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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Was interested if this is happening on any other servers, the idea of 'false pushing'.

    Recently on GB2 it seems to be popular to let another player you don't like kill your ship lots and lots of times to try and get them punished and banned for pushing. We had the player in 2nd do it thinking they would not be punished because it was them who died instead of got the kills.

    Just 10 minutes ago another player tried complaining to a mod in chat that they had been killed a few times and were looking to know if the other player would be punished for pushing as a result. This sort of thing is nothing but spiteful.

    One way they do this is they wait for a CBS to be built and just constantly attack it and let themselves be killed by the player defending it. If the player does not defend it then they lose the CBS. If they do defend it then in a couple days they are banned for pushing.
    Understandably a few players do not understand the motive behind the other player constantly attacking their CBS and so do end up killing them to try and keep their CBS alive.

    One user who was affected by this did raise it with support, including a video of the other user repeatedly coming back to attack his CBS but he was ignored and told that all the proof support needing was in his logs of kills.
    So keep that in mind, if you think its happening to you, don't count on being able to prevent the 'pushing' punishment it after its happened.

    So thought I would make a thread to find out if this is a new "tactic" that has appeared on other servers and to also warn people of it.
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  2. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    the ship trying to get itself killed also gets banned.
  3. SnakeIdol

    SnakeIdol User

    SHould just remove the pushing anyhow if another person wants to die constantly its their issue. Now death in this game is a lot. Better idea would be to "increase" death penalties. It dumb to punish people for killing this is the point.

    Also I have had people do that to me attack my CBS constantly and die on it liek what you suppose to do?
  4. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    i don't believe this is an issue cause the ship foolish enough to di that also gets banned
  5. Okay, so the ship doing it gets banned. More than likely that ship is a newb ship, created for this task, while the guy defending his base is using his main. One guy loses a newb ship with little time on it while the other guy loses an old ship with lots of time and money on it. You're right, it's not an issue.
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  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    This is pretty much the problem. Smaller and newer players are seeing this as an opportunity to 'hurt' a bigger players account and they have been actively looking to do it.

    In the last 2 days there have been 3 individuals on GB2 try to do it and all 3 of them were people with not a lot of EP / Hon trying to get revenge on somebody because they killed them off an NPC or caused them to fail a quest etc.
  7. Few hitacs ago i had the same problem we have our own rules its red its our kill so we get the cargo and becasue i popped a player for taking my cargo he then started coming back over and over again shooting me well im not sitting on port when its an event i like i continued on and after so many kill this player started spaming chat pushing pushing well i went crazy at this point because i no what the outcome would have been ... there is a fix for this but its got hole in it which is you don't get any honor and ep after so many kills but the holes are u still get rp and they still count for quest so people keep doing it

    fix: remove the kills all together after the counter hits 0 u get no honor ep rp and they do not count to quest so nothing gain so you would not need a punishment

    we have already lost 1 event because of this ... scormegedon rther not see more event or even people get removed becasue peopel dont want to play fair
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  8. and if someone gets banned they cannot win JPA and some events right? If so this is a major issue

  9. no i think thats an old rule if your account is staged u cant win and as that has changed to u lose you account for good if found botting i think its safe on that side
  10. This is very popular in Scandinavia 2 server. Many players have got a ban for defending cba and even video evidence does not get them unbanned.

    This was also a problem in GE1 during infection event. I won the event but I never killed same players more than 10 times a day because I was afraid of getting banned for this stupid reason.

    In normal conditions I see this every now and then. I kill the small players coming to me again and again max. 10 times and then I leave because of the chance of getting banned which is totally ridiculous as Okapi stated.
  11. That is just one of the problems when it comes to the pushing rule. It is really crazy that they would ban players for pushing based on the number of kills to one player. As Okapi stated, cbs defense is just one reason why you may have numerous kills to the same player. The big thing to do is to watch how repetitive that is. Always popping the same person over and over again can look like there is pushing involved, however location of the kills, circumstances and time of day should really be looked at. Video evidence gets tossed all the time because somebody had doctored video in the past and the lack of skills by support to look past it.

