[SC] Changes to prices of additional hangars

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ßőŋεѕ, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. Refunds are hardly ever issued for anything unless you convince support to comply with your request, compensation will likely not be issued for reasons that have been stated in my post and several others.
  2. imapoofya

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    Nobody's crying we're asking if there WILL be a refund. Read, then write mate ;)
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  3. same old dark orbit. your happy they did it but not happy they can't give notice. as to the uri part, its dark orbit trying to get that uri back is a lost cause. it would be nice to see that uri back in all of the server's but dark orbit doesn't care what we think or how anyone of us see there company. to be honest dark orbit should replace the difference in uri due to a common tactic in business. they made it high to make money there is no money now. it would cost them almost nothing to replace the difference uri. D.O. is like a baby with candy go luck trying to get a deal to get it back
  4. I said I was killing also which does not show BOTTING. IF all I was doing was boxing then YES it would fall into the BOTTING scheme of things, but as long as that is not the only thing going on it breaks the cycle and is not seen as botting. I can and do still do it occasionally. You can not do it in the 4-x maps as there is nothing in there to KILL, but on x-8 if you are killing StrueneRs or Strueners/Lordakia on x-2, and boxing you can do this all day long and not get a single warning about doing so.

    I am just saying for those that have bought more than 7 Hangars we should be able to get the remaining ones at the OLD prices as we would actually save over the NEW prices. Where I have 8 Hangars I now have to spend 35 K Uridium instead of less than 20 K Uridium.
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  5. imapoofya

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    No it does not. Read up on your info, it happens to bots and non-bots it does NOT discriminate. Killing inbetween does nada, it is reset DAILY. I boxed once for 13 hours or so got no captcha, but when at starts I got 20k uri in 3 hours, I got 8k in 3 hours.
  6. Quit crying and read my previous post.

    As I've previously stated, buying the product before the price change meant you accepted the fact that this might occur, I pity you and others for buying hangers recently but don't really care as well, on the other hand I do think this update was good and should remain without change, I don't think DO/BP intentions were to scam those in between full hangers and no extra hangers but that's how it went down unfortunately, I doubt they'll do anything in the way of refunds or compensation as well.
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  7. Who the heck needs 10 hangers o_O I can see four, but if there is an event you would probably park a ship on a few certain maps.
  8. jackknife

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    I bought two hangers w/ uri and wanted more now i can have them but the price of a leo just went up on auction .........dang
    love that little ship
  9. I have 8 so I can switch to whatever ship I want without having to worry about losing any and with the 2 re-release (DefCom & Yamato) ships coming out I may get the other 2 for them. The biggest problem is for them to be ready to FLY I need so many extra Guns, Shields and Speed Generators that I am spending my credits in AUCTION faster than I can generate them. But while getting them equipped they are parked in x-1, x-4, x-5, x-6 (for Cubes), x-8 , and 5-2 (sitting at bases or NYX) with 2 ready to fly ships warping (Leonov in LOWERS and Goliath in UPPERS) but would have a ship in 5-1 and 5-3 for Pirate quests and Pally.
  10. fluffy101

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    hope the upgrading will cost less soon too :p
  11. SauronL

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    Give me ammo for credits or decrease its cost. not hangars. i bought hangars for 275k uri already and this change gives me nothing. Just makes easier life for noobs n thats pretty unfair against me.
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  12. imapoofya

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    Not just you mate, lol.
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  13. hmm plz have galaxy gate spins for 100 credits each please, im sure I can open up 500 kappa in a day, and the next will be another 500, Im just saying my 2 billion credits could last me probably a lifetime, why not make bootykeys worth 10k credits too please, I need my lf4s badly, ooh and on top of that please please have logdisk worth 1k credits, and im not saying bid for them, I want them for 1k credits so I can be UFE in an instant. switcheroo everyone gets to be UFE for free!
  14. Yea RIGHT!!! LOL, you really have your head in the clouds. But it would be nice to see this happen. I would like to see the ORIGINAL information for the Booty Boxes be implemented, if you have a key you open box and get the resources from the kill, if you don't you get the resources from the alien kill. Nothing worse than doing a COLLECTION QUEST to have a Booty Box dropped instead of cargo box. Well that is another forum matter.
  15. Upgrades are already a bargain with 25% + 30% with prem and rebate :p
  16. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    I wouldn't exactly call pixels for £££ a bargain in any sense of the word!
  17. Bakjam

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    Well at one hand, I think this is a verry good update, because it makes it much easier for the beginning players to own multiple ships, the players who are already strong most likely won't profit from this update (as they probaly had dozens of hangars already). Of course there is the huge downside for those who did bought hangars already but I think that is just the way it is. This would mean that we would never be able to make anything cheaper and thereby attract new players, which I think, is verry important. You give some you lose more, that's just darkorbit x)

    Thank god I didn't bought my 3rd hangar with uridium xD
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  18. Okapi32

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    The reduction of hanger cost will just be one of these changes being made to make it easier for new players to get into the game. Now a small player can easily have a Leonov for lower quests and a Vengeance / Goliath for if they want to tackle the quests in uppers.

    People need to realize over the past 3/4 years we have probably endured the absolute worse of this game in terms of the sheer cost of a good ship, if the devs are going to make changes to improve the game for new players then they will have to reduce the cost.

    We will need to accept that the changes being made now are for the better of the game, yes you paid more for it years ago but that really doesn't matter in the bigger scale of things. Take the economy changes chin and realize it will be beneficial in the long run, after all they are making things cheaper, not more expensive.
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  19. "changes such as the Ultra Red and Blue Booty Keys, did not work exactly as we wanted." right they didn't make money so they need something that does XD well point taken things that I don't yet own will be cheaper, like uhm, well pilot points and lf4s are the only things I don't own, everything else is something I don't need ;-; in turn, my days of DO are long gone when my prem expired. I'll step down from my emperor throne and let the newbies have their fun.
  20. Well if you bought 1 hangar under the original pricing you spent more than a newb does for all 10. I just feel the players who have bought more than 7 Hangars should have been given the chance to buy the last of them at the OLD pricing, they would have saved over what they are going to have to pay now.