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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. This. You could kill botters 100+ times in lower pvp maps for sure. It's funny how bp kind of says you "Hey, don't touch our botters"
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I don't think you understand.

    This is a problem with individuals using their own account to get another person banned by manipulating the pushing system. Their intentions are nothing but spiteful and I do not see how you can defend this and try to deflect it like the players are doing nothing wrong.

    I suspect since your account is only small you do not see it as a problem, but personally I feel like the players who attempt this should be given a much harsher punishment than a regular pushing deduction carries since they do not care about that.

    If I am defending a CBS I should not have to give it up and let it die in fear of losing 30% of the EP / Honour on my account - the people who are mainly doing this are ones who do not care about their top user, they do not necessarily have to just be FE ...

    Another way I have seen people try to do this is they will let somebody kill them and just keep on going back, over and over again and shooting the person until they shoot back and kill them. The affected player doesn't even have to be hunting, they can just be doing cubes etc. So now they have to change what they were doing because they cannot do cubes, they either get killed by this player or lose 30% of their top user ...

    I must ask again, how can you defend people like this? They are going out their way to ruin the game for individual players and it seems to be quite effective, you either are forced to stop what you were doing or you get banned.
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  3. the problem with anyone getting banned for pushing is it's a pvp game if that player is so stubborn he won't go to another map to play because who in the world would anyone know where they are if they keep changing maps. And if that player complains about someone killing them over and over they should get ban for 1 week in suspicion of plotting to get another account ban. It's exactly the same thing as another player creating multiple accounts to receive rewards for bringing new players to the game. And it's the same thing as players using bots and hacks is just simply cheating.
  4. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    I'm asking you to prove that's their intention. If it is then I agree it's a problem but what it appears like on your screen may not be what it actually is. I'm not saying that trying to abuse the system is pardonable but i'm asking you to prove they are abusing the system. I simply don't think a noob account can pose any danger to a cbs if it is strong enough to pose a danger to cbs then its an awfully good account to be losing just to get one person banned. I'm sure a cbs can handle a 1 week old goli that would theoretically be made for this purpose unless you can prove otherwise.That's why I don't think these people are actually trying to get you banned. Giving a harsher sentence can create space another type of abuse. A ufe could abusively pop a noob and claim the noob was 'false pushing'.

    I remember my group questing and an annoying spearhead would pop up shoot some shots then when I fought back he ran. We popped him a couple times but he was unable to pop us. I don't think he was trying to abuse the pushing system, I think he was having fun by having us chase him. The thing is if you can't prove that he's trying to get popped in order to ban you, he could just be trying to shoot you to have fun. He wouldn't be violating any game rules in that case. Therefore i'm not justifying bad intention of false pushing, i'm asking you for proof.
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    When a player is openly talking about it in chat and threatening to do it, I think their intentions are pretty clear. Next time it happens in chat I'll be sure to screenshot it for you.

    Edit: Found a screenshot from a couple days ago instead. Had to blur the names out so that hopefully the image isn't removed.

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2016
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  6. because popping botters is abusing a glitch its so massively done that you don't get punished for it only if some1 goes to far you do
  7. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    Ok you've got a fair case then.
  8. The only way to stop this is to stop the pushing sistem after the 10th death it must not give any points for the atacking player, thats fair enough, in the outher way the game loose a lot...
  9. [KeBaB*]®

    [KeBaB*]® User

    We have a handful of players that do this on GE6. However, I've not once seen a person banned for repeatedly killing someone, so I think they just do it because they think that the people who are shooting them are "using all their ammo".
  10. Useless pushing = PET and CBS o_O
    BIO and Upgrades = Useful pushing :cool:
  11. Basically in a row. Best to go pop a npc or two inbetween pvp pops. CBS protection can be difficult to explain as some is mild fighting and other time it can get intense. Unfortunately, how do you get around killing that 1st guy that always leads the pack?
  12. basically you should be able to get a video of them coming back over and over and getting that person ban for trying to lure you into loosing your account. Considering who would let someone attack their base and destroy it if it can be prevented? And especially if they send in a ticket to support about you killing them and trying to get you ban for pushing, they should be the ones getting ban.
  13. u dont have to be fe to attack a cbs u can be acredit ship the point is they dont care if they get popped their purpose is to get ur main banned
  14. I assume that many of you have already seen it, but bringing it up here just in case:

  15. I suggested this back in June.....

    I've read a few horror stories about guys that have been banned for pushing for killing the same guy "a few times". It's a bit difficult when some mosquito keeps respawning right next to you and opens up. Apparently, when that happens, you are supposed to log out or go to the nearest DMZ instead of pounding them to dust. If they die enough times, you are supposed to let them take out your CBS.

