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    Remove the MCC!! cuz it sucks. it destroys the fun of the game. Like In USA WEST. there was some Multicomps that tried to rule the game and destroy the 'FUN' of the game. they just kept sending war to every noob clan without reasons. well, if u asked them for what reason that they sended war, they will just say 'BECAUSE WE WANT TO'. They are the only one who's enjoying since they got the equips, ammo's and big ships. they just kept killing those wartags(Noob clan that they sent a war for no reason) those little ships can't even fight back with those 200k hitting combos.

    And i already said this to support (support says they will be relaying this function to the devs but what happen? it was like a year ago and never heard of anything) that they should add a function for the 'WAR' in clan that can also be 'Accepted' like NAP or Alliance. Since Big clans/Multi comp clan bullies those small clans for some kills by sending war. and it's not fun at all.
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    I have seen this MCC problem before. It was Spaceball event time, one clan have member on every company,2 MMO,2 EIC, 1-2 VRU (i don't remember) they shooting everyone joining the event(4-4) if mmo joining their eic and vru clan member shot them down, if it was eic or vru,mmo shot them down,so entire spaceball event time no one can nearly join the event,that clan doing it for themself.

    I agree with that stronger clan can't war with weaker clan,if clan have equal skills level they will accept war request.

    Sorry for bad Englando.
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    You know even if they stop other companys joining a clan, they could always make a new clan with same name as the clan they wanted to join and then alliance it lol. :p
  4. which brings us back to the effect MCCs are having on/to sooo many players... with the MMC inclusion we face many becoming dis-illusioned as the original/basic principles have been 'BENT' to suit individual players and groups... The inbalance between BSP to FE to UFE is already more than many players will put up with and they will leave before the game can benefit from the increased playercount... if you dont want the game to continue then just say so COWBOY·FROM·HELL as it seems all the ppl who agree with this Thread are looking to help the game back to something which the longer term player describe as the 'back in the day' and therefore take away the need certain ppl need for war without reason...

    you have a point and many here agree with the principle... the idea is also interesting and worth consideration when we remember that DO have the ability to distinguish between one player and another players abilities for UBA...

    this has also been mentioned by many, even myself, and has been tried on the server I play... but MCCs seem to work for those that only want domination 'at any cost' as the cross Company clan seems to have lost in that competition...

    There need to be limitations to the ability of MCCs to 'hurt' smaller clans/player ships that we can start to imagine the player count increasing to pre ~2010 or when the UFE was first started and their total domination of most of the servers!!
  5. The POINT I think EVERYONE has forgotten is the BASIC CONCEPT of the GAME WAS to have 3 companies fighting EACH OTHER for DOMINATION of the MAPS. This NEVER included the CONCEPT of causing WARS between clans inside the SAME COMPANY, however, D O did realize that there COULD be actions that would REQUIRE COMPANY POLICING to prevent infiltration of COMPANY KILLERS so they included the WAR option. This option was not designed to become a LICENSE to KILL same company players it was supposed to resolve internal disputes between CLANS. AT one POINT I know MMO (USA West) had created a CLAN where ALL POWERFUL Clan Leaders had created a ship to join this clan and communicate directly with each other to resolve issues without having to go to WAR, this also allowed them to know which players to avoid accepting into their clan as they were nothing but trouble. The idea was great just the game was beginning to go through the CHANGE FIASCO, which drove a lot of players (including these Leaders) away from the game, and thus became another clan to go dormant.

    The BASIC CONCEPT has to be revisited, and changes be made to return to the ORIGINAL story line (of 3 COMPANIES fighting for SUPREMACY in the GALAXY) NOT having the STRONGEST ships of ALL companies killing players at will. The Player Rank System would need to be abolished if the NEW direction the GAME is going is allowed to continue. Having the TOP 10 Players belong to 3 companies but in the SAME CLAN is not an acceptable ranking system. I am not saying this is what is currently happening but it is potentially where it could be soon.

