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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by JediThorson, Dec 7, 2020.

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  1. So, as many of you will have no doubt seen, their brining in a new Global server, one that, apparently is PVE only. We get a bonus for signing up to use it early. But, here's my question.

    Will we get to keep out ships/configs/equipment as well as credits and uri when we move over. Or, will we be reset back to nothing and have to start over? If we do, I for one won't bother, I've spent to much time and effort in getting where I am to start all over now.

    Does anyone know the answer to this, does anyone have an opinion?

    Let everyone know what you think.
  2. You probably have to start from the beginning all over
  3. I am assuming yes you will have to start all over because it is just like switching server on your backpage, same account different ship. If so that's just hilarious and poetic.

    Which is why I said in another post that this is completely pointless waste of time and resources because bots will literally be the only people playing and in the leaderboards because of how fast they can build their ships compared to free players on here.

    So it's going to be even worse than as your current server where bots and cheats dominate, because they get to completely dominate the competition in every way, and you get the priviledge of spending money and countless of hours building your ship again, and for nothing because you can't PVP on there without activating a chip so you can't even go hunting. And good luck with rank because every botter will be scrambling for the top 1 spot because it's a new server.

    It's just poetic honestly, how crybabies on forums got their own server but the new server will most likely be even worse.
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  4. You +may+ have a point there, however, as someone who does not care about a useless rank system, at least if there are bots, it won't be kill-bots/battle-bots, which seem to work a lot with the real player pvp hordes. Don't worry though, there will still be the pvp crybabies that will bad mouth a change on the pve side because they lose the free-fodder format that makes many (not necessarily all) of the pvp crowd feel like they command those they kill.

    Still hoping that they allow a one-time move to the PVE server from the current PVP set up.
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  5. i like the idea but its a little too late for me, the cheaters on here made the game "not worth playing"
    and like stated above the cheaters will still be here, and they will be making it harder for honest players to do missions. (and have fun)
    oh for jedithorson, you will have to start from scratch like other servers you go to.
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  6. The idea of the server seems odd. The only people who will play are the weak humans who can't play competitive lol. However, the bots would most likely be the only ones really active. But the whole thing seems weird in my opinion, if it was an ACTIVE game, with real players on all the time, I could see it being a populated server by those who don't like PvP. So this is only a Theory, but this server could be a testing ground for an anti bot system as they can't do jack right now, and maybe want to try something hardcore? I mean, it's the only viable use of the server so lol.
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  7. Zecora

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    So first of all, I doubt you'll be able to transfer. Because that would be very hard to pull off. The server merges didn't go too flawlessly back then either, so I doubt a full-on transfer is going to be easier. So I'll be playing parallel to my regular server.

    I still don't see how it's a problem that some people just want a quiet and peaceful game? The path from newbie to UFE is already too long and tedious. And the open PvP system is just another nuisance on top of that. Besides, if that server isn't going to be useful or isn't going to change anything, why point out the PvE-Server in the first place? If nothing is going to change, good for you. If I was in your position, I'd certainly fear that I lose all that fodder I currently have on my enemy's X-3 and X-4 maps.
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  8. Don't think I'd play with my primary acct. But I do have a secondary acct. that I don't enjoy playing because of how weak it is.
    So , It would offer an opportunity to play on that server and see what it's like. I will reserve any opinions until I spend some trial days there . However , it just seems like taking a huge step backwards after so many years of building up an acct. (yes I said years). Many Bots do it in months or weeks now ,if not days. For me the fun was in trying to build an acct. while avoiding being killed. And playing daily for hours achieved measurable results (advancing in leader board) . It's not the same anymore. I can play for hours and hours and actually lose a place or two .

    I do have one interesting question though.
    If it's PvE only, Then why would they have different companies on a PvE only server ?
    It would be irrelevant.
    Clans I would understand because they can help each other. Anyway , we'll see. I have learned to see beyond the propaganda and do my own thing.
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  9. º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º said:
    The only people who will play are the weak humans who can't play competitive lol.

    i'm gonna laugh really really hard when global server comes out because there will be more players there than pvp servers.

    some of us remember back before 2012 when the cheaters, not the "botters" ruined this game.

