[SC] I suppose the DarkOrbit Bible is a joke

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Orso, Jan 3, 2020.

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    Thank you, lordofwar. I don't quite understand how it is possible that such an important source of information for new players is so poorly maintained - or rather, not maintained at all.
  4. Unfortunately, the new bible is on a link that's unaffiliated with Bigpoint. Due to legal reasons, they cannot source it outside. The original bible was found within Darkorbit's old forum system made by players. (vBulletin if I recall). The new one is on Fandom, but if people moved such information here, it would allow Bigpoint to update the link.
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    thx for the info...I wondered why the links were broke....thx again.....hodagboy
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    Hello.. sorry for late answer.. we got a update on our forum website .. so that mean all the old Url for the forum wont work anymore.. I will inform it higher up so we can get it fixed fast ..

    Thanks for your effort and time

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    As stated I stated in your other post, Some of the links may be broken. I promise you we are working on getting it corrected. Please be patient.

    Closing thread.

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