[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. The ONLY thing D O/BigPoint seems concerned about is increasing their revenue stream and is why the community is being ignored. They no longer care about the populations in the maps but the WALLETS that play their game. IF you are a P4F player you do not matter to them and is why the fun of the game is gone.

    Revising the penalty system is something that has been suggested so that if you (a friendly) are attacking when they die you do get the penalization for killing them. Or again the better fix is to create a 4th company for these players who find it necessary to assist in killing the friendly ships to be attached to so that everyone knows they are going to attack you.

    Do me a favor, be in a group and attack a friendly with a quest open and tell me if you benefit from the kill? I know that all NPC kills, from the group, count as long as you are engaged in a fight with anything, as long as you are in the same map. The problem with helping kill a friendly is the message being sent to the victim, that no one cares about him (or his getting strong enough) for him to stay in the game. I have several REAL LIFE FRIENDS that have quit the game strictly because of this and know others (these were MAJOR WALLETS) from TeamSpeak that have gone to other games as this game has become intolerable with the MCC attacks on them and their friends.

    But then the reason given for accepting the MCC's is because the populations, in the maps, are down and we need more targets to shoot and everyone with their multiple accounts on multiple servers are concerned about what is going to happen when D O decides to MERGE the servers because they can not afford to keep them all running. IF THE ATTACKS ON FRIENDLIES WERE STOPPED and TARGETING THEM for ENEMIES was not allowed then there might be some HOPE to get the populations back where they used to be. BUT as long as we have the DEVIL COULD CARE ATTITUDE towards the none FE+ players (mainly in lower home maps) the game is in a spiral and getting ready for a crash. The game was fun when there were players sitting at the portal repping and assisting in defending a running player against attack, now you run and find you just get more attacking you.

    WE do not want to change the game, but we do want the game to be what was originally designed before becoming a home for bullies. There is anti-bullying rules and when attacking all friendly ships seen you are just a bully chasing players away from the game. We have suggested to have these attacks be done in enemy maps and not attack friendlies and for some reason you do not want to do this and instead choose to berate us voicing our opinions in an OPEN FORUM as YOU HAVE decided the BULLIES are the ones who decide how the game should be played, instead of the majority ("quit if you don't like it") who are giving up because we don't like the way the game is going and so the populations continue to fall off instead of gain on what they used to be (you want proof look thru the top users and see how many "Basic Space Pilots" are in the top 500 of your server), I understand LIFE happens, but for a title to be lost (back to a starter title) you need to be away from the game for over 4 weeks. The 2 servers I play, over 15% have been away long enough to have been stripped of their title.
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    Bro why are you talking about things that you don't know ? One of the biggest profit Big Point get from the games is Darkrobit. If they really don't care about population they could easily merge servers right now without been bothered with issues like ranking etc. You know that stuff like that take ages and ages, I have seen inside of one big game company who have 2 HQ's hundreds of ppl working daily and I know that take ages to implement something new to the game, to add something new they have to modification old things and fight bugs, errors etc. Sorry but you are a little bit annoying with your negative comments.
  3. I ponder this. It is theoretically possible to be in a outfit with a fellow Co. player and this player belongs to an MMC and calls you out to be poofed. Oh wowee...death knell.

    In BSG (haven't played Seafight) you cannot - no matter what - shoot your own faction. This is the lesson DO should be learning from instead of the server merge they tried.
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  4. Yeah, kind of pointless has hoping for a double stat drones. The only look that was viable was getting all the Epic Demon drones. Now that was Epic :D and this was back in Oct. - this is Feb.

    I don't have 'see' drone on anyways, too distracting.

    And these 'frost' designs that do nothing, but make you a more 'visible' clickable/targetable to get you popped.
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  5. This was-is an issue/request raised a while ago when the "beacon, silver skull and other visual designs" came out. Personally I'm surprised at how fast it was done lol.


    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect
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    I absolutely agree with what the old time (and the newer) players are saying. Loyalty to company and clan is a thing of honor. The game is so unevenly matched as it is with the all of the money $chemes that have been hatched.
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  7. You don't. If you shot first you get negative honor. And if another player within your group shoot first they get the rewards including the count for the quest. You get nothing.
    Why are you comparing helping kill an NPC with helping to kill a friendly? They're two different things, and so have different impacts:rolleyes:. Yes all NPC's kills from the group count so long as you're engaged within fight, however that doesn't apply when you replace the NPC with a friendly ship. Like i said in my statement above, group player kills are not shared. Only the person that had the fired the first shot gets the reward/punishment.

    removing the ability to shoot a friendly ( whether they are within a warred clan or not ) is changing the game :rolleyes: because these features are what the game started with. That's the problem with you - you simply want to change the game.
    Lol you say i'm berating you's merely because my opinion is different to yours? You forget that i can say the same to you. So if thats's what you'd like to call it, then i suppose that's how it's going to be...;)Plus like you said it is an open Forum, and so i too am allowed to voice my opinion. And it doesn't have to be the same as yours.
    I never said anything about the bullies deciding how this game should be played. Then again, nor should you or the majority. Who are you to decide HOW someone plays the game? So long as players aren't breaking any rules or anything similar then its fine. Like i said who are we to decide how people play.