    [P.S. i bet you would love to know what game alot of us are playing now]
  10. GodFreak

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    I do, I do!!!!
  11. Also what about bases and boosters? If it is gonna be a pve server then how are players gonna defend bases? So much they haven't told us yet, i am gonna still not play till i see what the changes are cause for 3 years they haven't enforced the t&c so i still don't trust them. Like they say talk is cheap.
  12. I think boosters would still be needed to increase survive ability if they make stronger NPC's or more difficult missions.
    Bases would only be necessary if they design an NPC or group of NPC's whose goal is to attack bases.
    That would be an interesting concept.
    Battle station prime time would consist of a group or groups of NPC's whose sole purpose would be to seek out and destroy human bases . This idea would present many facets , like how many per group,how strong are they and how many waves would be sent before they stop. Also there is the question of rewards for surviving an attack.
    I have so many ideas , yet I lack the I.T. / programming skills to apply at Bigpoint.

    For example ; A PvE server in which WE do not farm . We (the humans ) become the hunted by aggressive aliens who seek us out shortly after we log on to the space map. Hidden sub space mines with varying degrees of damage. Hidden gravity wells which pull us , unwillingly ,into dangerous maps. This game could be made FUN again through the mere concept of unpredictability . The same alien which you killed easily a minute ago , comes back later , stronger and more evasive than the one before. And with every danger or threat introduced , there would be counter measures that could be won or purchased.
  13. Well, it's a PVP game, and it lets you know so right off the rip, yet people came into the game crying about PVP being too difficult. All games have progression like this to be top of the line.
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  14. Zecora

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    I doubt that DarkOrbit is a PvP-Game. It has never been advertised as one. Besides, I recall that BigPoint themselves has once noted on the Discord Server that DarkOrbit is a "PvE game with PvP aspects" - Which leads to the conclusion - or rather assumption - that DarkOrbit is exactly that, and is called otherwise by the community. I can go ahead and ask the Support-Team. Seems like a weird support ticket, but answers are answers.

    What other games are you talking about? I have tested, played and watched a lot of games in the past years, notably many similar to DarkOrbit. And those are all shutdown by now except for two, one of them being familiar to all of us. The games you're probably talking about are a different genre entirely. Called MOBA. Which - yes - includes progression mid-game. But MOBA isn't a build-up game. You also build up in-there, but it isn't the typical build-up as you know from games like DO. But if you already point out "all games", surely you can provide an extensive list of games that function just like DarkOrbit, and boast a load of players and activity.

    I can point out the issue. The only ones I hardly ever see protecting this system are the exact same people that cause the problem in the first place. And now a PvE-Server is coming, and despite people saying nothing is gonna change, a lot of drama is being made about it across all the forums. So it can't be all that unimportant of a change. Regardless of what server I go, what I tend to see are people that wander over the enemy X-3 or X-4, and kill everything on sight. If YOU think that's some high-quality game design, tell me why the game industry hasn't made use of that yet. Or why DarkOrbit isn't bloating with players.

    There is a simple answer to this: People like this game and love to give it a try. No PvP advertised. Just "Action MMO Space shooter" - on pretty much every site I look on. But on every site I look on, the common criticism is the lack of ability to build yourself up... in a build-up game. Which is heavily ironical.

    Again, we will see how the PvE Server goes. If it goes bad, nothing will change. If it becomes successful though, no one can argue against the fact it did something right that doesn't work on the actual servers. And if the only change is the removal of open PvP, chances are 100% it's probably that.
  15. They said for YEARS even in the forums, it was a PvP game, there's literally a war between 3 factions, they have several PvP Orientated maps, there was a PvP Tournament. It was heavily focused on the PvP. They can change their PoV all they want NOW, but it was and always will be a PvP game, and that IS how it was advertised.
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  16. Its amazing how many people believe that this game has such great PVP, and don't understand why people are treating the announcement of a PVE server with some serious interest.

