[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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    on GA3, every base is owned by SOS clan. EVERY BASE. this tells you that there are maybe 100 players max on the server, 70 of them allied and 30 in the process of quitting. The problem Snowy Kappy is your kind drove away thousands of players. There is no one left. the game is dead. Enjoy the existentialist crisis hangers on, time to move on to star citizen.
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  2. If you've been playing this game from the very beginning then you'd actually know why the game had lost thousands of players. MCC or as you say "my kind" has always been around on the game.
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  3. OK lets try this again (I have lots of patience)!!
    • It appears that you, Snowy-Kappy, and COWBOY·FROM·HELL, who seems to follow you everywhere, either dont read what I said or find it difficult to comprehend N.B. you are the only ones trying to pillory me:confused:
    • the word "clarify" meant that I was going to try make it clearer for you..
    • I had already made clear what you then argued with Venom~kilzs not that I agree exactly with his comments about pushing although I do see the point he is trying to make...
    • The helper shooting his own Co in the back whilst his Clan start the attack does, as you say, gain nothing at that point except that his MCC clan gains rank through the gain the initial attacker gains and yes uses his ammo... But, as I said in the post you have cut up into small pieces noted, they get 'payback when they go hunting with their MCC members in the other maps where they can take the red-lock and gain the kill and rank for the clan and themselves whilst their friends return the favour by shooting their own company for no gain other than the MCC rank benefit and yes at that point they will be using their ammo without getting a kill
    • You seem to forget that it is not allowed to shoot your own Co... yellowsubmarine made the suggestion that whilst in an outfit with your own company, and or others, the MCC member could call his enemy member/friend to the place where the outfit is working as he can pinpoint an easy kill of the non MCC member in his own Company ... therefore he could not "Or better yet, leave outfit and shoot them yourself.:rolleyes::rolleyes:" as you so glibly suggest without getting negative honour...
    • and finally no the comment on age was not aimed at you which only proves that you dont read all the posts.. as someone earlier was called a 15yr old and the return was 40s if I remember... so dont try to demonise me and change the meaning of what I say

    I understood and remember everything you said as I was there too, a long time ago... If you had read my posts you would know that I have 8k hours honest playtime, on several servers, and my main ship is nearly UFE...
    I am not trying to change the game... all I want, and many others who have posted with suggestions to improve the situation/differential problems which many MCCs help or even, in some cases, caused is for us to try to find ways to encourage a growth in the game which many MCCs seem 'hell-bent' on avoiding as they may then have to actually fight for their dominant position.. ;)
    I and many others remember the days when the servers were filled and there was a lot of fun to be had for all... There will always be the excuse that this is all DOs fault but MCCs creating their own fun by wholesale slaughter is not the answer in my view!!

    Please have a good day and please fight fair, even in Forum :p..
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  4. Personally my server is not too much affected by the MCCs but I know that some server is destroy because MCCs exist :/ Darkorbit should find a way to stop it and maybe make deduction of honor for some peoples. Some of these MCC member take advantage of this to get alot of honor and rank point. Nobody should get honor from a company kill. But at my opinion the worst of this is the number of players without clan... Before everyone had a clan and a company to defend, now you got to defend yourself from wars that you didn't start at all..

    I just want to say that I don't make this message to hurt anyone who love MCC. I wish they gonna see the other side and maybe think about how bad it is for a server community.
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  5. Thankyou for your comment .Gòlħĭąth_Măşter... I too dont want to spoil the MCCs fun, though they want to suggest I do, all I want is to stop the wars that MCCs often send just to kill own Company and the abuse of the honour system this causes, as it stands!
    In my server we have many solo players who are helping the MCCs and other enemy ships this is also a problem but solo players and their involvement is not the subject of this Thread...

    The old times when it was relatively easier to build a ship, as the differential between the top ship and the newer ships was not so great, was a great time, and not many would deny that, and therefore there was a good reason then to band together into clans as the fights were more evenly balanced and worth it and we all enjoyed ourselves... spaceball and etc were good to play... now there are too many players who dont respect honour as a basis to the game that we all joined 'so many years ago' and although the new players have gained some protection in lowers, since clans dont generally help they are stuck in x-2 map until they get bored and leave...
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  6. First of all breaking up the post into chunks when replying to it makes it easier for others to read. Plus i'm not replying to your post as a whole, and replying to certain points you've made within your post hence why i split them up. Lastly it uses less space - and quite frankly is how you're supposed to reply on forums.o_O
    But i suppose i'll reply to your entire post for this one occasion.:D

