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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Just a little update:

    A player on GB2 tried to get another person punished for pushing via putting them in a position to kill their account over and over (would be their second time doing this 'tactic') and was making it clear in chat of their intentions and they were suspended for attempting it.
    So does seem like something can be done about it.
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  2. ..DC..™

    ..DC..™ User

    The pushing system as it stands is another reason the game is dying, along with the cheats and OP ships. It's PVP yet ppl are scared to pop someone more than 3-4 times and support cannot (or will not) clarify the limits. About time some of these "problems" are sorted before the game fails completely.

    I think I've now achieved everything I set out to, I cba to run round maps for hours to get a few elusive kills, and wonder if my acc will be banned if I pop someone too much.

    I'll be accused of pushing g8s next :).

    Think you may see less of me from now on :). It's been fun, mostly.

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  3. tarantolas

    tarantolas User

    and why your ADMINISTRATOR nothing sey in the post or in cheat ? lol alot top 10 ranked lost ship for the stupid system and feil pushing and your do nothing lol player lost alot money in the game and lost acaunt for nothing, it stupid lol player rank 1 and need pushing ? lol iam now all time stey in port and do nothing am scared lost accaunt and am no going vaste more money for the game lol i see the game more going down down and dow. When your try keep up the game it more going down for your stupid system lol your just want more money and abaunt acaunt your dont care. lol i see more player going creeat new accaunt and more player going lost accaut and your do nothing lol and alot player got ban for nothing for never used cheat or pushing just play the game killing NPC do gate and build base and for it got ban, LOL idk what your going do ?
  4. Ah okapi im glad you have recognized this aswell.(this is bman btw) Got banned for pushing because some noob insisted on trying to kill me over and over also not is it only the number of kills you get that flags you, its also how fast you destroy them as I was told by support even with most of the fighting being minutes apart apparently its not a big enough gap.Best solution is to not even pvp especially if there arent many hunters on your server.If they know where you are they will chase you down and shoot you some more....so best to not even play.Meaning this has become an issue that must be addressed by the team as people are now abusing this system with how low server population is.

    Well thats the thing not all of these are new players, there is current players making new accs just to have so they can try to get people they dont like banned for pushing.

    Nope, popping npcs doesnt avoid the pushing penalty I was popping many pirates in 5-3, becasue this guy kept chasing me around and dropping them on me when he popped, I still got banned for pushing.

    You can get caught for pushing just by popping that player 10 times in 1 day, and popping his pet more than once is considered pushing too.
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  5. no its not
  6. Thats what support told me.Their job is to quote rules within the lines of not reveling how the system works.Unless they can make up their own rules on the fly now lol
  7. Funny players can get ban for pushing but my clan has been sent war from the same clan for over 4 months now without a break. The day the war ends they send another ten days war but that's not considered pushing but a player that pops the same player that keeps coming and asking for it is ban for pushing? Not sure if i'm way off topic but if the same clan keeps coming day after day to kill members in the same clan over and over just because it's not the same player killing them it's the same clan over and over, so does that not sound like pushing? players that keep getting killed over and over have a couple options either change name so they don't know who you are or go to another map, But clans that keep getting sent war over and over have a red clan tag that tags them to be killed by the other clan. Not worried about the wars i rather like them just want to know from DO how in this game can anyone really get ban for pushing? sounds to me like their trying to stop players from abusing events like scoremaggedon but that will be impossible cause what is stopping someone who is friends with another from saying come to here and kill me i will let you? Enjoy the game that's my input on this subject:)
  8. Yeah this whole pushing thing is a very vaguely explained system in the game but it also has this gaping hole of issues, like if only 30 players actively hunt each day and are the same ship size as you or bigger are not to be taken lightly so you are forced to fight them which is the nature of the game but your able to dance around the map and destroy them all 2 to 6 times each so now your forced to try and avoid any fight them them at all since it will then be look at as pushing regardless of who shoots first or what map it resides in.So if you can avoid them then your only option is to log off till they are gone which normally they will be there till bed time.

    So this system forces us to not even play when you destroy the players hunting you too many times that your now close to pushing.And most people that hunt will keep shooting you until they don`t see you anymore.If the goal of this system is to make ufe players not log in as much its working and makes those who have been punished think twice about putting money in this game I know I don`t want to put money in so long as this current system is still present as there is no need to even buy premium as I wont need it because I wont be fighting much anymore and ammo will be easily funded by gates since roughly 30 people hunt continuously where everybody else is a one time raid then back to npcs.

    And now we have noobs abusing this pushing system by making multiple accounts to get their most hated enemies banned. And currently you have no way of stopping it, but DO can fix it if they want to keep their veteran players and not lose all their new members because of getting banned for pushing which they will be completely oblivious to knowing especially when most players don`t immediately dive to forums till after they learn more of the game from players.

