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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    hi5 mybigi gb1 a joke now
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  2. run the script on gb2 bottin is still going on there
  3. they really need to work alot harder on getting rid of the bots and cheats... this has been going on for years now and seems like they take there time to do anything about it...
  4. I have to agree with Okappi,

    Normally when people are screaming cheater its not always the case, just poor knowledge of whats going on or may be going on.Thats why I math configs, both for disproving people as cheating and for my own enjoyment of building awesome configs to annoy groups of players haha.

    "Speed hack claim"

    From what i`ve been able to test out, when people zoom out they simply have a slower internet than you.I once had a terribly slow internet service and near death like all fighters id bail the fight and rush to port.But along the way my internet would lag tremendously causing my ship to stutter fly, but id click to port using mini map.So instead of stopping in the map people would see my ship zoom across the map and they would think I was cheating.

    After getting faster internet id see people who would stutter fly and then zoom across the map.Gotta play internet games with an open mind, sometimes the most simple problems have a rather large affect in games , as it is packets of data processing through the internet and when packets are lost or piled up and computer cant process fast enough the affects are either very small or rather large.

    And lets not forget people use multi button functions on gaming mice and the programs that come with them allow for 1 key to become 5.Which is banable as stated in the rules.And while some people see this as a waste I see an outreach to heal the game unlike other games ive player that couldn`t care less for their players and let the games end with a very bad history of unhappy gamers.

    And as far as DO cracking down on program users, bug abusers and so on.
    You can always do better and I expect you to continue to do better as your best is always ahead of you, once you claim to be at your best how can you improve?

    So I cant quote this in my previous post o_O.But id rather them shut it down till they stop abusers and program users so that another noob doesn`t cheat his way to winning and then getting banned resulting in another postponed JPA.I cant play JPA my self but id sure h8 to restart that progressive fight when ive got other things to do in the game or even in life...When fixing a lane on the road, do you not block traffic from that lane and force them to use other lanes?
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  5. thank you astrea
  6. relax

    relax User

    I can give a full list with accounts on which people are using bots and other programs, 100% shared accounts between clan members etc. Who will listen to me from support and verify those accounts activity ? nobody. Why ? Because YOU DON'T CARE.(I am talking about my server).
  7. Lol my post got removed from last night. I mentioned corruption and laziness and it vanished, this game is dying and could be so much better. I hardly play anymore, more and more uber ships on maps stopping people playing events - im going to go back to my old game and try grow this one out. And you are right they dont care, which is why i dont pay anymore :)

    Edit: Funny how i ask a dev to answer why after so many upgrades are cubes still as they were back on the old days before ships were as strong as they are now - a week later still no reply (this forums covers all english speaking servers btw) yet i make a statement and its deleted within 12 hours...

    This game needs people who can be bothered to run it and a fresh team of people that are accountable.
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  8. they need more admins... sometimes a full week goes by on east 1 and theres no admins on to checkout certain issues. but when they log on the cheaters log off...
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    only meens 1 thing thing then :mad:

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  10. Ok i have a few complaints. No i don't have video which i know that's what everyone wants to see. I am at war with many clans but 1 sticks out more than the others. My mines are maxed in my bio i had mines all around a base and watched 1 player circle the base and pop every mine i had and i thought how is this possible so i locked him to finish him off and to my surprise he took no damage. This is just one of the things their capable of. If you emp and run the shots don't stop they know exactly where you are and they don't seem to loose lock. And i understand this could be a part of lag cause of the event but it's not just every now and then. And there pet is half way across the screen from them still shooting you how do they do this? when i run my pet follows it doesn't go after the enemy by itself? So out of all the clans that i have war with this is the only clan that this happens with. I just wish there was a way to make the game hack free but i know there is no chance. I remember like 2 years ago DO banned all botters and it was sad because i flew around to every map in ga3 and could not find 1 single player anywhere. Is there nobody that chooses to be good from skill?
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  11. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Found another cheating Magic Ian on GB1 this evening, this player cheating so much an EMP didn't kick his lock, Icey failed to work (first time ever) so I mentioned it in global and guess what? yes you got it, all the excuses under the Sun came out and players actually stuck up for the Magic Ian. When oh when are these scumbagz ever going to get banned instead of banning paying customers from chat etc? NFSW gone now, don't make that mistake here!
  12. SauronL

    SauronL User

    If i dont have targeter for rockets activated my ice miss like 40% off times. For example in the most needed situation it missed and let me die.
  13. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Listen up because you are one that is trying to stick up for this Magic Ian. My icey don't miss okay you got that!
  14. I know this off topic, but I liked Bones Avatar :cool: The one is third from the left o_O:p


    i agree with u bones this game going back to the the dark days of bots i play on gb1 server and it is rife with cheats for example in 4-1 boxing jmp through port ime locked at the other side of the map so i take a look closer in my spear guess wot getting shot off map use ultimate cloak emp and still this cheat all over me to make things worse wen did goli go faster than spear ?or do hi need to clear catch:rolleyes:
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  16. DragoWolf

    DragoWolf User

    I have seen very few cheats and bots on GB1 so far. In fact i would say that bot activity is at an all time low. I do play regularly and at all hours of day and night.
  17. goplay70

    goplay70 User

    this is the greatest joke i have ever read in this forum
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    i agree goplay are you joking dragowolf its a joke u tell me on a perfect x4 and rsb combo done twice in a row emp dont work goli up my ring hole ime in pussat and the goli hitting 446k come on think about it:mad:
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  19. DragoWolf

    DragoWolf User

    Most issues are to do with server conection. Howver there are indeed a small number of peoiple using auto lock and damage scrips still. i didnt say there were none. i said there are few. Thre are very few box/ pally bots around in maps. 5-3 use to be full of them.
  20. Seems DO dev's have admitted defeat with the bots on GB1 server for now, reduced uri script is back in place to target this as after one hours boxin uri returns drop from 8k uri per hour to 4k uri per hour approximately with further reductions in uri rewards for every hour spent boxing. This brings to mind the phrase 'Prevention is better than cure' or mitigation for that matter.

    I bought a doubler for this event and now am being stung for other peoples nefarious actions despite the fact I personally have never once cheated in any way shape or form. With this in mind I will be asking for a refund on my doubler for principles sake, others have suggested a voluntary utility installation to scan a players system for cheats etc which I think is a good idea though I doubt we will get either. A nice event once again ruined by cheaters in some ways.

    I was looking forwards to another couple of weeks box doubler for the halloween event but I guess if the scripts are going to half the uri return from boxes its once again a useless upgrade that is no longer worthwhile, admittedly I have been very busy boxing with my pet which in current circumstances is enough to raise suspicion regards my game activities but I find it very annoying that my efforts are now wasted as its bad enough x4 ammo was removed from boxes an now another reason not to buy a doubler along with the pet AI nerf's which by the way is still full of glitches.

    The above really outlines why long standing players become jaded as it creates the suspicion of 'bait and switch' tactics to increase sales due to the attempts to mitigate the cheats.

    Ahh well rant over I guess but I had to half me ten bobs worth.
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