[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Mixed clans are the best ! :)
    The only way for all members to get any rank and to be in one clan.

    @ all -> Cry me a river
  2. SauronL

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    thats the problem we talking about ↑

    im in mcc too and i dont think i would be happy if i would be clanless noob without chance to play
  3. .Wagon.

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    Its funny to see players who wants to remove MCC / Allias from the game making excuses like "they're destroying the game" only keep keep stating a problem without any actual* real* world solution.

    No offence, but no matter how much you keep accusing MCC (& those supporting/stating real facts), you're only " whining ".

    If you had cared so much, then instead of accusing and hitting others in here, you'd have thought about a "practical solution".
    Simply removing/banning them is never going to work & it is practically not possible.

    It's very easy to criticise & point out problems, and keep whining over it. Anybody can do that. The real work is to find a solution to the problem.

    Admit it that yes, they're a problem but there is no solution of "removing" this problem completely. All you've to do is adapt accordingly and think of solutions for yourself. Sometimes you've to adapt accordingly rather than keep complaining.

    That's what I feel like saying, now you can either think how you can deal with the situation or continue complaining.

    This game has moved from Company wars to Clan wars. Thats what has happened & there is no way to reverse this change.
    If you hate some MCC, and want to change things. Then have the courage to build a strong Clan, build alliances and fight them.

    Consider it like a Clan war. If you really don't like what a Clan is doing then, instead of complaining to change the system, have the guts to fight them with everything you've got. Build an Alliance for yourself and fight them.

    That's how I think you can solve your problem. Ofcourse, don't think you can completely "remove" that Clan (though sometimes you may), but the next time you go out in space, you will have equal opportunity to take your revenge.

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  4. .Wagon. if you check back and actually read some of the posts in this thread instead of just whinging and criticising others, who are trying to explore situations that are causing issues and would like the game to return to some semblance of an 'honour' based game.. then you would see that there are many suggestions as to ways in which things may be changed to balance the game and not all involve the groups of friends not being able to play together... If no-one elses then check my posts... where there is a problem I always try to find a halfway house/alternative to consider and I am not the only one... so stop complaining yourself and join in with finding an acceptable compromise :rolleyes: as you admit there is in fact something to talk about or you wouldnt be whinging here...
    Your suggestion is nothing more than 'accept the problem and give up' cos
    .Wagon. and his MCC friends want to dominate by whatever means they can!!
    The non FE and even many FE+ cannot compete and we dont all play with our friends on TS and many of these groups are only playing with those that have rank or a good ship in the first place as they can dominate!
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  5. Wow, that's a pretty big jump, from MCC, to an entire clan of people that don't play by the tos. I'm sorry, while i was not a fan of MCC, I changed my opinion, somewhat, because I've talked to some players of the game who belong to MCC that have never used anything remotely "illegal" or in violation of the terms of service.

    While there are pros and cons to everything, assumptions like that are what cause bad feelings and impressions.
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    yah you buffoon, the solution is forcing one company clans and if you want to play with your friends, switch to the same damn company.
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  7. Here's my take. MCCs are a pain your own company helping an enemy kill you is really painting a picture there DO. When a new players get exposed to the game some really cool things are happening things that have gotten so many hooked.

    The overall picture a game gives to a new player is a big part of what bull they will put up with if the games cool you deal with lag and crap.

    When a player is just figuring out a game there's enemy's all around but i got allies too maybe one of these big ships will kick that guys butt. Nope that guy shoots me and my own company helps the enemy kill me now getting killed all the time by well established players that stinks but to have my own team set me up as bait who would stay around for that.

    I say change the honor system if you shoot your own company you lose honor per laser shot not huge if an misclick but to repeatedly shoot your own company you will pay the price. Also keep the progressive kill penalty got to make it hard on the ones just trying to create chaos. This wont work! why? who really cares about honor and rank it can be bought.DO needs to give incentive for being honorable not just selling ore. something like at 1,5,10,20,50 mill honor you get 1% more uri from alien kills so at 50 mill honor you get 5% or something like this to give incentive to have honor and protect your team. Not more quests with kill count's that force people to do drastic things to achieve these kills like slowly choke the life out of a server.
  8. Err no to your idea. There are some of us that like to have friendly 1v1's with people within our own company. Why should we be penalised if that's our way of having fun? You may not see the sense of it, but that doesn't mean B.P should penalise everyone for shooting the same company, merely because of some players being against 'MCC' clans.

    Furthermore on this issue, the removal of 'MCC' clans is not the solution, because those clans will just form brother clans, send war and then do the same thing. And then what you going to do? Ask for the removal of clanwars ( which would be changing the base of the game - something of which you seem to care about).

