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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SeeK_nDestroY, Dec 22, 2019.

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  1. I counted some numbers about Kuiper galaxy gate. I hope its will be helpful for everybody.
    In double gg day + rebate (60 uridium per spin)
    Around 85000 uri to build it

    All NPC in the gates will give you 21760 uridium
    The whole gate gives 36761 uriduim

    Kuiper Gate completed
    10 green booty key(s) collected.
    Received item: Schism Crystal (8)
    Received item: Axion Beam Regulator (6)
    Received item: Schism Crystal (26)
    Received item: Drone Design - Hercules
    Achievement received: I See Dead Streuners
    You received 388800 honor
    You received 4620000 EP
    You received 215000 uridium

    That means if you dont get the bonus of 200 000 uridium you will be around 85000 - 36761 = 48239.... let say -50 k uridium per gate
    In my case I got the bonus so this is +150 000 uriduim profit

    I used x3 lasers, double dmg boost + promerium on lasers. I have full prometheus laser weapons
    It took me about 40 minutes to complete it and 46525 x3 lasers

    I hope this information will help you to count the costs and profit from the gate and to decide if its worth to invest uridium into it.

    Good luck
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  2. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    How is it possible that you got the Hercules design from the Kuiper gate?
  3. Tried Kuiper many times and it didn't even booked atleast once the 200k uri...

    I'll probably try it this time
  4. From Saturday Special Galaxie Gate rewards.
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  5. They really never put it up on home page of your backpage, is the rewards limited to that or there's more?

    EDIT: nvm, didn't know this was the old one, they actually have details before if you could win these rewards way back.
  6. Yes, here are the Extra rewards for Saturday's Special reward Event:
    The Version changes from week to week though, so you have to take a look at the Calendar to see the Version and the rewards.
  7. In my case I did 11 kuiper gates this sunday.
    I started with 500 k uridium
    I received 3 times in a row 215k uri from the 1st 3galaxy gates and my uridium went up to 1 m.
    Than I did 8 more kuiper gates and didnt receive any 200k bonus.
    So I ended up with 530k uri
    I received 2 hercules, couple of havocs and some othe useless designs.
    I think its worth but you have to be lucky and you have to start with more uri so you can do at least 7-10 gates in a row
  8. EvilHotDog

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    Thanks for the info and sharing with other players.

    I am moving this to the Speakers Corner.


  9. I wish I could say I learned something from this... but not really. Why is it every thread needs to say they use prometheus lasers? Jesus we get it, a lot of English people think they are the best laser. Can we drop it already???
  10. Because the damage scale between LF4s and Prometheus over time is significant enough. There are people that would backlash if they did not get similar results when such info is left out.

    And some of us just like the extra bits of info ;)
  11. Except where it's not, it's more or less the same with upgrades but it's getting boring reading it on every thread just because English think it's the best. It's not needed, you're writing about a galaxy gate not what laser you like the most.
  12. I said I'm using full prometheus+ double dmg + promerium because this is highly connected with the amount of x3 lasers I used (46525)
    I am not showing off how strong am I... I am uber full elite- everything in my ship is top of the top... I just give you all of the details so you can have the correct information
  13. You only use this forum to argue right? It's all I ever see you doing, just take the criticism and move on and stop taking it as a personal attack.
  14. Kuiper gate is changes
    Now it gives more than 15 000 uri
    The reward is 25 000 uri
    I like it :)
  15. 19.01. 15:07 Kuiper Gate completed. + 15,000 U. UGH! I really expected MORE Uridium than THIS on a Sunday! ARGHHH!!!
  16. hmm I completed 2 kupier gates this sunday
    And I receive 25k uri 1st time
    and 225k second time
    But I did not receive UCS-100 .... I hope it is not removed from this gate lol
  17. sunday , you can also get ship designs from kuiper .
    you got 10k uri extra because you allready own the design
  18. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    So which lasers do you think are the best because I feel like if we look at the math and actual PVP prometheus lasers are by far the strongest; every five seconds you deal nearly twice the damage you would normally.
  19. And during the 4 second downtime you do like 30% less damage than the basic LF-4. It's basic maths as to what laser is the strongest, the bonus damage is the strongest, but it has downtime where it's weaker than most lasers as well. That's why a lot of good players get half Hyperplasmoids, so they don't have to rely entirely on the bonus damage to win a fight.
  20. BoringDude

    BoringDude User

    First of all it's not 30% less damage, prometheus deals 210 base damage and lf4s give 200, magmadrill gives 235 damage in PvP so it's less then 15% bonus damage compared to the prometheus.
    2 ways of seeying this:
    -You equip full prometeus on one config and atack first with this config, and full magmadrill on the second one and atack for 4 seconds on this config, then change to prometheus config again for the empowered atack.
    -You can simply devide the extra damage of prometheus from 5 to 5 seconds in 5 and put it on each second and see that it's best then magmadrill. And you can see that overall damage is bigger for prometheus IN FACT.

    1st option gives the highest damage tho! As you would be reducing the downtime of prometheus.