[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. hello ppl

    I don't think anyone wants to stop ppl playing with their friends... but to end the clan system as DO tout it and the 3 Company system which is what DO stands for would require DO to make some adjustments to the basic principles of the game... i.e. there are 3 companies fighting over resources...MCCs are contrary to the basic principles as they stand... and I think you will find many more threads like this if the system is NOT changed to away from the benefit of the MCCs... many UFEs dont play regularly and I doubt they spend too much either as they can dominate events and cubes etc... being shot in the back by your own company just coz you are cubing in your own maps is not healthy... and then we come to the Hitacs... what about Icies... non-MCCs and non UFEs cannot compete when they have red dots shooting them from their own company just for an event..!!!

    The game is as it is... the MCCs are where the few who want only to dominate lie... there are many more who build their ships and clans to fight the DO fight.. I beg DO to end MCCs and XCo Alliances.. OR to change the principles of the game as people see them when they join... as things stand this is a mis-representation (with all due respect)!!
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  2. Toudi

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    Just so you know what CLAN is : "In computer and video gaming, a clan, guild or faction is an organized group of players that regularly play together in particular (or various) multiplayer games." from google.com

    I join clan not because I want to be in top 10 in clan ranking, I join clan to play with my team mates, so If I have to join same company to play with my friends in the clan, then this will be a [removed]

    swears & offensive language aren't permitted, ty-se
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  3. This should be in the whiner section. If you dont like MCC dont join 1. Just because you dont like something doesnt mean it should just be done away with. I dont like whiners, but Im not trying to have you bannished from the game, I accept that people will do what they want.
  4. Explain to me what portion of D O states the 3 companies are working together to achieve a goal! This game was set up as 3 companies trying to achieve the same goal of SUPREMACY. The MCC is going against the original design of the game and has created other issues inside of the same. The NAP's were designed so clans of different companies could work together completing missions in enemy and Battle maps to help prevent enemy attacks on each other. With the MCC's they have taken it one step further and made COMPANY players spies for the MCC and unless you are in a clan and WAR the MCC can not defend yourself without being hit with negative honor for shooting a same company player.

    You are missing the POINT a MCC is a clan that has members of ALL companies in it and thus allows a FRIENDLY (same company) to fly with you and target you for their enemy clansmen to attack you and after they start attacking can join in and help kill you without losing honor for attacking same company player.

    We are not saying Non Agression Pacts (NAP's or Alliances) are to be disallowed but they should be treated as they were meant to, you will not attack a NAP enemy, not you will help them kill a Same Company ship. I understand this may cause some confusion with other players "Why did you not help me?" but it should not give you a license to kill a same company player.

    The game was much better when there was COMPANY LOYALTY now it is FACTIONED into MCC's who rule the maps and players who are trying to enjoy their game being attacked by Same Company Players because their clansmen are in the map attacking Red Dots they guide them to.
  5. to continue the quote that you have, so kindly, given from Wikipedia "... particular (or various) multiplayer games. These games range from groups of a few friends to 4000-person organizations, with a broad range of structures, goals and members."
    and from that it appears that the 'structure' (and basic principles maybe) of the game is also a part of the definition of 'clan, guild or faction'... :rolleyes:... I hate cherry-pickers!

    what are "whiners" in Speakers corner... people who want to have their say in an Arena where free speech and comments are allowed, provided they conform to decent rules of discussion within the community? And who said anyone wanted to "bannished" any player... the consensus seems to be that MCCs are not adding to the majority of members enjoyment... if all this is about is people who want to play with their friends then no-one is stopping you, but as for people doing "what they want"... some do but there are laws in society and in MMOs against anti-social/anti-community practices and we are talking about why we feel MCCs should be banned... I have already asked why Rank and friendship are what seem to be your problem, surely friendship and 'clan-family' would come above rank o_O..

    well said Hades~Pôšëîdõn‡Tríp...
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  6. Jordy

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    I'd like to ask who is whining? I simply made a post asking for players views on this topic, as it is an important one to a lot of players. If you don't have an intelligent response to this topic, or any other topic then please refrain from posting a rude comment.

    Moving on. I hate to admit but I joined a MCC a while back, after being begged to join. It was my worst playing experience in DO. I seen a lot of dirty things go on. Mostly a lot of players killing unsuspecting others of the same company. And it was mostly low level players they would kill. I see no honor in that. I see no fun in killing weak players, especially ones in the same company trying to get stronger. Some of you might not realize it but some players look up to the bigger guys. When you shoot down small guys with enemy players you're sending them the message that you don't want them here and it's wrong. Those players usually end up quitting.
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  7. The multicompany clans I feel at least for me is because there is little else left in the game.

    When i started back in 09, me and my clan made our way to the top, ruled for a long time then when the lf4s, updates etc came we lost a lot of players. Before that, the servers were full, there were 3-4 big clans in each company with 40+ active members, then all the small clans as well. Space ball would have 100+ in the map, it was great fun. Wars only happened over disputes/grudges and normally clans would yeild before the 10days were up anyway.

