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  1. Do this "bug users" really use bugs? Or perhaps they want to test and repeat this bug until they know how it works and report it to the support. :p
    Little question: I lookd in the chat on Twitch during the Stream, somebody says, at the end of this video is a voucher for 10Lf4, was this information right?
  2. Notorious

    Notorious User

    When I completed the survey I assumed that bug fixing (fixing JPA, Seprom bug) was at the top of the list as did (i'm sure I speak for everyone apart from the bug users) the rest of the DO populace. Even then, there was so many survey questions based towards new features rather than bugs (quite a few of them overlapped and I'm pretty sure there was more questions surrounding vanity + adding new features than JPA questions - so obviously the results will show that vanity has topped JPA {More questions about 1 subject = more answers about 1 subject}).
  3. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    No, there wasn't any voucher with the stream, sorry D;
  4. Crystal

    Crystal User

    Solid_Eye Sorry, but everybody in the game know seprom bug and 95% of players are using it every day. Ships fly with milions seprom in lasers. In fact, there is infinite seprom in game and BP is researching pet designs.... It speaks for itself...

    And yes, bug was also reported more times on Mantis(you know what it is) and after 4 months, no result.

    I will show you video, on this you can clearly see how easy this bug is and its still fully working.

    [Removed Video as guide on bug abuse]

    You can remove video but pls look on this.
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  5. Clearly DO/BP has an idea of who is abusing this an other bugs and glitches. That same 95% should be penalized and
    the 5% should be rewarded. Solid you know whats going on with the game more than we do. Why not just tell the truth
    about the matter. Don't take up for the people that are responsible for fixing an using bugs an glitches. This crap has been
    going on too long an honest players are getting sick an tire of it. The community isn't really going after team. We just want
    to be treated with a bit more respect in regards to how bugs and glitches are mishandled. When people get fed up they have
    to vent. Since support is pretty much useless it has to be you guys;)
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  6. Crystal

    Crystal User

    _-DarkOverLord-_ Well, i tried more times to send this bug to BP, no result. It has really serious influence in game, its more dangerous than bots and cheats. but this is not a problem of support team, they can just report it and wait for fixing. But it looks like people inside BP dont want to fix this bug purposely.

    Sorry for my mood, but fair play people are tired to fight with seprom bug users... More people will leave the game...
  7. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Right I'll try to say this one more time...

    There have been multiple seprom bugs. Just because there is an existing one still doesn't mean that these haven't been being fixed. Just because you say "there is a seprom bug" doesn't mean we know which one you're talking about, or if we know it's one of the ones that have been fixed already.

    So yes, you need to provide information when reporting bugs so we can look into it and report it so we know what we're looking at. Just saying 'there is a seprom bug' doesn't tell us which one, how this one might be working, and really doesn't tell us if it might even be one fixed that week.

    When we have the information, we test it, and if it is a bug we report it. The team looks into it, and closes it up again. Unfortunately this doesn't mean it's the end-all-be-all of the bug, because to some degree or another it comes back, but that doesn't mean it isn't being fixed or that it's being ignored.

    They touched on this in the stream and I tried to advise as much before, they know these bugs keep happening and they said as much that the seprom bugs are ongoing. It's possible that in the future moving the backpage part of this into the client will put the final boot to the bug.

    I'm not saying that the fact it's off/on isn't frustrating, or that bugs aren't frustrating - they are. But we just instantly know perfectly what exactly is going on when it is just assumed that we know everything or that we already have every detail in front of us. So again, this is why we need your help with information so we can tend to these.

    Now, can we *please* get back to the matter of the stream

  8. Zapp

    Zapp User

    Sorry Solid_Eye, but i just have to make this post.

    Don't you think the situation with seprom is kinda stupid right now? Only thing it does is make the game unfair for those who do not have it, or use bugs to get more of it. Why would the developers want to restrict the ability to play the game properly from everyone?

    Like seriously, pretty much everyone who runs out of seprom and has to deal with promerium is going to play less because things take way longer to destroy and killing enemies which have Sep is way harder.

    So maybe you could forward this idea to the devs:

    REMOVE Seprom completely from the game and make everyone hit as much as you would with it. No one will be crying about having promerium only, no one can use bugs related to seprom if seprom doesn't exist, and the best of all players would be more active because they didnt have to wait to get more seprom to do a gate/guest etc.

    There are so many obvious solutions to "problems" that devs spend their time on fixing i dont know even where to begin. Please, PLEASE get someone to help the team who actually plays the game actively.
  9. Perhaps somebody haven't the time/ enough concentration for listening English as a second language for an hour, can these people get an conclusion in the style question-and-answer in their language?
  10. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Everyone has access to seprom, so I'm not entirely sure what you mean? Yes new(er) players have to build up their skylab, but that is nothing that no one else has had to do.
    I'm not sure that just removing seprom entirely really may do all that much if in turn it then works for any other ores (I haven't tried). If someone has to choose between seprom/promerium for a boost, the preference is generally seprom so that is where the focus is. There's no guarantee that simply taking seprom out of the equation would really change that.

