[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Jordy

    Jordy User

    Let's see how the players feel about this in a vote. Let's see if the devs listen to us.
  2. End all MCC... It would be a start in the right direction.
  3. Toudi

    Toudi User

    After looking at this topic I seriously don't blame dev team that they not listen to our ideas
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  4. Why end it? I as well as many others have great fun being in multi-company clans with countless wars :)
  5. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    End them now!
  6. I add this ;) If an fellow CO member belongs to an MCC I can poof' them down at will with no loss of honor :p:rolleyes:
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  7. bigsteve78

    bigsteve78 User

  8. I am already on record as saying that I think MultiCo Clans dont follow the principles of the game that we all joined and new players still join and that in fact the ability of an own-Company member to help his MCC to shoot me down with no risk and to be able to threaten war to any who dont do as they are told is just wrong!!
    XCo Alliance is another thing but that cannot be stopped if only as an unmarked association...
    I accept that ppl want to play with their friends in-game... and that is possible.. but changing Company is something that the rank-hunters need to make their own minds up about... do you love rank more than your friends?
    There are other games that place Clan above Company... maybe certain ppl should consider an even bigger jump ...
  9. Multi company clans are what is helping this game Die a slow death. Players that think nothing other than Rank spend a lot of cash on this game to EARN? their $kill....so it is in the best interest of Big Point not to do anything about it.
    Dislike MCC but they are here till the END...............................and it is coming.................
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  10. straphe

    straphe User

    Never coming back or spending a penny until MCC is banned.
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  11. MMC members are loaded with spies/traitors don't you think :rolleyes:
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  12. Back in the day, Clan was what it was all about, All for one and one for all!​

    Clan: A group of people, as a clique, set, society or party, especially as united by some common trait, characteristic or interest:
    The Game

    The ideal of the game is / was to build a fine clan in either faction and work together to bring the enemy into battle, hence the PVP maps.
    Clans would practice and work together to build their ships and develop good techniques for battle either against the enemy or other same faction clans. A brother / sisterhood was established, all players worked together to hopefully rise to the top.​

    Yes of course as in any type of war situation, espionage and spying are and always will be an " Integral " necessity.

    Back in the day, if you wanted to be a part of a Clan it was required you be of the same faction. Many of us "the old hands" have moved factions in order to remain together as a united Clan.​

    I personally don't agree with Multi-Company Clans but it has for some reason become a standard of this game, I do hope in some way be it via diplomacy or some other method things get back to where they were on this subject.

    Somehow I doubt it :cool:


    Head up fake a smile move on
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  13. that is only a part of the problem yellowsubmarine ... without the chance to advance in the game too many are leaving, some without having enjoyed the game to its full (new players) and some after trying to achieve (even to a high level) but against a tide of MCCs and XCo Alliances and various other things like cheats etc., have seen that the rules/principles dont apply if you 'BEND' them... if honour is no longer a part of the game as `°ƒµll·†Ħгô††lє°´ seems to have noticed then maybe if DarkOrbit were to change the principles of the game to favour the 'New Ascendancy' then we can all remember the past with nostalgia and rue the day that we continued and wasted money on a Game that has such 'flexible ' honour... Anyone ever hear of the 'Vicar of Bray'?

    If MCCs were helping the game to survive then I would consider your comment.. but seeing as you appear to be suggesting that they are part of the 'End' of the game I will continue with the subject in hand as the end of MCCs and the resumption of honour and back to basic principles, according to DO, seems to be what we are all asking for... the 'old' days were fun but if MCCs are a part of its demise then I cannot back/agree with their continuation ...!!

    you are right in your definitions `°ƒµll·†Ħгô††lє°´ as far as I understand the 'Game principles'
    I too believe the game would be better following the 'original', and to my knowledge current blurb, that ppl joining the game imagine to be how things are..!! They too soon find that the MCCs are taking what they like, and those that have enemy friends or simply want to pop ppl regardless, abuse loopholes using current quests/missions with which they can earn in-game honour :p, by helping enemy to shoot their own, continuing to erode a game which we, mostly, seem to enjoy!!
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  14. [removed] I am on the multi- company clan ban also. When you are shooting an eic and your own company member shows up not at war and hides in aliens shooting you it is foul. When they know that there is a glitch where you will not see them at war with you until you jump port or restart its using a glitch. I was shot down by this player who I never shot on that was in my company. Funny he wasnt red and got positive honor.

    Please keep in mind accusations are not permitted in chat or forums, ty-SE
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  15. Petitioned signed, though this will never be put into effect. Big Point is too worried about new ways to shake cash from our pockets.
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  16. So true, the only thing D O wants is our MONEY they could care less about the enjoyment of the game I also vote to KILL the MCC clans and go further to say if a FRIENDLY shoots another and they die then the offender gets negative honor (whether they have red lock or not) PREVENT attacks on SAME COMPANY PLAYERS (CLAN WARS are stupid and should not be accepted either). If a clan is going against the company they should be removed from the company and made to go to an enemy company.

    KOBK clan (MMO on USA West) is a prime example of a clan that does not belong in the company as they continuously speak out against MMO players and clans creating nothing except hate and discontent.
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  17. End of MultiCompany?.. sounds like a party pooper.. ¬¬ go find other server with no multi company, theres some in usa servers..
  18. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Having no multi company will limit the clan system so much, hope they don't make this feature.
  19. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    I think they should stop multi- clans, Ufe's just wait till enemy shoots you then pop you , so they get more rewards. and they dont lose any honour. for example: spaceball, you shoot the ball, it gets to port, the enemy shoots you, they all pop you and steal the cargos. and dont lose any honour,
  20. bigsteve78

    bigsteve78 User

    I will never spend another dollar on dark orbit until MCC is banned.
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