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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Good for you ! I hope that many players take the same stance on this game. However , if you decide to try and keep playing the game then I suggest you pop the the bots and see if you can finish your mission. I just completed 1000 interceptors but, I play on non peak hours so I had a better chance of finishing. Try accepting a mission like I did (10000 enemy ships or 750 enemy Goli"s and go to 5-3 and go on a killing spree.
    At least there you have a chance on running into a real player who you can battle with while trying to do your mission. Just look for the enemy who is running around popping bots , and attack! Most of the bots in 5-3 are Nostromos and are easy kills , plus you will find a variety of other ships people use to bot with. I especially love the ones who use the Citadel. More honor points and still an easy kill. Set your PET on auto-resource and let it collect Pally while you hunt. it's not an ideal solution but, it's the best suggestion I have.
  2. I find that a few of the bots in 5-2 accept invites just keep sending invites until you build a good outfit i am done with those quest so i cannot help you but i always get an outfit when i am in there
    But like you i play from 2008 also and i do feel your pain i cant get a cube in x-6 maps no matter how hard i try
  3. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Yes, I could do that, but I would still need to do those 600 saboteurs. But that is no the point. The point is, this game is full of boters - especially in GE1 server. There is over 100 ships on 5-2 and over 300 ships on 5-3.

    @STARLIGHTHUSTLE already finished all "kill enemy" quests. Sure, you can find some real players but it's not worth it going around and looking for it. This is PvP game, not go and find yourself an enemy.

    @Killercal73 tried that. Either everyone is in group, or the bot don't accept it. But like I said, it's not that much about finishing it, than about that this game is full of bots.

    You can't even wipe out these bots from maps. I tried to kill as many of them as fast as I could, but there is so many of them, that you kill one and the one you killed before him comes back and you will never clean the map.
  4. DRAZI

    DRAZI User

    Sorry, Totally missed the part on the SAB's but You'll just have to stay on the boarders of the map with enemy locator on to get them and hopefully you'll get them done to. Also, it seems these botters keep their invites on to accept. Keep trying to get in their outfits to get the Sabs they are shooting on. When you do,.. stay in a corner being hit by interceptor and let them do all the work
  5. yomama

    yomama User

    Yes Even in 3-6 there are so many bots ! can't do cubes at all ! admins please help with this issue .
  6. Found some real enemy players in 1-BL and 4-5.
    One question ; Why do you think the Nostromo is so popular with botters.
  7. Rossi

    Rossi User

    What does this have to do with anything? I don't understand your thought process. Of course a lot of them use it because it doesn't cost them U, but I really don't get it why did you bring that up?
  8. Well for one thing, the Big Boy which has greater cargo capacity would seem to be a more likely candidate for collecting since speed isn't an issue.
    Sounds to me like you're taking this question kind of personal. Is it possible YOU have a NOSTROMO botting out there. I would not be surprised .
    You don't have to understand MY thought process. You either answer the question or you don't . I brought it up because I felt like bringing it up. THAT'S WHY!
  9. Rossi

    Rossi User

    What are you talking about? Have you even read what I posted before? I am clearly against bots. I have never boted and I never will. I have UFE acc and I play this game for over 11 years.

    I have know idea why are you talking about what kind of ship bots use. It has nothing to do with anything I posted. That's why I am asking you why did you asked it in the first place?

    Your posts make no sense. Either read what people are talking about and then reply accordingly, or don't send them random questions.
  10. I can send any questions I choose .Like I said , YOU either answer it or don't. It's NOT up to YOU to decide what people can or can not ask.
    All that matters is , it has significance to ME. The post doesn't make sense to YOU , well , TOO BAD. Get over it. I want to Know these things whether you like it or not. You had to make a big deal out of a simple question. The problem is yours. I still think you took it kind of personal and it makes me wonder why. You're crying about BOTS . Old news man.Adapt! Until something is actually done about it.I did 1000 interceptors on 5-2 and you don't hear me whining about the bots.
  11. Its a really good question the more i think about it why used NOSTROMO to bot considering the limitations, it dont have the fire power to fight back, it dont have the speed to get away, it dont have the cargo space for pally
    As a player of the game i try to find out all aspect of the game if the NOSTROMO have been beefed up and now a valid ship in the game its nice to know
    On the other hand like Starlight Ustle say Just Adapt the bots are here to stay .....No admin or CM or anyone from DO even reads this chat anymore its just page on pages of players just trying to vent and keep up with the bots
  12. TY , at least someone understands.
    And there still are plenty of real players out there . Trust me , I know . I get attacked on a regular basis in BL maps and in 4-5 all the time. So , if I'm looking for a fight , I don't have far to go or long to look.
  13. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Yeah, nah. I am done adapting. I've been adapting to these filthy bots for years and I am done with it.
    This is a thread about bots of course players will complain about bots. What else you thought this thread will be about?
    I took it personal, because by quoting my posts you asked me, and that question had nothing to do with my post and it made no sense. Sure, ask questions how you want, but why did you quote and asked me?

