[SC] Petition to end Multi Company Clans

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Jordy, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. bigsteve78

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    also the issue isnt always MCC, although MCC is highly annoying and against the spirit of the original game, its moreso that 150 UFE gang up into one mega clan and there are just no players to join up with to compete. This leads to a complete wasteland of a game where 1 clan kills everyone and everyone else just quits. Its just not fun fighting 150 UFE's all day long and no one wants to join your clan. Thats probably more the reason why the game is officially dead.
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  2. -Fleabird-

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    the only reason they want MCC's 1 member from VRU can kill every player they find on EIC or MMO because there flying with a host players from EIC or MMO. I think for get MCC's they should make the islands built by EIC can only be used by EIC , If aaa clan is MC and EIC co. builds isle then only EIC fraction can use it . That goes for alliences also only co. that built it

  3. you are sitting at home watching a toddler you have the right to own a firearm but would you leave a loaded gun on the table?

    this is exactly what is happening you like a feature that you feel is your right, played responsibly with honor its not a bad thing but give the opportunity to someone that don't care and you got a very bad thing

    I'm just saying if you're in a company and bragging about rank but you help shoot down your own company to help an enemy get rank your rank should reflect the misdeed you did to your company which provides your rank. You want to play the game that way its cool but you should not reflect a high ranking member to the new players in the company if you constantly are hurting your own company a strong ship with a low rank should speak for itself yep dudes got to be a company killer ill avoid them see a noob a little better off.

    edit we all know how the issue goes

    paul(eic)- "hey guys i got 2 easy kills in 2-4
    ron(vru)- "ok ill be there in a sec keep with them"
    brian(eic)- "i just jumped into 2-4 ill help"
    paul(eic)- "cool ill act like im helping them ping me for location let me know when ready"
    suzy(mmo)- "damn i missed it again ill scout mmo for everyone keep me in mind"

    yeah i know corny huh but if you cannot see the problem with this you are part of the problem
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    its a shame y y y:mad: used to be a good game now its all about the rank STOP CHASING IT help new ppl lets get servers going again regards gb1 server
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  5. SnakeIdol

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    y so salty about mcc try to find a way to beat us long story short
  6. fusion82

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    I think you guys are working the wrong angle. MCC are not the issue, it is different company players in the same group/grouping together. i have read ALL the previous posts. i see how the points could be made and i have seen the tactics used in the game and have been the subject of them as well. from my perspective its when that player groups up with a member/s of different companies that you see the issues of neg honor, spotting, spying on the chat, cbs not shooting your offenders, etc... loyalty has shifted to players loyal to other players not just to companies in a lot of cases or even clans for that matter (some join for some kind of a short benefit only to leave shortly after, no loyalty to clan). even if they got ride of MCC the issue would still exist because there would still be groups allowed to be formed with players from different companies.

    the only way to fix the issue you have described is to isolate company members to their own company and kill global chat and across company whispers and don't allow groups with multi company members. in that way your issue is fixed (with the exception of those who communicate by voice or over ts3, vent etc) . it is a choice how one chooses to play and use the game to their advantage i would like to see the option of choice to remain an option. what can be done to entice, encourage, stimulate a deeper loyalty to ones company? i don't feel just eliminating MCC is going to solve anything.
  7. Ezlas

    Ezlas User

    not even in a clan. also, killing newbys pretty much makes sure people usually quit. and since there is no growth sooner or later this game will have kixeye or gameforge syndrome.
  8. Hi again all
    I am beginning to think that in fact it is the use of 'Honour' and 'Rank' and 'Loyalty to a cause' and probably other definitions that are the problem... too few people either know, remember or even want to follow what they actually represent:(
    So maybe we should just abolish Rank... Remove the word honour from the Quests and reduce the game to 'dog eat dog' with no Clans or Companies to be loyal to... Maybe this would suit those that think they dont like the principles the Game was set upon...:(:(:(:(
    It doesnt matter which country we are all from, we all know that the above words have real meaning and to abuse them in this game is like abusing or an offence against those that believe honour, rank and loyalty mean something and are worth fighting for!:oops:

