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  1. Welcome to the club!
    I think we are all a bit confused on what DO's intent is or how sincere they are about it.
    With all the bot programs that are available online , you'd think they'd be able to download them and then reverse engineer a program to defeat them. But what do I know , I'm just a lowly human.
    But , if I were to take a guess , being the skeptic that I am , I think it's just a bunch of propaganda designed to try and quell some of the complaints they've been getting , with out actually doing anything. I haven't seen any difference in the game that would make me believe anyone has been banned. If that were the case , my standings in the leader board would have jumped several hundred places. And I would again start to see daily progress as I play so regularly.
    Talk is cheap. Lets see some action.
    I jump into an enemy map and all the ships run to the portals , even before I ever see them.
    So , your confusion is understandable .
  2. i like the bit about run to port lol,it amazes me how some of us on this event struggle to get over wave 102 yet once again the bots are reaching 400 500 600 700 wave us honest players have a very unfair disadvantage in events been like this for 3 years and the poor weak players who work so hard havent got chance in hell.tis funny u say bout bots running to port its also amazing how same players lock us from a mile before you see them ,sure sometimes lag but when game is running smoothly and you emp use everythink u got ten players lock you.also im sure somethink wrong with bases diffent times me my friend tested it and got hit like 900k .i have full level 16 mods wen used in past never done this .i also seen solo players killing bethmoth on own so clearly a bug .i love daily quest but takes ages as bots in map seem to get there 1st takes ages finding npcs some times and oh my goduber maps more bots and then cube bots it never stops i hope they punish these players ep hon minus 70 percent and move them company .i know they wont remove them dam shame they could build game back up like past all there hard work going to waste and ruins the fun of the game.i love the game i love my friends ..and bout time they ended alies and naps with other companys .x.love you dark orbit sort it pls x.merry xmas to all and bew safe wash hands and so on lmao
  3. Thanks for the replies. I suppose what confuses me is who is it DO are trying to kid with these new anti bot measures. If its the honest player, then why would they care what they think of a sudden, and the honest players are now so few in number, they probably make little difference to DO, so why do anything to kid them on that they are doing something about botters. The botters on the other hand are the majority of the players in the game now, so why would you do something that hurts your main player base. Why would you do something which discourages the majority of your player base from base from playing. Makes no sense anymore what DO are trying to do.
  4. i kinda wish they sell a auto chip to balance the fighting out this bout the biggest thing that annoys me so at least we fight on even ground .real space ships and aeroplanes ave this and since no one in game has any skill and most use cheats sell one to us and make game more fair for rest honest players .
  5. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    What anti-bot update? I can't find anything on Discord or here on the forums about it. Are they doing it on the hush-hush?
  6. Hi Lithinir, the statement below was made by DO on Thursday, the anti-bot update is referred to at the bottom.

    Hello Space Pilots,

    A short overview of the existing problems and what we’re doing right now:
    • We are currently looking into the problems with the Captcha code that is needed to redeem Bonus codes as well as the Captcha that is causing problems in the Auction.
    • Concerning the exploit of the Eternal Black Light GG with boosters, we have identified the Exploiters via database. Here’s what will follow:
      • Ranking records will be removed and excluded from the rewards calculation
      • This removal will take place tonight. If players that are concerned are in the middle of a run when the removal is running, the player will be kicked out and will require to set up a new gate and start over again. Anything that is lost due to that procedure will definitely not be compensated since it’s all about removing an exploit.
      • Any new ranking scores achieved by players after the removal will still be considered for rankings until the end of the ranking event.
    • At the moment, we are having some problems with the following recipes and therefore they will be deactivated until tomorow:
      • Log Disks
      • Mindfire Cerebrum
      • Black Light Shard
      • Eternal Fragment
      • Booty Key
      • Indoctrine Oil
      • ABR
      • IAC
      • LF-P01
    Tomorrow at around 10 am CET, we will also have another sync with a restart to go live with some small improvements and a fix of the recipe issues from above.

    As some of you already have noticed, we added some anti-botting measures to our game. Here are some details:
    • We improved the diminishing returns calculation such that it's not triggered so quickly anymore, but once it's triggered the rate of diminishing is a lot higher.
    • Added Anti-AI verification for players that have been playing for a long period. Failing the verification is not a reason for immediate banning, but it will be used as a measure to track botting activity.
    • We already had a lot of players complaining that they got this Anti-AI verification shortly after our sync yesterday – this is because we are already having a tracking in our game which is connected with the new measures.
    • Nevertheless, we will constantly do some adaptations to it to improve the effects.
    Your DarkOrbit Team
  7. guys i dont use any think,i jumped from eternal gate which sends you to base x1 map made cupper tea and got this message >
    You’re behaving suspiciously, pilot! Verify that you’re not malicious by collecting all the black boxes, or we can’t let you continue in peace!
    You received 25 MCB-25 laser ammo.lucky for me i have teasmade on my desk clearly taking a break your not allowed i sent complaint to support really annoyed me after spending money on the game.yet x8 and x6 maps players bot constantly other use autolock still .i dont think it working well or i wouldnt have got this message .they really need sort things out i felt very upset .despite loving the game and playing much more due to covid lock down .
  8. Lithinir

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    Thank you for pasting this for me. It's a step in the right direction, for sure, and I've heard quite a bit of people have been banned already.
  9. Annoying the last few real players, thats about all there is to this new anti bot update.

