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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. HI All,

    I had a thought. I read somewhere that DO/BP is going to go after the BOTS and CHEATS. Even in the bylaws it states nobody can use external program to play the game. That it is illegality to do so and there are penalties in doing it. I also read in the post that they are going to strip all the ill gotten gains. Honor Points, Levels, and even their Uridium they had won or collected. That brings in another point. If they used the Uridium for equipment and improvements (spend it) are they going to remove the items they got or made?

    How are they going to do that? They been telling us for years they don't know who they are. That they couldn't do a thing. If they are going to strip the player, they need to know when they started and days played. Mmm it seems that they have records of all the players activities. There was one post a person made a long time ago. It was his mission to kill all Bots. Every time he saw one he killed it, and sometimes several times a play. He got band for killing Bots (I think he said) for a week. Again how do they know who is a bot? They always did!!!!!! They been blowing smoke in a dark hole.

    I think DO/BP knew who they are ALL ALONG. I really think they were selling the program to operate in the game. Who knows more about the game's program than them. Unless it is a rouge programmer that did work for DO/BP.

    In any case it is about time!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lastsoul

    Lastsoul User

    I reckon that having a report button in game goes a long way.
  3. They should sell premium 1 month with doubler, rebate, and 1 mil uri at the cost of premium for 1 month maybe players would come back to play. What i see is players selling many account's full UFE top account's for a couple hundred dollars so players buy these account's to play instead of farming and they get bored fast of the time needed to compete with the bot's for even equipment that keeps coming out with every event and this allow's those players to build more account's for sale for more new players. So if it isn't BP making money it's these thieves that are making the money and BP allow's this garbage to continue so for this reason i quit 8 years of playing with lot's of money invested it's just so insulting to legit players i will never look at another BP game the same way.
  4. I'll say this, I played yesterday after taking a week off, and the LAG was REAL! And of course they got a 'List' of all the people Botting,.. they've been sharing Profits from one of them! They are in trouble with the International Gaming Commission because People spend money to play this game and they are letting people use something that is clearly in violation of their own TOC.

    Get rid of it and them once and for all, and Real People may come back,..no... WILL come Back!
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  5. Hi All,

    Again people are speaking the truth, but as I said a long time ago. DO/BP are like the 3 monkeys. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. Sometimes I say there is a fourth monkey that has a hand in your pocket with a fist full of money. The Evil here is the people who really want to play and not to be run over with Bots and Cheats. I use to love the game, but I was run over too many times. The MCC are no help either. I don't play as much because of this. There is no way to go but down.

    When I started the game there were so many different playing servers. They took most of them away because there weren't that many people in them. Now I have two ships on one server. Oh they have different names (USA, USA 2), but they are in one. When I go through my Daily Bonus I see both of them of my ships for a while.

    Now when I'm in the black there are so many ships, and not enough of the alien's I love to fight. Because every body want the larger reward it offers.

  6. It's like a phrase I heard a long time ago,

    "You know it's a Cold Day when The Lawyer has his hands in his OWN Pockets!"

    Get Rid of the BOTS!
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  7. someone some day will have the money to take this (Company) or as i would call it slot machine to court and the day they do god help them because if all they have to say is our scripts cant detect them so we cant do anything rather than putting in abit of actual (WORK) its going to cost them alot more than they make from these bots lmao if i remember correctly Apple has just recently got hit with a fine because they violated the terms of there own company shareing info to 3rd parties correct me if im wrong not 100% about that one as i said it will happen sooner or later and i bet they already have a plan for it it will be as cheap and disgusting as them letting people bot but putting in terms that its illegal anyway Karma can be very nasty and one day they will feel the almighty sting of her :). till that day im just going to sit here and enjoy the show
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  8. Guys in the beginning to get the players interested there were players who were in the game with bonus abilities. We knew them as mods. Many new them for being in their 1 clan. Same things back then. We had odd things happen where we were full health and would decloak and unload on them. They would take all the damage and wear you out. Guy came into our TS and went through showing why it was a bad idea to fight certain players. Gave a list of 'mods to user accounts' made a lot of sense as there were nights where I was in a corner in 4-5 and a player from that clan could find me each time. It was magical.

    Now we have the application helpers and glitch users. Do you really think a player gets that glitch on his own? Ever notice its the same group that gets that special info? Odd isnt it. Like a pattern? I watched a guy stuck in the maze map event stuck for hours. Next day stuck again. Never banned. Well known in the top 20. But hey, must have been lag.

    Its all in who you know and who you play with. In the days before RSB and all kinds of wild add-ons we would have gate issues. Mods were able to reset your gate. I asked over and over and was threatened with a ban for asking as it was not possible. Funny both of my clan mates had theirs reset THAT DAY. Now yes they took that away from the mods but it was a lie. It was the beginning of me not trusting staff to tell the truth about advantages. I truly love the players now with no HP on a cube botting who gets jumped by 4 players who are UBER FE and he flies to the port and jumps out. We cant do that with full hp and shields ON THE PORT. Had a guy nail me at the port twice while I was sitting there in DMZ.

