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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. So I should just believe you with no proof because you said you saw something? I'm not into doing that :/.
  2. Hello Everyone

    Please refrain from accusation and please do re-read the rules of this thread before posting here.
  3. i think you all need stop moaning and get back playing alot of work been put into game moving servers wont help [removed] and team up and kill the cheats learn to work as a family and you get yer game back jeez.. GB1 is the best and always will be you stop playing you stop living this is real life now pull yer pants up and get it on thanks . PS i am the best :))
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  5. I'd like to know as well how they can lock you from 3 screens away, I see the red dot appear as they get lock, which is easily more than an inch away from my screen (going by the little box around you on minimap), I immediately head for port, hit my afterburner, but they still manage to catch me in an aegis and goli. Seriously, "NO CHEATS". Away and pull the other one.

    PS. Yes im full speed and yes, im always prommed.
    by the way, i never actually see the ship and it aint lag. Im recording my game in pally from now on.
  6. whoeva

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    Just because it is outside your box does not necessarily mean it's outside the other players' box. If they have a higher resolution than you then they can see more of the map. Perhaps this would help to explain. With that resolution to the left and right I can see further than the distance at which the game loads in other ships/npcs so as it appears on the minimap it pops onto the screen about 2 inches in from the edge.

    Of course some are using cheats but just because someone locks you off "your" screen doesn't mean they are.
  7. We can complain as much as we want, its our right. But sometimes we need to learn how to complain and to play at the same time. Moaning about something that is out of our control will only make us angry and less likely to play.
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  8. "Greetings, Space Pilots!

    We are sorry to have to inform you about that the May JPA is void. After a close investigation of the JPA result we found out that a bug was active and abused on purpose by the finalists. This unfair behavior cannot be tolerated and, thus, we disqualify both players from being eligible to get paid out the jackpot money.

    The May Jackpot Arena will be repeated once we have fixed the bug, expect the JPA repetition to happen within the next weeks. We believe that this decision was the only one to make in regard of fair play.

    Further information on the JPA repetition will follow soon.

    Your DarkOrbit team"

    This is the problem on Dark Orbit.
    the JPA has been void because of unfair behaviour and abused by the players, I.E. they have been caught cheating.
    but both accounts are still active on Dark Orbit, so while saying one thing Dark Orbit does the opposite.

  9. So once again somebody cheats and tries to steal TEN THOUSAND EUROS from BP and legitimate players and all they get is a smack on the wrist and told that they cannot win JPA in the future? The people who made the decision not to ban these players needs their heads examined. I know why you don't want to ban them, you can't profit from them if they're banned. This company is the lowest form of money grubbing bastards I have ever had the misfortune of being associated with. This is why I will NEVER ask a friend to join this 'community'.
  10. On GB2 all the cheating botters have been let back in the game but they didn't play because they were still banned from collecting in-game rewards (couldn't get anything from bonus boxes, no rewards from ship/alien kills), so BP lifted the ban on that and now they are all back botting on bonus boxes which is useful at the moment for the parasite event quests haha but I have come across a handful of players botting on palla also and why have these cheaters been let back in the game? Big point wants the money they spend and would rather allow them to cheat as long as they keep spending what they spend.

    I find it insulting that some players have been allowed back in and allowed to keep everything their previous cheating helped them obtain (full iris, 9th and 10th drones, upgrades, LF-4's, ships/designs, drones designs) on the condition they do not cheat again while for a lot of those players they are just cheating all over again botting on bonus boxes/palla with Big Point ignoring their cheating because they buy prem, rebate and bonus box doublers, buying uri from time to time as well, spending money on the game.

    Big Point is very good at bragging about how many bot users they delete every week but they are certainly not deleting the bot users who spend money on the game and can be found regularly botting on GB2. BP just seems to be only interested in deleting the accounts that bot where no one actually physically plays on or spends on those accounts. The accounts that bot regularly, often daily, but the players also actively play and spend money on those accounts BP just lets them get on with it as long as they keep spending money for rebate and bonus box doubler and prem given how many times their ships and pets get popped by me and loads of other players haha. And BP just makes excuses for them or make excuses to not take action against them. Insulting when other players work hard on their accounts to get what they have without spending or spending very little, or take the quicker easier route of spending silly amounts of money on the game and these cheaters are allowed to persistently get away with their cheating and permanently benefit from their cheating because BP won't strip everything from these accounts where the players cheat, actively play on and spend money.

    I've even seen a "player" flying around a map and their PET's kami going off popping aliens and I attack the "player" and they just keep flying around the map gathering more aliens and I'm talking about someone in a Aegis with full herc, 10 drones, and they don't defend themselves against me when I'm in a veng with 10 drones and one drone design and I know this "player" is full level 16 LF-4 as well haha.
  11. I totally agree with tom, botters pick up a few hundred/thousand boxes and get banned but 2 players exploit a bug for the Jackpot keep their accounts, dat logic. Doesnt make BP look amazing and sends out a bad message.

