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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASTRAEA, Jan 3, 2015.

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    well written lordDunDunkum good job:)
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  2. goplay70

    goplay70 User

    oildaily i play in ge6 and i have seen program users of all colors and shapes in action but the reason i had a good laugh was that dragowolf says he plays <<at all hours of day and night...>> while he talks about cheats and bots
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  3. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Just killed pet named macro lol


  5. DragoWolf

    DragoWolf User

    I was just talking about GB1 in my post. Also high damge rates and "speeding" can be atributed to diferences in internet conection speed. That are not conclusive of cheating. As for my coment about the times at which i play, i was was just stating that i dont see an increase in bot activity at times in which you would expect to see them ie 1 am to 7 am. There are bot and script uses still playing but big point has done a lot to reduce there number over the past year, However improvments can always be made and some servers have higher rates of cheat users then others.

    I can only talk about GB1 as i do not play on other servers, however the amount of bot activity has significatly reduced over the past year. I now no longer see the B maps and pally full of bots. I do understand the frustration that all player feel over this issue , as so do i. However a post bashing big point is not constuctive.
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  6. goplay70

    goplay70 User

    fellow your lack of sense of humour is impressive, by any chance are you a german? I honestly thought you did a great joke but nevermind. As for the topic: stating the truth is not bashing , the situation is a total disaster and hiding it is not constructive
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  7. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    And yet another on GB1 goes [removed] always the top players is it not! How they keep getting away with it is a complete joke and a slap in the face for legit players. I'll always call a cheat a cheat so......chat bans away ginger pft

    GB1 has a clique of these players, there are so many you don't know whom to trust at all. They have corrupted GB1 beyond comprehension (trolls everywhere) followed from map to map by Magic Ians with super dmg powers, all denied of course! They have ruined the server and driven players away never to return, but they don't care that the server is dead with mostly only their clique left, and why? because they cheat, that's why! If the server closed down tomorrow they wouldn't give one rats backside and just go infest another server!

    Don't even get me started on "Moles" and "Controlled opposition"

    Just because I have not yet proved it, doesn't mean they're not doing it!

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  8. Ive quit for a while, not sure if i will come back and stopped all payments to BP. They don't give a crap and they never will guys, this game is fun and all but don't expect to be treated as a customer or taken notice of whilst you are here. Life goes on, this is a crappy game where trolls bury themselves in like ticks and claim to be rich when really they are spending their welfare on the game.

    I mean, for the amount of people that claim to be rich that play this they have an awful lot of time to play...hmmm.

    Anyways i'm out of the game for a while, got better things to do.

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    thinking the same myself its a joke getting locked all over the shop with people i used to play with wen i joined eic on gb1 server now they moved company`s and using magic wen u accuse someone on global they just laugh nobody does anything support no1 and on your qoute they are not rich there on benifits low life scum only thing there motivation is cheating once a cheat always one regards andy
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  10. yh I warped into an enemy map earlier today, no one even close an red lasers are streaking towards me, was it the CBS perchance? I very much doubt it.
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  11. Blue...

    Blue... User

    Here we go again. I've seen a lot of bot users and macro users on palladium map which is 5-3 on Server US3. Botters collecting palla but not shooting npc but they use skill as well. Macro users trying to afk on palla map, they use Auto-Clicker or Auto-typer for them not to disconnect on the game. Auto-clickers works on clicking of course, and typer as well but on typer they can obviously switch drone formations, cpu, etc. I hope DO will get rid of these Macro users and bot users.
    Whenever I try to switch from skylab section of the backpage to other section, it fails, it may show that you don't have internet or it may log you out on the game. I don't know if this is Dark Orbit's way to prevent botters from connecting to the game or what, but it pissed me off and not just me but also the other people who play the game.

    Dark Orbit, please get rid of these people who use bot and macro A.S.A.P., but I guess it will be hard for you to detect people who use bot especially when they bought it. There are actually several bots that you need to buy to use it, and it has features that IT CAN'T BE DETECTED but don't worry I'm not one of those people who use bot.

    Please Dark Orbit, get rid of these people who use bot and macro. Punish 'em all.

    (sorry for bad English, still learning it.)
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  12. Don't think they will be able to detect something that simulates a click. They can measure time and amount and location but beyond that unless it's a packet one there's not much they can do... Packet bots were detectable because they actually messed with the game. Since, "pixel bots" have been introduced which simulate clicks on certain images, causing only lag for the player using it (AFAIK).
  13. LOL, thing to do is to sit in the field and see how is collecting while getting nailed to the wall by the npc. Key part of that is the "sitting in the field."o_O
  14. Blue...

    Blue... User

    we actually pop those botters even though we're on the same company. but we dont when we have alliance with their clan lol. but i'm actually [removed] of with those ppl who [removed] use those bots. goddang it
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  15. botter are only good for 1 thing free killz when load got banned there was no1 to kill :(
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    being nieve about this game thought they had killed bots and scripts?
  17. hi i would like to suggest u sell a chip for autolocking to balance game out plus players who fed up with cheats get fair fight only as u are struggling to stop them that way game makes money and players will feel like you are trying to cobat these horrible players.also is it possible to have a person in maps who can ban the visual 1s as we see this everyday and is most frustrating .we need players to have faith restored and feel this would be grt idea,due to real space ships have this abilty even if temporay thanku
  18. Bots seem to be rising again, saw 5 when I flew 3-8 from other end to the other.. no, not just autoclickers who let PET collect boxes. The ones that circle aliens and pick up boxes and autorepair and change map and take breaks when killed :( I sure hope they will not start spreading even more. I have bad bad memories from the past about this exactly same thing.
  19. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    So its like then you'll say to make bots "Legal" just because some uses it and its unfair for the rest players ?

    I can understand your position and they're a pain. But trust me that doesn't mean making such a cpu would solve this. If you can't lock a ship with your mouse, then you're bad in PvP and thats a fact. It is one of the things that makes PvP fun and challenging.

    Just because some uses cheats doesn't mean you'll try to make it legal. You must try to make it impossible for people to cheat & ban those who does.
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  20. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    That is the "advanced" bot right now which becomes closer and closer to the old ones + it has auto-lock features . At least is very expensive and not a lot of people will buy it .
    However , the good thing is that bp released an update recently which modify the shade of the boxes and most of pixelbots don't work as expected . Probably it's just a temporary victory but we'll see .
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