    And im wandering why kill limit is supposedly still allowing players to rank up after 10 kills.I thought that no rank gain after 10 kills was part of the initial idea before it was released?
  9. gamepark

    gamepark User

    GPЖ™[Š†Ш] wrote:
    Hello Supportst

    First things first, ignore my ferocity, Anger, and how very disappointed and upset
    I am over the NONE SENSE that goes on in this game, just how the game works makes
    literally no sense at all.

    If you're not aware, the HITAC FROST event just started, literally for me..just

    I can see a whole lot of issues in doing this event, if you're not also aware,
    this is a PVP game, a PVP game that is not doing so well at the moment, a lot of
    players left playing the game, a lot of the players that got banned for either
    botting, or pushing, or whatever else, made the game a lot more dead, the server I
    play on - way more dead than it use to be, most Veteran players don't play anymore
    because of the NON SENSE I am typing to you about.

    Now, I was recently banned for pushing - read carefully.

    I was not popping anyone, what was stated is that I allowed them to pop me which
    in turn was using the pushing system to get players banned - now - I am aware
    players use this tactic against other players, and yes it is true I did let them
    pop me repeatedly - why you wonder? - lets see here, I AM ONLY HUMAN.

    yup - that's it - what caused me to get banned was another event - called ICY
    Meteriod - pay attention and use your brain here on this [I am not insulting
    anyone] - It's an event ...that can pay a good amount of rewards to players, and
    help small players do better in the game, I am unfortunately still a small ship on
    my server, I went to the Icy event in 4-4 to enjoy the event, and gain good
    rewards, just to be blown up for being there, simply because A multi company clan
    decided that I am not allowed to participate.

    Yes, there are multiple icy that spawn through out the maps in the game, But it's
    the same ISSUE - if you're lucky - no one will shoot you - which is rarely the
    outcome - so to enjoy the event - I'd have to switch companies which I refuse to
    do, I want to be a member of the company I am and still be able to play the game
    like everyone else.

    after getting mad about them blowing me up about 4 or 5 times already - I decided
    I was going to keep going back - stating in the chat box that I only want to enjoy
    the event - that only made it humorous to them - they laughed about it, and
    continued to destroy my ship. After they aware that they could be banned for
    pushing - they took turns popping me - and event called players from their company
    to come into 4-4 so they wouldn't get banned for it.

    My only humane defense - was revenge. I wanted to let them blow me up until they
    get banned - no matter how many other players they called for.

    All because I wanted to enjoy the event, was unable to because they would not stop
    shooting on me, and IF I had shot on them - I'd get banned for defending myself.
    The pushing system is a failure. it's turning this great PVP game into something
    not worth it anymore.

    as for the HITAC FROST event that just started - I got blown up again...and you
    know why I got blown up? - as I said before, for simply showing up to the event -
    I am interested in shooting other players during this event, but they don't care,
    the small players will never enjoy the game, they will quit, I too someday may
    quit if this doesn't change - I am a veteran player - started in 07.

    The pushing system needs to be adjusted or abandoned.

    all players should be able to benefit from the events in the game without having
    to worry if they're going to get blown up, their needs to be restrictions so the
    events are playable and enjoyable to everyone on the server.

    BECAUSE - even if we fight back - we'll get banned for pushing - because they
    will come back repeatedly - AND - IF we just allow them to blow us up - even if
    we're not trying to abuse the pushing system - we would get banned either way.

    I am not getting banned again - as I was told it would be more severe the next
    time - but do you know what's going to be more severe? when the game dies out and
    players wake up to the nonsense that's going on in the game.

    I love DARKORBIT - that's why I play everyday - Don't let me quit the game - I
    know you guys can do better, you've helped me before with minor issues - make a
    change before you lose a great community and a great game.



    USER ID : 160872899

    user name - gamepark

    ship name is GPЖ™[Š†Ш]

    please reply with something worth reading.


    the reply

    Hello gamepark,

    We have always incorporated the "pushing penalty" system in this game, it has not changed. What happens however is that during special events is where most all players get involved and thus most capitalize on the availability of enemy ships in order to complete their pvp missions. That has not changed either, starting with the first "Spaceball" event.
    We do not have an over-abundance of pushing activity during special events, most players fly in groups or with their clan for protection to participate in the special events or work on their pvp missions. It is apparent if you are flying solo, you would be an easy target. PvP missions are simply part of the game, enemy companies, clans, and special events are part of the game.

    I reviewed your last instance and it clearly showed you were participating in "pushing" and encouraging players to destroy you. This is not part of the game.

    GPЖ™...[Loner]: Prototype™ come blow me up 100 more times to make sure u don't get anymore rewards, u'd either get banned or whatever.
    GPЖ™...[Loner]: doesnt work like that
    GPЖ™...[Loner]: 30 kills before you get banned prototype - come let it happen bro.
    GPЖ™...[Loner]: how many times can a player pop you before they either get ban or stop getting reward for ur kill?

    We can only suggest you fly with a group, join a clan, etc. so you may be able to participate equally with the other clans and players in the intended manner during the special events and work on your own pvp missions.

