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  1. I agree. I never did chat much but now , there's no point , they're not real players anyway. I even eliminated the chat window in settings because I don't use it anymore.
  2. I beg to disagree, Ketchup. This is a game where players kill each other's ships as part of the gameplay. If the designers want to change the game and make bots legal, I'm fine with that, but bots are technically illegal; if they were legal I'd automate gathering pally and killing cubes for advanced quests, too, but I've played long and hard and invested money in a game where people who outrank me got that way while they were sleeping or at work.

    If the designers want to change the rules make the game less grindy, do that, but bots steal from the game and from other players. 5.2 has already been nerfed beyond belief; it was a hellscape of mines to get out of before. The only advantage to bots as I see it is that they make it easier to do quests to destroy enemy ships. If I see your ship in 5.3 or 5.2 and it's botting, I'll blast it; all's fair.

    My two cents.

    It's almost impossible to do cubes without blasting all the bot ships doing them; if they fight back, I leave them alone. I only cube on enemy maps; 3.6 is the worst one for bots, frankly. I can get points and uri off killing a cube with them, but no credit for the cube. really not fair.

    I also infect the bots, mostly for fun and keep track of them. On 5.2 they all run to the center station, usually.

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  3. one day something will happen to this game - company which they will find (Unfair or Illegal) -

    1.2.8 The use of programs that place an excessive load on the Services are strictly forbidden, and this applies to the use of any software that would influence normal gameplay, in particular programs that systematically or automatically control games or individual game functions (bots, macros, etc.). Any reproduction, analysis or modification of the Games, Game components or content provided within the scope of the Services is also prohibited.

    this is in there terms and conditions but they cannot stick to this so why should anyone be sticking to any rules about this game i for one will not be part of this (One rule for one person another rule for another).

    6.2 Users acknowledge that they play and communicate with numerous other Users in the Game worlds and it is therefore imperative that the rules are upheld by all Users to ensure an enjoyable gameplay experience. When participating, the User accepts the rules and conditions for the participation in the Games and Services as legally binding.
    8.3 Termination on serious grounds

    If the User knowingly violates any laws Game rules and/or rules governing the use of the Services and does not desist, despite having received a warning. A warning is not required in the event of a serious offence where it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint to remain bound by the contract. i personally would class botting as a serious offence (Game breaking if you like)

    Cases in which it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint to remain bound by the contractual agreement generally include the following:
    • If the User violates the prohibition of non-authorised scripts and/or the prohibition on the systematic or automatic control of Games and/or the prohibition on reproduction, analysis of or modification to the Games, the Game elements or the content within the scope of the Services (see section 1.2 above).
    • i mean come on DO not only are bots getting unfair advantages they are literally taking money from you're own company and you guys are doing nothing about it because you think it will hurt you're game which is pretty bad to be honest but i am very sure if more people read the terms and conditions of games people will realise this is not the Legal way of doing things you cannot make certain rules for certain people - you complain that whatever you use cant detect the bots and whatever else is happening but i can go on the game for 25-30 minutes and find atleast 5-10 people botting usually in the top alliances or lower alliances getting protected by big alliances because its actually there second alliance which is also against the terms and conditions having more than 1 account is not allowed... and i am actually disgusted in this game.
    • it could be sorted so fast if they had ACTUAL mods patrolling the maps they would see the bots them self i remember my first mod i ever saw and it was atleast 7-8 years ago now we have forum mods that have to stick by a script that they are told to say over and over and over just to keep bleeding money out of people...
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  4. Now that you have shown us a potion of the terms /conditions of use , my next question would be ;Is there anyway players can get together and file a class action law suit for breach of contract. There must be someone somewhere that deals in cyber law (national or international) , that would be willing to take on a case pro bono . If it's illegal for us to use third party programs then it stands to reason that it's illegal to allow their use also.(complicity ) Which, by my interpretation would or should hold BP responsible for any damages incurred .Whether they be financial or otherwise. Something needs to be done by somebody somewhere somehow.
  5. evve1