    Now getting back on topic

    But they're simply helping their clan members...? And the ones that get red lock obviously gets rewarded for killing the enemy. To be honest i see nothing wrong here, because all it is is either clan members with a MCC are helping each other gain kills - which is similar to having 2 players going on a hunt together. Both of which that is allowed.
    So in other words Player A is EIC, Player B is VRU & Player C is also Vru
    Players A & B are in the same clan.
    And C is A's enemy.
    A shooting C is allowed because obviously because of the fact that they're enemies.
    And B choosing to help A shoot C down as opposed to doing the opposite is also allowed.
    What's it to you if friends within different companies decide to help one another - more so when they're in the same clan. You play your game, let them play theirs.:rolleyes:

    No, you both seem to be misinformed regarding that issue. shooting your company is allowed otherwise why else have that feature within the game? :rolleyes: It is just that you're not supposed to because well...they're within your own company, hence why there is the whole honor deduction for shooting one of your own. ;) And regarding the outfit thing...well it's the same way to asking an enemy to come an shoot the same company player thats within your outfit. :cool:

    Oh yeah, then who else? because there was no quote nor names or anything else which could of been used to indicate that it was targeted at anyone else other than me! Furthermore the fact that you posted it within the same post which you used to reply to what i had said just suggests even more that perhaps it was targeted at me. Maybe for the near future you should either quote or better yet just insert the name of whomever it is targeted at.
  7. Snowy-Kappy do you know what... I am out of patience... you are one of only a few participants that cant see my point... and I will not bore myself, nor the ones who really care, with another attempt to get through to you as you seem only to want to spin this to get your own twist of what we are all discussing... I will not give you the pleasure of my sinking to your level of 'politics' as spinning something that someone has said to suit your method of slapping them down and is no more honourable than the way you seem to like to play the game..

    have a good life
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  8. I am not twisting anything as you seem to think. If anything it is you that is trying to twist certain things in certain ways to try and get your idea across. I mean, just look up at the certain threads ^.^.

    Alas, at least you tried. But its nice knowing you've given up. ;);)
    Take care now. :p:D
  9. I only gave up on a lost cause... not the Thread!
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  10. Basically, this a forum of complainers :mad: Who do not want to watch their back, un:cool: March forward o_O
  11. Okay so if we do as you specify, "create more posts" we are accused of spamming the thread. This is not the first time you have taken to heart something that was said AFTER you were quoted. The fact that you are so soft skinned and unable to allow a person to have their opinion (whether you agree with it or not) and refuse to try to see it from their point of view is just stupid.
    I have to agree with you. This thread was created to try to prevent the SAME COMPANY ATTACKS being caused by the MCC's and the subsequent population decreases of newbs who have become tired of being attacked by their own company players. These players are trying to play within the rules as they understand them and the Company Factions are supposed to help not hurt each other. But then these few bad apples have decided it is more fun attacking players who are too weak to defend themselves from one of these attackers and have to be taken out with the help of a friendly ship also.
    The only give up that has happened is that we are finished getting into a "flaming" match with a player who is steadfast in his way is the only way the game should be played. We have already been informed that these issues USED TO BE DEALT WITHb but D O has decided the populations are too low to take appropriate action now. The issue is that without the appropriate actions being taken the populations will not grow and therefore the game is going to become just UFE Wallet players crying that the only thing they can find are friendlies to kill and the have to gang bang them to be able to kill them as they are all UFE instead of getting the easy kills of the FE- newbs.
    I agree I have addressed Snowy-Kappy for the last time also. I am tired of the flaming that has been caused by him and agree with Solid_Eye that the bantering OFF TOPIC is not helping our cause. I have been around the game for 5 years and have seen the progression and changes in the game (some good some bad) and have to agree that the adaption of adding the UFE status (though needed to keep the veterans interested) was the biggest mistake made to the game as this created the imbalance in the game that too many players have been unable to overcome and forced them to leave the game. When a player goes from being able to survive ANY attack to being FODDER again they are not progressing in the game but have gone backwards and thus decide to leave the game.

    NEW THOUGHTS (for those who want double posts)

    If the MCC's were to abide to the structure of the game, as originally set up, company players helping company players instead of killing them the populations might be coming back up. But as long as the beasts of the game need to hunt newbs in lower maps using same company players to seek and destroy them the newbs are not going to want to play. There have been suggestions to increase the protection of x-2 thru x-4 to allow newbs to advance without being attacked, these have taken many avenues and would all help to prevent the onslaught of players leaving the game and new ones not staying long enough to have a proper decision of whether the game was for them or not.

    IF the MCC's chose to do their hunting in the battle maps instead of the regular maps it might be a little less of an impact on the game as it is now attacking a friendly without their knowledge of what is going on is hurting the game not helping it.

