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  1. I didn`t see anything about an annoyance that is present in the game."False pushing"

    Wish someone would have mentioned it on twitch stream or atleast somebody ask about it in the twitch chat but nobody did and I would have but was out of town so I missed it.
    Also nobody questioned the integrity of the support employees where atm they refer to telling us we are wrong over and over instead of passing issues to a higher person.

    I have many questions on this topic and would like to get some answers to them.
    1: Will false pushing be investigated?
    2: And if so would wrongfully accused be compensated? Because 30% ep and honor down the drain is alot of Rank gone.

    3:Will the grounds for pushing be refined?
    4:Why was the kill point limit not applied as it was explained it would be?Where as you destroy a player points from that player are reduced and at 10 kills nothing is counted to ranking.
  2. I found it funny that nothing was posted to forums until AFTER the program was recorded, so where were these questions supposedly being asked from. There is a FEEDBACK thread in the Update and Idea forum that was fairly lengthy and seemed to hit the problem with the Twitch TV recording fairly well. It is also funny that the information given during the hour long recording was less than we get from the "Revealed" thread by Okapi32.

    False pushing, falsely accused botters, and support (lol) are all items that need to be addressed.
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  3. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit


    There's already a thread on the whole pushing thing, and we've passed it up. The team & support team are aware that there are concerns and when there's something to be said for it or any changes being made I'm sure we'll be hearing about it.

    As for using the Twitch stream as a place to go on about about the support team, that really isn't the place or avenue to do so. The point is and was to talk about the game, things that are up coming and some of the concerns raised. One of those is server population, and going by many of the posts around the forums on pushing, resolving the server population could do wonders for what you call "false pushing".

    As for when the announcement went up, I woke up very shortly before the stream went live and after it was announced on DarkOrbit's facebook page. When it ended I made sure it was made available here for everyone to watch, and given the chance I'll have some more to add to it for those unable to watch it.

    Finally, Twitch streams have comment/chat areas so those watching can participate and the streamers can view those comments. That's where the questions were.

  4. DogScout

    DogScout User

    My question is why do I have to have a facebook account to find out about something going on dealing with D O? Why could the community not have been informed of the recording session on the forums instead of the recorded stream to be viewed.
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  5. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Some things are simply announced on the Facebook. We have had times in the past where something went up on Facebook and then we took the time to alert he community here when we could. In this case that is really all there is to it. I thought the community would appreciate being made aware of the stream & where to catch future ones, and so I went ahead and did so.

    By no means are you required to go make a facebook page just to follow DarkOrbit, but sometimes there's info there that might come on before we have it or are available to further it. You could even just save DO's facebook page if you wanted and just check in every now & again, I'm fairly certain you don't need a facebook account to just view the page itself.

  6. Term2050

    Term2050 User

    Log in to face book is required to view darkorbit facebook page. Always has been required from day one
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  7. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I've just tried it on another browser I'm not logged in on and I can view the page fine as a guest. It's given me a white screen for a moment to get updates by logging in, but I was able to X it out and resume viewing the page & largely the same content I can see when I am logged in.


  8. Here is what you're missing Solid, the people who put this Twitch thing together knew they were going to do it. Did they announce it here, in the game's forum? No. Instead, the day of the event they put up a post on Facebook that this was going to happen. Why did they not also announce it here? Some people do have Dark Orbit liked on Facebook so they may have gotten word of this. But for those who don't have Dark Orbit liked or those who didn't check Facebook before coming to the game and this forum there was no notice, nothing. Does that seem like a good practice to you Solid_Eye? It's not. It's actually pretty horrible practice. But we are talking about Dark Orbit, so hey, who's really surprised by this?
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  9. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    It's their first one, and as was mentioned on facebook, it was a bit of a surprise.

    In the stream they talk about doing these more, and possibly on a regular basis. If that's the case I quite imagine we'll be able to better alert everyone as to when they're happening, at the very least do so before it starts.

  10. Well I liked the Twitch video I didn't hear of it anywhere but I am not bothered didn't get to watch it live either I came home from work this morning and simply checked forums as I normally do to see any knew news... cant wait for the next Twitch Video hopefully I can put some questions forward next time
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  11. Well I didnt get to watch the stream as I was away, simply I wish someone would have asked some of or atleast one of the questions I posted :/.
  12. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    There will be more :) I can't speak as to how it might fit into the stream context itself, but that doesn't mean it's not being looked at, at all. There's also quite a few questions that come up, get repeated etc so not everything can quite make it into any one given session - and I'm sure somethings will come up more than once as we go along ;)

  13. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Hi all,

    The question of "why wasn't this announced" has come up a few times, so let me quickly address it:

    This first Twitch broadcast was intentionally kept low-key because it was our first one and we were concerned about potential technical issues, unsure whether the format would work, and... to be quite honest... a little nervous about getting our feet wet on camera.

    It was simply put, a "trial run," to help us work out the production kinks (audio levels, camera placement, etc) & first time jitters, and to help us prepare for what we hope is a very regular series of Twitch streams moving forward. We've been looking at using Twitch, because it'll be faster and more regular than things like the Podcasts that have been done in the past.

    As this evolves, we plan on broadly / openly communicating the schedule (potential guests, etc) across all of our channels.

    Keep in mind, even with the small crowd we had last night, there were a massive number of questions coming in. So, not every question is going to be seen or addressed.

    Also, it's likely we'll be asked questions that we either can't answer or don't feel comfortable answering - even in that format.

    i.e. it's not a silver bullet for getting every answer to every question.

    What it is, is another opportunity for us to listen, interact, and potentially have some fun with you, while we continue to do our best to make the game as good as possible.

