[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. You know what - that's what...I'm A join a MCC and then shoot them in the back if they are not my Co. LOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlolLOLlol o_O
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    Well, I know this one clan called JD, I think they were multi company, and I'm sure there were lots of other clans that didn't join them, such has ICE. lol
  3. You have said my thoughts on some things here...
    The 'abuse' of MCC's or 'so called' friendship (known you for a longtime and want kills) and noobs without a choice is what we have... I would not agree that MCCs came after... but more they are part of the root here...
    I have been on a certain server for 5+ years now and have watched how ppl (even my friends) have followed the kills/abuse of the honour, for Clan and player, loopholes (I have to say that this is a bending/abuse of the principles that the game was founded on) and until D.O. decide to rewrite their 'Blurb', and disown those of us that believe in the use of the current 'Constitution', to balance the game we will continue with this discussion as there will always be those that take advantage and those which dont!!
    If D.O. think the UFEs and UFE+ are going to continue their 'fortune'/cash income by buying Uri etc when all the noobs go play another game cos 'it DONT do what it says on the Tin' then I think they are wrong...

    The above is why I tend to think that MCCs need heavy restriction or a 'total removal of the 'All' option' (including secondary shooters not getting neg-Honour for helping and X-Co Alliances)
  4. The issue is some people in the company need to be destroyed as they are detrimental to the company (e.g. KOBK clan in MMO USA West and members that leave and continue to practice as if in clan), calling out MMO CBS's with shields down for destruction. As these players are not helping the company, and will not change companies, having only one player take the hit for the loss of honor is best as they can now allow different players to share the loss.

    The issue with MCC's, in current structure;
    • there are not enough people in the maps to defend against these players
    • they have been playing this way for years and as such do not see anything wrong with this
    • D O needs the cash these players are spending
    The possible solutions to correct this are;
    • change the way the game is setup (create a 4th company without maps)
    • disband the MCC's (won't change anything as they will NAP enemy clans with FRIENDS in it)
    • change the loyalty system (too much effort for the return for D O)
    • create protection for noobs in ALL lower Company maps (x-1 to x-4 "home maps") 2 systems
    • create reasons for UFE to defend noobs instead of killing them
    The best is to create the 4th company, any clan accepting applications from ALL companies are automatically placed in this status. This fixes it so the members are RED in ALL maps, they have to get quests from company they are originally affiliated with, and there is no need to declare war on same company clans to gain enemy targets. Clans constantly sending WARS to smaller clans can also be sent to 4th company, provided the war was not justified. IF a cross company NAP is created for the purpose of killing same company players the NAP'ed clans are both sent to the 4th company until NAP is broken.

    These changes would have to have a NEW contact support method done by the Clan Leaders to petition, same company, clans be placed in 4th company, allowing weaker clans to decline WAR unless proof of justification is provided to support from Clan Leader calling for WAR. The incorporation of the protected maps would help control some of the NOOB killing happening, especially if x-2 map restrictions were extended to x-3 and x-4 allowing only enemies to attack home map players, this would also put a restriction on the UFE players attacking noobs like in x-1 so the noob would have to fire first to be attacked (including a UFE helping an enemy noob kill another noob), players level 16, or above, do not get to enjoy the UFE protection but can enjoy the anti-noob same company attacks in lower maps.

    There could be rewards issued to UFE players for spending time in same map with outfitted noobs, actively killing NPC's and protecting those being attacked by enemies. The protections would only apply to same company HOME maps, so a UFE attacking an ENEMY NOOB in UFE's home maps would not be a protection violation. These rewards could also be earned just by patrolling and killing enemies in the lower HOME maps (suggestion would be double NORMAL kill gains for HOME map enemy kills), thus making it more beneficial to be protecting their maps instead of HUNTING all the time.

    These Special Rewards could also be created as level 22 and above Quests, since these are not available now anyway, also these players do not want to grind NPC's in the maps for quests. These would do 3 things for D O;
    • would get assistance to noobs completing quests they are not really strong enough to solo
    • create protection in maps that has gone away with the creation of NEW Galaxy Gates and UFE equipment
    • re-populate otherwise dead servers, with both Veteran (not building and doing gates all the time) and Noob players
    We will not be able to get rid of the MCC's so we need to adjust what we do to deal with them, D O can not deal with them the way they used to, and we can not get enough people to defend against them. SO changes need to be made, map protections, incentive Quests for protecting lower maps, getting UFE to play the game instead of HUNTING and Gating their way to the top of the ranks, and just making the Game more enjoyable for the NEW players coming in with a 3 year detriment (time to get UFE as a free player) staring them in the face (instead of 6 months to FE). We have seen the reason D O will not act on stopping the MCC's but can they give us a reason why they can not make some of these changes to keep the players that are trying to enjoy a game they WILL NOT CONTROL?

    Please help us help you keep this game enjoyable to all levels of players.