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  1. Ok just want to tell the team and players about this game right here, i have been a player for 8 years love the game, hate the fact legit players are punished here for talking the truth about DarkOrbit and their team.I have spent thousand's of dollars for sure on this game in the 8 years i have played and where has that got me.
    Well been ban fro DO for changing my name once to Shazbot are you kidding me because you choose to allow bot's to run free in your game i can't use that name not only can't i use it but they ban me for 2 weeks. Also been ban 2 times from discord for talking about the game but if i was a known bot i am sure it would have been ok to talk.
    The event's are being nerfed cause bot's run them 24/7 and gain huge amount's of equipment and ammo and gear through the bot's, so if your a legit player in this game and spend money your still gonna be left so far behind it's not worth playing.
    There are players in this game bot hundreds of account's to use to cheat say every bot in that account goes and collects seprom from the refinery and go to a map then that player kills their own accounts and fills up their seprom to full.
    The cheats in the game and the hacks that are being used can't even be detected by BP that or they just don't care about the players anymore or the cheats only how much money they make. Every time i try to discuss it someone like Saimon bans me he is the worst BP team leader i have seen in 8 years of playing here.
    There isn't anywhere in social media you can find them talk about the game anymore well except the bot ban wave they did the other day and ban 1 player from my server haha that right their is just a slap in the face from BP to all players if they think 1 player was the only one botting.
    So for being ban this time i am cancelling all my credit cards and never gonna play this game again so enjoy playing a game alone unless you have a group of friends that all bot and you can call each other and login at the same time and maybe a full group can run around and kill a bunch of unmanned ships running around now doesn't that sound like fun.

    I have said my peace hopefully some will see my post and take head to what's about to become of this game it was fun before Saimon took over wish someone would ban him from the game then it would become way better of a game cheers i am logging out never to play this game again Cheers.
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  2. You change your name to Bot and are suprised when u get banned for it?
    Don't change your name to something stupid like Bot and u are fine.

    But for the rest I do agree to you.
    Sometimes the bans are undeserved, and the fact that they take years to do something bout the bots is insane.
  3. You didn't even read the post, i never used a bot I just got ban for using a name with the word bot in it and got ban 2 times from Discord for talking about them abusing the game and BP only caring about the money don't care about bug abusers or bot's.
  4. I did read the post. And like I said I am not at all suprised u got banned for it.
    If I were to change my name today to "I am a Bot" I would be banned within less than 24h. I can guarantee you that right here and now.
    And thats only natural.
    If I was in BP's shoes I would ban everyone with the word Bot in either their or their pet's name imediately and for all eternity.
    Cuz 90% of ppl who call themselfs "somethingBOT" are taunting BP for not being able to detect them and banning them.
    And the 10% who dont should have enough intelligence not to call themselves Bot.

    Just dont call yourself bot and u are fine.

    About the Discord I can't say anything I am not often on the DO Discord so Idk wheter or not ppl there abuse their powers.
  5. What the point i am trying to get to is the fact is the bot's aren't getting ban it's the legit players paying to have fun, they ask for our thought's on the game and event's all the time and when we have something to say that they don't like without the use of foul language and such we are ban for it. Thanks for your input though at least you are willing to discuss it cheers
  6. I started playing another game recently and its a lot of fun. I gave up after the last couple months of seeing people in ships I had in my friends list and the folks in them dont know me or speak english anymore. Ah well, cant do the Hitak and the map event I got to see several players stuck in the map as their 'player' had failed for them. One was on all day every day stuck in the middle. No ban.

    No more until its fixed. Done
  7. I mean I don't know where you got your name from but Shazbot is a curse word from a TV Show, it means the S-Word and funny enough the whole point of that word is to pass heavy censors that were in place on TV back in the 70's-80's(this TV show was made in the 70's-80's), which is what that admin that reported/banned you probably thought you were doing.

    Now that I think about it that word was kinda popular back in the day, not like "yeet" popular but I do remember some people saying it. And you probably just got unlucky enough to run into an admin that has happened to seen that movie.

    Edit: Robin Williams actually starred in a movie Mark & Mindy that featured this word. So yeah, it was popular at one point.

    It's either that or for having "bot" but it's really unlikely that's the case unless you were specifically told.

    Just a tip for future, Maybe you should Google the random words you want to name your ship before naming, just in case it may be profane, all of this could have been prevented. I Googled this and in 30 seconds found all of this out.
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