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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. If it is noobs shooting the UFE, energy leach can give him/her close to or even more hp than what the noobs are hitting. Then battle rep bot and drone formations can help also.
  2. pecanin

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    This is bug that is connected to certain formation(not going to give ideas),i reported this long ago ,never been fixed.
  3. I went after a veng once back in 2012 in one of the x8 maps, nothing special about it, shield design, mix of flax/iris drones, 8 drones in all, I attacked it and then it zoomed off at a speed no veng has ever been allowed to do!

    I see botters on GB2 all the time again now, ships faster than normally allowed again like before, same players that were botting back in 2012, they got banned, ban lifted a couple of months ago, allowed to gain rewards again and from boxes and now they're back in the game botting away in 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 (and other maps) stealing uri and gate energy and stealing their gates, not to mention all the stolen ammo and credits on top, so they are stealing their drone designs and stealing upgrades and yet these players are still being allowed to stay in the game. But while they are still there, I'm able to do the pvp ship quests popping them all haha. It is all cheating scum players are good for, free kills for quests haha. Takes a pathetic excuse for a lower life form to cheat in an online game.

    A particular player on GB2 I have never had any problem popping all of a sudden becomes impossible to pop because of whatever hack making lasers/shields stronger on top of using that external hack for hot keys on top of what remaining hit points they have left never going down. And this same player I caught on the old style battleray and popped him with next to no response from his ship apart from it moving away from the centre stack of ships on the battleray and didn't even shoot back at me, so possibly someone else logged in on the account.

    As for account sharing, always happened on GB2. Same EIC players sat on the old style battleray 24/7, go and pop them, only ever a reaction from one or two ships as you have 1 or 2 players logged in on 5 or 6 accounts that belong to other people. Again, stealing uridium to build gates to steal drone designs etc.

    People always say send in video evidence? Most of us are not sad enough to have software to film ourselves playing online games. Big Point should get their act together. They are far too lenient with players that persist in cheating in one form or another and they take far too long to act on certain types of cheating like the shield/laser/speed/auto lock hacks and so on. There should be a zero tolerance policy on cheating in all forms and such players should lose their accounts no matter what and never be given it back at any restored status - deleted, gone forever. It is not fair that they cheat to get uber fe, get some silly stage nonsense, allowed back in the game to only start cheating again while the rest of us work hard building up our ships, unless you're one of those hide behind your credit card waste that level of money on a game!
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  4. i am on gb2 too and i can say that this, is still really annoying... and before 4 months my good account was hacked...
  5. well i played gb2 pretty much since the server opened yes i saw bots and auto locks never once saw a speed hack tho and i used to run a venge all the time if anything i think the bots were good for the game as it is too expensive and time consuming to diy they gave players ammo and uri to build ships and fight isnt that what the game is about?
    I hear they are making a comeback slowly and good if u ask me (not that ill be using ofcourse) they will put players (albeit computer players) back in maps with ammo and uri to burn away and hopefully shut down the scam that is bigpoint i have played this game for around 8 years and am just about done with it myself not because of bots or vnz accs but because.... well thats the thing just because :) all you moaning goody toe shoes out there man up and embrace the bots if they ever return hahahahah
  6. I complain and they condescend and I feel like an idiot. Then I threaten to stop spending and they suddenly understand my frustrations. Well I'm done spending, period!
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  7. AVIT

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    why are you even on GB2 ?.. time for a merge of servers i reckon
  8. speed cheats are existant ive seen 2 different people use them all the time ...
  9. No they're not
  10. care to explain when you think they don't exist? when you are in a spearhead,vengie,aegis and goli with max speed and prom no one should be outrunning you you should at least be able to keep up
  11. Proof?

    About this, if your in a max speed Goli chasing a max speed Spearhead or Vengi, they're obviously going to outrun you, a Spearhead will also outrun a normal Vengi as well, both a Spearhead and Vengi will leave an Aegis and Goli in the dust, an Aegis and Goli have the same max speed though. Clumping those four ships together as if they all have the exact same speed or they're all to fast to escape is foolish.


    trust me played this game since september 2009 and ive seen all sorts going on. why do i no? team speak people gob it of tell u all sorts
    even my mate that played it GECKO showed me on skype how they did it but going back on the above post hi had the same lightning designl on it but i still popped with a goli up my ringer!and yes i emped cloaked and hit the burner ?figure that 1 out
  13. that's not what I was saying hes out run me when I was max speed in every one of those ships with max speed gens and prom
  14. So how bout that proof?

    Obviously anything said in Teamspeak or on Skype is automatically true, silly me. I'm not very inclined to believe any of these stories after playing for so long and experiencing no speed hacks first hand or seeing any proof they exist.
  15. I would give u proof but I don't play on east coast 2 anymore because my acc there has been deleted
  16. relax

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    Yes you are such a pro "PLAYING TIME: 525 hours". When you'll have more than 10 thousand hours I will let you tell me that cheats don't exist in this game.
  17. Very unfortunate :(.

    I never claimed to be a pro but I know I am so thank you. This is my newest account hence the low hours, I've played for several thousand hours on 3 servers and on like 40 accounts. Now, show me some proof or shut the hell up. Good day foolish noob.
  18. relax

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    Maybe you don't like your rights to post on forums. I give you the proof here and then you dissapear.
    Eat some pop-corn while you are watching this.
  19. You can't ban me from the forums you delusional moron, certainly not for telling you something you don't want to here.

    Edit: The first video seems to show someone lagging while popping botters. The second video seemed like a waste of time so I skipped most of it.
  20. i have played 4k hours and are we on the same server? NO so how would you know what I did see or did not see?
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