    This is a game after all :p
    have a good day and play fair
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  9. Absolutely right. After having my Spearhead popped by one A-hole in 5-3 repeatedly, I mentioned in chat that there was no honor in a UFE Goliath to pop a much weaker, barely FE ship. The reply was simply, "Sure, he got plenty of honor from it." Well, there's a difference between honor (points) in the game and having honor (in general). I'm a big supporter of the pirate maps being DMZs, but that's another topic. I see no honor in an MCC sending in a scout to look for players to kill on the scout's home maps, then inviting his clansmen in to feed like jackals. To the contrary. The MCC clansmen should be KOS in their home maps, their honor points should be stripped for each company kill, and possibly having their stats nerfed and/or debuffed while on their home maps to show their betrayal to the company they chose to join. I'd love to see a Nostro or Big Boy pop a UFE Goliath for being a traitor! Company killers are about the lowest form of bottom feeder in the game and they shouldn't be allowed. What's worse are those who are traitorous toward their own company and help the other companies kill. So, I say make their existence shameful and painful in their individual company's home maps.
  10. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    No issue with having friends in other company's. I do not believe bases should not protect the Enemy. So I'm for droping MCC.
  11. for what its worth, i am against mcc's. i would go so far as to say to place the x1 and x2 map scripts in all maps, thus making it impossible to shoot your own company. no wars. open npcs would be just that...open. an enemy in your map would be more likely to get attacked by others in your company. maybe make them open tap as well. there is currently NO company lines. why even pick a company upon registration? create serious boundries, no grouping across clans. increase they penalty for switching companies, 50% honor 1st switch, 60, 70....so on. this will stop jumping for rank. moves like these will promote company unity....company wars...as the game advertises. just a few of my opinions.
  12. 77Transam

    77Transam User

    I for one think it's a great idea. Choose your company and be forced choose a clan that company and that company only. War with other companies is a given in this game there should be no exceptions.
  13. Varoid38

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    (Kind of a long post, so I made it different colors so it would be less boring and tedious to read, but I have a point)

    No offense, you guys, but I personally think that multi company clans are a great idea, even if a little dishonerable, that way people in other companies can't taunt you without you being able to do anything about it because they're around like 20 random golis from their own company to defend them, I actually thought of the idea to make a multi clan company to bring EIC, MMO, and VRU together, and therefore create a company mathematically 3x stronger a long time ago (Three companies instead of one), but it didn't work out (This was in a totally different part of my life it was so long ago, so don't get mad), it's actually really ingenious if you ask me, and I'm amazed people are finally realizing how cool an idea it is.

    Honestly, do you seriously want another thing the mods can ban us for? Are you guys seriously suggesting we make multi company clans against the rules? Even if it is annoying, is it worth enforcing by account ban? (Chat ban wouldn't help because it's an in game thing) Honestly, it's a war game, there are traitors and stuff, what's the point of a war game if people aren't allowed to use creativity? Just "Whoever has played the longest and therefore has the most stuff wins"?

    Sarcastic paragraph ahead, lol:

    While creativity is against the rules, why don't we get rid of mines and movement and designs and stuff to, would hate for someone to take a second to click on because they moved out of the way of the mouse and therefore had won by cheating, lol. Also, it's dishonorable for anyone to fight anyone less powerful than them, so let's just make the game where we force everyone to join companies so that each company has an equal number of people, then just line them all up, have the system disable their movement, and whoever clicks on the other one first wins, no HP, no shields or anything.

    Creativity is the reason we're playing at a computer right now in a warm house, instead of searching for termites to eat in a cave and hoping there isn't a bear deeper in the cave getting ready to eat you. I mean, people don't think about it this way because it's so unbelievable, but if you go out into a forest sometimes without anything but the clothes on your back, think about the concept of trying to make the complicated computer you're playing on, with parts so tiny you can't even see the switches and stuff, enough to create an entire world like in this game.

    You'd quickly realize "I don't even know where to begin, all I see is leaves and rocks and stuff, there's no physical way to turn this into a computer, if I broke this stick it would just make random debris, how am I supposed to form that into anything has complicated has a cell phone?", it would be unfathomable, but through creativity, even if it did take a while, we did it, mankind did this even though through most of their history they spent 90% of their day or more throwing rocks at animals so they could eat them, and we spread this ridiculous technology across a good portion of the world. You logically know this happened, but it's so unbelievable you don't even think about it, you just think of it has magic or something subconsciously and ignore how amazing it is, but when you think about it, we've pretty much done the impossible.