    Also on the original subject..

    Today a notorious clan took over one of my company maps and built a CBS, as you do, lovely. I thought i would start to troll these guys for fun so cloaked up and started flying towards em, 1 ship sitting perfectly still and never budged once got me locked and was firing on me whilst remaining still, just turning on the spot. I was on full speed config in Goli cloaked up, not one of them had my lock before i set off towards them.

    I think they should strip all extra drones and lf4's and bio for people caught auto locking.

    Cant believe auto lock is back, and now ubers are using it :/
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  12. jackknife

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    the finalists caught using cheats oh what a surprise and DO lets them continue to play. their ships boi and all should be deleted. Let them start in a peanut as an outlaw forever.

    I've changed my opinion on this a little, which is strip everything from them and let them start with a peanut and if they love the game let them open their wallets or work their behinds off and also I figure let them start with the new missions.
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  13. Hello all
    I am player ho LOVE fair play gaming,and respect other player who invest a lot of time and effort to hawe nice and strong account.
    I know Support do maximum from them to clear game from boot users,buth..some people never gona stop.
    Exemple REMOVED from USA 2 East coust all day use boot,wen he is on boot i kill him with no problem,and he dont escape...wen he come to play...terror me all day and aloot other players. Place wer he use boot is 4-1/2/3. Its not ok for player ho play fair play...and realy tray to do something. Yee REMOVED its strong just bicouse he allot time use boot,and thats not ok. I click on box toooo many times..wen i go to sleep i just see white box..and i know REMOVED dont hawe that problem. Plise administrators...just look in that server in 4am- 7am..and you gona see him on boot.

    Tnx for help to player ho play fair and hard to hawe nice ship in this game. And...thats not easy.
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  14. Theres a player on my server that has been kicked from one of the top 5 clans because he bots, yet has not yet been caught. Everyone knows it, but because the support to review the offenders isnt there reports go ignored or un noticed.

    I dont think anyone will look at the info you submitted, despite them all coming here telling us all they love their jobs and work hard, in the "Meet the team" section. We should name and shame them, no idea why we dont - it works well on other games.
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  15. SauronL

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    I was one of complainers but since i became ufe everyone started saying im using bots, how can i do 300k dmg with combos and so, if ure not ufe u cant understand it
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  16. whoeva

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    Dear BP, it's way past time that you put all your efforts into cleaning up the game again and getting rid of these new "undetectable" bots that have been running for a while now. I am fed up with getting autolocked by the same players that are often flying around collecting boxes without shooting back but I'm more fed up with being accused of using programs myself (mostly by those that are cheating.)

    Get it sorted, ban the lot of them for good, it is starting to get out of hand again... :mad:

    Furthermore, it really should not be hard for your script to find ships that are patrolling "exactly the same co-ordinates" around the space map and remove them too. Human pilots do not fly this way.
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  17. yes DO please try harder on east 1 usa sever its still out of hand with the bug users ,,,maby we need a patch update too get the buged ships fix players just layering there equiepment dobble stacking there shields and guns on same drones and how they and fully rep up both confegs when they jump port (group member shooting a player in one map i can see the health of said target he jumps port im waiting on other side get loc on him in port and hes fully repared!!!! wat i say@@ )
  18. ßőŋεѕ

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    Moles exist on this game (con "troll" ed opposition) FACT! I'll tell you again shall I because you seem to be ignorant and or deliberately obtuse. Your (oh wow I want that big shiny ship daddy and all it's upgrades ££££) tactic is just FAIL eg: it doesn't make me or others want to go out and spend obscene amounts to be UFE, it has in fact driven players away in droves never to return. I told you from the start but you wouldn't listen! Just look at GB1? total fail server, controlled by (con "troll" ed opposition) the server is almost dead! Oh yeh and BOTS + Magic Ians are back in numbers!

    Con troll ed
    Con = you have been conned eg: I bought 12 lvl 3 radar and they then nerf PET
    Troll ed = you/we/I get constantly "trolled" by (con "troll" ed opposition) for even mentioning the nerf PET and or bot/ian
  19. I hate double boosted playas, too :mad: Takes like ten minutes to kick 'em off the map and they use the dang feature which...I won't mention and dance/fight continues to commence.
  20. MyBigi

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    Yeah i agree. In GA1 when you go to 4-x maps you always see the same vru players botting boxes and then the same ufes autolocking you when you come nearby. And these guys are there 24/7.

    Its not starting to get - it has already got out of hand.

    Yeah, Robot and human behaviour can be seen instantly, robot can never fly so that it would look like human action.
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