[SC] Helix Event Feed Back and Discussion

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Tina-The-Impaler, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. So the Zeus Drone and 3 designs I got from the Valintines Day Event in 2012 are a figment of my imagination???
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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The Zeus didn't exist in 2010. :/
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  3. I am grading quests individually not as a whole. The grades they have all received to date are not bad.

    Thanks for the feedback

    T <3
  4. Type-0Z

    Type-0Z User

    Should rated F- for the U-RB-01 in day 2 because there is no Blue and Red Booty to be found anywhere!
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  5. Hope everyone took advantage of the Gate Spin Sales.
    Gate spins were 58 U per spin. (with Premium and Rebate).

    T <3
  6. They are being released tomorrow (Tuesday, 23rd) or day after (Wednesday,24th)
  7. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Helix event is great, something for everyone. :D

    Discounts on ammo and ships and other stuff for both UFE and not so UFEs :p

    Good bonus boxes (zeus parts!? :eek:)

    Quests and relatively easy for average players, easily doable ;)

    This event unlike some others *cough *cough demaner *cough *cough seem to be well thought out. :rolleyes:

    If BP need to take anything away from this is that this formula is the way forward. They need to have a broad range of items which will appeal to the broad range of players in game. :)

    Lets hope that the trend continues. ;)
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  8. Chance for apis and Zeus parts sucks but otherwise it's great. Like I've collected 2k ecos, 1.7k ubrs, 3.5k sar's, 3.1k pld-8, like 14k uri, 7k r3-0, and a couple hundred gate spins and STILL no Zeus or apis bits. And I don't even have Doubler, pet, or bio...So either the game hates me (very possible) or the chances suck
  9. I have yet to see any Zeus parts, but i guess i should box more of them and not battle map boxes.
  10. jackknife

    jackknife User

    Foojub2 the chances suck about the same numbers, but 1 apis part :rolleyes:
    but it does make boxing not so much as a boring chore; u know if u hit a paragraph shows instead of one line, that's fun.
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  11. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Well, after few days of collecting these event boxes, my review:

    They're much better compared to the previous event and is good to know that they've raised their standards :p The UBR and SAR02 rockets from these boxes are really worth the efforts. And GG energies are the main reason I'm collecting them instead of pvp boxes. The Zeus parts are good as well but the chances are very less and maybe much less for those who actually need it.

    That being said, I won't call this the best event boxes. (Maybe good among recent events). The main reason for that is an interesting observation I noticed. On the first day, I collected about 800 GG energies, nearly 110 - 130 / hr. But since second day, I can't get that much. I'm getting only about 80 GG / hr or even less.
    This is a huge drawback as I expected to open gates faster. But I guess nothing new for DO's policies.

    The daily event quests could be better. The rewards should be more.
    And the Helix Sales could be way better, they only have 16% discount. Could be better considering how costly this game is.

    Overall, a good event so far. Maybe could be better if they had not reduced the GG energies from the box and didn't change any existing stuff. Not sure, but I'm feeling like its taking more GG energies now to open my gates :p
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  12. From
    ^ from an event booty box? I don't think so Tina, but if your saying it happened to you personally then heck what do I know.

    The boxes are decent (not great), the GG's and sars and xeno make them alright but the credit ammo gets old. I have boxed for 4-5 hours or so, and not gotten a Zeus part, but I have one built so no biggie to me. I do think it is AWESOME that the noobs are getting them, big thumbs up there.

    I have only seen 6 quests so far, where is the 35k uri rewards and 11 quests that you mentioned Bob?

    I want to do the other 5 quests, as the first 6 paid about 8 k uri with rewards and npc payouts.

    EDIT : I checked the quest tab, and it shows the better quests like "big helix is watching" in the unavailable section, I've done the 6 that were in the event quests tab, and there's no more available quests.... so IDK why I can't do the rest??:( Any help would be appreciated.
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  13. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    Every quest come daily .. so tomorrow you will have another unlocked and probably the last one if you make the other ... Patience .
  14. I hear ya, but I have only had 6 total available, and did them all. Other people have access to all 11, so somehow my situation is different. I can't access the 5 good quests, any of the ones that pay GG and uri.

    EDIT : Unless people are talking about quests they HAVEN'T done yet either, and were just anticipating the rewards ??

    To be clear, the events are in the "unavailable" section....I can see them...
  15. Not doing the Red // Blue Booty Boxes from what I here on my server the other players are giving them a C to C-....anyone disagree please let me know.

    T <3
  16. ^^
    Derp. The cube / prot quest became available today, so I suppose they are showing upcoming quest before you can access them.
  17. Gate Spins on sale. Great pricing.
    The absence of the x4 Mega (aka 3.88 Mega) during the Helix Sales event is being noticed. On my server a lot of people are complaining. Many players are holding off on purchases until it occurs.

    T <3
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  18. jackknife

    jackknife User

    I'm waiting in hope for drone formations to go on sale, atleast i hope they do!
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  19. ''A Gift from DO ''

    So here is what you get.....

    15,000 Uridium
    - 150 Extra Energy
    30,000 Uridium - 300 Extra Energy
    75,000 Uridium - 750 Extra Energy
    150,000 Uridium - 750 Extra Energy + Hercules Drone design
    330,000 Uridium - 750 Extra Energy + Hercules Drone design + BAT drone formation + 3-months Premium

    So, if a player buys two (2) of the 330,000 offers are the gifts doubled???
    If anyone knows please respond.

    T <3
  20. The last quest "big Helix is watching you" is still unavailable.

    It has the symbol that the "level" quests do, so I assumed it would unlock once all the other event quests are done. Well I've done all the others, and this one is still "unavailable"...Does anyone have the scoop as to how / when it will unlock?