    Creativity is the difference between eating maggots and plants by instinct alone, and societies with the power to wipe out all life on the planet with a few buttons, the difference between apes picking fleas off of eachother and eating them and humans with intellegent countries. The difference between humans futily trying to run away from animals and air craft that can go multiple times the speed of sound, not to mention the difference between struggling to hold our breath underwater for a few minutes and flying through space to land on the moon.

    My point, we need to encourage creativity, not just for the sake of this game, but for the sake of our entire world, but that will never happen if we make every idea that's the slightest bit creative against the rules.
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  14. lamiX

    lamiX User

    Point is that traitors took over game, its not fun anymore and its too late to intervene. Also these traitors are main source of money so why risk they will leave?
  15. yeah and the US military should start letting terrorists join it would be more creative right, its not hard to fight a war with your own stabbing you in the back oh i forgot the US's CIC is already doing that.

    Not saying be banned for shooting your own company the punishment is there. The biggest issue with MCCs is the ability to shoot your own company without getting the punishment everyone else gets for doing the same thing. Just because one person attacks another player it shouldn't cancel the rules for the rest of the game. Brothers killed brothers in the Civil war you think they wanted to kill their brother no they had a duty and think on it if dude did try to help the enemy brother would his company take that all to well i don't think they would. lmao they would most surly lose some honor with their side of the war doesn't matter that his bro was getting shot at.

    NOT trying to erase MCCs just make their rules like the rest of us if we shoot our own company we lose honor dont need a loophole that people can exploit to circumvent the company honor system and shoot their own without being penalized like the rest of us

    plain and simple if you attack your own company it looks at the 2 ships involved who shot first they are the aggressor they lose honor. if its 4 ships attacking the one each is treated separately who shot who first the first shot loses honor all the aggressors should lose honor if its a same company attack. the company's give you the honor for the ranking system in the game and to be able to trick the system by doing things that should hurt your honor without losing none to me thats a glitch in the system and is being exploited like crazy. rank should reflect how good you are in the company you are in, how helpful you are to the resource war effort having a general that shoots his/her own company all day long is just retarded for a game wont keep new players around don't matter what you do with this crap
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  16. Varoid38

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    There's a difference though, real life terrorism actually HURTS people, it's actually a big enough deal to warrant punishment, killing someone in a video game isn't. The whole point of a lot of games like this is so there can be warfare without actually hurting anyone. By your logic, shooting games should be banned in general I believe just because there's killing in them. And what do you mean they get around killing their own company, they only get around it I think if they are in a war with them or something I think, so your problem with this is ultimately that wars make it so clans can kill eachother without losing honor if they're in the same company, but everyone has that problem, why single out multi company clans? Honestly, if two people are having an argument and happen to be in the same company, should they honestly have to lose half their honor switching to another company just so they can kill them without losing any and becoming an outlaw?

    Say there's 3 people in the same company, one of the people is a giant noob (I'm talking noob bigboy with 2 flaxes nooby), one is semi nooby, maybe a little under semi nooby (Like me, only the guy in this analogy likes killing noobs in his own company), and one is UFE, the UFE is friends with the noob (Or maybe even not), and he notices that the semi noob keeps killing the noob, the UFE can't do anything about it though, because he'd have to kill the semi noob so many times that he'd lose honor, and he can't switch companies because he's played for like 6 years or something and would lose half his honor (Half of 100 times has much is obviously a lot more than half of whatever the semi noob has, meaning the semi noob can switch companies all he wants to to keep up with him if he just has some extra uridium lying around),

    So he ends up with a few basic options, the first is to kill the semi noob to defend the noob, but the semi noob might just keep it up, so the UFE has to kill him a bunch of times to keep him off the noob and the UFE becomes an outlaw, ruining his account that he's worked on literally a good portion of his life, the second is to switch companies and only lose half his honor, but that could still be a HUGE amount, he'll never be able to catch up in the ranks after that, and the semi noob can just switch companies, the third option is to just let the semi noob kill the noob and not help (And I don't even think the semi noob even has to lose honor, if the noob is nooby enough, the semi noob can just lay DDMs on him and kill him and/or keep him at the port with them and I don't think he'll lose any, the UFE couldn't do this with mines because a semi noob has too many maps he can go to to hide, and also has engines, meaning the UFE would end up dropping so many mines and missing that he himself would kill his own company).