    P.S i don't understand where you got the whole "quit if you don't like", i never once said that. Stop making things up to using within your arguments. o_Oo_O
  8. That was in a paragraph that was not directed to your comments but is the attitude portrayed by another MCC lover. But as you are supporting chasing new players away by killing same company players I guess you are saying it with actions instead of words.
  9. remove MCC.
    if they dont. merge ever server to 1 company, remove 2 of the other company's

    no new players are staying in the game. DUE TO BP NOT DOING THERE JOBS AND KEEPING IT FAIR FOR ALL TO PLAY. which is in the C&T which i mite add

    also minus clan population to 20
    and while your at it "UPDATE" the clan pages!

    weekly payouts limit's need to be removed PERIOD!
    (tax's and new players go hand in hand)
    If you do not want credit farms as most of the top 150 clans in any/all server's will have already
    with multi-citadel's alt's.
    start removing IP's and make it life long ban's. if you think its bad. capping tax's was stupid you limited the growth of new players by 99%

    also a unfair game play is to let the normal con't to happen. PVP in general. there should be a new formula added . the current way doesn't work. it should be based on objects and this be the way we would fight based on stat's. i could go into more detail if mods want.

    its almost like this company wants to fail. at how they do there business. if this was a BANK they would be broke. and asking for a bail out lol. this game is high cash little fun with no one wanting to play any more. cracks bots and cheats are still alive and well in this game. really very sad. or BP's idea for endgame shutdowns

    and after having a very nice chat with support a few years ago. about them fixing the issue with the bot's and them banning me for 7 days about the topic of them. around the time bot's first come to dark orbit and then telling me they were going to delete my account. i will never pay for this game. in till they make it up to me. i semi care about the game. this company is bye far the most evil company i have ever talked with and don't care enfo to even email them when things happen.

    oh and i did leave the game for 3 years after that nice chat
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  10. Nah i'm against this MCC clan removal, because for 1 i'm a leader of a MCC within my server and 2: The intentions you (as-well as what a few others that are against MCC) tend to assume as to why MCC were formed are 100% inaccurate. :rolleyes: Either way, i suppose that makes me a MCC lover too aye? :rolleyes::eek::D
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    if the game play is supposed to be vru against mmo and eic and sooo on then what does a multicompany clan hav eto do with that and why are you able to war other clans? they don't want pushing or unfair game play or annoying others yet they make dumb gameplay such as that.....

  12. I thought I would clarify for you Snowy-Kappy both what I mean by Cherry-picking and by what I meant by the advancement of clan and member rank points .. you chose to argue a point that I had already made with Venom~kilzs so maybe it wasnt cherry-picking so much as only using what you thought might sound good against me and then thought you could make your point better against another... The own company helper will get his spent ammo back when he shoots enemy with the help of his MCC mates and so both the MCC and the member will benefit with Rankpoints!! yellowsubmarine has also pointed out that the inability to shoot own Co and Outfit members can also be avoided by getting 'friends' from outside the group to shoot the one you dont 'like'.. though as posted the members of the outfit will not benefit:rolleyes:

    The ability to war own Company is not in question according to the OP... War within a Company to settle scores etc is fine and justifiable as is the ability to shoot own Co directly as then the honour will be affected according to the result !! War with enemy Company has always been stupid as they are RED anyway .. The discussion about own Company helping with a kill, be it for an MCC or otherwise is however an issue.. we all accept that IF MCCs had their wings clipped then they would still help their mates... so an Own Co kill whether with red lock or not should also carry a penalty!!

    surprisingly Snowy-Kappy it is also possible to be the leader of a clan with no enemy members and the arguement is not that they are your friends but that the ALL co /MCC ability is circumnavigating the honour base that the game was founded on..