    IF D O wants to get there servers REPOPULATED they NEED to REMEMBER where they STARTED and RETURN to the GROUND ROOTS of the GAME, otherwise, they may as well shut the servers OFF as the GAME is NOT as ADVERTISED any longer. There are way too many other Space Combat Games out there that are P v P and do not allow the SAME COMPANY ATTACKS that seem to run rampant in D O, and the numbers seem to be GROWING in those games where we keep dwindling. OH I forgot maybe this is what the intention is, GET EVERYONE TO QUIT SO THEY CAN SHUT THE GAME DOWN! This is the only reason I can see for them to ignore such a problem for so long.
  6. If you want to make this game more like farmville, why not just play farmville? This is advertised as a PVP game and as such most people that play the game play it for PVP. There are plenty of single player space/shooter games that dont involve PVP maybe this would be more to your liking.
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    Yes , the game is all about pvp, however multi company clans filled with ufes aint funny cause you cant join anythin when they shoot at ya even if your clanless.

    If this option would be removed i dont think it would make them enemies anyways. People r usually on teamspeak n they could just group up together to continue doing it.

    But could pretend a little newbies that are usually frustrated and leave the game before they even start. The difference between ufe and newbie is really huge.
  8. No body left to PvP...then what o_O
  9. What is this 'Farmville' that you seem to know so much about COWBOY·FROM·HELL ?? :rolleyes:
    Maybe it is a game where people sign in and go about 'farming' activities during their free time and then at the end say 'oh what a good farmer am I!' ?:confused:
    Is this what you mean? If so then I would suggest that it is not those that want to end MCCs that should go to this game.. in fact the players who play in MCCs and go around the maps shooting all the weaker players/clans who dont stand a chance (even if they are in small groups) against these 'self appointed heros' :p.. If this isn't 'farming' then what is...??:mad:

    This is a quite logical conclusion yellowsubmarine all the time the smaller, newer or just 'players who cant spend so much time' are shot down for no other reason than they exist and without consideration of why they joined the game ..

    Yes SauronL as you say it is not possible for the lower level players to progress and therefore make the game competitive again... Maybe if all the Events were closed to all those players in MCCs and all 'in-Company' wars were automatically suspended for the duration of said Event and payouts were to the Companies that scored best instead of individual players!!o_O
    We all accept that whilst this game only benefits the very few, that in fact the difference between players and Clans will only grow..
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    Ok, after reading about this issue from quite some time and things going like this. I thought to add my views (though I was trying not to^^).

    Before I start let me clarify, I'm not a fan of MCC and I'm fully aware of the problems they're causing and I believe that these problems are serious.

    That being said, as some players stated people "whining" over this. In some ways I feel that its true. We all know that there is a problem but when you come up with ideas like the "title" of this thread instead of a real solution (that doesn't create more problems) and defending your view by telling how it's ruining the game. You're only releasing your frustration to be honest. [Not that you shouldn't as I can understand your feelings]

    What I'm trying to say is this, we know that ever since LF4s, upgrades & all these stuff came, they ruined the game play. Almost everyone hates it. So thats a problem but according to your logic, you're trying to solve it by saying "lets remove LF4s & upgrades" after all these years. Obviously without thinking of the consequences.

    Now, you want to make Clans able to accept only 1 Company members. Thus, solving the MCC. But will it actually solve the problem ?

    If this happens right now, MCC will split up in different clans. These clans in different company can have alliance and can easily work together (as one clan). They will continue to fight their own companies helping allias.

    Now, you want to prevent Clans to send allias to enemy Companies.

    If you do so, then in a way you're actually removing the entire diplomacy system from the game. Cos by nature you're supposed to fight enemies with your fellow company members or help them irrespective of a Green tag as thats a "common enemy". So unless you want to war with your own company, alliance with fellow company clans are pretty useless. (except in special cases)

    So if you remove diplomacy feature, you pretty much remove a major part of the "Clan" itself, decreasing its value. Not to mention the enormous issues/debate over biasing the "alliance" in the game. "Who're you to decide whom shall my clan have alliance with?" Definitely not gonna work.

    Not to forget, clans that are close or have a common goal (like a common war) can still work together with white tags. Especially with the outfit and contact lists. It would be much easier now than ever.
    In that case, if you attack enemy company member in the outfit of your own company clan. You may still get killed by your own company.

    So after all the chaos & creating so many new problems, you're in the same place as the beginning.

    Now this is interesting as some pointed out, players unable to shoot own company players.

    Wow, congratulations. You solved the problem of getting killed by your own company. But at what cost?

    Now tell me, if you're cubing/NPC or boxing and a member of your own company tells your location to an enemy who comes and kills you. One of your Company member spying for the enemy.

