[SC] Nightmares Unbound! - list of 100 new missions

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by D.O.D™VRU, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. Odin®

    Odin® User

    These UFE folks can go on a vacation for a year and the leader-boards wouldn't change all that would do is give the lesser ships a chance to fly in a somewhat more peaceful environment so they could climb and build their ships
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  2. In keeping with the flavour of the new 100 missions, maybe they should have a special event for level 22 and higher players.
    By virtue of their level, they ARE taking part in it, and while this '4' week even is on they are unable to interact with players lower than level 22. The event would 95% PvP.
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  3. I think most events are made more toward the higher level players to keep them interested. In the future always remember you were a lower player and had to get shot down a lot. It just made you a stronger player. You learn how to fight when you have to out run a higher level ship. keep you chin up it gets better with time. I remember those days.
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  4. olleH

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    I think those quests to be pretty decent.

    No important payout, just some "useless points" meaning everything for rank players.
    Tbh. U shouldn't care about points unless u have made ur ship full and pvp ready, that's at least my opinion.

    So finally, all those rank chasers will be seen on maps for weeks, having to pvp being hunted and not bothering other players by cubing, because they need to visit several maps for completing their quest's tasks.

    And smaller players complaining about needing lvl 22/sabo quest...
    Those quests aren't worth the time for getting some poor points, do you want to do 400million hp-damage to uber devolarium with X1 and FE ship? I don't think so;)
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  5. MyBigi

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    Finally someone who understands....

    These quests are TIMESINKS for UFE players. I would rather have the UFE's spending their time/ammo on aliens, than on some little newbie.
  6. lol if you did them constantly it would take you at least 31 days. that's if you kill everyone that spawns.
    what a crap quest,
    one for DO to organise for a later quest, complete 500 low gates.
    I wouldn't pay these developers in washers.
  7. olleH

    olleH User

    I did this 400million damage within about 6hours I think, it's easily doable for ufe, just time/ammo consuming.
  8. silanyu

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    Quest 27: "Heard it Before"
    • Collect Terbium: 500.000
    • Destroy Lordakium: 400
    • Destroy Boss Lordakium: 100
    Collecting 500k terbium?? Please tell me cargo's count otherwise you'd be collecting those rocks for ages.
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  9. I think we should be happy all the players are now on the maps and out of the gates. Its more fun with more players doing missions. DO wants us to use up all the ammo that the UFE has. Next they will try to use some of the huge sums of URI that the high level players have. I bet they start giving levels to the new LF4 lazers or come out with a bo3 generator.
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  10. Yeah, cargo counts as well. Don't know if anyone would bother with this if it was made any other way.
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  11. Hey' as it has been said prior. by fellow players...these new more missions for level 22 and above players...are refreshing. I personally don't play the dame missions for the URI, I have URI... rather I like the accomplishment and of course EXP/ HNR! yeah perhaps some of the points made by fellow players have merit, but really this is just a game...you have the choice to play or not...in the end play or don't play...that is all.
  12. I don't play politics or bash others for having a different view but...
    Sorry I may have been a little harsh with my prior comment, but in my personal defense I am sitting with a cold beer...one speaks their mind a little easier after a couple good beers, anyway have a good day / evening players. again remember play or don't...you have the power to choose...GN :)

    Power to the players!

    Level 22
    Server US2 and many others
    Player I.D. 168101876
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  13. olleH

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    Players will not find this thread if nobody writes and it is just updated...
  14. silanyu

    silanyu User

    I'm enjoying following the quests and can't wait until I unlock them!
  15. For some reason I can't edit/update current list.
    Getting error messages while I'm trying to update it (for a week now) so that's the reason I haven't been posting anything o_O
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  16. List is now completed^
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  17. Odin®

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    Congrats D.O.D™VRU :)
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  18. I'm on mission 30 now, the Protegits. I must say, these missions are very long but if you are listening to music or talking to someone else they actually go by quite fast.

    The 400,000,000 Uber Devolarium damage took me around 2 days with 7 hours put into both. Very long mission but with UFE status and x3 it's doable quite fast. Just hope your server is dead and no one else is shooting them when you do otherwise it will take a whole lot longer. I actually met someone who was using x1 against them, after 1 week he did 100,000,000 damage, I wished him good luck while I moved on.

    The next thing I'm absolutely dreading is 1,000 battlerays because that will probably take 2 or 3 days of consistent afternoon playing after work.


    I must say though these missions are great for people who have nothing to do in the game, especially since pvp is ruined by mcc (multiple company clans) at the minute.
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  19. I found this thread that explains this page but 100 times better. Don't worry, it's completely safe. It's from the wikipedia.

    Also, completed the 1,000 battlerays, took like 3 days. Now, I'm on mission 58.