiple times... ;)
  6. I am sorry to say but its doable really hard but it is, and dont exagerate u cant emp multiple times ,once they lock u thats it , and dont forget there is a lot of tricks into it , such as pet doesnt lose lock so is really easy after some1 emp cloaks to lock him straight way cos his pet is still shooting at ya (pet doesnt loose lock after emp) so they lock u where the pet is shooting.

    Fun story i got accused once from a guy cos i did the thing im explainin above , then i asked him nicely not to accuse cos i did nothing wrong and explained to him the process he said sorry and learned how do it himself.... and i guess not every1 will explain you how they do it but i did and the player didnt say anything bad after that ,instead he thanked me cos he didnt know.

    This game is full of tricks and is really hard to learn them but because some1 does doesnt mean they cheat they just play hardcore.... anyways peace out and dont accuse ppl without proof ... and learn to play the game
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  7. I know fully well that there are many factors that apply to this game, however there is a point where it's just not doable. And no I did not mean I EMP'd multiple times I mean this series of events happened multiple times. I don't base things off one event of it. Statistics ftw..
  8. Now this is the most ironic thread i have ever seen lol.

    A few years ago Darkorbit Admins said, "there are no cheats possible for this game".

    And here we are, posting in a forum section about... wait for it... bots and cheats :D.

    Oh the irony and denial.
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    That was also half a decade ago. The people who said it probably aren't even part of the dev / mods teams anymore.
  10. Look, cheats are real and so are hacks. I do believe that DO is making an effort to keep alot of that off the playing field. But understand this, for every program DO creates prevent a hack or cheat, a new hack and cheat is created to counter it. Its an ongoing battle.
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  11. Thx to all the cheats that got banned on GA3 this month, i went from 740 odd down to 717 in rankings, in that space of time i havent played for 6 weeks LOL. Thx for the boost you mugs.

    At this rate ill be top 100 without logging in, too busy you know...having a life.
  12. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I don't believe this thread is for complaints..or compliments for that matter.

    Bots crop us now and then but auto/cheats/hacks? I won't believe it till I see a clear as crystal vid.
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  13. Okapi32, I love your post I get alot of good info (thanks) Can you please explain the UFE's powers (detailed info) I often wonder about this and Im sure others do as well. Most of my gaming issues do come from these players and I often wondered why since like you said not everyone is cheating or doing something shifty (but) something seems off with these guys/gals.
  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There are lots of little things here and there but I think the main one is the damage a UFE ship can do whilst still having big shields. For instance I can have 950k shield and do 50k damage with x4.
    I think most people then just accept the 50k as all the damage the ship is meant to be able to do. However there is my PET which is doing 10k+ on x4, there are my 3030 rockets which are doing 7-10k damage, these two values add on top of the 50k to make it look closer to 70k, which people see it and think "70k damage on x4 with 1mil shields, hacker".
    Then that's just the x4 / rockets, I would be using hellstorms, rsb, smartbombs etc on top of that so the combo values can end up looking well beyond 200k damage, again all with almost 1mil shield.

    Lots of people who are not UFE just do not understand the absolute damage that can be done while still being tanky enough to take hits from multiple ships. UFE are more likely to have techs and items like emp and instas readily available compared to non-UFE as well, people often forget to consider things like that.
  15. I keep reading about Venezuela accts and uri buys (what) is this and how are they doing it?
  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Buying uridium from Venezuela is $30 for 330k compared to the $100 it would normally be, the reduction in price applies for things like rebate and premium too. For some reason this reduction in cost applies to all BP games, not just DO.
    I don't really think I could get away with saying how it is done on here without receiving a ban or warning for doing so, however it can only be done with new accounts nowadays as the support teams are aware of it and do not issue out payment location changes.
  17. Funny thing is these new bots I been seeing around the maps lately seem to be of inferior quality.They seem to be
    malfunctioning all the time lolz. These cheats are obvious lol. I just hope DO/BP can get a handle on it before it gets
    too far out of control.
  18. Ok I get the equipment use, how is it that 1 UFE players can sit on enemy port with only (sheilds) no (HP) and never pop when being hit by 20 other players at same time? It seems messed up when one person can never die or run from a group of 20 even if your are UFE (1 Vs.20) the team of 1 should always lose no matter what your ship status is. Maybe you know this answer (I) can't make this happen but, I have seen countless others use the emp/bombs in portals is this a bug or hack ?
  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I would have to see it to believe it. Of all the servers I have played and with all the people I have known I have never heard of or seen anything like that. Would think at least 1 of the 20 people would have got a video of it since that would be clear evidence.
    I have never seen EMP or smartbombs used on portal either.
  20. It's a real thing that happens, more often then it should (reported) and ignored, the one thing I do notice with these players its seems to always happen during special events and as soon as the event is over so are they. I haven't seen many videos online from my server (recent) ones anyway. I promise it's a real thing, that's why I asked you to explain the UFE powers I thought maybe they had something much different then Lf4's or updates and the other special items that would possibly explain the ability to sit on enemy portal taking a beating.
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