[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. They are just a bunch of whiners that think the game should be changed from the way it was created to better suit the way they want to play it.
  2. I think the key aspect to this MCC thing is within the "Alliances".

    In the beginning... same company clans make alliances with each other agreeing to help defend and work together, but somewhere along the way one of the Clans has members who move to an alternate company for whatever the reason perhaps something as simple as being able to box the pvp maps for the better valued boxes, but decide to remain in the said Clan for loyalty and also support (credits etc.).
    This is where the problem begins, (I'll use EIC and VRU to example) an eic player starts shooting a vru player but that vru player is a member of an eic clan, so the fellow clan members come to defend the clan mate ending up with the situation of same company players helping the enemy kill the fellow eic player.

    The problem is not with MCC it is within the leadership ranks.
    Our clan (EIC) does not accept VRU or MMO as members, if you are EIC and move to another company you must leave the clan and return when you return to the company just as simple as that.

    Do we carry Alliances with enemy companies? Yes of course we do as should all others, it's an integral part of the game.
    I will agree here that the MCC is mostly now just being abused and used as a way to go against the grain so to speak. To get an advantage.

    Kill 'em all I say :p

    Don't shoot green tags and if your a clan leader and see an enemy with a green tag, the choice is yours to end the alliance or to continue.

    Teach your players about "diplomacy". Make clan rules, to in part help, control the situation.


    Arrogance and Attitude are no match for Experience
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  3. bigsteve78

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    Fix is so easy. reward noobs for popping high ranks with x4, tons of uri and tons of items. watch thousnds of players stream back and try all sorts of ways to kill UFE.
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  4. I have to laugh at the posts from COWBOY·FROM·HELL and Snowy-Kappy as it appears that they dont have a future for the game in mind unless they are in the top notch... Correct me but you are both arguing that MCCs are a beneficial part of the game and were always intended by the Game Designers and are written into the T+C and should not be withdrawn or altered(even if they exist) as you personally would not be happy or benefit!!??o_O
    It still strikes me that you are not including or representing the majority of postings here and just argue with the bits you feel you have a small footing against..
    This is SpeakersCorner and we all have a right to a voice so Snowy-Kappy saying "Oh shut up" is not really inclusive ...
    and COWBOY·FROM·HELL telling us that we have misread or misinterpreted the basic principles of 'Honour and Companies based on a clan culture' is wrong !!
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  5. Okapi32

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    I just don't understand what people think they can achieve by removing multi company clans. Then the next thread is complaining about multi company alliances. The thread after that is complaining about multi company teamspeaks?
    Because that's all it is really. EIC-player says to his VRU friend, 'hey I want to shoot VRU in 3-6, come help?', VRU-player says 'okay' - you don't need to be in the same clan to do that, you don't need an alliance to do that.

    In the past multi company clans were removed because the whole server or the company involved banded together to get rid of them, they can't do that now because there are not enough people in the game who care about them and not enough people to get rid of them.

    If you honestly think removed MCC is going to fix your problem then you really are delusional and haven't even considered what happens after MCC are banned. People who were in MCC aren't just going to do a 180 and say, well thats that then, I will no longer be friends with the people I was in that clan with.

    P.S If they game was not intended for MCC to exist, then maybe, just maybe ... there wouldn't be a clan company affiliation option for 'All'.
  6. Toudi

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    Totally agree with you ! People now are digging for stuff to complain...
  7. Then could you care to explain as to why there is a clan company affiliation option for 'All'? (As Okapi said) I mean if the game wasn't intended for MCC clans to be an option ( like you seem to think) then surely that shouldn't be there either. So yes, i'd say that MCC function was actually intended by the game designers.

    Secondly i never said that MCC's was written in the T+C. With that being said, i don't see how you and one or two others that are against MCC would come to the conclusion to start classing it as a form of cheating within the game. Because as we know, T+C has a section regarding cheating within the game, including what they class as cheating. And so nowhere within that section is MCC mentioned.

    And you believe its correct to remove that function just to please yourself? I'm not the only one that is for MCC clans. If you look up, you can see a few players are also against your idea of removing this function. Saying that though it doesn't give you the right to accuse us of not having the games future in mind, because we do. Or else why would we play? Besides as Okapi stated, the removal of it won't be the solution you're after.
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  8. Okapi32 we all know where you stand:rolleyes:... that wasnt the OPs question/argument... The allowance of 'ALL' Company clans is an issue if they are abused as they have been in tooo many cases... I have suggested curbs as you would see if you looked... We all realise that in the event of the removal of MCCs there would be another avenue found to exploit the New players as 'Cannon-fodder'.. but as said by others, not excluding myself, Noobs are the future unless you and the UFE MCCs are looking to 'end-game' politics!! We, the others who dont have clout, are saying that we care for the game that we are involved in (spent monies in) and we believe there is a problem for the future ...
    I dont mean to be abusive.. just to state a case against a trend of more and more powerful UFE players (too great a differential if abused), and their Forum names, dominating the game and the/our future!!