    Another fellow company member laying mines when you're cubing or doing NPC. Getting you killed & stealing your NPC.

    If you want to have a friendly 1v1 with a fellow Company player ? You have to change company for doing just a 1v1 ?

    How mad do you think players will be especially not being able to do something about it ? All just because you're too scared to be killed by your own company.

    And these are some problems I could think of just now.

    Coming to some of the problems of MCC (some top clans)

    Players who said that newbies are affected by MCC I believe are wrong. Can't imagine any UFE needing help (from local company) to kill newbies.
    Perhaps the definition of "newbie" is miss-interpreted.

    The problem that newbies and some mid level players (FE players) are facing is being bullied by the war from Top Clans repeatedly for no valid reason. I've seen some clans in my server doing this from long time. This is a serious issue and is completely wrong. It's terrible to see level 21 + UFEs hunting level <14 players of the same company by unnecessary wars.
    But this doesn't need to be necessarily a MCC. I see some top clans doing it to their own company. Funny to see a top 10 clan sending war to clan ranking 200+ of the same company.

    But for this reason saying that "all company wars should be stopped" is wrong, especially when you can simply solve this bullying issue by restricting the lower rank clan one can send a war to.

    Same Company wars are necessary. I won't try to explain in detail as I've already made such a big post :D Just know that there are many cases where your own company helps your war clan in killing you (like allia of your war).

    So in the end, I'd like to say that we started this game joining 1 Company and there used to be big Company wars. But over the years, Clan wars became more common. It is so common now (especially with updates like CBS) that it has become a part of the game.

    You can complain about it all you want but unfortunately, in terms of action very less can be done.

    Its a PvP game, you start as a newbie with the goal of becoming strong to defend first and then to hunt. You can have protections till a certain limit, don't expect to live in that forever.
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  11. thank goodness you didnt make this any longer :D... replying to you will be a major task in itself .Wagon. :p
    I will attempt to define your issues as I understand them as they have been stated during your Post...
    1. the title of the Thread is as a petition... therefore not a demand or suggestion of the future.. and as for 'whining' we then have to see that anyone with an opinion could be accused of having 'whined', regardsless of in-favour or against..!
    2. the difference between the longer-term or stronger players and the new players, or just players who cannot spend either as much time or maybe as much money as certain others, without considering other methods of domination, are not the point... we are considering the competitiveness of the game and its potential as we move forward..
    3. the ability of players to work as groups was also not the direct thrust as I understand it... more the ability of an MCC to circumvent the principles which many of us play, and those which the potential 'NEW' players still must assume when they read the game ideals that DO see fit to publish prior to joining the game..
    4. regardless of NAP or whatever you call it there is no way to stop those who dont think that the 3-Company principle is 'good' enough for them.. they will always dominate in all things and thus diminish the variety and competitiveness of the game by reducing it to a 'Clan-War' unless certain strictures are enforced...
    5. if a member of your own company (a spy) does this then they must by definition not be allowed to benefit from the consequent popping of the sufferer.. we realise that there will always be this sort of kill-joy, and trust and honour must have some place in the game...
    6. there are things/penalties in place to stop 'pushing' or the use of a same company ship to advance another or in fact to help another company from abusing the rank/level system and enforcement is the only way forward...
    7. no-one thought that a blanket-ban on in-Company wars would help.. not the total lack of diplomacy.. more the better control of wars caused for honour and clan and quest bumping and the abuse of MCCs status and X-Co alliances...
    and finally we all know it is a PvP game... but at the present time there is precious little real competition... bearing in mind the prevalence of Generals who only fight in a group as some would not hold rank long in multiple 1v1s when they allowed the lower players to actually advance during Events etc...
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    In regards to MCC, one very important thing that most people aren't aware of is companies are almost irrelevant in terms of who is in control of PvP on each server.
    I clearly remember huge 'wars' between companies years ago, but now the 'wars' are fought between clans and their alliances . The whole dynamic of group PvP has changed nowadays, companies are not important, it's all about the individial clans and their organisation on things such as TS.

    For that reason ending MCC will change nothing, all those players will still be using the same TS as they did before and still be having a fun time doing it.

    I am part of a MMC, we didn't start out as one and it took 3 years before my clan turned into one, but if you deleted the EIC members out of our VRU clan tomorrow then we would just make a EIC version and send alliance.