    Not every MCC clan creates it for the purpose of 'dominating' the game as you tend to say. 9/10 of them were formed due to lack of players on servers, so forming them makes it a bit more interesting, when it comes to PvP.

    I'm sorry, but are you trying to expect FE/Non FE ships to be able to compete at the same level as a UFE? If so, then what is the point of even becoming UFE. Yes players should have an equal amount of opportunity - which they do when they create the ship. UFE's players paid/worked really hard for their ship, so surely they deserve more opportunity within the game as opposed to F.E's?
    And regarding TS its you's at fault. Again why should we be penalised just because you simply CHOOSE to not play with TS? Oh and on the contrary no-one builds up a UFE account to 'dominate' as you seem to think. You'll soon realise this once you become UFE yourself. Its there as a progression thing throughout the game, not to dominate.
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  9. HMMM sounds like a MCC member that hunts their own company for enemy's its easy to say no to everything not so easy to come up with a solution there is plenty of ways to fix whats broken and yes when we cant keep new players something is broken. im not saying its all because of MCCs but to let an exploit run wild "your company able to shoot you with no side effects" players are not going to stick around. i dont have a problem with MCCs but when there is an exploit thats getting taken advantage of something has to give!!!
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  10. Snowy-Kappy my ship is sub UFE, but not by a lot actually... I am trying to see everyones point of view here and so I dont think that UFE's and basic-FE should have an equal chance in a PvP!! I have played the game for 6 years now and worked hard, without cheating and with limited funds.
    My interest here is simply to end the domination of certain players and MCC/clans purely cos they can... I see this as detrimental to the game and after 6 years I do have a vested interest... I have posts in other threads also so please dont 'judge the book...'
    As for TS.. I have it and can use it... I have many friends and I will shoot them and have a great 'friendly' 1v1 or defend the Company against them as I do actually see this as a game that has a community
  11. wow... JUST WOW... there will never be a solution to this, because it is only noobs that suffer from MCC's. if they get disbanded the wallet warriors will get mad and if they don't the noobs will get mad.. this has been going on for 7+ years and trust me, because i was there the whole ride, there is no "EASY" solution to this.

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  12. So you have a friend :) and this friend is a MMClan member :oops: calls out the dot location :eek: suddenly 5 show up :rolleyes:...

    When you think you are in a safe zone with a fellow member of like colors.

    It hard to fight forward when you have to watch your back o_O
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  13. Hmmm and you sir sound like a nooby player thats always the first to "cry out" for something on the game to be removed or changed simply because they're unable to work past it, and because of that, they cry that it's "unfair".( if i were to make an assumption of you);) Now making assumptions isn't nice, more-so when you don't know the player. Yes i am in a clan that is MCC. In-fact i'm the actual Leader of the clan as we speak. But that doesn't mean my clan goes around hunting the entire company as you seem to speak. Besides, we wouldn't need to be a MCC clan to be able to do that, since 1: We are all UFE's, and 2: i can just simply declare Wars to clans in the same company, if i were to hunt down the entire company.

    Yes it's easy to say no, but at the same time it's easy to come up with SOMETHING STUPID which would only have benefit to YOU alone, whilst removing the fun for every other players game play. Yes, i'm on about YOUR stupid idea for honor loss, for every shot that is fired up-on a ship thats within your company.
    Why i call it stupid and say no? Well like i said in my past reply, some of us like to have something which we call "friendly 1v1's" , this honor loss of yours would just be penalising us. So you think its fair for the game creators to remove our way of having fun - which is by having organized friendly 1v1's/2v2's etc? I think not!

    P.s MCC clans are mostly formed because friends wants to be in the same clan without the hassle of having to move company and lose honor. Since the majority of the members tends to be high ranked players with tons of Rank points. So your idea wouldn't be the solution anyway, because those friends of theirs within other companies CAN and WILL still shoot you down.

    So really your idea is most certainly not the solution. A solution has to be something which makes both parties happy, and this certainly isn't.

    I get your point however like i said above, a reason as to why some become MCC is to have friends from different companies all in one clan without having to move companies. Because these members tend to be high ranked, as-well as having a lot of rank points.
  14. Still waiting on a solution you as a MCC clan leader hey you see what everyone is complaining about keeping your interest in mind what would you suggest to take care of both sides problem? See your quick to shoot down and throw trash at others ideas but what can you contributed to making both sides happy?

    edit: oh and I've been around a while
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  15. As a player for 6 yrs and a member of a MCC, the suggestion to end MCCs sounds like the brain child of some lil kid that doesnt want to play a PVP game as a PVP game. Nobody has made a legitimate point as to why they feel MCC are so bad. I dont have to be in a MCC to send war and kill people in my company. And your point about attempts to dominate the server, a clan doesnt have to be MC to do this. So maybe instead of trying to change a game that has been around longer than you have been playing it, you should try and find a game that is more to your liking.
  16. Haha and how does your idea benefit both sides of the party?
    And to be fair, i've not shot down anyone's idea, other than yours? Why? Because of how stupid it is, and of the way it changes the game just to please one person who probably hasn't even achieved all their is to the game. Therefor i will carry on shooting your idea down and throw trash at it because of how ridiculous it is.