    SnowKappy this is an edit as you posted whilst I was writing

    I hope I have clarified the position...!!
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  9. easy answers
    1. a noob clan cannot exist without being warred all the time by MCCs looking for kills.

    2. MCC clans will help pop their own company for the enemy including noobs freaking cowards

    3. # 2 opens a lot of stuff that a noob cannot participate in Crazy cube for one. the 3 servers a play on all 3 MCCs use these events to create chaos one server has the players to fight back but the other 2 are too dead and a noob is better off not participating. Its bad enough for them with enemys hunting these events let alone one of your company helping the enemy.

    well theres 3 easy ones i got to go to work but ive got a couple more. i swear trying to deal with MCCs are like trying to get a three year old to clean their room every time you try to talk sence all you hear is NO and here come the fit a little name calling throw stupid around and to make themselves feel better lets war a noob clan to show how bad ass we are. freaking cowards
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  10. exploits are a breach of the T+C when you help kill your own company member and receive no - honor for it because of a repetitive loophole in the program that by definition is exploiting a glitch in the game.
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  11. I find it funny, the two avenues of thought are very well defined here. You have the Loyalists, who want to return the game to Company based loyalty, which is what the RANKING SYSTEM was setup for (why else would all 3 companies have their own calculations?). And the Exploitists who have decided that killing their own company players (with enemy friends) is beneficial to keeping players in the game.

    The excuse that was given by one Exploitist was that there are so few players in the maps to hunt they had to CREATE TARGETS by attacking their own company players. The Loyalists have tried to point out other ways to allow the exploitists to continue in the game as they desire, and choose to ignore this and call the Loyalists WHINERS instead of doing the simple thing (also suggested) of not attacking in FRIENDLY maps.

    I believe the purpose of the "ALL COMPANIES" in clan company selection, was to allow friends to group together and help newbs grow within the game. I do not believe that D O intended the strongest players in the game to come together and attack own company players because one of the enemy players got red lock and shot first allowing them to help kill the friendly without losing honor points for doing the same.
    Thank you for finally admitting the problem (in the past has been dealt with) and even the Loyalists have admitted that the removal of these players is not beneficial to the game as the populations continue to dwindle. There have been suggestions for changes that would allow these entities to remain as they are, just make the MCC's (who choose to hunt friendly ships) a fourth company that has no real maps for protection. These changes would not have any affect on how they want to play other than they would no longer be able to pinpoint a FRIENDLY ship for attack by their friends to join in on the kill. The only reason this suggestion has been ignored by the Exploitists is because they know this is going to put a TARGET on them and allow the players in the map to see them as the true threat that they really are.

    The creation of the 4th company would allow these players to have the FULL population to kill without sending WAR to every clan they want to shoot, would cause them to create alliances inside the 4th company to protect their backsides from being attacked by the other MCC's who have been placed in the 4th company and last but not least would allow the internal workings of the 3 companies to resume raising their newbs to become something other than company killed cannon fodder.

    Simply put just stop assisting in the FRIENDLY KILLS that are happening and causing chaos within the game causing more players to leave the game they used to love, or are trying to understand. The support system that used to be here is gone and the division of the ranks (UFE and all others) is so unbalanced now that people, that used to play all the time, are giving up daily. With the deletion of the BOTTERS and the weak players leaving the game the continued Exploitation of the "loss of honor" attacks is going to force the game to a single server full of UFE players attacking each other with no one else playing.

    Honestly, is this the direction that the players supporting MCC's want the game to progress? Are you really getting your MONIES worth being able to only fight UFE players? What happens to your MULTIPLE accounts when they are merged into a single server? This is the future of the GAME you like so well is it really the future you want?

    The only reason for an attack on these comments is because you are closed minded and do not care about the game, unlike the persons who brought this subject up. The game is dieing and needs a boost of "Old School" support in the maps, since the players do not want to give that support, D O is going to have to create it to keep the game alive. Create the 4th company and place the Company Killing Clans in this company.
  12. So while you are reinventing a game many of us have been playing for years why dont you change the name also. Or just so there is no possible way for you to disagree with the way the game was developed, just go make your own game and see how many people follow to your utopia outer space non pvp game.
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  13. Again how is it exploiting? by helping someone kill a player within your own company would mean that YOU DO NOT get the kill. And so you get no benefits by doing so since the kill goes to the person you helped. And it is not a glitch.
    Shooting a player within your own company is ALLOWED. Hence why there's a punishment of honor deduction. And helping players shoot players within your own company is also allowed. It doesn't really benefit you in anyway, because they're receiving the rewards - not you. So no exploitation, nor any glitch there. The only time it becomes a problem is when the killing becomes repetitive which then leads to pushing...but thats a whole different thing. :)

    Oh and i'm not condoning shooting your own company or whatever, nor assisting players shoot your own company. But its a feature which is allowed. If one chooses to do so, then let them. As they say, each to their own.
  14. If I have a friend on game and someone shoots him, I'm gonna help him slaughter that other person, preferably more than once.