    CG for completing the quest, now try to do it on GE1. Sure it's doable but how long it will take? 20 hours when you could make it in 2 hours without the bots? Enjoy adapting with the bots.

    My premium ran out yesterday. After so many years, I am out of this game. FREEDOM!
  14. Going for unpopular opinion, I don't think bots are that bad at all.

    Yes, bots make quests difficult but also they are nicer than 'real' players.

    Bots do not use EMP to remove your camo, just to make you and your pet killed, to give you the most possible harm. (300+90 uri)
    Bots do not steal boss kristallons from you unlike real players.
    Bots do not hunt on other company maps unlike real players.

    Bots collect palladium peacefully on 5-3, also keeping NPCs out, making a great ecosystem for developing, until some guy comes and destroys everyone, not caring about whether they are human or bot, just to get imaginary honor points that do nothing.

    If there were not bots, collecting palladiums would be very hard for every sub UFE player, since they would be hunted by real players every 3 minutes, thanks to 5-3 being full of bots I finished my first gate last year, but I first registered this account in 2010. (had huge breaks in between, UFE always made me quit)

    Bots are not the reason, they are the result. Nobody wants to live the stress to be killed after collecting 30 palladium, so people head for bots, thanks to UFE bullying.
  15. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I refuse to money in this game and that is 100% do to the Bots. Why would I put money into a game that lets other plays cheat all day and every day. I have to say the botting is now at an all time high, I started playing in 2012. I will say this, if your going to let players bot when it isn't allowed. Then you might as well sell us a CPU in the shop for some U that will bot for us. Lets face it, It's now a big part of this game. like it or not. They are showing no signs of even trying to slow or stop it, So make it legal.
  16. The unpopular opinion the bots are bad bad for everything i cant kill a cube on my company x-6 map map because of the bots....i am some what happy i build my ship from back when they bots were somewhat tamed
    Do your inters in BMap get two or 3 ships Hammer claw or Ageis and stack on each other in a corner and hami the battleray this should get you a good chunk of your quest done .....oh never mind your premium ran out
  17. <NEVER MIND!>
    20 rank moves overnight means they didnt get punished or it was a temp ban with a return of the items. Yup watching to see but it seems like it was just smoke and mirrors.

    Very impressive ban wave.
    But you missed:
    Bot users
    Account sellers
    Account Sharing
    3rd party application users

    When we see the very particular account banned that has violated all of the above is sanctioned you have not really begun. The bug users must have triggered someone because you woke up after years of allowing so many exploits. Perhaps this was the first step in a move to create the actual game that we want to play where real people use real interfaces to play.

    Good job on this. It shows a better direction by management that you are in some way paying attention.
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  18. kidfire

    kidfire User

    Anybody notice rank changes with the new ban on botters?

    I like the one on east server rank 20 in honor with 8149 hours played since mid june of 2019. That only leaves 5,171 hours to sleep and eat, go to school, work. live?
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  19. I have been grinding as usual upgrading my weapons and shields . I no longer worry about the leader board because we all know it's a bunch of crap any way. Bots have actually made the game safer on off peak hours and have provided easy enemy kills towards high count missions. Of course I still run into the occasional real payer and have to fight . Win or lose it comes with the territory . Maybe , by the time real people start playing again I'll have upgraded more of my equipment . I used to complain about bots monopolizing NPC's on maps but , this also is no longer a problem. I just go to an enemy map to do any particular mission and all the bots just run away. And if they don't , they die. The biggest problem I have is becoming complacent and not watching for those cloaked attacks . Guess I just got lazy.
    I do find , I tend to play for less time per day than I used to and I don't always play everyday like I used too. And I am less likely to spend real money on the game,( with a few exceptions). I don't even have my chat active in settings any more. Since there is no one to talk to anyway why have it enabled and lower FPS. Even the mines in 5-3 have been reduced to allow the bots to escape with out dying while running to exit portal. This has made it easier to chase down Battlerays without incurring too much damage. That's probably the most optimistic view towards this situation as you can get. If it changes , fine . If it doesn't , that's fine too.
  20. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    It's sad to see how many players bot. Players you thought were cool and/or honest, you find perfectly circling BKs in their x-7 hours on end with no break.

    It's sad to see how many players buy accounts. The top ten in my server changes almost on the daily with name-changes. People who you were friends with suddenly don't speak English or act different.

    It's sad to see how all this gets swept under the rug and the "ban waves" don't really do anything.
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