    Lets be honest, PVP in this game was never really all that amazing. Its certainly not now. PVP has historically been about beating up on people who weren't really able to defend themselves, and not much has changed. All people do is run around in Moth, dunk on some guy with a boosted RSB combo, equip whatever modules you can to be broken, and use HP link religiously. That's not even remotely good PVP. Why should we even have it in the game? Its not like you can go raid anyways, good luck getting anyone that fights back in enemy maps.

    The reality is simple: DO is becoming more of a grind game/MMO revolving around building up your ship to take on the next PVE challenge. I think that the developers have realized that emphasizing PVP is a waste, as it was never really great to begin with. Yet, you can really expand the PVE concept. New gates, new items to grind, new buffs, new group events, there are many different possibilities for DO to expand upon. PVP simply does not have them, as it just comes back to the same old historical problems it has always had: being way too expensive, and not as rewarding.

    So ultimately, I think a PVE server is a good step forward. Especially with the new modules with ridiculous modifiers, PVP has pretty much devolved to "who hits first, wins." All the people who want their fun PVP fights can stay on their old servers, and happily run around 3-shotting everyone they run into.
  17. Obviously you have never been in a 50vs50 pvp battle there is no competition to pve when you can actually get 100 players to fight against one another. It's very fun and the reason i started to play DO, now i see the pvp is gone not because the players can't fight it's cause DO can't find ways to get their long time players to spend more money other than buying premium and rebate. Also the bot's don't spend much so their trying to get players they know spend money to spend more to keep their pay coming in. Now they see that isn't working to bring players that quit like me back to the game so they are trying anything they can before giving up on the game. Nah i think once the new server comes out there will be no one left to play in the old servers so i will stay gone from the game it's to expensive for such an old out dated game that in my mind isn't going to make the come back. Just take a look at how young their team is all the older developers have way more smarts and know when to leave a game before they are forced to by the game being dead.
  18. Have you considered that people don't want to always play a super competitive game?

    Everyone acts like the glory days of this game were almost a decade ago, and that everyone enjoyed the super fun PVP that this game had. Reality is though, numerous people can attest to how much "fun" they had getting beat up by someone who just completely dominated them. Its not because DO can't milk people more than premium and rebate (which is ridiculous), its because people couldn't even consider PVPing because they couldn't even get their ships built up before PVP being thrusted on them.

    Its amazing now that you are even saying that the older developers have more smarts. The older developers who created new drones, created new damaging lasers, created new uri-sucking damage tools, and all these other things that just exacerbated the problem that people simply were not able to catch up. Who was going to enjoy PVP if they weren't full FE, then full UFE, then with enough uri to pop emp/cloak/rsb every second and run full boosters? There's still people trying to catch up now with the cycle, and people who are already there are going out and making their lives miserable forcing PVP on them.

    Remember, this new CPU on the PVE server has an option to toggle on, so you can have your PVP fights for 24h. There's nothing stopping you from PVPing people who want to PVP on that server. I know for me, and many others, we would prefer to actually make that decision ourselves, and not with it being forced down our necks.
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  19. tibstar

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    Agree 100% with above, well said.
  20. When I started back in 2010, there was only a mention that there was some pvp in the game. It was not the entire game.
    So about two weeks into the game I got slammed 5 times in a row, by the same player.
    I asked in chat what the heck was going on with this pvp stuff and a moderator (had the CM_ in the coloured name - so it must have been) came back and said 'no, it isn't pvp on all maps. pvp was only in the battle maps (4-x series)' .
    Then when I asked if there is only pvp in the battle maps what was going on when any player could attack another player outside of the battle maps? The moderator became very irritated (and very fast no less), demanded I stop askng about pvp when there was no pvp.

    So now, I keep waiting for the silly pvp to be stopped on the 'regular' maps.

    The pvp players will still be able to knock around the other pvp'ers.

    The pve part of the game doesn't need battle asteroids.

    The ones that do bot will still be around on both server types. So the bot hunters will have a field day unless the hunter-bots come back in force like they used to be.

    The only other way for to work for all is to have a pvp/pve preference and the pve players would still be on the same servers as now, but invisible to pvp players and not able to be involved in any pvp action.

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