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  1. so as its not available in the shop shop ive tried a few other shops, ive tried the paper shop but no scrap there, ive tried the vegetable shop but no scrap their either, ive tried the scrap yard but the only scrap there is real metal and its difficult to make a surgeon from 100% odds as bp have shown uso_O...ive tried the pet shop the meat shop the bread shop the money shop the body shop infact ive tried every shop i can think of but still no luck in buying any scrap, i have however dropped four places in rank as i havent got the slightest inclination to play the game anymore with the lag the lack of resources the uri bug the backpage issues etc etc etc
    Resource NamesNPC's containing ResourcesNPC TypeAvailable in Shop
    MucosumLordakia & LordakiumRegular, Boss, UberNO
    PlasmideDevolarium & SibelonRegular, Boss, UberYes
    PrismatiumKristallin & KristallonRegular, Boss, UberNO
    ScrapSaimon & MordonRegular, Boss, UberYes
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  2. Yup, nice to see DO keeping to their word as usual.

    It would not surprise me if they were put into the shop on the last day at a high uri price, knowing full well people will buy to get specific designs. Then again it wouldn't be a shock if they were introduced as a payment only item.

    As it stands the rare ores Mucosum and Prismatium are far easier to get, it makes me question if any of the developers actually try what they put into the game. For 2800 scrap at the rate they drop (about 1/10) we're looking at 28,000 npcs. I'd rather watch paint dry. It's a shame really for DO, if they we're in the shop I'd consider purchasing uri to buy them. Oh well, their loss.
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  3. I can say with the credit sell value the Scrap is going to cost 80 Uridium per piece (divide the amount by 2.5), I have not collected any Plasmide yet to give that amount to you.
  4. Ah, I'd never bothered to look at the sell costs, hmm if the correlation holds true for all of them plasmide will be 360uri each, it sells for 900creds.
  5. The rate is standard on all items that can be sold after being bought with a Uridium price except the Expansion slot cpu's which is 5X cost uridium to credit sell price.

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    who cares how much its gonna cost , its just another darkorbit fail they say one thing and another happens ... as for developers actually trying the game lol god forbid even they don't want to play this by the looks of it tbh
  7. They have already said it will be available in the shop sometime this week, so try not to cry too much until then.
  8. Paul69

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    If I have read this right.. 80 uri per part of SCRAP..
    2800 needed to build Surgeon = 224,000 uri for just the scrap.
    Then there's Plasmide.. if SCRAP is 80 uri, then Plasmide is going to be at least double that ( 160 each.. maybe ?)
    650 Plasmide needed = 104,000 uri ..
    so that is approx 328,000 uri plus there's the Prismatium to add to it. :eek:

    The day after the event started I opened up an old Sibelon mission I had left to do..
    'Gnawing at the Roots'
    Sibelon x750, Boss sibelon x250 & Uber Sibelon x250..

    At this time I have done.. 492 / 750.. 250 /250 & ubers 7/ 250. = 749 .
    You can add to this count 2x alpha, 2x beta, 1x gamma, 1x delta , 2x lambda also done at weekend .(also Kronos gate built and done).
    All these gates contain normal & boss npcs that drop materials for assembly.

    My Plasmide count right now is.... wait for it.. 196 / 650 for SURGEON design.

    Scrap collected from x-2, x-3 & x-4 maps and GG's = 897 / 2800.
    I popped everything I saw.. no npcs were left to get away.

    Now... can anyone else see the problem I face...?


    on up side.. my Prismatium count is 376 & Mucosum is at 1850.. even though I wasn't actually after it..
    If ALL materials were obtainable the same as Mucosum then we'd stand a fighting chance.. but as it is now.. NO CHANCE to collect materials for Surgeon or Pusat.
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  9. Paul69

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    I need to add..

    I have been playing 6-10 hours a day as got time off work... normally I would not be able to play this much.

    Hopefully the powers that be will read the list of amounts collected and see for themselves, they have got it so badly wrong with the drop rates and / or the required material counts. There is no way the average player can collect what is needed to get either of the ship designs in the 12 days left... even though it has been extended by a week. I have played EVERY day...

