[SC] Hanger Problem with Equipment (killed to soon)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by WarriorAngus, Oct 15, 2019.

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  1. Brito,

    I don't know why this post was killed so soon and without an answer for your problem. The DO monitor killed it and that person should at least gave you some information on the problem you are having.

    Try this:

    Select your ship and try to move your item back to inventory. If it won't move. Back out of the ship and go back to the hanger and reselect your ship. Try to move the item again, and if it won't work. Try it a couple of times moving to hanger to ship. I had have it locked up too and wouldn't transfer items I wanted to move. I had to do this several times before it worked.

    If this doesn't work try this.

    Go to hanger select you ship.
    In the upper section you will see Configuration button. If you select that it will clear all items on you ship leaving all slots empty. Then you can make changes.

    There is a Transfer System button too.
    That is for moving equipment from one ship to another of like class which has the same slot and numbers of slots.

  2. If ever you have a problem clicking something in your hanger it's simple click and hold the shift button and click the item again this will work everytime no need to click in and out of your hanger like that, it all comes from the new update.
  3. Hi Tice,

    Good point. I didn't know that trick. Thanks, I just hope Brito is reading this. His post was killed before he got an answer to his question.

  4. I have also found that if an item on the ship doesn't seem to highlight when you click on it. Go to the inventory and click on something there (does not have to be a specific thing), then go back to the ship and you should be able to select whatever item it was you wanted move.
    There have a few instances where an item in the inventory would not accept a click on it; but again, by clicking on an item already on the ship, I could go back to the inventory and could select the item and configure it ship-side.
  5. HI All,

    There is a lot of good ideas and great things to know. I am glad I reposted this because I am learning new things too.

  6. Zer0

    Zer0 User

    I want to transfer from starter ship to a Goliath. Transfer button is greyed out and if i move all items to inventory they grey out in their too and does not appear with any other ship. Is there a solution for this. Also, I logged in through Facebook.
  7. The hanger will only let you transfer equipment to another ship with the same amount of slot "like most goliath designs will change between, most vengy designs will change" but you van't go from vengy to goliath.

    Just use the delete configuration button and delete both configs and make you other ship.
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  8. Zer0

    Zer0 User

    Man your the best!!! That actually worked thank you.
  9. Hi All,

    As was stated before;

    There are 3 ways to get items off your ship:
    First is Single Move. Pick an Item on your ship and click on it and move it to your inventory.
    Second is Configuration. You hit that button and everything is moved off your ship and into Inventory.
    Third is Transfer System. This is for like ships. As for an example Goliath to another type of Goliath. It has the same number of slots. You couldn't transfer a Goliath to a Citadel because their are less slots on the Citadel for lasers, but Citadel has more Rocket Launchers.

    Now loading up your ship is a pick and place one item at a time. There use to be a block fill. If you clicked just outside the inventory box and drag your arrow across the items you wanted. You could make a line or box through the items you wanted and could drag all that into your ship. i.e. Lasers, Gens, and Shields. I think that is disable. Because I started a new ship, I pulled the Solace out of inventory and wanted to arm it. This month there are two skins Frost Solace and (I think) skin for your P.E.T. Frost Mimesis because of this month Calendar. I tried to do a multi move and couldn't do that. If it works for you good luck.

  10. EvilHotDog

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    Closing as thread is inactive.

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