[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Goes back to company loyalty, if you want to finish the quests and then switch companies get together with another companies friends and kill both of your enemies together. DO NOT KILL friendlies to either of the friends you are flying with, or make yourself scarce when attacking a friendly to your ship. I do not partake in the PvP portion of the game, except in self defense, but I do know that if you are involved in any type of battle you get credit for the NPC kills done by the rest of the group in the same map, does this not apply to the quests for PvP? You might check this out and could be attacking NPC's while your MCC friends are killing the enemy players and still get credit towards the completion of the quest. The fact that MCC's get friends together and then do not care who they attack is where the entire problem has got out of hand. Please respect the design of the game and DO NOT participate in attacking friendly ships or targeting them for your enemy friends, this is all this thread has been trying to point out and no one wants to RESPECT the design of the GAME when joining the MCC clans.
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  2. I seem to have missed a few here so I will not 'reply' to each as it will be too big a post for a simple comment..!! o_O
    We dont have to argue about who has been longer in-game as we are all a part of the game as it is.. (I have been here 6 years also as some may have gathered)
    We (I am not nor will I be MCC) also need to consider our position if we have joined an MCC for the 'benefits' which we all agree are pro UFE and Uber-power status, rather than the game and its longterm endurance...:rolleyes:
    If you dont like to fight fair with smaller people/players then just pop them until the game ceases to exist.. that will be all DO deserves if they dont control this trend...
    I personally believe the ability of Company members to shoot down their own with help from enemy(MCC or X-Co Alliance) in whatever form should be curbed... how this is achieved is not 'OUR' business as we play a game hosted by DO...
    It has been said in other Threads and should be in this one also that DO should express their interest here... we are calling each other names etc and we dont have any control... we only have opinions!!:p
    These opinions should be applied or we stop being silly and just get on with it..!!:confused:
    I want the game to go on and be a Number1 game but all I see is a bunch of ppl who cant agree...

    Sorry if you dont like me but you can ignore me.. :p
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  3. When I first started on USWest, I was constantly being popped by my own company, and it was going on in all 3 companies. Thats actually what persuaded me to reach for my wallet the 1st time. This is a PVP game and as such there are always going to be people that take pleasure in getting a reaction out of people.

    As far as a solution to the MCC, 1 of the 1st lessons I learned in DO is strength in numbers. If the players on a server feel MCCs are killing the server they could all team up and fight back, this is a PVP game after all.
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  4. I think the biggest question we all face COWBOY·FROM·HELL is.. (and someone has just started a Thread) ' Is the Player base increasing or decreasing?'
    Many here believe that the fact that MCCs and X-Co Alliances have strayed from the original principles of the game by shooting their own in the back without an honour-deficit is very wrong and counter-productive... let alone many other comments from this Thread..