  10. gamepark

    gamepark User

    Support didn't reply with anything worth reading, basically stated what I said my message, basically was beating around the bush and didn't give me a proper reply to the situation, that the pushing system is not stable for the game.

    that whole part about me telling Prototype to blow me up 100 times, I simply wanted to do Icy in 4-4, they wouldn't stop shooting on me, i was not attacking them, it's the same for every map - enemies will come to my map and shoot my icy, and if I go to their map of course i'll have to fight to keep my spot in that map.

    If this remains in the game without a change or fix, next time i get banned for this knowing I didn't do it on purpose to push, I am going to quit, and bring my money and time else where.

    for one, I help smaller players from all three companies on my server, and I stand up for the new and small players, but you'll never see them post a log about me saying " stop shooting the same players" - instead they are more quick to state that I need to be banned.

    I've been playing too long on this game and work too hard on my account to throw away my ship like that, I am at the point where I don't even shoot players below my rank or who don't even hit as hard as I do, maybe once in a while , but i try not to anymore, I go after the bigger players or players on my level.

    I definitely did not deserve to lose my ep and honor, and get banned and banned for as long as I did, totally unjust for me, but it's all good, as it's just a game, but the morality needs to get checked. fair game play is what I am about.

  11. Haha...PvP :rolleyes: more likely GvG or PvG o_O The use of TS and clans is not PvP :eek: Only can poof 'said' playa 5 times and then :oops: and oh yeah, keep your mouth/chat/text shut. Just play and enjoy :cool:
  12. So quick question.Does this thread not having a DO official posting a comment mean that the team is looking into the matter or are they going to continue letting the support team make up its own ruleso_O?

    As always the team can expect me to push the fact they can always do better which is something i`ve done since beta stage and will continue to do with every issue I find that needs attention.
  13. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    The support team doesn't get to make up their own rules. Just as we have the guidelines we must follow, they have those which they too must adhere to.

    That said, we did pass this along. The dev team is aware of how pushing affects things and even began to acknowledge the issue last year as a result.

  14. Yea but that does not mean support is doing right thing by respecting that "rule". This game was meant to be PvP and now it is a PvE game with a bit PvP on it. I remember when players used to get popped constantly while botting so they were going to lose drones. Whereas now, except the fact u dont catch botters as we see them in bmaps every day, at least let players to pop drones again and give a meaning to PvP once again. You can remove all honor gain ship kill gain after 10 kills but dont mess up with bans cause in 2 weeks i know we have at least 10 players banned for pushing and i am preety sure in 9 out of 10 cases it wasnt on purpose.
  15. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    There were those punished for pushing even for destroying botters excessively years ago under the old pushing system. May be that not everyone did, but it was still possible to be caught and punished for pushing even then. That hasn't changed, and the penalty is still -30% EP & Honor as it has been for years, before I joined the team even.

  16. What about 2nd offense or 3rd ? It is still 30% EP & Honor or it changes after 1st offense?
  17. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    If I remember right it would stage up in the past with some users having seen 60% ep & honor reductions, and then strike three was game over.

    I believe now if there's a second time the suspension is longer rather than the deduction but I can't say for certain. However, if there is a third time, it is still the last time.

  18. So if the system is broken why is it still live? With this crap we may need the option to turn pvp off as avoiding pvp is the only way to not get banned for pushing.

    And support is un-willing to help players with anything other than simple questions or payment issues, so that team should be checked for quality assurance.Telling me i`m wrong and to deal with it when its a broken system and must be looked at, they could reply "We cant tell if its not working but we can pass something along for it to be looked at" but they don`t they try to dismiss the players as quick as they can which is bad customer support.

    Telling me I need to fly with a group to avoid getting caught( was in a group of 8 ships and still got banned) but if there is only 30 ships active in pvp every day and your good at the game you would easily pop them 6 times in 1 map because they dont know when to quit and suggesting doing SB and killing multiple ships would be a good time to hunt and avoid getting banned while reminding me to avoid killing the same ship multiple times lol what if I pop 4 ships 5 times each and they get mad enough to hunt me down in the maps?Am I to log off? Telling me events to avoid getting banned and then reminding me to not get banned for pushing which was an annoying circle of nonsense to be honest.

    And to be clear i`m not ranting at you Solid_Eye I just dont see any other way to get my view out other than through people who can share it.
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  19. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    The diminishing rewards system may not be perfect, but support is still reviewing actual pushing cases, that isn't left to the current system. Where things are with updating or changing the diminishing rewards system I couldn't say for sure at the moment. But as mentioned before, we did pass this along so it may be that we have more news down the line.

  20. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Couldn't agree more with you. There's many reasons the game is dying (has died?) and punishing people for simply playing it in the way it's meant to be payed is one of them.

    I do not know why it's so hard to simply use the diminished rewards system so after so many kills you receive zero rewards from subsequent kills.

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