[SC] no scrap in shop

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †BΛЯBΛЯIΛN†, May 17, 2016.

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  1. I would not believe it as there is nothing in the calendar or any O A about it.

  2. I dont think no one can see special resources only you I dont even think that pet can stop them....
  3. maybe its a surprise since they did tell us that they were going to give us something for lag and all the stuff that has been going on in game

  4. There was a post in the EVENT section for the Assembly Event that has since been removed or I can not find it...It stated the Event purpose and gave the link to the FAQ. It stated new mission everyday. Wonder why it was taken down???

    If anyone saved the link to to post it please
  5. well well saturday came still no ore in the shop may be they put last hour and say buy with only money i think darkorbit going to do it if any one working on them please don't waste your time they can't do what they said every time they fails to do what they said
  6. Mobile, Micro-Purchase games for tablets are more fun, in depth, and interesting to play at this point.

    This game needs to go in a shoe box in the closet next to all the old Sega Genesis's and Super Nintendo's.

    HELL ! Keep the SNES out, break out some 4 player Golden Eye or Smash Bros or Mario Kart !!

    I Might have to hit up a tag sale for an old SNES system ....instead of a MEGA-not-so-Happy-hour tomorrow.
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  7. I'm certain it will be buy with money or buy with uri and a scrap would cost in the shop 100 uri just because we free to plays are being hated since the beginning of the game
  8. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    Ok.. now saturday.. NO 100k uri.. NO ASSembly materials in shop.. NO event missions.. NO discount on energy/spins for the Kronos day gate building... almost NO Plasmide being dropped.. 4 1/2 hours playing and only 26 dropped from npcs.
    AND as this is meant to be an event.. NO event gate or event boxes...

    To be blunt this event is up there as the worst so far.

    I have seen posts where some have managed to collect enough to build Surgeon.. they are the lucky few.
    I have been playing everyday since event started.. and have only just over half the materials needed as they are just not being dropped.
    I have however built up 250,000 uri from npc kills.. but cannot make use of this to BUY materials as they are still not in shop.

    Come on ! put materials in the shop.. you put in FAQ before event started that they will be in there.
  9. they said in twitch stream will be in shop near last part of event to give those that want to collect to get time
  10. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    250k uri will get you almost 2 gates or a pusat so you have not to badly out of it, we are all in the same boat and just have to wait it out. The ones that have lost out all together are the newbies as the uri, EE and jackpot BB's have been taken of the X-1 map permanently so they can't even collect anymore on a safe map.
  11. How can you tell? I mean, they should remove jackpot period as it is now defunct but the rest?
  12. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    My nephew sent a bug report ticket and got a reply from DO telling him the uri, EE and jackpot euros BB's had been removed from the X-1 because of exploitation. To add my own experience after the lag was patched over I chased around NPC bashing for special ore's and quickly worked out the pro's and cons and decided just keep to my normal game and just build up crafting ore's over time rather than chase a dream.
  13. I am confused how is x-1 map being exploited after level 7 you start getting reduced awards from these boxes. So Support is saying that botters are starting accounts, running them around x-1 botting all the time (not being caught) until they have enough to BUY their way to FE status then start leveling up so they can bot in the 4-x maps?

    Exploitation of the x-1 maps is a lame excuse of we want to stick it to the NEW players as we don't care to increase our server populations.
    Looking at what you can sell the ores for in the Hangar I believe the cost in shop is going to be 80 and 360 per piece and may even have some special package pricing for CASH purchases, so yes they are not going to be cheap to buy, actually you would be better to BUY the item than to Craft it if you were going to have to buy the ores to craft the item.
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  14. [​IMG] I don't know about you guys but I'm a little over half to get my surgeon. However if the ores come out on the shop, ill probably finish it off by buying them
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  15. Yeah, I don't see where it could be exploited but whatever. Not to bash but Support tends to give some off excuses for things they don't know.
  16. well it is sunday still no ore in the so we have to conform that they are not going to put it in the shop and the lag also remains same chat is still not working they saying to contact the support and i don't know what to do with this issues i really tired these events and they not giving a chance
  17. http://prntscr.com/b71xi4

    it was easy to make scrap and plasmide, 4-5 map and shoot uber saimon and mordon, for plasmide shoot boss devolariums.
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  18. There is no shop as of yet o_O There... LOL - wait for it - maybe there is no shop :rolleyes: gonna go shopping during the Event :eek:...just pop every red dot ;) This a resource collecting game as mentioned on DO Homepage. Too bad there are no stats for resource collecting :rolleyes:
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  19. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    You were in same position as me (with 8 days to go).. Plasmide is truly near impossible to collect. Apart from a map full of players hunting Devo or Sibelon.. the drop rate is so bad. I can kill 1000 devo and if lucky get 10 -15 Plasmide... the drops are more likely to be booty boxes or NOTHING from Boss.. mostly rocks from normal npc..
    With 5 days to go they still choose not to make materials available in shop... so if you have not got within say 50 plasmide of completing your surgeon, they chances are ( D.O. love to the CHANCE bit) you will NOT get it.
    Just to add insult .. the Pusat is in shop today at reduced price... o_O

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