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  1. What happened to the video and screenshot threads? I can see video is locked, by why? We can't share our content now? We that close to losing the game the creators aren't even give a space on the forums anymore? Or am I just missing something because I cannot find anything outside of the closed threads. Not to mention the Funeral video for FT was removed from the post discussing him. Feeling more than disrespected at this point.
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  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hi º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º,

    The video content was closed and removed in March of 2020, per direction to the mod team. While it is unfortunate that we had to remove the content and disallow future video postings and external links, please remember that we're just following the direction handed down to us from support (and above). Please see this post for the only information we have available on this topic: https://board-en.darkorbit.com/threads/125323/

    Also, I apologize that no one replied to your post in the other thread regarding that funeral video. That video was removed in accordance with our current forum rules.

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  3. The forum rules need to be re-thought. There is very little player care going on in this game, and all we want is for the team to recognize what we want, and what is best.

    EDIT: I want to state I'm not blaming you, but I am however putting blame on the team that demands these outrageous things all while they sit idly by as the game crumbles, priorities are in shambles.
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  4. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hi º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º,

    I understand your frustration, we (mods) play the game just like you do, see the same things and experience the same frustrations. The issues that get the most complaints in the game today are far outside of our area of responsibility. We are responsible for moderating the game chats and forums as well as posting the information provided to us from support and the game team.

    I appreciate that you clarified that you are not blaming us. I think sometimes the players forget that we are players too and just volunteer some of our time to moderate the chats and forums. As moderators, we have no authority to ban bots and such. We do care about the game and the players, or we would not be here volunteering our time.

    We also pass along the feedback from players to the game team regularly, and as the Team Leader for the EN Mod Team, it is one of my responsibilities to see that the feedback is sent up. All we can do is to ensure the game team gets the feedback from the players and it is up to them to take any actions they see fit.

    Thank you for your passion for this game! I know from reading our forums and chats that there are many who share a very strong passion for DarkOrbit.

  5. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    do you play just like we do? and experience the same frustrations ? cuz if so why have yall dont do anything against trains and bots, want some videos of a few clans running trains cuz i got plenty,so much so we could file a class action lawsuit , why cant yall at least report them or fly with you admin ships? thats would be one of the reasons players dont trust yall , not blaming you specifically but the whole team
  6. the local admins has no right to do anything
    on the contrary, they were forbidden to do this, although it was previously allowed
  7. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hi Dark-Xenon,

    Yes, we do play and yes, we experience many (if not all) of the same frustrations that you do. Please remember that we volunteer our time to moderate the chats and forums along with a few other duties. I said it in the previous post and I'll say it again here, we have no authority to ban bots or trains.

    As much as we would like to see them gone, we simply are not able to make these decisions and ban players who are using bots. This is up to the game team, not the moderators.

    Yes, we do report the ones we see, along with the ones that are reported to us from other players. We've sent a whole list of them to the game team for investigation.

    I am sorry that you or other players feel you cannot trust us! We've tried to let everyone know that banning the bots just simply is not something we can do. Regardless, we will continue to perform our duties as assigned, to the best of our abilities!

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  8. Im not related to this topic but thank you for this post, many players are frustrated since they feel that no one is listening their complaints but I'm glad you do and clarified about the current situation. Thank you for giving your free time to this game and community.
  9. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    then what permissions do yall have,do they not realize that would be one of the major reasons we need admins? the blame goes towards their paid team, the ones that choose to not do anything.
  10. They they used to act, but then somehow it became a privacy issue. Which makes no sense.
  11. including due to abuse of authority, when players of the enemy clan were banned, etc.
  12. Thats different though. But doing your real job isn't against any terms. There's just excuses made to avoid fixing problems.
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  13. now the job is to pass on player feedback and problems to the developers
    I can only clarify that in order to enter the player’s account, you need to contact the support service, so it is almost always recommended to contact here
    in general terms it looks like this, I have no right to go into details, and it is not necessary

    and if you are interested in my opinion - I am FOR expanding the rights of administrators, FOR their live presence on the maps to monitor, control and punish dishonest players
  14. if DOs financial plan relies on BOTs spending money then the last thing they would want would be the admins/mods banning said BOTs
  15. Dark-Xenon

    Dark-Xenon User

    " Dark Orbit Reloaded underwent a wave of bot-banning which, although not necessarily the most profitable course of action, resulted in a huge increase in how fair the game is for our players. " from their website, if this doesn't say it all idk what does, I mean just look at the wording and what it is saying, that they lost profits because of the banwave, of course, they don't wanna do it again, they could if they would first find a solution not based on greed which would only instigate more bot usage.
  16. Had they run the game properly, they wouldn't lose profits. They don't have proper balance in the game, and the cheaters are destroying it. They reap what they sow.
  17. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Closing this thread as it is now way off topic. If the OP wishes to re-open for any additional on-topic questions, please let us know.
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