    Game is broken and until Staff comes clean and fixes the issues it will stay broken Have fun with the emote sprays.
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  9. At my age I'm just happy I can play enough to maintain my hand/eye coordination.:D As far as this game is concerned I have decided just to invoke the "Serenity Prayer"
    God , grant me the courage to accept the things I can not change
    Courage to change the things I can
    and the wisdom to know the difference.
    All the posts,threads and comments about bots seems to be a waste of time. THEY'RE NOT LISTENING or THEY JUST DON'T CARE !
    Bots will have to somehow hurt them financially before anything is done. I'm still in the process of building and upgrading weapons/shields so I keep doing what I always did. (just don't spend as much time as I use to ,online).
    To this day I have yet to see a Mod or TDO rep. offer any type of reassurance in this thread that steps are being taken to eliminate bots.
    Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. I don't want to hear about scripts or banned accounts, that's just some kind of smoke screen. I'll know when the bot accounts are gone because my rank will immediately jump to something like EMPEROR OR DEMI-GOD ;).
    So try and keep in mind that in the end , it's just a game. If getting popped by some cheating jerk is the worst thing that happens to you today , then consider yourself lucky and move on. ;)
  10. Zecora

    Zecora User

    No, like I said before and like I said in a video I made, BigPoint will be unable to do anything unless their game is officially ported into a secured and encrypted client with some kind of anti-cheat system. The fact they're adding the bonus box Captcha system is just a reaction to the endless amounts of cries from players who are unable to understand that exact fact. And that system will not work either and I'm pretty sure BigPoint is well aware of that.

    Besides, Darkorbit is nearing it's ancient state. The game has done proudly for several years, much longer than most other games. A time to have respect for.
  11. Check your avatar image, the nose has turned quite brown ;)
  12. Zecora

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    Yeah, very mature. But really, it's on you what you believe. I just share my opinion and the research I have done on this subject. In other words I actually educated myself on this kind of matter before participating blindly.

    And really, all it boils down to is that the flash player is highly susceptible to third party influence. Half of it is preventable by using server-side calculations, the other half is on the .swf file itself and can easily be accessed. For those who remember, that's how darkorbit unveiled came to be. You wouldn't be able to access these information otherwise. Sounds logical, right? And a bot is nothing else but a browser that utilizes, converts and executes actions provided by the flash file and server itself.

    If it was this easy, BigPoint would have done something against it from the very beginning. You know... Before it escalated into a big problem. But instead, every time a ban wave was made, 8 out of 10 times a couple if not all of the bans were reverted. And the guy who was removed off the map suddenly is spinning his good old circles around dozens of Kristallon again. That was - by the way - during the Fairplay Initiative, which has lasted how long? Exactly... Everything beyond that is merely speculation...

    And again, if at least a few would do some kind of research on those kinds of subjects, they would know that a separate client that actually prevents any obvious third-party access is the best way to go against bots. And from there, you can only further secure. Sure, you will always find any sort of bypass, and those who are truly dedicated to do it will maybe find a way. That will however cost a ton of time and manpower, and therefor bots would start to cost a whole lot more. Eventually you're better off spending money on the game than on a bot.

    Again, people are allowed and open to believe whatever they want to believe. I merely point out my own view. But I believe after 9 pages here and 308 pages on the German Forum, at least half of us should realize it's just endlessly spinning in circles and venting frustration. And the most common suggestion was "Add a Captcha" - Well, we will be getting one according to Darkorbit unveiled (Turkish Forum) - We will see how much it will prevent.

    What I'm trying to say is if BigPoint was truly that lazy like people put them out to be, they would cease updates entirely and save that manpower provided into Events, engine switch and fixes and just leech the last few bucks until the server cost is above the income.
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  13. Planearium

    Planearium User

    At least he can write a comprehensible wall of text to defend his opinion. Also, which other games from 2006. do you play?
  14. Hi All,

    Is DO/BP cleaning house? I have 3 different ships. USA (East Coast) and USA 2 (East Coast) and the third Great Britain 2. On the first two there is no records in the "Corporate Record" except my name. The list is gone on both Best Pilots and Clans. I went to the third ship and the "Corporate Record" still looks normal. Best Pilots and Clans are listed.

    So is DO doing it job and getting rid of the Bots and Cheats and if so am I the only one left in my Server?

  15. That's been down for days, I was told it's glitched, but will be fixed soon enough
  16. If they actually ban all the bot's trust me you would be the only one left happened to 3 of us in 2012 we were the only 3 left on the server, just tells you how long they have allowed bot's and yet it still says it's against the T&C they should change that to allow them but it still wouldn't be enough to get me to play again. LOL
  17. They wont do nothing vs boots. They made to much $$$ and the game is almost dead so they want more $$$ before is over.
  18. I noticed that too but , WHO CARES. Ranks only tell you who's botting the most. Doesn't mean squat anymore .
  19. Ok - im confused now, with DOs latest anti-bot update, are they genuinely trying to stop botting or not? I thought they had given up to be honest, but now im not sure what there intent is. Any thoughts on what is DO intent with there latest botting update?
  20. Rossi

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    Nice effort, but 5 years too late guys, 5 years too late. Everybody already left. There is just a handfull of honest players - the rest of the online "players" are just bots.

    Also they wrote they will remove the exploiters of booster bug, but said nothing about banning them or taking everything they made out of that gate. GG :D
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