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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by KilerStreak, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. This event is solely for UFEs and strong players. The lottery has the chance of winning leveled lf4s and B02s. So basically UFEs will be winning these prizes. What a waste, when a weaker player could put them to better use. But weaker players do not stand a chance of getting anywhere near as many capsules as UFE players. Well done BP on bringing balance to the game through this event. Reminds me of every event we have had over the past few years.

    What they need to do is simple. Have 1 Hitac in X-2 maps for players leveled 6-12. Have 1 Hitac doing the rounds in the maps it does now for players leveled 13-18. Finally 1 Hitac in the uppers going through 4-4, 4-5 and the X-5 maps for players leveled 19-up. Each Hitac has different strengths depending on where it is. Also a level 19 player causes no damage to the 2 Hitacs in lowers and a level 18 player causes no damage to the 1 in X-2 maps and so on.

    This should help everyone to be able participate in the event. We will still have the strong bullying the weak but maybe not as much as they will be doing their own Hitac. Also if this does happen all the weaker players can name and shame these bullies. Or better still the weaker players can gang together and fight back.
  2. I don't think this is true i see many players who are not full elite playing the hitac, Also if you do the quest everyday to build a capsule in the assembly you will get 2 lottery tickets a day and that's not even involving yourself in the hitac. And like all lottery's you only need 1 ticket to win. So like i said before if your not UFE quit thinking you can compete cause you should know your limits and stay with in it. Enjoy
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  3. I have a noob account that has 10 level 4 lf4s and all my shields are level 4. I do not get as many capsules or letters as most of the UFEs and stronger players do. Being able to craft capsules is all well and good as long as you have the materials to do so. We all know how hard it is just to get 1 scrap never mind enough to make a capsule everyday. Also these UFEs and stronger players will be crafting capsules as well, so no advantage there for any weaker players.

    I know that it only takes 1 ticket to win, but the more someone has the better the chances. There for, like I said the UFEs and stronger players will take most of the top prizes. It happens every time the Hitac event is on, why would this year be any different?
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  4. The UFE players have also dedicated their time and money to be stronger and better why should someone who doesn't give as much receive as much, also now that they have crafting everything that wasn't available before is becoming available eventually i guess one day if you play and dedicate some time to the game all players could have these rewards. One more thing not all UFE attack smaller players I for one am just there for the ticket but if provoked then so be it. Enjoy
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  5. I have a UFE account and have dedicated time and money to be stronger. I also take part in the Hitac event, its something different to do. I would however rather the top prizes go to weaker players that are not able to spend as much time or money on the game as I have done. Also no one made me spend time and money on the game so why should I get preferential treatment regarding these events that only cater for strong money paying UFEs.

    What the hell am I going to do with a load more LF4s, throw them in the shed (hanger) with the rest of them? This event needs to be more balanced so it can cater for all and everyone can take part in it and have just as much chance of winning as the next person. I also do not attack weaker players off the Hitac and on my server other UFEs think the same, but the chance of a weaker player being able to keep up with a UFE player in collecting letters and capsules is low. That's why I suggested having more than 1 Hitac for different levels. You enjoy.
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  6. 007xs

    007xs User

    Yes im from GB1 i do play little on globle GB2 yes went to mmo just to try do hitac but then after few days think it was then vru went after me so went back to vru:) I do not fire on players on hitac unless player starts on me im happy to be in groups with all some just dont like you fire on you when ever they see you sad they have to be like that is it not a game for fun I thought
  7. It's nice that you are peaceful, but every Ufe should stop attacking other players at Hitac. Even the 2 aggressive Ufes can ruin the event with 8 peaceful ones. Most of the "peaceful" ones don't protect the newbie/FE, unfortunately it's a waste of time. After the extermination of the "weaks" some of the ignorant players are happy, because they get more Uri.
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  8. ∞§†ØÑΣMΔ§ØÑ∞ sounds like you have everything you need and don't want nothing else maybe you should just leave the Hitac for everyone else and give the other players your share. That way there is more of a chance for the lower level players to win something. Also everyone can only win once so it doesn't matter if you have 1000 tickets and someone else only has 10 they still have a chance of winning something. The smaller players are already protected from getting killed in lower maps, more protection than i ever got since i was building my ship and i am still here and i think it makes you a stronger player when you have to learn to fight in a PVP game to gain something for your account. Next we will be asking DO to let players become FE before anyone is allowed to attack them so when their ready to fight they know nothing about pvp and they will be FE pawns for ufe's to finish their quests and they will quit the game because they would never understand the real nature of the game. That's just my thought's
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  9. I take part in the Hitac event for the uri and to complete the event missions. If I get a letter or a capsule then that's a bonus. Also I would really like a cubiportal as I have not had one before. If that's ok with you. I am not sure if you understand how a lottery works, so I will explain it to you. The more tickets a player has increases their chances of winning. There for UFEs and stronger players will share most if not all of the prizes.