    Also included in my counts are the EVENT missions.. but not had a mission for past 6 days.. so they will not help anyone boost their counts. I have done and completed all that were put up.
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  10. The values;
    Scrap @ 80 Uridium
    Plasmide @ 360 Uridium
    are derived from the normal sell price offered on Uridium purchased items and is only speculation on this fact. If they have placed CREDIT value on them like the Slot Expansions they could be 40 and 180 respectively, but until they actually put them in the shop (I assume it will be after the Event is over) we will not see anything of the actual price of these. The reason for the assumption is the Dev Team is trying to see if anyone can actually Assemble any of these from working the NPC dropped Ore.
  11. Lol.... 360 urid for plasmide, 80 for scrap... Hah im happy that i made the surgeon today by killing saimons and mordons :D
    I got 300k urid from the NPCs i killed to get it, after it i made even more urid until i finished my green enigma, 7 left :p
    If 1 scrap is 80 urid, thats will be good for me, because i want full Green Enigma set :D 40.000 urid per design isnt that much, while the normal price of these designs is 100k urid. (280k urid for the 7 designs i need (without any discounts)).
    And before you say me "no lifer" 4 hours a day... and i made the surgeon + 1 green enigma. It's not that hard, all i wasted is 1mil x1, 800k x2, 300k x3, anyways, i dont use that ammo so i dont care for it, i will easy get it back from building gates.
  12. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    Nice to see someone has actually done it... BUT !

    How the hell did you get the materials unless you had better drops rates than on US4 server.
    I alpha, beta gamma gates.. 80 salmon = 0 - 5 scrap.. less for mordon waves.
    On maps you are lucky to get 1/ 20 drop rate.
    that goes for sibelon too.. that's why my counts are so low for the time spent and npcs killed.
    Yes.. I made 40k uri today alone from x-4 map.. but hardly any materials collected for ASSEMBLY.
  13. My configs all the time: Goliath, fast config only with Lf4, full, no shields, havocs, diminisher.
    for Plasmide i have killed more than 300 uber devos and 900 bosses, while im searching them i use wheel, when i shoot them, drill.
    for scrap here is the best way i know for now (150 per hour) with the same configs i go to 2-3 or 2-4 (im eic) and i put the locator to search only for boss saimons. Then i start killing them, on wheel with the fast config. All the time im going from one boss to other, without stopping on one place even for 5 seconds :D And i dont collect the scrap, i leave it there on the map, while im going to the next boss saimon if i see a scrap right in front of my ship, then i collect it, otherwise i just leave it for the next time i pass from there. Today after 2 hours shooting like that i filled the whole 2-4 with more than 170 scrap, while on 2-3 i left only 40. You can do this and leave the scrap, to not waste any time for collecting, just killing without stopping and after 2-3-4-5-6-7 hours shooting you can just start collecting it, because nobody else can see it, i made few test that these resources can be cleared only from the server restart, otherwise they wont disappear, or be stolen from other players, because they can't see your stuff. Only you can see the resource you get. Thats all, nothing hard to do, all you need is just time ;) And for the plasmide, some x2 x3, for the scrap, you can even do this with your spectrum, sentinel, venge, while staying on fighting configs, he rocket launcher and rocket will kill the saimon after the first shot. I hope you will understand me because my english is kinda... bad :D
    BTW, sibelons, never! Devos forever! :D
  14. what is the matter is that they put some day in a week and having no idead about it how to get them i mean by uri or paying real money every one not ready for just some one day
  15. wow lol forget the scrap, the surgeon sucks if this is whats coming next!

    Ill take the 10% honor 5% damage thanks very much bp :)
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  16. Tnx bp i won't spend anything on this. i don't like carying other country flags. I'm from Latvia. :)
  17. They also said new event missions everyday that hasnt happened as well. The EVENT is terrible and complete waste of time.
  18. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    There was no mention of new event missions every day in either the FAQ or back page newsletter, only the information on what could be crafted and what ore's would appear in the shop.


    I suspect that the ore's will appear towards the end of the event with a big price tag.
  19. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    Without any EVENT missions.. it is hardly an EVENT..
    As they are introducing a NEW feature that is meant to become a permanent part of game.. how about giving players a fighting chance to get the items in ASSEMBLY.. it just looks like the money on the end of a string trick.. you can see it but very few will catch it.

    I do sincerely congratulate those that have managed to get the Surgeon design from ASS-embly.. but I can see a flaw..

    There is no way you can leave scrap laying around on a map right now.. it's bad enough it is being stolen from under you nose by other players PETs... so it would NOT be there if you flew away and came back. The player who managed it that way was playing an empty map.. not an map full of players all fighting for the npcs to pop in hope of some scrap or the very rare Plasmide.
  20. Who Know they may put them in tonight since I was told there is an event Friday and Saturday maybe Sunday too... as I was told they are giving everyone 100k in uri and they are going to have the gate event again for ships and prizes. How true is that we will have to wait and see