[SC] Changes to prices of additional hangars

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ßőŋεѕ, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. You need to check the last line of your statement Hangar #9 is the same amount on either price sheet but hangar #10 has gone through the roof with the new pricing. And to top this off I am one of those NEW (49 days since registration, as of this posting) players that you are supposedly trying to KEEP playing. Now that I have to spend so much more, after just spending 255,000 Uridium, to get #10 I probably won't bother and thus BP won't get the equipment sales or the other ship as it is. If as you say I had the benefit of YEARS in the game and this happened I would have no one but myself to blame, but as a NEW player I think I have a right to be a little upset.
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    It is still much cheaper overall for an actual new player coming into this game and that's what matters in this case. If you have had the ability to spend 200k+ uri on hangers as well as play 2 servers - judging by your signature - and been here for almost 50 days then you are not a "new" player in this instance.
    Yes you are unfortunate in your timing but you are looking at this update from a very individual perspective and I can see why in some ways, but then I must also ask what a 50 day old account is doing spending 200k+ on hangers that it wont need instead of things like LF-4 / Gates.

  3. The FEW people in this specific situation are kinda left in the lurch, you spent a bunch for the first hangers, now under new pricing you must pay MORE for those last few hangers, that does stink, but it's not the end of the world.

    It may not be fair but I have 1 question to all ppl in this boat: Were you planning on buying all ten hangers to begin with ??

    Hangers have been out for a WHILE now, so if you bought say 7 of them a year ago, what stopped you from getting the last three on the cheap???? NOW that the last 3 hangers cost more.....will you pretend you want them, even though you had a year to buy them and DID NOT do it ???? Just curious on this one.

    **EDIT*** HelpMeNotYou, I see you are kinda new, so my question is for older players in your situation, not just you specifically, I just replied to your post because you said it well.
  4. You are right I probably should not have bought the extra Hangars but I am also a CREDIT WHORE and AUCTION THIEF. I want the largest cargo hold for skylab transfers and have actually filled 5 of the 7 Hangars I have and am building my CREDITS to bid on the other 3 I want. The reason I now need the other 2 Hangars is the re-release of the Yamato and Defcom ships, again a NEW change in the game. My friends that got me involved in the game just recently (last 6 months) started adding the Hangars after they learned about PARKING ships in other maps. They did not see the need for more than 8 until the aforementioned Re-Release of ships and now they get the shaft like I do on the USA West (my main account) server, I did benefit on the USA2 East server as I have not worked it as much and have 8 Hangars with less than 10 K Uridium out of pocket and 3 ships (AUCTIONS have gone crazy with the reduction of Hangar prices) other wise I would already have 5. So like you said we may not have seen the need for the extra Hangars until BP/DO made the need and thus is the reason there should have been some notice of the change before it implemented OR a GRACE period for older players to purchase under OLD pricing.

    When they reworked the Missions/Quests they gave notice of the change coming so you had the opportunity to finish what you wanted and benefit from being able to do a lot more quests. I think they should have done the same thing here.

    If you are going to post a name make sure it is the right one. But, the facts are that NOT everyone ran out right after the release of the Hangars and bought them. You have to remember the release of the PET (yes my friends are over my shoulder) and the changes in the Gears and Protocols that happened within a few months of its release. And there was an uproar over that as people had bought extras for when they EXPIRED they already had replacements, just to find that they could have waited and got PERMANENT items, even though the prices did skyrocket with that change. That and 50 K for a Hangar was a little steep and not everyone wanted to get a Hangar instead of a PET or were BUYING their Uridium. My friends were in the game for years before they spent a dime on the game and worked very hard to become FE ships just to find they needed to SPEND to be able to attempt to become UFE just to enjoy the game. To be disappointed in the Booty Chest fiasco and not get the LF-4's that everyone else seemed to get, even on LF-4 days they would not get them (over 200 keys a day and NO LF-4).

    Sorry I got off track, but the point is that not everyone has seen the need to have extra Hangars until recently and they have now been given the shaft, from no fore warning of the price change coming, but this structure is what it should have been to begin with, maybe not credits but increasing in cost. Also, my friends don't remember ever seeing a price sheet for the Extra Hangars and thought they were 50 K each not on a reducing price scale (until they started buying them).
  5. You're right HelpMe, and you brought up some elements I forgot about, like the change in pet gears (that was a good change, but in a horrible way/delivery). I agree the way information is given about current items, and upcoming changes has been, and still is TERRIBLE at this company, (that's right, company, not game). You are also right about players who found themselves in that predicament you described about hanger halls, I just think it's not as many as you do, and it may be different on each server, I only play East3.

