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  1. Hi,

    Over the next few days I will be providing feedback and grades for the
    If you have any additional comments please feel free to leave them. This in
    NOT, however, a place to rant and flame. I would ask the moderators to please deleting any flaming or inappropriate posts.

    I am only including events the relate directly to the HELIX EVENT. Events DO puts out through out the year may not be graded (i.e Sector Control or reduced pricing for log disk).

    If you feel like a grade is unjust please post your argument (without flaming). If the argument is valid, then the grade may change.

    I will be editing this posts as the days and events progress.

    T <3

    DAY 1EVENT BOXESCNothing special about these boxes most items are credit items. Event boxes, over the last several events, have turned into a disappointment. The Pet Fuel and Zeus parts give this a solid 'C'
    SPB-01B+The triple boosters, DMG-B02, SHD-B-02
    Hp-B02 are good ideas but cash payments only reduces the grade
    This would make a great addition to Happy Hour Events..Before discounts all purchasing all 3 would cost 30K uri Perhaps DO can sell each SPB-01 for 25K uri
    Stowaway Event QuestB-The quest allows for lower level players to participate but at the same time 19 Devs is a lot for a lower level playerEP and Credits are good for the quest but honor is terrible. This reduces the grade from a solid 'B' to 'B-'
    DAY 2In Good Faith QuestB+Fairly Simple Quest
    The Quest calls for access to X-5
    Lower Level Players will not be able to do this quest. The reward for the effort is good and the Booty Key is an added bonus.
    U-RB-01DThe Keys claim to give triple the chance at an LF-4. Without knowing what the ''normal'' chance at getting an LF-4 is the statement can not be verified.Cash payment also reduces the grade.
    DAY 3Hidden Agenda QuestB+Quest is straight forward and fairly easy for anyone with access to x-6 or x-7 maps. Rewards are decent and the two green booty keys are an added bonusOnly players with access to x-6 and x-7 maps can complete quest.
    Galaxy Gate Spin SaleA-Galaxy Gate Spins on sale Sale price for Premium members drops from 95U. to 83U. and with rebate 58U.If you plan on doing a lot of gates now is the time to spin your hearts out. A good option in the future may be to allow players to select ''free spins'' or ''uri spin''
    DAY 4Classical Conditioning Quest B Quest is fairly simple. Rewards are decent for the effort. Only players with access to X-5 can complete.
    Weapons and Ships on sale A-Good pricing for the items included in the sale
    DAY 5Customer Acquisition Quest C- Only players with access to X-8 maps can complete quest, but at the same time those with access to these maps dont really have a challenge in completing this quest. The two Booty boxes are nice.
    Red and Blue Booty Key SaleTBA
    DAY 6History Lesson Quest B+ Challenging Quest with good rewardsOnly players with access to X-6 maps and complete
    Ship Design SaleA-Good Pricing on Ship designsSale only includes Uri designs
    x3 MegaB-x3 Mega is always goodConsidering its the Helix Sales Event not seeing the Quad mega (aka x4 aka x3.88) is disappointing
    DAY 7Brave Old World Quest BChallenging Quest with decent rewardsOnly players with access to X-5 maps and complete
    Gate Spin Sale A-See notes above
    DAY 8Acquisition Quest B+This is a collecting quest. The player can collect rocks individually or from Cargo. Collecting rocks from cargo allows the player to complete the task very quickly.
    DAY 9Putting out Feelers Quest AGood Quest Challenging but not to difficult for the even for the lower level players Need Access to X-4 maps
    LF-4 Booty Box Event FSeveral players, more than the later, stated they were getting LF-3s and no LF-4's Disappointing Event
    DAY 10 We the Helix Quest A Good Quest Challenging but not to difficult for the even for the lower level players, good rewards for the effort Need Access to X-3 Maps
    DAY 8-10 A Gift From DO A Great Gifts from DO for Uri PurchasesGates Spins, Hercs, and Premium
    Sale on Ammo and BoostersBPricing is good on Boosters There is nothing on the Ammo page that is on sale. Perhaps DO is waiting until Mega to post them.
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  2. u are missing out the sales part as logdisk are on offer due to the helix group and more will follow
  3. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Just to add some items these event box contains.