    Just sayin' :cool:


    Friendly players destroyed791

    And every single one deserved it :D
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  15. I would agree with most of your observations ¶ÅlîèñΩΗûñtërΦ but I also note that you yourself seem not entirely convinced that a 4th Company would help except to change the argument as, although the 3 Companies might then regain their ranking, the 4th Company would still have dominance as MCCs dont usually accept lower rank (non UFE) players and therefore would still make an inbalance which cannot be redressed and would 'raid' the Maps until as you said all players are UFE and .. etc. Unless you mean to close them from the rest of the Companies then this 4th Company can kill each other for fun and let us all regain some balance whilst we strive to become UFE ourselves...

    seems you didnt read my post COWBOY·FROM·HELL as I only suggest the MCCs are a problem "if they are abused as they have been in tooo many cases... I have suggested curbs as you would see if you looked" and it still seems you'd rather more people left the game rather than have a discussion...

    I think we all realise that the secondary own company helper doesnt benefit directly but the arguement is that they also dont suffer... The MCC can bring own Company to shoot you in the back to forward the Rank of the Clan and if the tables are turned and the player/helper that lost in the above case can then go to their enemy maps and benefit from their MCC members helping with themselves then as the beneficiary.. This affects the Ranking within the 3 Companies using the help of enemy/friends.. If they started shooting each other within their own clan (MCC) then it would be pushing... otherwise I would just call it 'DO condoned Bullying'
    Happily you dont personally do this... or so you say!
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  16. No they don't benefit in anyway. In terms of suffering - well they're just wasting their ammo. But then again i don't see why should they suffer for helping player 'A' shoot player 'B' without gaining any advantages themselves. They're simply just playing the game. Perhaps not the way you would like to, but they're playing it their way ( which is what you're supposed to do).
    It may not be morally correct, but it's is a feature which the game designers had allowed. And it's not breaking any rules.
    No it doesn't. Clan rank pts is the made up of adding every single top user points from clan members within the clan together. Unless the person you're helping shoot your own company, belongs to your clan, then the clan will not receive any advantages from it. But if they're then obviously they'd gain like a point or something, from that player getting the kill which probably won't be enough to alter the clan ranking system.
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  17. Interesting that you should mention Morality and also I note the cherry picking from my post... the MCCs dont only work against one Company and therefore their members can benefit in other maps as I said in the post you have dissected to find your so-called evidence :p .. if you were trying to have a discussion then you would not reduce my posts to only those items you feel you can argue... I am not as stupid as you may assume!!
    and as for Clan Rank points... when you include the fact that you are not using a 'Slave' ships to shoot your enemy and they too will benefit on behalf of the MultiCo Clan when they are helped in enemy maps with their own Quests.. then kills for the MCC will add up and unbalance the Company ranking where the MCC is based!!o_O
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  18. sounds to me like using one ship to progress anothers rank hence another form of pushing. Bigpoint would not of put the penalty system in place if they wanted a loophole to work for shooting your own company call it what you will but why have a punishment system in place that can be circumvented for personal gain. You say its not a glitch but in the end it lets same company members shoot people without penalty DO put the system in place for a reason to use the loophole is breach of T+Cs

    1.2.10 The use of programming bugs and/oder errors to achieve personal gain is strictly prohibited.
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  19. Nah, i wasn't cherry picking as you say. Those points i argued to were just what i first spotted. I could of carried, but quite frankly couldn't be bothered to. :p

    Lol how does the company ranking signifies the 'strongest' company with-in the game? It is made up of points from individual players afterall! ;)I'm sure you'd find that some MCC clan tend to be within companies that are actually the lowest ranked out of all 3. Besides what has it got to do with the survival of noobs within maps?

    -I don't quite understand what you're trying to get at within some parts of your reply. Hence why i've left them out. :)

    Do you even know what pushing is? Because i don't think you do.
    Using your own ship and helping another player shoot a player down is allowed and is not pushing. And so is helping an enemy player shooting someone within your own company.The progression of rank is an achievement to them for getting the kill. It only becomes a problem when those killings to that one particular player becomes very repetitive to the point where Bigpoint would start to class it as pushing.
    And if you own both ships and you start to use them both simultaneously to gain advantage, then that is also pushing.

    So regarding this matter of MCC clans helping shooting their own company down or whatever. Well it doesn't fall under the category of pushing and so not cheating. So feel free to look up the definition of pushing, before throwing that word around. ;)

    The penalty system is for when you get the kill. There is no way around killing someone within your own company without being penalised for it. Well unless you declare war to them. But then again, they'd have to be in a clan for that.

    So whats the personal gain they get out shooting their own company? I mean, they don't get the kill, so in no way do they get any personal benefit from it. All they've done is help someone shoot someone down - who quite frankly probably would of died anyway. So they've done nothing wrong.

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    Everyone is talking about critical issues in heated debate that strike to the heart of the games future. What does big point do for their big next release? Give us the ability to change the look of our drone. No wonder this game is a pile of dung now.
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