    I started on INT1, Global Europe, and INT8,Global Asia (as it was called then), and MCCs were non existent and Companys all had plenty new players to build and make this game into the MMOG that it was/could still dream of being... We all realise that the Internet has evolved and that games are not uncommon o_O, but that should make this game and us, its community, fight harder to maintain its new intake of players within an ever expanding and competitive market.. If you have paid in as many of us have, then defend your investment and try to find ways of easing NewPlayers into the game before they get bored of getting popped and go play something else!!
    I run a clan for noobs to try to build them to the FE state and hope they will stay, whatever they spend, or not, as we need a community or we will end up with only Players like you and me, from the older times, and I dont want the 8k hours and hardearned cash I have spent in-game wasted by some ppl who just want War-red-dots to kill for rank and 'so-called' honour.
    If we, the longterm members and more powerful players, cannot agree there is a problem then we must just accept what DO decide to do without our input!!!
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    hmmm what players are you talking about, the hordes of new excited players looking to team up? cmon now. MCC and UFE ultra alliances have killed off any growth. like all mmo, there is a time to die.
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    Well if MCC were bad people could just stop playing and leave the game and as far as I see every day there are new people coming to the game and no body is hating MCC's (on Global Europe 1) so I think this is just pointless conversation and we all can talk and talk for ever and this will change nothing.
  7. Seems you dont care for the game in the same way I/we do... People leaving the game is one of the reasons the OP started this thread and now you suggest that more should do so... odd how ppl show their true colours (rank and goodness knows what might 'turn you on') ..
    Has it ever occurred to you that some are second/replacement accounts.. Do you help these 'NEW' players??... Have you even read the posts that precede yours?
    We all talk in 'Speakers Corner' precisely as we feel that we have something to say about things which are important to us...If you dont care then leave the subject to those that do!!! I used to enjoy INT1 myself before the Botts... seems it has other infections now:rolleyes:
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    Like you said this is a "Speakers Corner" and I'm just giving my opinion, MCC been here since 2009 (*From my pov) and nobody been giving problems about it. I care about this game trust me :] English Customer support know me well... This game give us a free choice we can fight for the company or we can fight for the clan, thats why clan is for isn't it ? I am in MCC and I help new players, I shoot my company players they shoot me everybody have fun... Don't be afraid of criticism .
  9. Criticism? Where was your attempt at criticism...T
    The free choice to take Clan above Company is also the discussion here... I shoot Company for fun too, but I dont need to war them and abuse the principles of the game to have fun with my friends, and I have many in all Companies after 5 years on this server!!
    The OP suggested a petition against MCCs which has quite naturally become a discussion as to the pros and cons of MCCs as there are some that favour the benefits an MCC has over just Company loyalty...
    Incidentally I was in involved in the G-R-U-M-P-Y Thread from over a year ago and so your suggestion that this is a new comment on MCCs is not correct...
    English Support cover the English speaking Servers and so I think they probably know me too, but we are not having a popularity contest here:confused:
    There are some that abuse the MCC, and X-Co Alliance, ability that DO have allowed to-date and it is their effect on the game that I would hope we might be discussing... If the Cap fits then wear it Toudi...
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    Right but you know that IF they remove MCC that will not change anything ? Like someone said before there is no problem to make a clan for the company and move players there and send war to every clan in that company, so basically dev team will do some extra work for nothing... Player just need to learn to play in the server where even your company can shoot you down... I'm not against removing MCC but I just don't see that happen because this will not solve the problem.
  11. The comment that it will not change anything has been made by several, but the removal of MCCs could affect many things... If there was no option for MCC how could "make a clan for the company and move players there and send war to every clan in that company"
    What you suggest is that MCCs now should dominate, whatever their longterm goal, and we, those opposed, should like it or lump it?
    The Devs will be more than happy to do
    "some extra work" I am sure, if it would improve the longterm productivity of their Game..
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  12. You hit the point on the head;


    Everyone is complaining about the low numbers of players in the maps, we have brought up the biggest reason for this, and we are making suggestions of correcting this. When you were playing in 2009 in your MCC the playing field was a lot more balanced (FE and Full Bio was an easy accomplishment) and the newbs were well protected from the attacks caused by them. NOW with the unbalanced playing field and limited players in the maps the situation is out of control and needs to be corrected. There are several other PvP space games out there that DO NOT ALLOW SAME COMPANY ATTACKS and these do not have issues of low map populations and are not having to change/add new items monthly to generate revenue for the game as the progression is just that a progression.

    Yes we know the players that want to shoot same company players will still do it which is why it has also been suggested to make the ranking system what it was originally designed to do and have the top ranked users have responsibility to control internal company loyalty, arguments, and wars, thus preventing the arbitrary war to just increase rank by killing own company players.
    It is done with the use of NAP's (Non Aggression Pact's) and is seen on several servers where the CBS's are being destroyed by two enemy factions attacking at one time. Which is not what this discussion is against. WE ARE TIRED OF THE SAME COMPANY ATTACKS/ASSISTS of people who are strong enough to not have to kill their own company players to get ahead in the game. And YES it has been done exactly as stated, we had clans on USA West (when I started) who dominated the game and were constantly sending war to other company clans and when D O got tired of the issue those players were removed from the game, to regain order of the maps to help maintain the longevity of the game design and plan. Now it seems the direction of the game is to let it die a slow death collecting as much money from the closed minded players who can not see the writing on the walls that the game is about to be shut down and every dime they spent is just being flushed down the virtual drain.

    So if D O does care about the game and really is trying to get the server populations back then removing the MCC's (or at least the same company attacks/WARS) is the first step to doing so. I do understand the LEGITIMATE WARS are needed, but they need to have control over the reason for it to be called and should have COMPANY SUPPORT (top ranked players in the company decide) before a war can be declared and if a clan is being a bully they are removed from the company and forced to choose another company to join or be free agents (which means RED to all 3 companies) and able to be attacked by anyone.