    UBR, SAR02, ECO, PLT2026, R310, DDM, Slow mines, Xenomit, GG, etc and rest uri and credits.

    And "maybe" ZEUS drone part.
    (I actually got two myself so far)
    But I didn't heard anybody else in my server getting them. Its extremely rare. At this point, not sure whether it is intended to be a reward or just a mistake like with Kronos part in Parasite Tide.

    I wish they add these boxes to 4-x PvP maps. Be really good then. Otherwise these boxes are pretty good for getting extra gg energies and not to forget UBR and SAR02 ammo.

    Only drawback I could find is placing them in normal maps where you get too less uri (~4 - 5k / hr).
    And I hope, really hope they don't reduce the rewards or frequency of getting any item. Be totally a waste then.
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  4. As a reminder...I am only concentrating on items exclusive ONLY to the event...Log disks are on sale frequently


    T <3
  5. Uri from boxes have gone way down, but in exchange you get these (items) above mentioned by - .Wagon.. Also, the Helix boxes look like an oil derrick.

    Jackpot $ are also in the bonus boxes. This event is nothing to complain about since the bonus boxes are now out x2 more than regular boxes.
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  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I've not picked up any of the boxes so far but if they contain Zeus parts and as Wagon has said he picked up 2 parts already, surely these are some of the best boxes we have had in years - especially for smaller ships?
    If they could average 2 parts a day and if this even runs for around a month, at the end of it someone could be walking away with a free zeus, the single most expensive item in this game. "D-" seems pretty harsh.

    If you have doubler + boxing bio your get 3 Zeus parts ... these boxes are easily some of the best we have seen in a long time:

    As for the sales of log disks not counting, the event is called "Helix Summer Sales", the whole point of the event is the sales that are coming on during the event - they are hardly frequent throughout the year, at most log disks go on sale once every 2 months but I suspect all items will go on sale multiple times during this event and probably at greater discounts than regular flash sales.
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  7. Yer, i got 4...

    [​IMG]Received item: Component of Zeus drone blueprints (4)
  8. Based on the feed back on boxes I have updated the Event Box grade to a 'C'
    T <3
  9. thanx for that OKapi32
  10. Personally, I wouldn't give this event boxes a 'C' rank, really. This are the best event boxes I have seen so far. It is really good that they give the rare chance of getting Zeus part, which I have received. No matter how many parts I will receive till the end of the event, it will still be the best event boxes! 'A' grade from me.

    Now, about the missions. Hm, let's be honest. They are not that hard, and give awesome rewards. Although new players may have a harder time to complete them, I think they can complete fair amount of the event quests, and those rewards will boost them so much.
    'B+' from me for the quests (let's face it, for new players honor is important, it's true. But, the uri/credit/exp ratio is really, really good.) :)

    Good job, DO!
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    few months back was "same" pack out for same price, with its diffence now they are only shared boosters, before they were shared and normal so 6 boosters in a row, so the grade for that for me is E-
  12. Sorry OP, but you're dead wrong on your grading of the quests. The quests are challenging enough to take a few minutes for a UFE and yet still possible for a new user to accomplish. Even the harder of the 11 quests can still be done by a relatively new user. The 5th quest "Customer Acquisition" and the 11th (last) quest "Big Helix is Watching" are restricted to Level 12 or above by virtue of having to go to x8. "Hidden Agenda" and "History Lesson" requires Level 11 for x6 and four others require level 10.

    There are no "kill this crazy uber npc that you will never get the lock on and do it five times" quests.

    There is only one collect a %*#$ton of rocks and hopefully it can be done with NPC cargo.

    Still annoyed by the "do this in order" and it's unfortunate that the next quest doesn't unlock when you finish one. Seems like DO is fine with you waiting for the last weekend to login and do them all but it is verbotten to login early and burn them off.

    Total rewards with NO boosters/bio/skins... 7.9 million EP, 36.5 thousand honor, 6.5 million credits, 36.5 thousand uridium, 13 booty keys, 110 gate energy.