    As for a solution? Well there hardly isn't any. The removal of 'MCC' clan won't even do anything. Like myself and a few others have stated about, those MCC clans will just form brother clans, and carry on doing the same thing.

    So really the only feasible solution there is, would be forming your own 'MCC' clan or a clan strong enough to fight back against those so called 'MCC' clans that are "set out to dominate the game" as you seem to think.
  17. bigsteve78

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    shut up and join the same company already, its stupid rank points, they dont matter. You just sound like someone who enjoys the ability of sitting on a friendly base and screwing with players who dont enjoy the same protections as you in a full UFE clan. its amazing you dont see how you behaviour has eliminated 10's of thousands of players from playing DO.

    also how is it a hassle to move to another company? it costs 5k uri and happens in 10 seconds. what you really hate is the idea that your advantages of base sitting and company kill support will be taken away.
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  18. Full protection? what full protection? As a UFE player i have the capability to defend myself, clan or no clan. Yes Rankpoints don't defines a players ability, but i'd rather have my colonel+ rank as opposed to lower ones thankyou very much. Just because you think they're "stupid" doesn't mean everyone should. Otherwise why would it exist on the game? Better yet why would some invest money onto the game just to GAIN rank points?

    I never said it's a hassle to move company. You're probably a low ranked player so rank won't mean much to you. But moving company cost 50% honor. Why would i be up for loosing 100 million honor points ( 1 billion rankpoints) that i've spent money to gain.

    And again i don't need my clan to be MCC to have some sort of support. I have friends in other companies, and if i was to want some sort of support from them, then i'd simply ask. =)

    Now tag along, and work on making your ship better. Cos it seems you're the one that needs to, to be able to support yourself.
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  19. Okay so we understand "friends" want to hunt together. We also know that once close to UFE you no longer care to assist the newbs like the veterans (FULL FE before UFE) did when the maps were full. We understand WHY you want to have the MCC's but the issue is it goes against the ORIGINAL design of the game and promotes the newbs to become company killers instead of loyal to the company they joined.

    I understand why you want the MCC's to continue and why you are against them being banned. The safeguards that need to be created is the protection of those choosing to assist in the kill of same company fights where they are started by an enemy attacker first. When the same company member is flying as a spy for the enemy attackers this is not something that was designed into the game plan but has become an exploit in the game to advance players in the game faster than someone who wants to play the game as designed.

    IF you are flying in an MCC clan then have the decency to have 2 companies flying together attacking true enemies instead of own company players (MMO & VRU attacking in EIC). There have been NO complaints of enemy clans teaming up against the joint enemy of the 2 companies teaming up. It is when you have all 3 companies represented and all 3 are attacking players in one map. IF all 3 want to attack together then go to 4-5 and kill NPC's and hunt enemy players in there, again not attacking same company players.

    Bring Back Company Loyalty and Support to the Newbs just learning the game instead of causing confusion and chasing them away. It used to be easy to get help/assistance doing quests killing NPC's that are too strong for us to kill solo. Now you can spend DAYS asking for help to complete a quest and never get anyone that can withstand the hits long enough to get it killed before having to pull off to rep. It seems that you only get weak newbs to assist the newbs asking for help anymore.

    The need to make wars for no reason other than to allow clans to kill each other is just stupid. Wars were designed to be a means of settling legitimate disputes, not allowing bullies to rule same company players. When you have a clan that irritates the company then they get warred (USA West KOBK in MMO needs to be forced out since they create more discontent within the company than outside) or if a clan member repeatedly causes problems with another clan and the leader does nothing about it then they deserve war but to issue war just because you know their name is plain bullying.
  20. What about having to finish current quests, I've got 2 runnin right now that wont be done anytime soon, and i put too much into them to quit them so I cant just switch companies.
  21. get your facts game was only months old when i started and if you read the thread and you still don't see well that's a you thing. To sum it all up MCCs screw up the image DO should be sending new players if they want to keep them they advertise a game 3 company's fighting over resources. Dude starts playing game and sees his own company helping the enemy bye new dude easy as that. For a new player starting out requires a lot of grinding or a lot of $ having UFE everywhere and getting popped all the time while grinding forever is bad enough. Then add your own company having all these traitors in the company that's suposta help you and you cant see whats wrong with it that would be a you thing for sure

    edit that's a valid point about quest something should be done for that