    Because bots will soon (if they can't do it already) solve them by themselves.

    So only real players will be left feeling the impact of it. Same as with the diminishing rewards...
  10. I just dont understand that any botters or cheaters ar not just removed from the game? i keep on killing many players and they keep on spawning and just keep on doing their thing. REMOVE those accounts please!!!! Not just a ban for 2 weeks, dont be so weak darkorbit !! Stand up for the paying customer and clean the universe from this scum!! Thank you
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  11. Hi X-Ray, i think i can answer that for you. The simply answer is that there now more botters in the game than honest players, and the botters also pay more into the game compared to honest players. What this means is that DO cannot remove them without doing significant damage to their income and also to the game itself. The opportuntity to remove botters was years ago and position has now passed.

    In terms of DO current intent, i think its because they have decided that botting 24hr 7 days, isnt actually beneficial to the game. If people dont actually play and enjoy the game then are they realisticly going to stay? I suspect they have decided that some degree of limited botting ( a few hours a day for instance) is acceptable, but beyond that it impacts game performance and just doesnt help the game if there isnt actually any real players when you log on. I wouldn't be surprised if they were happy for people to bot all night , but wanted to try and discourage botting during the day and inn the evenings.

    But hey, thats just my hunch!
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  12. So many posts here and noting is done. I'm beyond caring anymore.
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  13. I agree with Xray on this one.....just remove them from the game completely.
    Bots and cheats have been getting away with it for so long they now have the best of everything the game offers....meanwhile those of us that play legit have scraped our way to get what we have for years and cant compete against someone thats botted non stop for a year.
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  14. Imagina complaining about bots ~2021. Don't blame the players, blame the game. BigBpoint with their updates is what caused players to start botting. If you wan't them removed, there won't be a game left. Accept it, or leave it.
  15. I agree totally that's why i left months ago, just come to check out to see if players still complaining and that's all the post are about now is everyone complaining about the whole game. Very glad i quit lots of other games out there enjoy.
  16. I think you'll find its still 2020 and yes i will continue to complain about Bots and Cheats. When the devs decide to finally put a stop to the constant cheating will be the day I leave it.
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  17. bots need -80% xp and -100% honor thats fair i think :D
  18. With this being said maybe one of the BP DO team needs to fly around the new PvE server for a few days and take count of the sheer number of "botters" in the game. 2 clans made up of pure botters can be observed in 1-6 every night for aprox 8 hours at a time hitting cubes. They all fly together, land directly on the cube spawn point and autolock, fire, kill , rinse & repeat. its not 4 or 5 players .. im talking about 20-30. This is not to mention x-3, x-4 x-5 x-7, x-8 and even the pirate 5-x maps. hundreds of them. So many the game lags out constantly.
    After this they bid massive amounts of credits on the auction house for small items .. 100s of millions for a CPU expansion slot .. 5-10 billion on random ships .. billions on modules .. If any players new or old to the game want to play, we are being forced into purchasing uridium to make any headway. Leaderboards top 100+ players are 99% all botter accounts making the leaderboard unfair and worthless.

    These people are not hard to notice or pick out of a crowd. If we cant beat them ... are we expected to join them then?
  19. This right here is insane I had not been able to log onto my main since late yesterday sent support an email and this is what I got:


    So basically I paid money one time for this monthly deluxe pack and during the time they where having all this in game issues something happened and instead of them correcting it they decide to accuse me of using and exploit and ban my account for 14 days for something I was not even aware off????? That makes a lot of sense Dark Orbit accusing people of doing things they where not aware of but you let these botters run free on this game 24/7....

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Like announced some days ago, the investigation of players using exploits is in full swing but there are a couple of things to take care of before the actions will be executed:

    - We’ve identified players who exploited the monthly deluxe pack and made more claims for rewards than they are supposed to. Illegally gained items will be removed as well as the honor points of those accounts. In addition, the accounts will get a 14 days ban. This sanction will happen near-time.

    - A list of exploiters who claimed rewards from missions illegally multiple times is currently in the making and is expected to be finished by next week.

    - Due to not having the list of exploiters from the mission rewards finished yet, we will postpone the reward distribution for the monthly rankings for December. As soon as we removed the exploiters from the ranking lists, the rewards will be given out to provide fair rankings.
    Your DarkOrbit team
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