  14. Seems I see the Turkish server has been using Twitch for some time. I can understand the jitters. Its not easy being in front of a camera or or a live audience. I have to re-look at the footage since I was not able to here a lot of it since I was at work, but I would like to point out that questions that can't be answered on the feed should just be bypassed. Interrupting to tell someone that they need to send their question to support was really a waste of time. Players really know if they have a support issue or not, but will try to take every opportunity to air their problems or hack attempts in every medium they see. Your facebook page is full of people asking for the test server to be opened everytime there is a new Dark Orbit Post. I am sure you had hundreds of request for account issues during the broadcast.

    More later. ;)
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  15. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User


    So... after all this time of asking for twitch streams and more open communication, having more open communication in a twitch stream is a waste of time? I think I've missed something:rolleyes:' to quote solid eye i think it was a good idea, it shows us whos working on the game, although a lot of things were missed out i hope it carries on at least once a week.
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  16. I thought it was a bunch of double talk that did not address anything at all. IF it would have been more informative of what is going on behind the scenes than what we already get in the "Revealed" thread, or actually addressed issues that have been discussed in the forums I might have agreed it is a good thing. But to get the same results from requests/questions as we get from support just goes to show how little care the powers to be care about the community or what we think.
  17. The potential is huge with what they can do with this twitch stream. think on it watch the mods battle a server from a mod ship, they can have player guests like JPA winners if it ever comes back and can interview them about their matches via webcam. Also they are going to take some of the most asked questions from the previous stream and address them on the next stream.

    would be good to have a section of the forums where those that work and cannot catch the stream live can still get their questions out there to possibly be answered that my complaint. it went on line at 9am my time ill never make the live stream unless an act of god helps me out of work for that day so i feel i cant get my questions out there to them <--------please work on this mods

    I think they would be cool if they did some behind the scenes videos not announce on twitch cause it does burn up time and more time = more questions but even a video once a month showing some of the concept art on upcoming updates or like i said show some cool test footage they working but to burn up time that is for players to communicate with them is a bad idea
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  18. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I can't say much for a section itself, but we are thinking of how we might handle Twitch threads in the future. Clearly there will be feeeback and discussion points, so we'll look at that and I'm sure the game team will peek in when they can. This can help give them possible talking points for future streams, even if people aren't necessarily there to ask the question :)

    Also, we have a summary/minutes of sorts that we've put together from the stream. I know that sometimes sitting down to watch an hour stream for information can be a bit daunting (queue netflix ;p) or the time just isn't there. So we hope this may be of help for some of you :)

    This is not word for word or perfectly lined up as far as when exactly things were said. It's meant to be a general guide to help people locate parts that they might find of interest to watch (or re-watch), or allow people to get an idea of what's being discussed without having to watch it in case that isn't an option :)

    Courtesy and my thanks to Nightmare for helping me so we could get this together for you^^

  19. 77Transam

    77Transam User

    How is it possible for three people to sit in a room and talk for an hour with all of the issues that need to be dealt with, and not answer any questions regarding these issues? One guy was reading texts and laughing most of the time, one guy was trying to blend into the wall and the American talked a lot and never said a word. Very frustrating.
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  20. As stated before, this first stream was really so they could get things tested out. It was new territory for all of them. I think they really should have looked at issues at hand and worked a program or outline of things to discuss. They could have done a trial run without filming and then done the recording, but they were breaking ground just being there. Its not the producers first time being in front of camera, but he still did not really give any info out. This was really to be expected. Maybe next time, they will go over certain key items and not worry about the questions that people watching live feed are pumping through. I think the commo guy was to distracted by the streaming questions from players. Players will just fire though a mess of questions. If he was going to look at the laptop the entire time, he should have been off camera and somebody else been there to be the moderator of the event.

    I was really amazed by the amount of issues that was actually brought up. It was a lot for that amount of time. I agree, they left more questions than answers but that is to be expected from tech guys. Asking IT guys questions is just a precursor to drinking. You want to know how they can answer questions like that? Go read some of the white boards from Microsoft or Apple. Want to know why the more readable info comes from Okapi? Its because the dev team don't speak our language. When I ask a question, I am looking for an answer I can make my 6 year old understand, and trust me, he understands a lot. But listening to the feed, I have to rewind a lot to figure out what they are trying to say and then decode. The producer speaks as though he is trying to convince share holders of what is going on. It sounds great in that respect. "We are working on something, and are at this stage of our research. We feel that researching in this direction is the right course of action and want to make sure that it is what we want to do." Unfortunately for actual game players it tells us nothing. Its normal, you have programmers and users. Programmers know what something should do, but users find all the issues, all the issues and if there is just one issue, that's big. Bad thing is it takes time for the programmers to figure out where the issue came from. This was brought up in the feed. They have to figure out how to replicate the problem first. Mods tell us this all the time and as someone that goes around fixing friends computers, I understand this. Some issues can take days or weeks to actually see. Earlier the game froze out on me twice. Apparently I may have been the only one it did it to so I am not worried about it. But if it happens again, I will bring it up again to see if it happens to anyone else. If I am the only one, it can take the team forever to find the issue. Just don't give me the checklist to go though, I am always checking my tablet.

    If the questions that were addressed, so to speak, are used as a baseline for the next broadcast, maybe they could review the information to give out. Techno babble is not something the player wants to hear. Give us meat. If you need to slow down on new stuff to fix ongoing issues, maybe that should be the focus. I understand the survey questions, I filled one out myself. However, know that new stuff that comes out should be tried out first before given a launch date. You use the test servers to test out new things but to what extent. I realize you have test A testing but maybe the list of testers needs to be shaken up a bit. When running the test server, a broadcast of why it is opened should be posted at login so we know what we logged into it for. Discuss this in the broadcasts. Players that just log on and do one of there 20 gates they have opened on the server are not helping. Let us know what you expect using that forum. It is an opportunity to be utilized.
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