    After making that last comment, IF continued MCC's were to be allowed, and the clan was not loyal to any one company, then the clan would be seen as RED (or a NEW color) to all companies and would prevent the issues now presented of having a friendly guide an enemy to your location and then assist in your death. These players would not be included in the loss of honor system as they have no honor or company loyalty (however, if changing companies, still lose the honor as is set up now) and when attacked by anyone (same company or enemy) do not generate the negative honor or rank points. SO YES keep the MCC's in the game just give them a NEW color dot on the mini-map and name band so we know their TRUE affiliation. These could be a 4th company who has no territory of their own and have to infiltrate the other 3 companies maps and do not have any protections in any maps (unless they build CBS's and can hold them).

    Either D O wants to maintain the integrity of the COMPANY Hierarchy (Generals, Colonels, etc) which requires the MCC's disbanded or we get the 4th company created and force them to CHANGE to it when joining a MCC and have their own ranks. Stop the advancement of rank by killing own company players and maybe we can keep this game alive instead of the downward spiral it is on now.
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  13. Wow that was long...;)
    I have to state from the start that I dont feel a 4th Company, as it appears above, would be a way forward... That would only legitimize shooting noobs and even FE and FE+ without having to have a 'reason'..Wars within Co are, or can be, justified and diplomatic solutions can be found if both sides have the Company at their heart! I have a current war sent to me that may well have be justified and I have dealt with it and we are at peace now... this is called Diplomacy (the word is mightier than the sword)...
    The game rules are set about 3 Companies and to wander from this would be extremely complicated!!

    How DO feels about the current situation can only be expressed by their moves to defuse the problem... I am still waiting for anything more than Okapi32 saying that we are wasting our time even asking the question...

    I must also say that having the serving General in a/any Company 'oversee' the in-Co Clan diplomacy might also prove difficult...

    I am very happy to see so many suggestions here... Even the gain-sayers also agree there is a problem but like it the way it is :p (and who can blame them)... they think power should be forever and no-one should be allowed to assail...
  14. The only reason for the 4th company is because that is what an MCC is, and it is not a way forward but it is a way to allow MCC's to continue in the game. This thread was a REQUEST to end MCC's and those that participate in them are against this petition and, therefore, had to make a suggestion to appease their feelings.

    The OVERSIGHT by the top 10 players of the company is to prevent the alternative that has been mentioned if the MCC's were dissolved, they will make single company clans and WAR everyone just so they can continue to shoot same company players. These players (including Okapi32) have decided to play against the Game Design and create clans that fight their own companies so they are a 4th company LOYAL to none of the structured companies now. As long as they condone killing their own company players, they are not following the design of the game and this should not be allowed.

    I do agree that the WARS can be justified, but a BULLY clan perma-warring a newb clan just to increase their KILLS is not a justified WAR. On USAWest (I have mentioned before) MMO is justified to perma-war KOBK clan as its leader runs its mouth against MMO so much yet he will not leave the company. He has even offered to help enemies kill CBS's and upset those players because he just portal sat while they were attacked in defense of the CBS. And the reason for making the hierarchy be involved in the WAR approval is to prevent the MCC's from splitting and then sending wars just so they can still kill same company players they have proven to dominate.

    The whole thing is PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING KILLED BY SAME COMPANY PLAYERS and are leaving the game because D O seems to be condoning these actions instead of preventing them. When they see a FRIENDLY ship come on to screen they think they might have some help coming and next thing they know they are being attacked by them also. At least if the 4th company was created, they would not have any legal SAFE MAP to sit in and the players being shot by "FRIENDLIES" should stop (especially if there was a method of Hierarchy communicating a request to remove a player from the company, after WORDS did not work)
  15. I have to agree IF the MCC's are allowed to continue in the game they need to be put into a 4th company, as this is what they have essentially done on their own. We have all seen the upheaval of the Top Users since the creation of the UFE and with the CHEATS being run have even seen these totally messed up. As the player kills account so much more than NPC's in the ranking system clans who can dominate all maps and not get any loss of honor when attacking "friendlies" is wrong.