    Since I moved to the eastcoast server the cost of the game has increased exponentially and the dynamics have changed, there are no longer as many big active clans thus for players like me who are ufe what are we meant to do?

    I have no desire to sit in a map and kill bks/cubes. I did that 5years ago. For now I have enough ammo to fight for a year but not many people to fight with. Therefore for me to have fun, I have joined with like minded individuals who just want a scrap. I don't care if a player is a noob or ufe, i'll attack and pop them all the same. More so I'll go for the harder player because its a better fight. There simply aren't enough active players in the other companies, so for me the whole server is a target. I've always been a solo hunter so for me, multi-comps clans are just a way to have more targets since we attract wars.

    That might help some understand why myself and many others do this.

    For me, the only fix is to increase the populations of the servers so I don't have to hunt my own. New gates/npcs are all good fun, the first time you do it, but who wants to sit and bash npcs all day? There is no fun in grinding like that.

    Get the servers back to 1000+ members active members per company (not just logging in, i mean playing) and the amount of these clans causing havoc will decrease.
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  8. The problem, as you have so eloquently stated, is back in '09 you had the BIG BOYS who would lend a hand to the NOOBS. Now, until you can "GRIND" BK's and CUBE's no one wants to help you. This game has become a SOLO FIGHTER game if you are not HUNTING weaker ships, those HUNTING will usually be from the same clan, and attacking 3 v 1 a player that would have been popped as a solo fight. I understand your explanation of the MCC clans and the reasons you participate but IF you were to help weaker players to get stronger, instead of driving them out of the game (like me I log in to do TRANSFERS and AUCTIONS ONLY) as I have gotten to the level where any in game advancement needs STRONG HELP (UBK Quests and PvP, which I can not get lock for) and the only ones responding to requests are too weak to take a single hit from the UBK while I pull out of range to get a little shield back. This along with having a FRIENDLY ship fly by give coordinates to an enemy then return to help the enemy kill me because they do not have the RED lock they do not lose HONOR for the kill.

    YES the servers are DEAD compared to '11, YES changes in the game have driven quite a few players away, YES the NOOBS are not staying in the game like they used to, YES D O is breathing its last gasps, BUT changes like the deletion of MCC groups and allowing FREE players to be able to get LF-4's faster (Booty Chests and Galaxy Gates is not enough) would be a start. The creation of QUESTS where Level 21 and higher players are required to help Level 15 and below in LOWER maps would be nice (I remember when a call of an enemy in lower maps got the response of a dozen UPPER players to help clear them) as at this time trying to get any help is ignored, or most players, are in the Global Chat looking to do HADES Gates or talking SMACK trying to create a fight. I can still make any ship FE (except BIO and Upgrading) in less than 6 months, but it takes 6 times as long to get UFE and NEW changes (like double Drone Design Slots) just help to make the balance of the game change even more.

    Something needs to be done to regain a balance to the game for all to enjoy and deletion of the MCC's is a good start. Correcting the FRIENDLY attack glitch/bug/oversight would be another, most WARS are caused by an accidental mis-lock to start with (if HOT HEADS are involved) so an anti-FRIENDLY fire attack in ALL maps would be desirable (this has nothing to do with WARRING FACTIONS) IF you are NOT RED you can not be attacked, end of discussion. I think we would see the numbers in the servers come back IF people did not need to worry about FRIENDLY ships killing them.
  9. You're right back in the day we did help but back in the day it was easy to as a group just bash out some bks, cubes etc and with the help of a clan a player could be fe in a month or two as long as they worked at it. These days there is too much for the new players, heck DO should just give them a full fe basic ship to begin with, let them work from there.

    For a player to progress now it requires a tremendous about of time or some serious ££ outlay. If my old clan mates from back in the day wanted to restart I would help them with what i could, random players with little regard for others? I think not. But now, I spend at most an hour a day on this game. During that time I'm here to play, not grind out npcs that haven't changed in years, wheres the fun in blasting bks for me? It may help others but I'm on here to have fun.

    I know this is a very selfish way of looking at the game but the time I spend on here I want to be playing the pvp side. For that to be feasible I need more targets, thus the wars.

    Quests to assist new players may help to an extent, but I know personally I have 100+ quests left to do. They all involve killing 100+npcs, or ridiculous amounts of ubersibs. This is boring, for me to even consider them the rewards need to be 100k+ uri. These aren't worth my time otherwise I'm better off doing cubes if i need the uri since to me exp/honor means nothing now. When I played on GB back in the glory days I was top 2star, chasing 3stars. Now its not worth the time/money. Playing against another player is more challenging and fun than bashing out gate after gate, thats what myself and many others are after.

