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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by †BΛЯBΛЯIΛN†, May 17, 2016.

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  1. The insult is they are LAUNCHING another SYSTEM that has not been fully TESTED on top of a SYSTEM that has not had the issues properly taken care of. With the problems the TEAM had in demonstrating the SYSTEM on TWITCH I can see the forums filling up with questions and complaints after they put the new system into place tomorrow.
  2. ronz

    ronz User

    Just crafted my Surgeon yesterday :)
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  3. USS-Aries

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    Got this from the German forum OA.

    Hi Space Pilots
    If you are unable to collect enough resources and you are missing a lot of resources to craft your desired item by the end of the event.
    For a period of Friday, 05.27.2016 up to and including Sunday, 05.29.2016 we will bring all four resources into the shop, so you can fill your missing stocks.
    Price per unit: Sell / Buy
    · Mucosum: 50 Uridium / 300 credits
    · Plasmids: 375 Uridium / 900 credits
    · Scrap: 85 Uridium / 200 credits
    · Prismatium: 2000 Uridium / 1000 Credits
    Your DarkOrbit Team

    I have made a calculation based on having no collected resources and a Surgeon will cost over 600k uri.

    Scrap 238,000
    Plasmide 243,750
    Prismatium 120,000

    total 601,750

    Pusat cost 383,000

    We knew there would be a big price and its mega big.
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  4. ~V6~

    ~V6~ User

    It's on shop 27th may 2016
  5. I'm very disappointed about the high prices...
  6. For a period of Friday, 05.27.2016 up to and including Sunday, 05.29.2016 we will bring all four resources into the shop
  7. Is there a typo for the Prismatium? Cheaper to buy with credits than Uridium?

    I predicted the Scrap to be 80 Uridium and the Plasmide to be 360 Uridium so I was not very far off.
  8. Be glad you are noyt women/wemwn/trs888 I am gogg get band Q
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  9. Silviu

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    Kill 60 Kristallons and you're down 120k uri. Farm Uber Saimon,Uber Mordon, Boss Saimon and Boss Mordon in 4-5 and you'll get around 100 scrap an hour.
    Plasmide is thougher to get but if you want you can do it, it's not impossible.
    I only need 699 scrap to get my surgeon. That's 59.415 uri, i'm premium, so 5% off, you're left with 56.444 uri, so it's okay for me.
    But i will still collect scrap because i don't trust DO, resources should be in shop now on GE1 and they're not,and by the time they put them in the shopit will be a lot cheaper for me.
  10. BUY Rebate and get another 25% off.
  11. so with rebate for scrap and Plasmide if you had 0 of them it would cost about 340k uri to build surgeon not bad pricing considering they sold it in shop once for 300k uri less with rebate
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