    On the other hand, if the UFE can just deal with the semi noob by declaring war on any clan he joins so he can't join one, that solves the whole problem.

    Edit: Also, the ultimate flaw with your argument is simply that you can't compare something in a video game to real life terrorism, because video games are a LOT less serious. People in video games should have quite a bit more freedom in that regard.
  17. A Multi company clan rules USA (West Coast) server and they war anyone "they don't like" Multi company clans need to be dealt with
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  18. so your argument revolves around just because the new ship is shooting someone anyone else should be able to shoot what their shooting and not lose honor and you cant see thats the whole problem. its nice to have a certain situation where you can help out a fellow in need really an honorable thing to do. how many people do you think would use this for the other side of the benefit make alts in each company quickly jump on the noob alt ship attack your own member that don't care about honor while your high honor buddy's clean up cause the only one going to lose honor is the noob alt ship. so noobs cant even not join a clan anymore to stay out of the drama because them being able to be killed by their own company either in a clan or out because the real aggressor dont lose nothing but a few ammo for killing you. if DO would fix noob protection basing it on lvl is the problem, whats it stop at lvl 6 lmao what a joke even if it stopped at lvl 15 the power imbalance in the game makes it impossible to do based on lvl they need a power rating in the game something like how they choose UBA but fixed without loopholes to have any chance at a noob protection system

    i play a few other games one is purely pvp 50k+ players at all times doing random battles 12 people on each side you know what happens if you shoot a player on your team and intentionally kill him perm bann for life no appeal account gone been a popular game for a while now and not slowing down at all more players all the time you know why because the drama is not there new players like the game and stick around to enjoy themselves. and there is no npcs in this game at all just PVP so this argument that ending MCCs is going to run off all the cashers think again PVP games are more popular when the player can rely on their company not to kill their ass

    very sly reply to a post pick a couple words and ignore the rest what about exploit, loophole, glitch all those are good words too lets talk about them if i attack my own company i lose honor if i kill them. now if an enemy attacks my company member he shoots back then i attack and kill my own member i don't lose nothing but a little ammo and push the enemy ahead in rank and hurting your own company's rank at the same time <-----------------this is the exploit. the honor system was put in place with its punishment to stop people from shooting their own company members if they so chose to anyway they lose honor till it really starts to hurt them their choice. now with being able to exploit a loophole it defaces the whole punishment system DO put into place to stop exactly what boils down to the root of the problem MCCs can stay but to empower them with a loophole to circumvent the honor system while honest players are crippled is just stupid and hence the drop in population DO is not going to get people back till they fix whats broke in the game first

    just put us all on an even playing field and problem solved either no honor loss at all in game or make it fair and punish everyone even the people that go out of their way to abuse a loophole
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  19. -Fleabird-

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    If a MCC builds a isle that isle should not be affiliated with a co. . It should be red to everyone except the MCC and their allies. if they want to have MCC to play on the pvp side of the game , then make it so they have to war clans to protect their isle.
  20. This issue with MCC is they normally consist of a bigger group of pvper`s on the less active servers who you will find are all trying to be friends and just happen to be within the top 200 players on the server.Then noobs to avoid death as much "or so they think" all want to join this clan to avoid having that clan popping them all day.

    So now most the top hunters are in the same clan what happens? They will control events like spaceball, crazycube and even hitac if given the chance.

    Years ago is wasnt much of a problem as there was more active clans then so MCC`s didin`t get to control much of anything in the server but now we have way less players MCC`s are becoming popular on many servers so you are then forced to nap with enemy clans to smash em, and continue smashing them till they disband and then you go back to hitting the enemy clans you nap for the MCC war.

    The only reason MCC is a problem now is because DO failed to keep players in the maps.So now its they get the ball going or will have to limit the powers of a MCC.