    At the end of the day, (ugh I hate that saying lolz), this new setup will help all new players going forward, so in all it's a great change For they few (or many?) who have 8 hanger halls, and must now pay more for the last two, it is a shame.

    Personally I had 3 halls before this update, so I bought the the MOST expensive ones......Now I just bought 4 more, which is more than enough, all for less than 10 K uri, and I'm happy about that. I'm not mad over the 90k uri I spent to have what are now "credit halls" , because I made good use of them while I had them. This cup needs to be half full, or else I get thirsty.
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  6. Like I say IF the FIRST Hangar was bought within the last year AND they have MORE than 5 Hangars the company should step up and make some consolation for those players who want the maximum number of Hangars. Something as simple as the 10th Hangar FREE as they have already spent so much on what they have.

    My experiences with the game (through friends) is my cup is always half empty and I have to fight to keep it from going empty. As such I am always thirsty.
  7. They've already cheapened hangars a ton. I'm not thrilled about the changes as I have bought first 3 multiple times, but hey if it brings more noobs in to help this game thrive again I'm all for it. I. top of that you can practically get the first 6-7 free AND they gave 2 more free ones for yamato and defcom BUT you don't have to use them for that. So what ultimately is the big deal here. Some loss to older players yes but noobs can also advance more easily now, instead of trvaelinf all the way from 5-3 to 5-2 they can spend 10k creds and spawn in 5-2. Instead of leveling their drones in goli they can swap to Leo and get them leveled quickly.
  8. If you
    If you paid attention to the entire thread the player quoted is one of those NEWBS they are trying to keep and HE got SCREWED because HE has to pay more for the HANGARS than anyone else in the game. And YES if HE gets the Re-Released ships before the LIMITED TIME expires it is a MUTE point but if HE CAN'T BUY HE is still screwed. I myself am in the same boat as I recently started buying the Hangars as I could afford them and have 8 Hangars, number 9 sees no difference in price but I have to pay 3 times more for number 10, again if I miss the LIMITED TIME RELEASE of the Defcom and Yamato ships.
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  9. 110,000 credits and I get a Goli and Hangar #10. Thank you USA2 East.

    Well thank you UBA expo. Win a ship from the AUCTION (Goliath) and be gifted an Extra Hangar Hall. So I am not as screwed as I thought I was going to be.

    I just wish I had some forewarning cuz I could have saved a bunch of Uridium. Mute point now but hurry GOD only knows how long DO/BP is going to do this for us.
  10. I did in fact despite what you say pay attention to the whole thread. Not many others to respond to, and I stand by my points. A generally smart thing to do before you buy new expensive thing sis look around in forums and wiki. Get recommendations. See what's been around. See what's been changed. I'm sorry but if you didn't even try to check background it's on you :confused: would you be mad at the company you invested in or yourself if you lost money on a stock that you have never heard of before?
  11. I too feel 'done in', but on the other hand i feel that this is in the best interest of the game.
    do I feel I need a refund, no I dont, I had the advantage of 10 hangars for over a year already and I know I got my uri worth for them, so give the others a gap, the time some of you have spent here complaining you could have earned over 200k uri with a smile.
    let get on with the game and make some uri :)
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  12. Cool!!! I got my 10th Hangar and did not have to PAY 25 K Uridium for it this is the only thing I was upset about. ALL the people that were upset about this were saying, is there needed to be a way to get the last Hangar without having to spend more than we thought we would have to, before the price change. Thanks to the UBA Expo this was accomplished.

    Has anyone got the EXTRA HANGAR by buying the Leonov or Vengeance in AUCTION?
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    Already have 10 hangars so I don't suppose they'll be giving me a few extra seeing as though I bought 3 design packs. 13 hangars maybe, I doubt it lol
  14. Yep, 10 is the max. If the Re-Release ships are still available, after the first of the month, I will not get those FREE hangars either.
  15. Free players = credit whores. Uri players = CC whores o_O
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    Yes, bought a vengi got a free hanger to put it in.
  17. imagine someone paying all the uri the day before this happening, it wouldn't be nice for them. So stop being so tight with yourself.
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  18. can't please everyone. it is what it is