    evve1 User

    If it is possible to do and introduce so much else in this game, it would be simple and orderly so we honest players are compensated back a bit from the obvious cheats you take. If a cheater killed me x times with a program to help, these eliminations should be counted back, removed! And do not stay as plus eliminations in the booters statistics because they obviously many get to get back in the game. Sure, but be sure to remove the eliminations I have been shot down by one! Not right that they should be included in my minus statistics.
  6. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    just a reminder to those who played uridium wars. they let the botts take over the game just before closing up. I kinda get the same feeling here theses days. Was Big Point who ran that game also. No money in this game till I know for sure. The last time folks got ripped off big time.
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  7. evve1

    evve1 User

    If it is, DO does not play clean either. With the knowledge to cut down methodically on everything except to work and create a lot of things that do not work and then do not deal with problems that now only benefit the "brown" side. There should be a clause to get money back from the DO that now goes to something other than fixing the game.
  8. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    Dang, the bots are getting good these days. I actually thought one of them was a real player doing cubes for about ten minutes.
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  9. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Its amazing how they fixed the flower bug double quick time
  10. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    only way to force the issue is stop putting money in the game till they fix the issue of cheats. If ya all don't pay to play because of the botting. the issue will be addressed.
  11. that will never happen, botrs pay for prem, doublers and rebate,
    mice little earner for them, thats why all the events are to keep them happy,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    never know unless ya try.
  13. I forgot to mention the X-7 maps!! I've even seen a few in X-5, but there are fewer quests in there and less of a uri payoff. I had the great satisfaction yesterday of popping a ship in 4.5 I see botting on a regular basis in 5.2; the player fought back, which is how it's supposed to be.


    this game is like COVID 19 now and DO do anything to keep players who pay them so agree to use cheats and bots because make money is more important for them but don't think about those players who are 100% legal and try to play as should be in-game no botting or use cheats those players fed up and start leaving game many of them left now try to make uri without premium is very hard first to bot user where DO accept them second cheats users etc. This all leads to more players will be leaving the game and find some new games and really enjoy them
  15. Simple fix for this..... Have an Admin ship flying around the map at random times of the day spotting and perma banning...simple! The rest will soon click on and stop doing it. No fancy scripts or anything needed...just good old fashioned work. If they dont have a spare admin to do this...HIRE ONE!!!!
  16. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    Great idea. I'll do it.
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  17. this is to any of the admins or whatever is there any chance of this happening like im sure many people would do it free of charge not asking for anything we dont need special powers or extra things for doing it i for one would gladly spend 3-5 hours per day just patrolling looking for bots as i find it disgusting that the (support script cant detect them) if thats the case upgrade you're equipment because if someones eyes can tell that there cheating and you're so called script cant surely something is wrong there... i would gladly have a few extra mods/admins/helpers in game than any event that would show a true statement on what you wish to improve with the game if not then it just goes to show that this is really just about the money and nothing else i would appreciate one of the team to reply to this if at all possible and explain why can/cant this happen :) at this moment in time all we have to go on is the same (we cant detect them) nonsense this is the only solution unless DO owners approve of botting - etc
  18. hyperion96

    hyperion96 User

  19. They already know players who left the game probably won't return now even if they ban all the bot's so there best bet is to keep the bot's and continue milking those players for whatever money they can get then they will just stop the game i give it 6 months before it ends. cheers
  20. If automated scripts/programs are"STRICTLY PROHIBITED" then WHY are there so many running on any given day or night? There are bots out there , specifically designed for Dark Orbit and you mean to tell me that YOU and YOURS can't find,detect or delete them.
    I posted those to show/prove that these things are prevalent and Dark Orbit is NOT doing enough to rectify the situation.
    I do not condone their use and I do believe that Dark Orbit/Bigpoint has turned a blind eye to the whole thing,using the EXCUSE that they don't have the proper scripts to detect them.
    If they are so easy to find online , then why is it so hard to design a script to defeat them.
    I have always held TDO in high regards until recently, when it seems you're more concerned with PROFIT than maintaining the integrity of the game. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to log on and see the bots running a muck on all the maps . Yet , I still see the same one's every night over and over again. And they are so obvious and NOTHING is being done about it. I am glad you banned me from the forum until now, because that means that you , at the very least, are looking at what is being posted.
    Many players , including myself , feel we are not being heard and/or you just don't care. It is my opinion ,if the bots were hurting you FINANCIALLY , then you would have done more a long time ago.
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