    We do not want to change the game we just want to keep the population in the game instead of watching it fall to all time lows and having more people yelling for server mergers to get the populations back.
  12. deal with the wars...
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  13. You had a point somewhere in this whine fest? It is only the whiners that talk about leaving, the servers arent as populated as they once where, but it has nothing to do with MCCs.
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  14. mauch

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    There should be a limit almost like a budget in sports that a clan hits a cap, multi company or not;to ensure some tiny semblance of fair gameplay.
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  15. if you had read what i said a-lot more clearly then you'd know this isn't what i said. What i actually said was he should actually quote or at-least insert the name of whoever its targeted at so they'd at-least know its at them.
    And have you tried to see it from my point of view, as a player within a MCC? I highly doubt that. I mean, you only can if you've been in a MCC before which you've not (based on your hatred towards MCC). And i never once stopped anyone from having their opinion. By posting it on a forum you're opening it for debates so don't get so upset when someone is against your opinion or views. Ever heard of the term "don't go into the kitchen if you can't handle the heat?" Well i think you should go by it.o_O

    No, no no my friend, i think you're the one that's trying to make it so that the game can only be played one certain way. We all have a free will. And within the game you have the options to shoot whoever you want. You may not want to shoot certain players but that's your business. It doesn't necessarily mean others should follow too!!
    It won't grow because of how hard its become to progress within the game. And again this isn't because of MCC's. It's because of all these items that were released and quite frankly made hard to obtain (unless you spent money)
    How ironic, because right now it seems like you're the one thats doing the crying.:rolleyes:;);)

    "at-least you tried":D
    Do you even know what flaming means?:rolleyes: Not once have i posted anything unrelated to this thread nor irrelevant to anyone's replies. So could you please clarify as to how i've been flaming? :eek::D

    And i've been around since January 2007.:rolleyes: Your 5 years of game play is nothing special (if you're trying to use that to prove your point. )
    the release of UFE items were not the problem. It is the chance factor which had caused the game to go downwards. :rolleyes:
  16. At no point have I said I will leave the game and have in fact agreed that a few ppl leaving or threatening to do so will make no difference, but the fact is that this 'rot' has been going on for a very long time and so we are not just talking a couple disgruntled newplayers....

    If you have not worked out what I and many other players are saying then you are not thinking very hard..

    If you bothered to look I also mentioned that some might say that the depopulation of the servers has not been helped by DO themselves, but I still say, as I did earlier in this Thread, that curbs on the overzealous MCCs similar to what mauch (post #154) has suggested, but not necessarily exactly that, would save the newplayers and lesser members of the game being simple cannon-fodder for the UFEs etc...
    The differential between the UFE and the newer UltraUFEs and your basic players who play DO to have some fun, is too great and to compare now with what we had to do to make FE in the old days is just laughable!!
  17. Check out this thread as it has got the attention of the COMPANY and sounds like they may be interested in implementing it.


    It does sound like it could save some of the players we are trying to keep on the game, which the opponents of this thread do not seem to understand. It is not changing the game it is protecting the future of the game, and a game without new blood is a game with short life left. It is sad that when given reasons why people are leaving the game, and the numbers prove they are leaving, the few want to ruin it for the many. D O made a mistake when they chose to stop controlling this activity as stated by Solid_Eye because the populations were decreasing to a point they did not want to intervene further. Now the issue is the populations are so low that if there is no intervention the game will only be short term newbs and UFE players with no future to the game at all. But then I am whining here and as such am done with this thread as it is not going to go anywhere because D O is not going to do anything about the Tactics of some clans to get to the top of the rankings. Short Live D O as you gasp your last breaths.
  18. Morning guys,
    I would like to share some thoughts about this topic.

    I do not now if someone knows me, but I am Lorenzo (known as Lorey in game) and I am a former member of HKM, clan that moved from Italy 2 to Global Europe 1 years ago. After 3 years of inactivity I came back around october 2015 and I started playing again.

    My account was UFE before we all stopped playing, so now that I started again I actually don't have any problem to collect lf4, havoc, hercules ect., but as I can see here MCCs are seen as the "all bad things happened because of them"... Let me just share some of my experience.

    I played in many servers, being around since 2008-2009, and I was always part of one-company clan: HKM was the first MCC I was in. Of course most of the players were EIC, but we had some MMo and VRU (I went myself to vru, but now I came back to EIC :D ).
    We had lots of wars, but all with the top clans of eu1 and we were not there to "dominate" the server and not let the others play: we were just a clan were company did not matter, we just wanted to play all together.

    Reading this post I laughed about many things said "MCC destroyed the game", "They should all be banned", "They are just there to kill all the noobs", bla bla bla...

    Let's just think about this: if you know one MCC that did it, it does not mean that everyone is doing it. If you complain that they are UFE and you are not, that's because they invest time and money, probably more or better than you did. If you think we were and are here just to help to kill our own company, well, you actually did not understand anything about us.

