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  1. hello i came back to my 1st account after 7 years....i dont remember what happened then but now i see that i have -83.814.398 honour points pls can someone mod help me.... my id is 49716752
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    You delete all your main missions .. go to the mission control tower after .. and find a special mission there will reset your Honor , so its no longer will be in minus .. i hope this will help you
  3. At first. you going to make enormous Honor back after you take the quest, but as you get closer to a Positive Honor, your Honor will decrease, it absolutely normal with this quest.

    Take it from one who had once a Negative 697 Million Honor Points!

    By the way,.... This is NOT a BUG
  4. The Honor Mission is called "An Honorable Mention".

    You must delete or finish any ongoing missions in order for the Honor Mission to show.


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