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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by JediThorson, Dec 7, 2020.

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  1. When i talked about the older developers i was talking about the fact they know more about the old code DO has or haven't you noticed since they all left the game there are daily issues also issues from month's ago like rank that looks like it will not be fixed, well at least not this year anyways. And before they said they couldn't know who was botting so they couldn't ban them we had to wait till their so called detection caught them but now in that video they say they know they had bot problems they even said they knew for how long.

    I get it now about being able to change to pvp on the pve server, but now after years of playing and purchasing things in the game they are taking players from those servers to play on a new server so that's where i get there won't be anyone left on the old servers.
    So i guess what DO is saying is if i want to go to the new server my years of playing and gathering and buying will have been for nothing cause i will have to start from scratch.
  2. Not sure where you found out about DO at, but it has always been advertised as a free to play PVP game. The PVE server will be so boring people will just quit playing it. It will die before any PVP server, without PVP there is no challenge to build your ship for. Any ship with basic lf3s and bo2s can farm endlessly, but for what? So they can continue to farm in a PVE environment that presents no challenge? Sounds pretty boring to me.

    What PVE challenge is there? PVE provides no challenges and will get boring very fast leading to dead servers.
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  3. All I'm going to say is when the PvE server dies and you guys get bored from building your accounts yet again (even after complaining it takes to long, like lol that makes TOTAL sense as to why you would want a PvE server) then we'll still be happy to hunt you guys in the main servers.

    That's even if the game even gets released to Unity, and if it even does it will probably be unplayable garbage because they have only like 3 devs who never played DO before.
  4. You clearly have no experience in this game, and are not a veteran player. The days of booming PvP were tremendous, the popularity of it was massive.
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    I took my time to re-watch all the old TV-advertisements that were used back then to advertise DarkOrbit. Funnily enough, in none of them was "PvP" or "fight against players" any used phrase. I found out about DarkOrbit and Seafight through TV advertisements. So basically, my statement stands right.

    I also took my time to watch through some game sites. And most of the time phrases like "team up with other players", "fight for resources" or the best one yet: "Fight alongside with your company" were used commonly, and "PvP" or "Fight against players" was a rare find. So either you have some special "trustworthy" advertisements that I don't have, or you just said something to try to sound correct, which I believe more than not.

    And here is the thing. I'm not denying that the PvE-Server will be short lived. For that, we have way too many problems like endless grind, overfilled maps, bugs and bots. And several other issues that are too much to note. Point is, without any proper adjustments the PvE Server will serve little to no purpose other than spending some actually quiet hours.

    You know, and here is the difference between you and me. I play PvE because it's necessary. Not because it's fun. I play PvP from time to time, because it's fun. But if I do PvP, I fight against equal or stronger players, which makes the actual win/kill much more rewarding. What you call "hunting" is in other words just fighting against NPC's piloted by players. Because whether you kill a Kristallon or a FE Goliath doesn't yield any difference. And the Kristallon probably gives more general rewards. Hunting is just a different word for trolling.

    Those booming PvP days were great because we didn't have any comparable alternatives. DarkOrbit entered a huge genre, and therefor received popularity for originality. The general concept lacked all the time, but became more apparent later on, but what other alternatives existed? DarkOrbit was the only "MMO 2D space shooter" - and received 2 competitors roughly in 2012/2013. That's 6 years of difference between the games. Prior to that, DarkOrbit, Seafight and Deepolis were the only games around that used that concept and that used it well.

    PvP wasn't as bad back then because what much did you have to fear? That 500 Uridium for a potential repair?

    It was more common to get help from an enemy than getting killed by them. The amount of times enemies helped me with my aliens back then was far exceeding the amount of deaths I had suffered. Besides, usually you found half of your company on your own maps, which made it much easier to fight against a strong enemy as 5 BigBoys who chased that one Goliath.

    Sure, it was fairly common to be attacked. It was equally as common to escape though.

    And trust me, all I said above applies to so many other things. A browser game I play demands you basically to spend thousands over thousands of euros/dollars to be remotely close to "competitive", but because there are no alternatives, I of course have no choice but to play THAT game. If there was an alternative though that uses the concept much better, I'd instantly jump to that one.
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  6. I will be trying the PvE server tonight. It's a shame they just didn't incorporate the Peace Ambassador CPU into the already existing servers.
    I want to see what it's like to play and do some missions with out the threat of being attacked.
    I think one point that people have missed in this discussion and the comparisons to the original game is; back then you knew who your enemies were. When an enemy co. was detected on your maps all of the co. rallied to get rid of them. There were no MCC's back then , with few exceptions.(individuals who joined with enemies)TRAITORS!
    However , seeing that you have to start from scratch seems somewhat unappealing to me. The missions will probably seem tedious but , it will allow me to play for free without worrying about what the "other guy" is doing.
    I too get the impression that this version will be short lived. Only time will tell.

