[SC] Maximum Damage Cap?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by jayherbo, Jun 7, 2022.

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  1. jayherbo

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    I would like an official response to this with clear precise facts from the developers on the maximum damage possible from any ship available to players'.

    From Fandom: The current maximum damage is 451,010 but is very unlikely to ever be achieved due to the amount of luck required in the laser variance.

    From Deter: Board Administrator : Just saying this again to avoid any confusion, you can not hit 500k with lasers, rockets etc. It has to be a combination or everything from lasers, rockets, sep, Boosts, etc in a single damage hit. Very rare, but some of the veteran pilots know how to do combo hits.

    So to avoid any confusion from encountering player's hitting above this, that they're not using any damage hacks etc "Very rare, but some of the veteran pilots know how to do combo hits". Hope this isn't a loophole for bots to exploit:rolleyes:

    So what is the maximum damage possible?

    Added note: I see other players' asking about this very subject in another posto_O
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  2. Depends if your talking pvp or npc damage as shooting npc in blm could be as high as 1 mil or more from just one ship.
    PvP my best guess if your talking one player alone vs another player depends on what lasers you use also what lvl they use shouldn't be more than 200k while using pet. Would like to know myself how close i suspect these numbers are.
  3. 1) there will be no official answer, as always
    2) the maximum possible damage in the game is 2,147,483,647
    3) in practice, you can calculate the maximum damage yourself based on all possible bonuses

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  4. i think its like 700k approx but whit rcb and x4 and smb just look on yt for that what ive said
    typ in
    DarkOrbit - Damage Test 720K!!
    maybe its be4 the nerf
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