    Also, seprom is a little more ingrained today than when it first came out. Some people take time away from the game and spend that time gradually adding seprom to their lasers for when they return (not everyone with a few million lasers has abused the bug^^), it's part of our pilot bio, and it's something many I think have come to figure out exactly what to do so they have seprom when they need/want it legitimately.

    We don't have a translated text summary if that's what you're looking for here, but Nightmare & I put together a written version of the stream which was posted earlier in this thread. I do not know if any of the other language forums may have done their own or translated what we've done if that's what you might be after though.

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  11. Thank you for the link. I needn't a translated version anymore.
  12. After watching the stream it strikes me as if the program manager know's alot more about what and who is exploiting the game. It seems to me they believe when the hanger and other functions are moved to the game page a large number of the exploits will be fixed. That would be great, however I get the feeling that those that exploited the game will once again walk away without any punishment at all. I personally feel that is the reason the game is failing, those that cheat aren't punished in a timely manner, if at all, and it make's those that try to play this game fairly very unhappy. I have to believe that they know who the autolockers, exploiters and program users are, based on this stream.
  13. People say they would like old DO client back...well even back then when the game had millions of active users each day nearly 3/4 of them played un fair.I see botters getting banned quite frequently as rank is constantly jumping up so looks like most botters do get caught and they will always be persistent.

    Bugs will occur and based on that twitch video we now know why (9 year old code conflicting with new code).
    And from my experience as a beta tester there isnt a game thats entirely bug free.Even after big name companies produce games and sale them there are bugs to be found and are very simple to do over and over.

    A few serious issues would be something like "False pushing" and the "terrible support response".
    And then UFE noobs who thinks its ok to pop beginner ships 30 times a day and wander why people quit.

    JPA since it involves using money to participate most of the time, its good they are taking time to make sure another cheater doesn`t win 10 grand euros since rsb evaporating in JPA along with booster time just to see someone win then be found a cheater over and over gets rather depressing when one considers doing JPA.

    And vanity for this game has been a request since 08 and it is a step in the right direction, since vanity funding could possibly mean cheaper things elsewhere , maybe more ways to obtain good items or better odds on certain things (just an example don`t freak out) which is proven good for many games as most players want to look different from other players or just occasionally change appearance.

    A logical observation is all I hold here and I aim to find better explanations of things going on.So I end this thanking those who have been replying to this thread from the DO side and look forward to my current concerns becoming a thing of the past.
  14. Zapp

    Zapp User

    What i meant is that in the current state of the game, the player who play the game more ( Used their seprom and has none left in skylab at the time ) has a disadvantage over a player who plays the game less ( Doesn't play that actively and thats why has seprom left ).

    In my opinion this is really stupid and it should be the exact opposite, players who play alot should be rewarded.

    Giving everyone permanently the damage of seprom would fix this, make the game more fair and increase player activity.
  15. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    just out of curiosity, would you accuse me of using a seprom bug if i said i have 2 aegis accounts just above basic FE status on 2 different servers which i play maybe once or twice a year for somewhere different to play besides my main server which has 8 mil sepped on 1 and 5 mil sepped on the other ? and it will keep going up and up and up while im just logging in daily to add 4k sep to my lasers, send another 4k for the next day and then log off . just because people have a lot of sepped lasers, does not always mean they know of a bug or are abusing a bug, as i for 1, just send one load of 4000 sep over each day. it soon adds up when you're not playing the account regular.
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    i agree with you i box a lot and hit high end npcs ime usually online between 8 and ten hours a week also i can semp up atleast 4000k semp usually twice a day and hi have 18.5 mill of semp on my ship on lazers:)
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  17. i dont see how u cant sep up 8k in 1 day as it takes 2 days for 9k
  18. you can do about 6k a day

    And depending on how much npc you shoot, can save millions over time.


    well u see ime up at ten to four in the morning wen i get home put it on lazers wen i log off put 4000k on again and in my post i SAID usually
  20. Blue~Lazer

    Blue~Lazer User

    it sounds like what i do .. say today is day 1 .. i send 4000 sep to arrive by transport to my ship ready to collect when i log on tomorrow. day 2. log into the game and click skylab and 4000 sep transfers. place on ship and type 4000 to start sending for next day log in. technically its 8k a day but really only adding 4000 .. just 8000 if u include the collecting PLUS the next transfer. altho i just say i send 4000 lol.
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