    There is already a diminished rewards system in place if you kill someone more than five times in a 24 hour period. At ten, you get no ep/honor at all.

    Just tweak that existing system. Make it more draconian. You get normal ep/honor for five kills. After five kills in a 24 hour period, you get nothing.
    • No EP
    • No Honor
    • No quest count
    • No ship kill count under "ships destroyed"
    • No ship kill count under "your rank today"
    • No ship kill count under any special events (parasite, influence, scoremaggedon)
    Have it reset when the server resets.

    If you want to waste ammo pounding some guy to dust, you should be able to without fear of being banned by the game. There is no profit in revenge. If it's a personal thing, you don't get rewarded for it. It has the added advantage of thwarting the guys that are actually pushing.

    As an extension, the same thing should be applied to all company wars, only more stringent. Some people declare war "to stir things up" or to otherwise bully people. War against your own company in this game is rarely about territory (although that may have changed a bit with the CBS introduction). War in this game is about revenge. There is no profit in revenge.

    If you shoot down your own company and are at war, you are not penalized (neg honor, friendly kills) but you are not rewarded. On kill number one, the above applies (no ep. honor, etc).

    If you are at war with a multi-company clan, you get normal rewards for the non-company members, but nothing for the company members. You can pound on them a thousand times a day but you get nothing. You lose ammo but you don't have to worry about getting banned.
  16. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Not completely sure, but the exact number should be way more than 10. As far I remember, I've often killed players that many times. It isn't a huge number in fights & while defending CBS.

    Though I can't confirm it but maybe 20 - 30 + kills in a short duration.
  17. tarantolas

    tarantolas User

    Lol it stupid noob shoot your or flaing and no can shoot him ? or mebers going 1v1 all day and it pushing ? lol meyby iam in sbaceball kill 1 or 2 mebers 10 time and nexst creat video and can lie for iam pushing and your ban me lol what i can do it shoot me first no shoot him or run ? me clan 1 members got bann for nexst clan need be numper 1 and lie for pushing.
  18. ramnik

    ramnik User

    well what i do is if someone wants to keep coming back. i get clan to come and we pop them in turns lol with the occasional mine laying pop :p. only way too counter it for me :p
  19. I had this happen on my main where i was in spaceball and just popping anyone, to reduce lag i had as much turned off including names etc and mistakenly popped an enemy member too many times, result account got ban for pushing. I was using an in game feature turned off as is legitimate yet i get punished. I have also been told by clanless players that keep attacking my noob members, that if I pop them to stop them then I will be banned for pushing, yet as they are clanless I cannot declare war on them.
    I would like to see this idea of bans for pushing withdrawn, and the reduced down to zero reward system as above implemented instead. I would also like to see a system where clanless players cannot attack own company first. This is often done by players alternative accounts to provoke others in clan into losing rp and honour on their mains as they cannot declare war on them.
  20. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    Yes been there got the tshirt etc, have had same thing repeatedly popping a player who was targeting my noobs, who then came into chat and boasted that if i didnt stop protecting my noob clan mates I would get a ban for pushing for popping him. When I queried this in chat a CM who was around then confirmed, that the player was right, I could be banned for pushing if I popped him anymore, so not only can you not defend a CBS you cannot protect low level players from bullies, who wont stop till they have popped them till they give up. The whole system is a farce. The damage the system does overall to the game in proportion to it preventing people pushing kills for quests is ludicrous, and with the servers being so depopulated these days, and we all know reasons for that, the odds on popping players repeatedly in games like spaceball is high. It is now a pvp game where popping people gets the account you have spent money on and time on banned. Someone somewhere needs to understand how the game works, and sort this mess out. Or at this rate the game will lose its pvp element and just die.

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