    I do not know about this protection that you speak of for low level players in lower maps. Unless they are less than level 6. If that's the case what about people leveled 7 and up? Regarding learning to fight as this is a PvP game is fair enough during the day to day playing of the game. In this event however low level players are once again getting a raw deal. All I am saying is that the DO team need to bring some balance to their events so everyone can take part no matter their level or how much they pay so all can enjoy the experience. Bringing a better balance to these events could help towards increasing server populations. Instead, we see people of all levels quitting on a daily basis.

    So if the situation as it is now is good enough for you then enjoy yourself. Pretty soon the servers will be totally dead and none of this will matter.
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  10. Duplicate pet designs from the capsule converter, I had 2x Blaze Elite Pet designs, second one is absolutely useless to me. Guess the dev's forgot to add the script to prevent this happening.
  11. You have a PET on ALL Ships you own (currently 50 possible) and to prevent from having to unequip/transfer to each Ship you own more designs and just apply them to the Ships you want them to be used with.
  12. Although this may be the case I find the following a little disappointing:

    • 1 transformed capsules (Capsule converter)
      • 1x Blaze A-Elite Design
    • 1 transformed capsules (Capsule converter)
      • 1x Blaze A-Elite Design

    Not as if I can ever make use of both of the above items is it now, had I paid cash money for lottery entries I would be rather annoyed. Also bear in mind we have been asking for saved ship configs for a good long while now which (had it been effectively implemented across all ships) would preclude the need for duplicate pet designs and similar duplicate items, I do appreciate this may not be easy to implement and continue to hope that it may eventually be sorted out.
  13. It is indeed a PvP game.

    But as there is in EVERY other PvP game, there are limits. You should not be able to bully a player to the point where they have to leave the area, or even quit the game. Bigpoint had risen the limits, to where there are almost none. Sure, less EP & Honor from kills, but that doesn't stop it
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  14. I am just pointing out that under the Old Hangar System we had several ships that were fully equipped and ready to fly and as such these designs could be applied to each ship NOW and not have to worry about transferring the designs over to the new ship. The "Saved Configurations" is something D O has acknowledged they are looking into but have never commited to implementing into the game.

    We used to "Pop to a P'nut" anyone who chose to fight against the system and tried to bully low level players. Now it is an everyday occurrence, people have decided it is better to kill the NEW Players instead of having to fight for their rewards. The massive amounts of Honor even have people not worried about getting the NEGATIVE honor for killing a Friendly Ship.
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  15. 3x Blaze Elite Pet designs now, just where is that cubi portal ammo....
  16. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    swap you a chomp and a 20p mix for one ? may even stretch to 4 freddo bars
  17. SauronL

    SauronL User

    would be nice if we would get uri for gettin additional blueprints and uri for gettin same aegis designs over and over again in lottery,
    i used almost 400 capsules so far and didnt get any cubi portal, but got like 30 aegis designs lol
  18. Who can do the quests when the big clans don't allow you near the Hitac?
  19. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    The quests he is talking bout have nothing to do with going near Hitac. They require you to get assembly resources and craft only to get 2 capsule a day

    I'm only Fe and IUFE. control Hitac. (old clan) but I got 36 capsules which is definitely not a small amount. I have done all quests at least once.

    Anyone can do Hitac as long as they try a little.

    Sorry for bad spelling/grammar, autocorrect won't turn off
  20. The ability
    The ability to be able to participate in the Hitac event completely depends on your server.
    Hitac on USA East coast is for the Cho$en few.................
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