    We are all friends who have known each other for years, before our server even came out in some cases, making us not play in the same clan won't effect anything. We will still be in the same TS as each other acting as a clan as we have done for almost 5 years, just without the same tag.

    There is no, do x to fix y solution to this problem. The problem servers have with MCC is that there aren't actually enough people who care to stop them. Most people would actually rather be part of a MCC, especially on smaller servers, than against one. You will have a very hard time fixing that.
  13. Thank you for allowing us to get some information on what D O thinks of this. And since the DIRECTION that D O has allowed the GAME to proceed it needs to change the introduction of the GAME from COMPANY to CLAN Dominance and increase the size of the clans along with forcing them to keep a percentage of lower level players in their clans. The Company structure was designed to help those who were just starting out to learn the game, where the clan structure was to assist each other complete MISSIONS and do things together as friends. I do understand the issue of the fellow members in the MCC's as being friends and that these friendships do cross company lines, HOWEVER, there used to be something called COMPANY PRIDE which is what prevented the combination of these forces when it came to HUNTING, the NAP's (Non-Aggression Pacts) were allowed and basically meant the clans would not attack each other in the others maps and might even HUNT in ENEMIES maps together (EIC and VRU in MMO) and if NPC'ing would help protect the FRIEND from attack by being able to communicate in Company Chat that you were there on "FRIENDLY" basis and not HUNTING, since we had and still have quests that require us to kill things in enemy maps.

    Since the Top User Rank System is still based on COMPANY I can only assume the ORIGINAL objective of D O has not changed, meaning this is still a GAME of 3 COMPANIES collecting ORES for Galaxy Superiority, this by defending maps set up for each company and killing those that intrude on such, whether player of npc. As the PvP moves a person up the ranks faster than PvE it is already affecting the RANKINGS having these MCC's in the game (and may even be irreversible at this point) BUT there has to be some sort of CORRECTION to the GAME to get it back on the ORIGINAL COURSE as this course is still the advertised direction any NEW Player reads about when they are deciding to try this game over others out there. This inconsistency and contradiction is what is causing so many newbs (Level<12) to quit along with the fact that there are very few "hand holders" compared to prior to 2011 when you had maps filled with people willing to take a weak player under their wing to SHARE the benefits of their strength.

    IF PvP is what D O wants to be and PvP is all the PLAYERS wanted then explain to me why we have so many EVENTS with NEW NPC's being created, seems like a HUGE outlay of RESOURCES on something that the game is moving away from IF WE ARE TO BELIEVE the MCC's are the direction D O is trying to go. IF the game is supposed to be EVERYONE against EVERYONE then WHY is the 3 company structure still in place? Why would we need to return to HOME maps to collect QUESTS? WHY have Battle Maps and TEAM DEATH MATCH's as these are strictly COMPANY affiliated structures.

