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  1. the idea is to keep a up dated thread on botters and cheaters. like what action is being taken is bot legal for the game and why has it got this far. i know this is a touchy subject but we need to know whats the plan, i allways hear wait till the down load comes out or i dont know please keep us informed.

    ty i dont stand alone
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  2. Wingm8

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    Hello there,

    Your suggestion is fair, however the team is being silent on this subject on purpose. Improving communication would not change that fact, although an improvement would certainly be welcomed regardless.

    The use of third-party programs such as bots is and remains illegal-and bannable. We can't disclose any information or updates on how the team handles the situation right now as this is a stance that they've chosen to avoid leaks. We'll happily remind them that this is a subject the players want more information about.

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  3. Zecora

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    There isn't much to say about this.

    BigPoint would waste their time and efforts trying to fight bots in the current state. The game is merely running in a browser with very limited options. Flash player is losing it's support this year, a port is currently being worked on. Introducing any automatic system will be near impossible without adding twice the work due to this port.

    Bots are merely browsers that handle the game by themselves, but otherwise isn't accounted as anything else by the game's system. We saw what happened during the fair play initiative a couple of years ago when they let an automated system take over the banning procedure. Wrong scripts were detected. A script by windows itself. You can't have deep scans unless the game is actually installed on your PC as a separate client.
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  4. AVIT

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    there has not been a ban wave since 2017 and that didnt work then ,because all those that were banned got there accounts back one week later ..
    PEOPLE are actually making money out of this sham now ,,botting accounts and then selling them on the net for 100s of dollors /pounds etc .
    Support have told me they can not ban anyone unless 100% certain for legal reasons .

    i think they are scared
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    you can tell if someone is botting i dont understand the 100% for legal reasons all botters should be perm band just what do you need to have proof for botting theres just a few of us in the clan that dont bot or cheat come on they are pulling in the whites abr everything that you need for the game by cheating what about the non cheaters legal reasons my rank and my sons rank is slipping away if you dont want to band them then take away 50% of there honor exp and everything they have tell them bot agian its perm band dont slap them on the wrists with like the phase one that came out awhile ago they still get to keep all there cheating stuff enough is enough come on do something start cleaning house from the top down
  6. I don't think you guys understand how powerless Bigpoint really is when it comes to bots and bans in general:

    First of all, whether you like it or not 90% of the players on this game bot. I even know people who I have known for probably close to 8-9 years now that have NEVER botted but started doing so because everyone else is. So if everyone is botting, what can Bigpoint do about it? Ban everyone? And kill the game yet again after the 2013 ban wave? This reason ties into Number 2;

    Second of all, AVIT is 100% correct. Bigpoint is now scared to ban people, because over the years more and more people have sued Bigpoint for "false" bans. Bigpoint has always gotten into legal trouble for banning people for whatever reason without evidence, I won't name instances but trust me I can't tell you how many times people have sued Bigpoint and the result being Bigpoint backing down and reversing any bans they did, including Bot bans and Push bans. They need Solid Evidence to justify a ban, so in reality their Terms of Service really hold no legal water at all if they are unable to enforce it in a court of law. So you can imagine what would happen if they did another mass ban, which will probably result in a class action lawsuit and most likely will shut the game down for fraud or illicit practices.

    Third of all, they can't restrict botting like this new Diminished Rewards because again, 90% of the players bot. So if they try to restrict botting, people will just quit and the game will die, gaining the complete opposite goal of what legitimate players want.
    So when you think about it, in reality the bots are not harming the legitimate players at all because quite frankly, bots are the only thing bringing in revenue and keeping players around.
    What is spending 100 dollars a week gaining for Bigpoint in terms of new players, and keeping players around? Nothing. Why would I spend hundreds a month when I can just spend 10-20 bucks a month for a bot, and get 100x the amount of stuff 100$ can get me?

    So you can see where logic kicks in here, instead of keeping a small band of players active that spends hundreds a month like Darkorbit always has, they can instead grow their playerbase by putting out their own bot for 10$ a month and get twice as much revenue and players*.

    In conclusion, I really don't see a way out for Darkorbit. It's either they make their own bot or make all bots legal, or just simply let the game die off trying to remove bots. No one has time to farm for hours every single day to get equipment, that in my opinion, makes no difference at all if you're good at the game anyways.

    And honestly, botting really does help the game out. It allows people to farm ammo and equipment without spending a ton of money, thus bringing in more activity. So really I think the best course of action is for Darkorbit to make their own bot built into the backpage so they can not only make money but also bring in more new players by Mainstreaming the bot and making it easy for everyone to use, thus allowing more noobs to have more ammo and build up quickly.
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  7. Rjp

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    I have been playing this game for a long time. This is the best response I have ever seen in regards to botting. It perfectly explains the current state of the game and botting in general. They 100% will not stop the botters and if they the game will die due to lack of revenue/boredom for whom survives the waves (think of the massive ban in 2012/2013ish) I have always said that bigpoint should release a bot, one that is legal and "limits" how much you can use it per day, and maybe a different term for it than a "bot" but some type of auto farming cpu. Make it where it helps make the grind a little less painful, but not enough to where it cuts out on people buying uri.

  8. Zecora

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    We don't need a bot for players provided by BigPoint. That's just a lame excuse having to do nothing at all while keeping the problems around. No, what really is logical is a full-on game overhaul that actually tackles three major issues in the game: Progression, forced PvP, broken ranking. It's that simple. Well, among many more minor issues here and there.

    You can't get sustainable amounts of players if 90% of the new players that actually find their way into the game leave it shortly after being confronted with those issues. I've contacted several players across some servers, all of them being legitimate newbies. The common reasoning why most of them leave is that they don't feel like they have any chance in the game at all. We are getting a lot of new players already, they just don't stay with the lack of chances offered to them. A few of them who legitimately like the game just grab a bot to skip the progress.

    The game has been broken down to quite a mess over the many years it has been around. It has rarely seen any substantial overhauls which fix progression. We add more and more on top of what we already need to gain, but we never added ways to multiply our income.

    If those issues were to be fixed and tackled, we could eventually soon after consider banning bots with a reliable system. For that reliable system, we need a game own client with proper safety measures and anti-cheat measures. If the system detects a third party program injecting itself into the game or the server, is it really that difficult to call it proof? Several games do this exact procedure and have rarely had any issues with lawsuits.
  9. is there any info we can have on whats going to be done about the botting problem. i hear in ts oh my bot has done 40 gates so far to day on a sunday. and it costs them nothing they bot low g to get the uri Im sorry for all the complaining and whining but i worked hard to get my rank just to see it go away alot of us log in and say what am i doing and just do the dailys or events when out just for the fun of the game and thats about it we are loosing intrest and thinking about all the time and money we put into it. what would be great is to hear from the ceo on this matter
  10. Don't think it's gonna happen players like you and I keep talking about the problem all we get is ban from discord and game chat, seems they really don't want our criticism even though they say it's welcome they want us to put a cherry on top for them.
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