    Some players 1v1 each other for hours. Using the cbs analogy, that would be pushing as well. They need to scrap the current thought of what pushing is and keep it to when one player allows themselves to be popped over and over for the sake of completing a mission or leveling up. The entire penalty for kills should be renamed to Harrassment and something in place to see why you killed player x 30 times in 30 min. There should be a system that flags a person who pops 5 times in a short period for a time out if they are not after a cbs. A new player that is attacking a cbs should probably be flagged after the 2nd time though as the are obviously too new to get anywhere unless just annoying the defenders. I know I would not be caught dead with my noob account attacking a cbs.
  12. fatskunk

    fatskunk User

    Have a player on East 1 constantly calling players out on this- saying if they pop him 3 times he'll have them banned for pushing. While the numbers may be off, the thought is towards harming players better than he is. Should have found a new game 3 years ago.

  13. but to top all this off they put something stupid into play (rep on spot)(rep on port) but that just shortens the gap between deaths and kills and make a innocent player look even worse
  14. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I dont like people who are doing that. For example i was doing icy meteoroids in VRU maps on purpose (i am mmo) and one VRU guy kept coming back to me trying to steal some uri from my icy. I killed him enough times so it started saying hes too low <-- also the time when i stop focusing on people to avoid problems. But he still kept coming back n when i was at low HP he tried to kill me. What to do in this situation ? The best idea is to call your friends but its strange cause they cant always come to help you or they not even online. For me it was better old times when you could kill player as many times as you needed and players were afraid to die cause it would be too expensive. But cause people who were doing pushing it was neccesary to create this new system. :(
  15. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    wait a second you said cbs. It must be a decent account in order to be able to attack a cbs, my fe account can't even do it. Therefore the person is employing a very good account, he/she can't afford to lose a cbs smashing account. It seems unlikely someone would intentionally do this. That person could legitimately be trying to pop the cbs, in fact that seems much more likely and reasonable. Don't forget its also possible you could be making a false accusation against them.

    And Don't change the system a more important issue is big players abusively popping smaller players to the point where smaller players cannot reasonably play this game. The issue here is much smaller than the issue that would be created with this system lifted. The issue in that case wouldn't be rank abuse, it'd be not-let-new-players-play abuse. If the guy is making a smaller account then DO can track ips and track from there or they using their main account which is still small and they lose their main. Getting popped abusively is much worse than being forced to pop abusively.​
  16. I just love this guy. The twist and turns... Players don't have to use a good account to do this. If I wanted to, I could run up in my new account shoot and hopefully back off of the cbs before it gets me, attracting enemy players to come get me. Defenders really can't resist a single attacker and the stronger the defender the greater their honor, personal and not game they feel they must defend. Mad veteran players do it and brag, NOOB players do it acting as bait a lot. Yes big players popping NOOB players, like me, left and right is a huge issue but the bait into pushing trap is big as well. Peanuts camping under cubes is a prime example, not to mention costly along the way. Those ships should not even be allowed into uppers. A player can zip through the middle of a cbs and survive in a noob vengy. Do it enough times and you will be granted an audience. The issue is real. The consequences dire.
  17. o_O Umm...isn't the CBS supposed to defend itself :confused: Rockets/lasers - perplexed me
  18. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

  19. Yeah, if only...
  20. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    No, they can't defend itself. Its defence is pathetic and you don't need to be UFE or have x4/rsb to destroy a CBS with no guards. I've seen people destroying modules with x1 ammo, and they were barely FE. All you need is a little time and knowledge of how to do it. Usually there is only 1 or 2 modules which will hit you at a point of time. Any CBS left without players defending is very easy to destroy.

    The current pushing system is really terrible for the players and it can be miss used very easily. In fact, it is being already abused. It really scares me knowing how badly it can be abused by some players.

    Apart from the CBS, we can't continue to kill botters as they keep coming back, we have to be cautious fighting players who keep attacking despite being killed numerous times, it is quite common that some players continue to come back for a fight repeatedly despite loosing and so on.

    I hope any dev team or a mod pays attention to this issue as it is really troublesome for us.

    For those who thinks this anti pushing system can prevent bullying by UFEs, you're mistaken. It can't and will never stop UFEs from hunting newbies again and again. The number of kills needed for a player to be banned is much more than usually possible for a bullying case. A UFE may kill you 5 - 10 or 15 times at max. before you will get mad and logout or go somewhere else. I can't imagine any1 to even tolerate 10 deaths in a short time by players beyond their level to fight.
    And lets imagine you're right. What's the point then ? As both the UFE and the newbie would get ban. I doubt any new player would consider playing this game again if he's banned for being a victim of bullying.
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