    I do understand the fact that FRIENDS will be FRIENDS and will fly with each other in TS, Group Chat, and any other way they can, but the LOYALTY to COMPANY needs to be returned to the GAME and as such the attacks on SAME COMPANY players need to be restricted so players can again enjoy the game as it was DESIGNED not as the PLAYERS have decided to FORCE it to go. Spies will be Spies and we can deal with the occasional Spy but to have a MCC spy come along guide their friends right on top of you then join the battle to pop you and not lose any honor is just not right. Again I would have no issue with the MCC's if they chose to attack in maps where the group was an enemy to that map, or ruling the B-Maps but to run in the lowers (x-1 to 4) in a gang killing those in these maps should not be allowed, especially if a member is BLUE/WHITE tagged to that maps players.
  14. I am left asking myself why we have bothered if, as Okapi32 suggests, this is a 'fait accompli'... it would seem we are all just wasting our breath..:(.. Maybe we should have been told a long time ago to save us all caring about the game and trying to find different angles that could/might be explored to regain competitiveness in company, group and solo events and the replace the reason for 'honour' when you finish a quest or Event!:confused:
    Okapi32 is not the only one to remember and some of us have railed against these things at every step... I for one was involved in the G-R-U-M-P-Y Thread over a year ago... but maybe this has been the plan all along:eek:
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    I totally agree with Okapi32, the company should not be involved in which clan you are in. I am a part of a MMC and I see good sides of this and bad sides. I shoot my friends on the maps when I fly with my team mates, we fly, we shoot we have fun, just relax people. Even when I shoot down my friend sometimes on minus points we still have laugh on TS3... as we all play for fun, he never said that he will kill me in real life after hen I shoot him down in the game... Removing MMC like Okapi said will not stop it...
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    If some people does like that, still you dont have right to say that ALL ufes do that.. Some people use the MCC to only dominate, but not everyone!
    Yeah, we all make friends in the game, and 99% of case we get friends who are not the same company. We want to play with our friends, maybe in same clan or atleast have alliance. Taking away MCC would take so much fun from the game from us, and eventually especially at lower ppl count servers this would lead to even more players stopping the game.
    You miss out the point that most of cases, MC clans form due to a group of friends which arent all in same company. Ive seen dozens of "friendly" mcc's - if clan is MCC it does not mean automatically that they just play to put war for every clan and slaughter all moving ships they see, yes its sad that some clans like to do that but you dont have much choices than A make friends in that clan and maybe get alliance or nap B inv your friends to group and try to fight them off.
    I totally agree. I shoot anyone who starts shooting at me, idc is it same company or not. I like myself to play with my friends, theyre not all in the same company, and i wouldnt actually even want that all members are in same company; Why? Because this game has also many players who only play to make people raged, they play as clanless so that they couldnt be shot down... Then they just start to mine your CBS, cubes etc. just to make your playing impossible. This is where the MCC is very good solve to this problem. ~90% of clanless people ive seen are clanless only because they just want to bully same company members!
    This would only lead to even bigger problems, bullies would just create clans, go and make peeps raged, and when other clan would want to send them war so that they would be enforced to stop their intentional bullying, they would just decline all wars and that would make meaning of clan to be destroyed.
    Yeah, MCC peeps usually are friend and hang out in teamspeak skype etc., taking away the MCC wouldnt stop them. These guys would just group all the time, in clan or not. Same applies to alliances over companys, they just group up in teampeaks etc. and contune to play like before
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    Dark orbit is officially the stupidest game. I go cubing today and my own company 4v1s me for attacking an eic in my space. MCC has completely eradicated the ability to navigate who is actually an enemy or not in the game. Now you cant be sure and if you attack anyone a gang of enemies IN YOUR OWN COMPANY just roll up on you and you cant even play the game. Thanks for 8 years of lovely memories DO community, This was once the finest game on the internetz, but I am over and out for good.
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  18. bigsteve78 we as a community are/should be sad to see another member leave (whether you come back later or not) and all because DO are not willing to regulate MCCs and X-Co Alliances and give the non friends o_O of the MCCs... (they are not all groups of old friends ... many have joined just to get kills) a chance...

    • who said we dont want friends to play together? And who are you say we dont have rights? but to answer... unless and until there is a place for MCCs in the rules and principles of the game we will see more new players leaving as they cannot move forward against the tide of selfish ppl that do exist!
    • if the only way ppl can stay with this game is if they have someones hand to hold then I think we are all going to lose!! I have many friends and I will shoot them down, if I can, when they are messing with my Company or Company Alliance members.. AND guess what we are still friends afterwards :rolleyes:... seems that friendship for some needs very close personal contact :confused:... get used to the fact that this is a game (maybe you cant play Monopoly either without friends to help :p)
    • How many servers do you play to know "dozens" of so-called friendly MCCs? Most are made to dominate and that is not healthy for the game unless there are limits to what they can do, as new players cannot move forward to a point where they can challenge the UFEs and or MCCs...
    • Clanless individuals that play to spoil the game are a problem for sure... but MCCs are not a root solution... they only create more problems as the solo flying 'game-spoilers' still exist and will troll until they drop with or without the MCC!!
    • TS3 is not the problem... and it is not the solution... it is just a method of communication! how it is used is not relevant as it is not and never can be included in the rules/principles of the game... what if the solo 'game-spoilers' all got on TS3 and coordinated (or is that just the precursor to an MCC anyway:rolleyes:)
    enjoy your dominance as long as you can as the future is cloudy IMHO
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    so funny reading all this, the players who like MCC are the ones who hate how the game is dead, its dead because you were too lazy to build your ship for yourself and learn to fight yourself, so you decided to run cheats to do everything for you. you killed the game, and yet you wonder why no one plays, geeze, many sticks where the sun dont shine aye?
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    and a lot those supporting MCC are the people that abuse noobies