  7. Lol, I actually suggested putting the peace ambassador into the regular servers on the official feedback thread. But of course, we know they never listen to our feedback, so it will be ignored.
  8. No doubt!
    I was going to play last night but the back page kept freezing up and after the second time I had to close and re open the client , I decided to quit and go watch some re runs of Star Trek NG.
    I'm going to miss playing on Opera GX.
    As glitchy as this game has become , at least the browser was stable. I heeded the advice of the general populous and uninstalled Flash Player:( . Now I spend more time logging in and refreshing the client than I do playing. What a shame, I really used to like this game .
    I would play for hours and hours after work and on my days off. Now I can barely stand to TRY and play for an hour before I get fed up and log off. It's like watching an old friend dying of a terminal illness and slowly withering away.
    Big point/Dark Orbit sat on a wall. Big Point/Dark Orbit had a great fall. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't put Big Point/Dark Orbit back together again.
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    eh, back in the day most people hardly had a goliath with full lf3's. so pvp was kind of a ye-olde MMO fight with a bunch of medium-newbies against one or two high levels raiding maps. and that's like from 2009 or so. so yeah, tecknically a decade. nowadays pvp is "fast paced" and we have people on multiple company clans actively helping hunt their peers... so much for "competitive" junk i am already tired of reading.

    you also forgot the "old devs" that boosted pvp damage because RSB as a joke between 2015~2017... yes, pvp is so core that people had to buff all damage fellas recieved and gave. wow. let's not forget MCC's which turned the whole point of companies irrelevant and now makes fellers with a clan tag be extremely suspicious because you have no idea if one dude is talking with his MMO/EIC/VRU pals to tell where you are...

    the level reset wasn't nice but it was said that the server merges did bring issues, i concur with that but they should have long since figured it out how to transfer data with little hassle, they even had a "test flight" so to speak (else they would maintain dead servers with little population and people progressing extremely fast to FE levels, making them NOT PAY.)

    for years users said that.

    from the support/mods all you got was that it had pvp in it. not that it was purely pvp, else aliens/gates would not exist.

    this is very true, even on Deepolis (R.I.P) they kept the faction fights because when people have clear teams to which hit and to which not hit things get coordinated fast, it all died with MCC's. haha, because most clans kept declaring wars with whatever same-company clan existed due to programusing making a good chunk of the players inactive-but-active if you catch my drift.

    this is interesting because flash is literally dying in a few years i think? so darkorbit will need to move into unity client and ditch flash player... there is a possibility of new browsergames popping up? probably, even using the same cake recipe as darkorbit but stealing the whales from bigpoint is the challenge. the game had a considerable player amount loss on the west with only the east keeping it somewhat alive, there are better games being given for free and even darkorbit is starting to ramp up on the requirements thing with the unity plugin, which was one of bigpoint's browsergames main strength...

    you did forget the drone repairs though, to this day i can't still get how the drone cpu works because it was made irrelevant really quick.
  11. 95% of the crybaby on this forums have no experience in this game, it's so easy to tell.

    "Farm farm farm."
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    pvp , is a joke, its just who cheats best now,,,,,
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  13. Maybe because with the tools available to certain players those of us who play with a keyboard and mouse are at a disadvantage. Having an uber FE ship and getting popped by a ship moving like its in a different game is annoying. Watching them change drone designs, maintain perfect firing rates and somehow have insane shields while hitting like they are in a suicide. Well that ended PVP for me.

    Simply change TOS to regard everyone using the well known tool so we can just sit back and let it drive too!
  14. I love the people who still use the glitches, several of us seen a dude in a well known cheat clan, use 3 configs, and I've been 1 shot, with 1.2mil shields and 600k hp.... 1 shot.
  15. cheats on this game ???
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    I cannot believe that there are problems in this game. Everyone plays fair. There are no cheats. Must be lag. When botting started years ago, support told me the bots were the result of lag. So lag is the problem. It's our fault. There are no bots, scripts, hacks, cheats, bad programming, shoddy game management. It's lag. Time to war the LAG clan. I'd message support about the problems with the PVE maps but I have a feeling they will blame the Easter Bunny or Santa. Damn Easter Bunny. Cheating rodent.
  17. The new client sucks so much I'd rather have it as a vacuum cleaner!
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