    MCC appeared for one reason: let friends play together without losing their ranks. Why? Because most of the MCC member (as Kappy pointed many times) are high ranks players that do not want to lose them. I read many comments about how stupid this was, but hey, that's how we wanted to play the game: we wanted to get better in hunting, have fun with friends and reach the rank we aimed. I do not care if you find it stupid, I invest my time and money where I want, and if I like to see my ship with a Colonel you cannot tell me that it's stupid, because then I could say the same if you want to finish all the quests in the game. It is just how you want to play, it's subjective and we have no power to tell someone else how to play.

    I also need to give you all, MCC and "MCC Lovers" (as you said to Kappy, and probably now to me too), credit for one thing: it is true, in some servers MCC clans just do what they want because all the strongest player are there. But how??! BECAUSE server population dropped so much that there are to people to fight.
    Anyway, also this left me a bit surprised: a server could also be really empty, but is it possible that no players are there to fight them? Even on a dead server like Italy 2 they had the power to fight those MCC. But, of course, you need to have the will to do so.
    If you play alone, if you do not coordinate on ts3, if you don't create connection with other players, well, of course you are just gonna "suffer" from other players; not only MCC, but also enemies.

    MCCs have nothig to do with the underpopulated servers, the real reasons are the high costs (money or time, also mostly together) and the fact that there is no a real competitive scene.

    Did you ever think about that? Games are all evolving towards competitions, tournaments, people that partecipate to show how strong they are, how well they can play, while DarkOrbit just had the JPA really. Turkish servers are going well, tournaments like the one they had push people to play, to peform better and, for the well being of BP, to put money into the game^^ (if there would be also a price for the winners, well, people will even spend more).

    This all posts was made to explain my point of view, and the reasons why the game is not going well: MCC are not the problem, Kappy and others already told you why. Bullies will always exist, in game as well in reality, and the co-killers are everywhere, not only in MCC.
    The reasons why newbie just subscribe and then leave the game is because the costs are too high, there are no clear helps about how to build your ship ( most of the players do not helps new ones, and most of the times I also miss this point) and, I think the most important one, they do not see a competitive game and scene that they can find in the majority of the games that we all know!

    I know I did not speak about all the problems people pointed out to be MCC faults, but I wanted to show how we are all concentrating about them and giving them the faults of everything, when we should just watch how the gaming scene is evolving, what people start to like and, also, think about how we see and play the game.
    I always reflect on how I live the game and how I want it to change: more npc rewards, more rewarding quests, costs reducing.. All things that I would also want to see, as everyone else, UFE or not, but for now I would just want the game to improve in his community, to make the newbie experience more interesting and to evolve, following the trend that the gaming world is dictating.

    If this will happen, I think that this game still has a possibility: evolving and changing the bad core of this game (too high costs, chance based, ect) could try to gives us a bit of the old spirit back.

    Sorry for the long post,

    Lorey aka Lorenzo
  19. as you say this is a long post and it is nice to see someone else's point of view...

    I will not try to discuss each point you made as then I would also be 'guilty' :p of a long post and I have said a lot so far...
    I feel from what I have seen in this Thread, and my own experience in-game, that the problem doesnt not really lie with the term MultiCoClan... more the way the MCCs are used and abused on different servers!!
    The server which I call my main is US1, although I still have an old account on Global Europe (INT1) and I used to enjoy playing there 6 years ago with my clan friends.. On US1 we have had MCCs that have striven to dominate the server without holding any prisoners.. They warred all clans, noob-lowrank clans and any and all, that they could have as many red-dots as possible and they only accepted UFE to ensure their domination... and now these players generally play other games until there is an Event and then they have come back and dominated the event for the benefits and the Rank points to retain their position in absentia thus alienating the whole server that weren't subservient... (allied with them i.e. fellow MCCs and those that just wanted to beg a piece of the Hitac/Icy or other event) !!

    Whatever your intent, you and your clan will have benefited from red lock kills where an MCC member has helped from the other Company... this has become synonymous with the dishonourable play/tactics of MCCs and led to this discussion because domination 'at any cost' is not what the 3 Company/honour system was designed to accept !!
    Thus we have now come to a point where the MCC/UFE and UltraUFE clans etc have brought an arguement against themselves as the new players suffer from those dishonourable players that just shoot red dots and dont give a care for the future of the game...

    Cutting to the chase.... because of the 'abuse' of some players and their association, direct or otherwise, to MCCs I believe that for the good of the game reasonable curbs must be set against bullies and 'end-gamers' and MCCs, by default as they hold many of the bullies, that feel they can do as they please because of time served/money or however they gained their rank/ship...

    If this game is to have a future something has to change or we the UFEs will only have each other and at that point the 'House of Cards' that we have become will topple..:(

    Woops that was long too :p

    check-out the thread that HelpMeHelpYou gave above yours... it is interesting...

    no offence .. have a good day
  20. Thankyou. :D