    Changes need to be made and those gaining by exploiting the ability to circumvent the friendly attack penalty are nothing more than a cheater. (I know I just upset ALL MCC players), but this is true if you think about it, the game is set up as 3 companies trying for supremacy in the universe (not MCC's seeking supremacy over the companies) and when you find a way to GAIN from killing same company players that is exploiting a deficiency in the game. The request has been simple, follow the context of the game (support your own company players) and play with enemy friends or change companies so you can show true colors, or have D O create a solution (as suggested a 4th company without any maps) to dissolve the MCC domination of the game.
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  16. OK and the clarification was well put... but
    The Thread was to enquire as to the 'End MCC' and has also been suggested, during the Thread, that they have curbs/limits on their ability imposed in-game ...
    I also condone their (MCC members) being party to the reformation but I repeat giving them status as 'OWN-CO killers' with their own Co.(effectively) is straying too far...
    DO are caught in a 'Cleft Stick' I think... They want to be inclusive of their longterm players(regardless of how much they have donated in their enjoyment of the game...I have also spent over my time here...) and they also see the need for a new Generation to take over from those which will eventually leave, for whatever reason (and I have seen a number leave feet first.. may they R.I.P.)... We all play for some reason but total domination can only be accepted in a Pay4Play game... Then the Wallet is greater than the Game!!:confused:
    May I never see a time when this game is reduced to just those few who think they have bought their position here...

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  17. Oh shut up, you class this as "cheating" and yet nowhere within the game T&C does it state one is not allowed to fire up on a friendly ship. Yes the game was created with 3 companies and blablabla, but also with the feature of having MCC clans. And i don't understand where you get the idea that MCC clans are out to take over the 3 companies - because i can tell you for sure they're not.
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  18. A noob clan cannot exist and grow with MCCs in game. Newer players with low lvl quests need to help each other hence clans. They are a good way to communicate and help and be helped. A huge part of the game revolves around clans and to shut out any chance of getting new players because they cannot join a clan without getting warred constantly. This should be an easy decision for DO they say they want to make the game more noob friendly why not fix the part that's killing any chance to have a growing population.

    And no diplomacy dosnt work for these guys what do they have to offer MCCs other then kills. Stop trying to show a few honorable MCCs im sure they out there but the ability to haze every new player on the server at a whim that's to much these players got it tough with everything hunting them way worse then back in the day. FE is just a stepping stone we used to work hard for but now no sweat. The grind that follows is way worse then getting FE back then. Couple that with getting insta popped in a FE goli all the time yep that happened for a back in the old days if you jumped into a raiding party. but not one ship uncloaking on you and you cant even see them b4 you pop this is normal game now.

    so lets see noob problems

    Noobs cannot clan up to help each other grow without being fodder for their own company

    just starting the road at FE you still get insta popped by monster players in the game witch are everywhere

    Too expensive

    takes to long to get UFE status

    game unbalanced

    most events centered around UFE sub UFE players noobs just kill count fodder

    Killed so much cannot progress thru game

    see they got some problems not being able to join a clan is a huge hit to any player and the big clans dont accept fodder very often so why not fix something so huge to the new player i and many others can handle MCCs we are established but these guys need some help
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  19. So now you are telling us how the game was intended to be played is different than the way the game is played? If people are leaving DO because they cant take being popped in a pvp game, maybe DO isnt the game for them.

    This entire thread is pointless if you think you are going to get the developers to change the game they created as they have made an error in allowing people to send war or for players from multiple companies to be in the same clan. People have been popping noobs since day 1 of DO and that is just part of the game. You will never remove human nature from a game played by humans
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  20. What do MCCs have to do with noobs growth in the game? A red dot is a red dot whether the clan is single company or multi company. So far you have not brought up 1 reason why MCCs are ruining the game, every gripe you have made does not relate to MCCs but to people that dont play the way you want them to play. Guess what, this game is played by lots of different people from all over the globe, not everyone shares your opinion. Some people are gonna use cheats no matter how much people complain about them, some people are gonna kill any red dot whether its a noob or not, some people will shoot their own company even tho they get -honor, some people do gates all day every day, some people hunt, some people just shoot npcs and get popped. Their are many roles to be played in DO, it is part of what makes DO the game it is.
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