    Remove my honor, exp, rp etc and leave me just with my equipment, then stick me on any populated server with plenty of ufes to shoot and I'll be happy. The problem is the amount of players, and DO expecting us to accommodate all the new players and spend 1000's of hours getting up to par before blasting them is just not realistic.
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  10. I am happy that we have a 2 sided discussion now... excluding the ppl who think that putting others down is helping...:p
    WђaŦš•ţђε•ÇЯaiÇ I play US1 too and I can see what you are saying but I have to say that the game will not improve without safe-guards to the new, non-FE players, and there is many other threads on the subject, and the suggestion of quests for lvl ~ 18+ to help new players, if they paid well, would also help... I do it as best I can but alone I dont make much of a dent (I actually think there are many players who would help 'noobs' if they thought it would make a difference! and you dont, apparently, disagree with this), but shooting 'all and sundry' just cos they exist is not going to repopulate the game to the levels that I/we remember in 2010 and therefore is shooting yourself/ourself in the foot...
    Time is an issue for you and many others... and fun of course... without these things no-one would play!
    The MCCs are doing as you and others describe... but until there is a consensus DO will not/cannot work toward an end ... Understandably they have a 'bottom-line' to consider and we are the 'Bread and Butter'...

    I sincerely want to see a resurgence in the game but until WE the players can agree what do we expect??
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    idk i f this on topic or not but wot about quests were u have to help new players to gain rewards .but for fe/ufe they rank up honour and boosters for new players get uri lf4 or anything just to close the gap a bit keep people intrested ime on gb1 server were hitting winter now give the new players a chance and wen i say winter we carnt mow lawns dark nights we sit at home online.;) feedback but positive please my topic is for new players and any ideas to populate the server regards
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  12. OILDAILY, no it is involved as you can see from the copy of the post above yours and others earlier... and there seems to be some agreement that anything to help 'noob' players to run/fight/survive, and get some recognition for it and thus giving them hope that they can progress into the game could be a part... MultiCo Clans is the reason for the Thread but I believe 'desperate measures'' and flexibility are what we need atm

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  13. Server merga, and create GB2 as the Saturn company....and no more friendly fire....
    .....Just another voice in space....

  14. I know exactly what kind of players get into the 'multi-company-clans'. DO would be best served and Rick or whoever is in the game trying to get a paycheck pay attention:
    I wont go into details about where the players 'with years of ammo' got it or how glitches get exploited BUT

    If you cannot end the multi-company clans at least put in a 24 hour war declaration. That way there is a way for players to know who is who. The enemy ship that is red and getting shot on is fine but the ship in the same company that is GREEN and shooting a player in the back because they declared war in the middle of the fight? What does that sound like?

    A simple war delay stops the foolishness. Even better is the second another company ship enters a clan its red. Bonus if you outlaw the enemy company ship. IE if an EIC ship joins an MMO clan that ship goes outlaw until it joins MMO. But the clan goes red to the company. They want to shoot random people this is the way. DO had the outlaw rule for a reason.
  15. The OUTLAW RULE involves same company attacks and stealing of cargo. Your suggestion duplicates the suggestion to make any attack by a FRIENDLY ship NOT POSSIBLE (warning like in x-1 or 2 maps) or if they allow the lock the attacker receives negative honor when the friendly ship they are attacking pops (with or without RED lock). The ONLY way you do not lose HONOR is if you were attacked first (which is the way it is now) and defending yourself against the attack.

    RETURN the GAME to a 3 COMPANY format and kill the MCC's NOW.
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  16. Turncoats - fashionattas you are o_O

    -Friendly players destroyed28x 100

  17. Because I did not realize my clan was not VRU and was trying to defend MY CBS from attack, I wound up with;

    Friendly players destroyed3
    I corrected the issue and have not had another attack since.

    To help prevent this issue when a clan is FOUNDED the players affiliation should be the default for the company and should only be allowed to change by changing companies (all clan members have to agree to the change before it becomes active or be kicked) this preventing the MCC's and the allowance of other company players joining a company clan.
  18. Nobody said you have to be in a mcc, if you dont like them dont join one. Just because you dont like something doesnt mean they should take it out of the game.
  19. i say let them stay, idc about multi company clans, just makes things more interesting :) my company shoots me i shoot back and then i move on, bp wont change anything so stop complaining
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  20. A friend and I have talked about this many times. He thinks that, if there is a multi company clan, they should be red to all companies. If someone wants to join a clan that is in another company, when their app is accepted, they automatically switch companies, including the loss of honor. We are of the opinion that, multi-company clans exist for the main purpose of pushing ep and honor. If an alliance is formed between enemy company clans, all clans in the alliance are red to all companies. If you want to be in a multi-company clan, then you should have to defend your "right" to belong to that clan. I think if you want to be in a clan that kills members of your company affiliation, you should join an enemy company, otherwise, as has been stated repeatedly, you are not really following the tradition that was started with the clan feature in this game. I'm not sure if "tradition" is the appropriate word, but, it's been a long day, and my head hurts too much to think of another word that might be more apropos.
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