    DO seems like they are starting to listen. If DO really wants to bring back the loyalty of the first thousand days, triple the rewards, triple the number of quests, make them so you can do them all from day one or day ten. Seriously... 36,500 uri is three bucks on mega... tripling it is nine bucks. In the first thousand days, how many MHH broke a million dollars for DO? How often does that happen now? Give stuff away, you'll make more.
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  13. becusican

    becusican User

    Well so far after 10 hr of boxing, 4 hrs of port hugging. I have not collected one Zeus part.. Just bad luck on my part I guess. For the other rewards excellent grade "A" for any new player, this will give them a great boost, as long as they are will to sit at port waiting for the UFE's to leave lool

    As for the missions, Stowaway: Seems like a good event, but for new players not a chance. It will never change, UFE players sit cloaked in the lowers just waiting for us to poke our head of of the De zone at port, and pop. We never see it coming nor do we have a chance to make it back to port when they hit you with 200K+ dmg in 2 secs. I am not complaining, as I know this is a PvP game. But if DO wants to increase the player count, give the new players a chance to compete. How ... not sure have thought of cutting the UFE dmg down in lowers, or restricting the time they are able to be active in lowers. So Stowaway gets a "C" grade as I will pop 40 times trying to complete this quest, lose ammo, credits and maybe uri in repairs. Lets just hope the UFE player's that do the popping are not banned for pushing, as they are doing what they do best.. lol As for the rest of the missions, thechurchofbob's post covers it.
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  14. There seems to be a lot of feed back, Thanks.
    My grading system is based on several factors.
    1. Effort
    2. Cost
    3. Previous Events
    4. Reward vs Effort Ratio

    I raised the grade on the Event boxes to a 'C' I do not see any justification for going to a higher grade at this time.
    Previous Events had rewards of Jump Credits, More Pet Fuel, Designs, Zeus Drone (not just parts) Cloaks. All day boxing during the events would leave the average player satisfied. I am glad the some of you like the boxes and I will not discourage you from doing them. From the perspective of an upper level player.... There is a lot of Credit items in the boxes which is good, but upper level players have no problems making a million credits in less than an hour so buying credit ammo is not a problem. At the same time Upper Level Players are running a lot of boosters, not to mention those running box doublers. Upper Level Players are burning time of of booster and box doubles to get R310's?? Again, grades are based on
    OVERALL value. Not just value to Upper Level Players or Lower Level Players.

    Thanks again for all the feedback

    T <3
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  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There has never been zues drones, design or cloaks in event boxes before.

    Maybe if a UFE player was looking at this event from their own perspective of how much it benefits their own ship and nothing else they might see it to be lacking. However I think most of us are considering this event in terms of how good it is for the overall game, not just our individual accounts. Making it easier for players to get equipment is good for everyone overall - more activity.

    UFE players can also use the summer sales on ammo and galaxy gate spins when they turn up. I really do think you are being too harsh with your scores, maybe you are trying to find the flaws more than you are trying to see the benefits. It is also only day 2 of the event, could have been a better idea to give it review scores after it was finished.
  16. Yes there has...nuff said not arguing with you...you can make your own thread if you dont like mine instead of trying to take mine over.

    Have a Nice Day now go away
  17. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There really hasn't ...

    You're posting a lot of misinformation and picking and choosing the parts of the event, for instance you are not acknowledging the sales - when they entire event is called "Helix Summer Sales". It would be sensible to give a review of an event once it is finished and think of it in terms of how it benefited the entire game, not just individuals.
  18. sorry but you're talking to a player that knows more about the game then you i myself have never seen an event box with a zeus part in it not booty but bonus boxes
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  19. I think it is a little unfair to say these boxes are bad. The rockets are good, the gate energies are fantastic, and the amount of credit ammo that I keep picking up will pay for a solid day of killing NPCs for free. Plus, you get the Zeus parts, which are probably the greatest things I have ever gotten out of a bonus box since a x4 uri multiplier. Myself, I have picked up 6 Zeus parts, and if you were to assume an extremely generous 5 keys per part, I've already saved 45,000 uri from these boxes.
  20. So the Zeus Drone and 3 designs I got from the Valintines Day Event in 2012 are a figment of my imagination???
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