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  1. 8K a day is not possible if you are sending it every day but if you miss a day then you can (189 units per hour * 24 hours = 4536 per day to send).
    Technically if it was not sent today it is not counted but under this example YES you could send 8K a day but not apply that to lasers every day. You really can only count what you get to apply everyday.

    The whole thing is there are a lot of people who are just logging in long enough to do SkyLab Transfers and building up the stores of Seprom on their weapons, even have my Shields and Generators boosted whether I am playing or not (144 units per day) so if I decide to play I am not having to worry about having it available on ship or not. I also send Promerium for credits so I make 2 transfers a day (one at night to boost weapons and equipment in morning and the resend in morning is strictly for credits or the 2 daily quests selling minerals) and my Citadel with Premium (no bio boost) accepts 9000 units in a delivery and takes 9 hours to complete.

    So if this is what the hubbub has been about then it is just expedient use of the time and resources available to you, SkyLab works whether on line or not and transfers take about 5 minutes to do from actual login to logoff, if that is all you are doing. The larger the cargo Hold the longer it takes to do but a person could (with a Goliath and NO Premium 3000 units) transfer a load when they got up in the morning (6am), transfer another at noon, another just at or after dinner (depending on what time that is) sending a partial load to make it to bedtime and send another full load to arrive in the morning sending over 9000 units a day for credits and weapons (yes the Seprom refinery will not support this) but mixing Promerium and Seprom I can not run my none Premium SkyLab out of either mineral (actually can not get them depleted from full storage without turning something off). On the other hand I am constantly out of Seprom on my Premium Citadel Skylab as I am sending all it makes on my evening transfer and only doing that account twice a day. When PET ever shows up in Auction my USA East2 account might get one but till then he is ship and drones only FE Leonov and working on equipping a Goliath from Auction with all Hangars open missing my Aegis and Citadel to have 10 Hangars with ships in them (already have all the Extra's I need for the other 2 ships) but I only make about 4.6 million credits a day sending only Promerium to the ship so only play the Auction about twice a week.
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    If you don't build up your skylab why should myself or anyone else who has be punished. Build up your skylab! That's what its for.
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  3. Okay so Twitch # 3 has been shown. They have finally integrated the Chat to the Stream and answered some of the pertinent questions, but they skirted around a lot of those being asked. They really need to give us more notice of when they are scheduling these events. 5 pm europe means they should have put notice out at least by 9pm Pacific time the day before. And as they have actually had to set up the equipment and coordinate WHO is going to be in the stream they know well in advance of the same day when they are going to do this. They left me with more questions than answers about the crafting/assembly system.
    • Is this system going to be something as a Permanent item in the game?
    • Is it only going to be available for a short period of time?
    • Are NEW players going to be able to get the same resources as the Veteran Wallet player?
    • What is the expected release/TEST date of the system?
    It was nice to hear they are interested in feedback on current special activities (SB, TDM, Inv Gate, etc.) and possible revamping of them but I would have liked to hear more of why "Quality" did not catch the most recent fiasco with the Compensation Gift that finally got corrected yesterday?
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  4. True, but this has more to do with the moderators on this forum 'being late'. I know that on the scandinavian forums, a notice for this #3 twitch stream was given last friday including another thread where they could post questions that the team would then answer during the stream.

    This has been asked a few times before. Yes, the assembly system is a permanent feature that will always be available.

    Unlike the assembly feature itself, which is permanent, there are certain recipes (For more rare items) that will only be available for a certain amount of time (During events and stuff like that, I assume).

    They did publish an FAQ a long time ago in which they stated that none of the materials would be limited to neither Uridium nor Payment. These options are just available for those who wish to save time.
    As they said in the stream, the materials can be found anywhere, from aliens, gates, events etc. so I think it is safe to assume that even non-paying players will be able to get these materials. Of course, the paying players will for example be able to open gates faster which means they will be able to get more materials faster than non-paying players. But of course, this was to be expected as the better you get, the easier you will be able to earn stuff.
  5. DeviliciousCake assuming is what the community is doing on all aspects of this item. I am asking for answers to, not "we assume". Yes I followed the recipes were going to be short term availability, but this could be a one day thing during a 2 week event and then when the event is gone the crafting system is gone.

    I do not understand WHY it falls on the Moderators to make posts to the Headquarters area. I know RickDekard is able to post on the forums and would assume others would be also. We used to get a 2 day notice of upcoming Events and Special things like this STREAM and now we get "It is on NOW" notices. I am not upset with the Mod's as much as I am upset with the entire D O organization requiring the non paid VOLUNTEERS to inform the community of items dealing with the BUSINESS portion of the game. I do understand the Special Activities (S B, T D M, etc) are posted in the CALENDAR but things like upcoming Events (Spring Sabatoge) were posted so those playing the game could be informed, granted they added the NEWSLETTER to fill this gap but they seem to have more problems with the delivery of these than they resolved.
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    In fairness, I as hoping for sort of a final confirmation the stream would be today before posting which is my bad. Then things get busy & when I woke up this morning I saw someone say it was starting :oops:

    The events stuff got moved onto the backpage which kind of nullified the need to tell us so we could tell you. However people still like having it in the forum, so we've adapted to try keeping it here for everyone (although now in a different form). Things like spring sabotage can only be added to it once we're aware - at least, I try to remember to add things like that so the calendar can be more informative.

    The mod team has been responsible for the majority of announcements in HQ area for as long as I can remember really. Usually it's no biggie really, there are some we might get a bit caught up and it'll get posted a little behind, but I think we're pretty good on most of them at least.

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  7. Again I was not trying to say it was a problem against the VOLUNTEERS (you) but felt D O needed to take a more Pro-Active posture to the additions to their game versus the Mods being fully responsible for it. And I do support the Back Page/Calendar postings of the Prime Time activity events.
  8. @HelpMeHelpYou
    What I assumed was when these special recipes would be available. The other things I wrote are things that has been said by the DarkOrbit team multiple times now. The assembly system is a permanent feature, I even think they mentioned that again in the twitch stream yesterday.
  9. They did mention assembly was a permanent feature once put out, only the recipes will vary from time to time. They also mentioned that surgeon was probably not going to come out on it at first, even though they know it will be one of the most sought out items.
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