[SC] Hitac Assault

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. jackknife

    jackknife User

    Four words describe the fun value of this event "popped off of it"

    Need a clan?
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  2. Heinekenn

    Heinekenn User

    the hitac could be in x-1 maps,there you can not shoot your own company,also other companies if can not enter your x-1,will be pretty fair
  3. This is at the the top of my don't even bother list. UFE players, mainly troublesome ones are knows to farm kills with the hitac. Of course that is what happens during all events, normally on the first couple days and then the weekends. Maybe it has something to do with work schedules. I may try, operative word, to do it later but not holding my breath. Its a good time to farm uppers and pirates since those are hitac free zones.
  4. Yes it seems any Event that revolves around a "Mother Ship" is not going to be a High On The To Do List for me. The Gygerum was the closest I ever got to being involved but that was because I was killing the small ones and ignored the Mother Ship altogether. DemaneR Event is the same way I avoid the Freighter and kill all of it minions I see. The Icy's and such were okay but I stayed away from the Super Icy as this is where the UFE were. These Events don't even excite me anymore. Give me Events with FREE gates to do and I will be involved but with the UFE and MCC's owning the main attraction of the event I will not even get excited for them.
  5. MMO - two verticals
    VRU - horizontal then vertical
    EIC - vertical then horizontal

    and so the dance begins again

    That is a great idea - DO needs to adjust the route to go that way.


    i agree joined in yesterday got popped all the time then in chat realised y.they that are popping u off it because have been banned for 3rd party scripts so they carnt win anything so they just come to the party and spoil it
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  7. These asocial players should be banned during every event...
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  8. BOGIE1

    BOGIE1 User

    Still Experiencing problems getting credit for damage done on the Hitac.....I hit it with my RSB-75 laser ammo . I had the mission "Pesky Vermin" posted.....and hit the Hitac with the RSB-75 ammo for 90 seconds...I have 20 LF-4's all level 16 and I got 0 points. I was 'locked" on the center of the Hitac the whole time....clearly, something is amiss here.
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  9. Try hitting the outside pieces first not the center.
  10. help is correct all the minions need to blow up first before the center is available for attack.
  11. capsule system sucks.
    noobs can barely play this event. they cant get caps ffrom the big minion because its top 10 hardest hitters (absolutely shocking idea, just make the strongest stronger- nice one tools).
    k how bout the hitac minions instead? nah the smartest people- which unfortunately happen to be strongest- lock the hitac first. in the case where a nub does lock it, how do they survive? mines and selfish players are always there to destroy them...
    that means they can only realistically get caps via crafting system which is hard enough because it takes up a lot of scrap.

    so yh hitacs great and all... for me, a near ufe player but for noobs its pretty much impossible to benefit from hitac
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  12. 007xs

    007xs User

    what we need is police ship on just events or all the time if it sees bullying it fires on bully's which it destroys them and gives them 1 hour ban :)
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  13. ramnik

    ramnik User

    Its a pvp game so stop moaning. people got pvp quests to do. i mean i do get shot on hitac, but you get used to it lol
  14. One praise: although I don't fight at Hitac against Ufe clans, I get many capsules cause of the quests, which were reloaded every second day. And one quest is: Craft one capsule and you get another one. I've got tons of the new rocks since the twitch streams.

    I have seen only 2 Ufe at the Hitac. Another player, Flax Vengeance, and me try to joy in. The Ufe one shot the Vengeance first, then they kill me when the Hitac was nearly dead. So they are again the only players at the Hitac...funny.
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  15. -Mongrel-

    -Mongrel- User

    All the minions have to be gone and the instashield on the core of the Hitac has to be gone too...then you can damage the Hitac.

    You're right, it's a pvp game but the greedy ones push everyone off the hitac, often it's mcc UFE clans doing it. Keep farming noobs and when they have all quit, who ya gonna shoot? DO don't care...they haven't a clue how to manage this game other than collecting $$$ from the money nubs.

    You're right, it's a pvp game but the greedy ones push everyone off the hitac, often it's mcc UFE clans doing it. Keep farming noobs and when they have all quit, who ya gonna shoot? DO don't care...they haven't a clue how to manage this game other than collecting $$$ from the money nubs.
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  16. 007xs

    007xs User

    Im just getting feed up being bulled by 2 to 3 all the time shoot at you when in hitac map can not fight against 3 players so you then have start back at base or gate which they are there so how do you do hitac please DO ? can you please put event on that even players that spend money on can do or do you want me to delete my account as its this bad
  17. You don't have to play the event remember if you are not ready to fight UFE players then wait your turn like they all have to, There are many players who forget while the UFE's are killing the hitac it's a good time for them to go finish quests for rewards and also a good way to make uri for upgrades then one day it will be your turn for hitac. Enjoy
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  18. ramnik

    ramnik User

    do what i do, kill them :p i let noobs join in when im doing it lol
  19. 007xs

    007xs User

    30 + times day is to much on a event if i had no membership be impossible to repair so I will say they should change hitac and the quests for pvp was made before this event so its going to be hard can not they just get used to it:)
  20. ramnik

    ramnik User

    007 i know which server you play lol, gb1 :p you move mmo nd vru lol. im on it right now, mmo, eic vru all working together :D you just do it at wrong times
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