    [removed - references deleted posts/content]

    Everyone who actually reads the posts I apologise to as it seems I have to repeat myself for certain ppl
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    LIRIDONY. User

    I can even believe my eyes the big words that all those probably barely FE players are throwing into this topic.
    The multi company clans are part of the game, are a FEATURE of the game.Nobody, especially bigpoints, cares if you are too weak or too chaotic to assembly a group of people and fight the multi company clan or it's members alone.
    It is part of the game, there isn't ANYTHING wrong with it, you can't expect Bigpoint to make changes to every part of the game which doesn't please you, I've seen players asking for absurd NPC rewards, for cheaper things, pretty much 90% of their suggestions are for making the game easier for them.
    You want to know the truth ? You are all [removed] and it is about time you man up and start realizing that
    You can't throw insults at people who have gotten strong enough to kill you in a 5v1 and formed an organized group, [removed]..because those people, WERE ONCE AS WEAK AS YOU and just like you, THEY HAD TO FACE ENEMIES AND MULTI COMPANY CLANS.
    So stop asking for favors from Bigpoint threatening them to quit the game/not pay money, the ammount of money you are paying to them is INSIGNIFICANT to them, they EARN MILLIONS
    In life you don't ask God to make your life easier, you just man up, get strong and get over the obstacles you encounter.
    I hope my point had awakened some interest at least in some.
    Thank you for your time !
    - Mishaboy, playing this game since 2007..
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  14. all I can say is LOL to that little tirade... But Im sure you feel so much better for getting that of your [removed] chest [removed] :rolleyes: and as for calling ppl you disagree with names, like you just did, I think maybe you should edit that before someone else does and stop 'calling the Kettle black...'!!
    The discussion has moved on and you dont seem to have noticed.. prolly cos you were too red in the face with self righteous indignation to see straight... Religion has nothing to do with this either, tho Im sure you consider you and your friends to be semi-deities in this game and that as such you dont require honour or anything like we had in the old days other than big friends to win a battle... sad that the game should be brought so low as that you rely on your UFE status (bought with money legitimately or otherwise) and similarly UFE playmates to dominate a game that used to be fun for many more..

    To get over some obstacles it is necessary to discuss possibilities..
    I have built my ship for a very long time now and at last I am getting somewhere but it was a lot easier back when you and I started...
    the wake-up as you put is was for me a few years ago and I have many posts on the subject since it first became the issue it is today!!!

    We all have a choice and yes one or 2 players leaving in protest is not going to make a difference but this has been going on for a long time now and I think we are up to 'countless' rather than just a few and some of them paid a lot of money too...
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    you have fun killing the newbys.
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  16. There is a lot more to this than just killing new players Ezlas.. there are many longterm players here who have issues against MCC and the lack of control the game has for this tactic of total domination ..
    [removed - ref deleted post]
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  17. Since you obviously cant read and have no ability to deduce, I will try and make this simple. We were all once lvl1 noobs that could not make it out of x-1 map without being popped 5 or 6 times by some lvl 16 or higher player just sittin in enemy x-1 map doin 48 hr quest and killin noobs. If you have heart and are competitive(born before ban on dodgeball in grade school)then you will find a way to survive and work hard so that one day you can hunt the enemy. It is the cycle of dark orbit. So you can work and compete or you can quit, as DO must not be your cup of tea.

    Instead of changing a game that was successful before you came along, either accept it the way it is or quit and try to sell your idea for a new game to someone with the means to pull it off.
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  18. Perhaps if you'd actually wrote something that had made some sort of sense as opposed to combining certain togethers to try and form a sentence, then you wouldn't have to repeat yourself. :rolleyes:
    if you read what i had said, then you'd see tht i actually understand what you meant by using the phrase "cherry picking".
    assumptions, assumptions, assumptions...:rolleyes:
    I'm sorry but where and simply how do they get their ammo back, especially after using it to kill someone? :eek:
    Well yes the clan would because of a clan member earning points from getting a kill.
    Can you hear yourself?:eek:getting friends to shoot someone else or as you seem to assume, "someone you don't like" is not a way of avoiding the inability to shoot own Co and Outfit members. If you didn't like someone why would you be in an outfit with them anyway? Or better yet, leave outfit and shoot them yourself.:rolleyes::rolleyes: Besides getting someone else to shoot someone for you, is allowed and is in no way abusing anything within the game. :p

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    hello everyone,

    I've done a bit of cleanup in here. Lets leave the flaming & insults out of this please, lest we have to close the thread if it continues.

    Thanks &Regards,
  20. yea noobies... thats why whenever i do have wars its always with the top clans... not my fault they'll let anyone in.

    I'm just here to fight, I find no fun in doing npcs. So I'll shoot anyone and everyone. :)