[SC] Hitac Assault

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. So far, it's awesome.
    I've noticed when the Hitac Minion/Mothership drops its capsule/cargo, it's only seen by the player who locked it/dealt one of the highest damage numbers. That's just great! It's going to allow a much fairer chance for weaker players to get capsules ^^

    >And fewer letters needed to make a capsule, awesome XD
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    *MOONGLOW* User

    much fairer chance for weaker players to get capsules <<<< unless a nice group of ufes come along and pop them off it beforehand , hence you will never see fes and weaker players on hitacs on gb1 ( i dont ever try anymore tbh i just log out for the week )
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  3. How is Damage Calculated rewards going to help weaker players? The really weak ones get popped by the UFE so they can not keep the red lock so they loose all the way around. This Event is going to be a repeat of all of the other Hitac Events and only UFE will gain anything from them as they are the only ones allowed to kill the mothership NPC's.
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  4. The Minions drop the box to the players who hits it first. The Mothership goes off damage dealt. So they have a chance to get the letters, unlike before.
    And yea, there still needs to be a way to stop the stronger players from popping the weaker ones. So far on USA West, I'm barely seeing that.
  5. Should be a shared reward - stat-wise - Oh right, :rolleyes: it's your Hitac aka (Cubik(ough cough))...so they just shoot you off :(

    Otherwise, but red lock does get the reward of the drop. Very similar to Invasion Gate.
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    *MOONGLOW* User

    well i just tried to have a peak at hitac for once over 3 mill shields combined on my wee ship no point even trying , one clan dominating the hitac killing all else on it ... once again a waste of an event for anyone who cant take the hits etc (ps they never got me lol )


    For hitac should be done save zone for all company so newby players and ufe could be do event without pop over players this is fair for all events
  8. I don't really like the Hitac Assault Event. Although the changes make the event thousand times better...when I play it, I have got the same bad moments...trying and get popped, again and again.

    But the devs aren't cold, at least they try to balance the old Hitac.

    (I recollect my old thread:
  9. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    D.O. is making it totally clear that if they thought Big Bird would make money they would have an event no matter what problems the game has they the D.O. Dev team has not even bothered to post this year that's how much they care .So enjoy it's not going to get better they are trying to drive out old accounts is what it seems like cause they can't figure out how to make game balance. Just my two cents .Have a great day .
  10. 007xs

    007xs User

    Yes weak or strong players cant even play GB1 I tried doing hitac but kayma and his clan just shoot you down after 10-15 times being shot down buy kayma its getting pontless playing I still think there needs to be limit to how many times player can shoot you down. I know about there is less honor after so many hits but if there doing 500 quest they dont care about that
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    is hitac even droppin normal cargo ??? i didnt see any since i started it
  12. Yes...I concur. A safety zone in your own Co. maps. A big FAT Instant Shield until you you leave your Co. map. Only thing can penetrate is WAR with other clans. HiTAC pops in your Co. map it is a free for all until the next re-spawn.
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  13. Hitac is a joke, in my opinion.
    ONLY a "$elect"group of UFE, in a couple of " $elf $elected" clans are ALLOWED to participate in this event. (USA East Coast)
    This event is and always has been a $ham and meant only for those that $pend, $pend, $pend..................
    To even this event out and to make it fair for ALL there should be company hitacs which could not be FARMED by a $elect few...........
  14. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    I love this event.

    GA3, I'm only FE and in about 2 hours, I have gotten 7 capsules/finished letters.

    I love how even after I think I didn't get a capsule, i come back 5 hours later and see tons of capsules and letters scattered through the maps for me to get from the hitac minions that I didn't even know I killed.

    I like especially how just by getting the first lock, I normalyl get a minion capsule. Unlike when ufes used to pop everyone and steal capsules last time, I get a private capsule just for helping to kill the hitac!

    Very fun event, quests are nice, and I love how I can craft them in assembly.

    Only problem I had with this event was mines. Too many cloaked noobs using lance and 2-shotting people.
  15. Blue boxes drop u need to kill Hitac Minion(Red for you) or u need to kill Hitac (Red or white no problem) u can see in video 0:27 look here ;
  16. After getting popped around 40 times by the same clan, I hate this event...the changes didn't solve the old anti newbie problems.

    Now I sit in the UberMaps and I'm farming the rocks for crafting capsules. Alone. That's the only positive effect of the event.
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  17. There needs to be something that doesnt allow Major huge clans that has like 2 clans worth of 100 people and multiclan To be able to lock down the hitac to not let anyone else have fun.
  18. Torno

    Torno User

    how does one get dmg points from the hitac for the 500k mission??? I even had red lock and still not get points... do I have to be first or in the first group from the starts????
  19. Have to be doing actual HP damage not just Shield damage.
  20. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    The Hitac is inherently unfair, as in eic, it covers a horizontal and a diagonal stretch, while in mmo it only does two vertical ones. Eic can kill it in their own map for a lot longer than mmo can. Vru is somewhere in the middle with a vertical and a horizontal stretch.
    So if your server is a hostile environment, you may have a hard time if you're mmo
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