[SC] Price of uridium has gone up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bounty_Hunter_of_Eic, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. It seems that the price of uridium has changed without BP announcing it, which I find quite interesting.

    The 330,000 package went from $99 USD to $124.99. At least for me.
    Does anyone know if the price of premium went up too?
  2. I just looked and everything looks to be the regular prices to me. uri 330k for $99 USD. I will look again after the end of day. Server you playing from?
  3. US East 1 I also have the price increase but my buddy who lives 40 mins from me who also plays on US East 1 has the regular prices, and some have said that the prices have actually decreased for them...something's wrong.
  4. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    GB prices went up aswell
  5. Euros prices same as they always were for me in ge1.
  6. Lam-ang

    Lam-ang User

    GA4 went up also to $129.900USD for 330,000 uri
  7. well if you wanted to kill the game this is a sure way too do it D.O. boxs are nerffed too 12 salave pro and x l b dl i see a drop in what i used to get on the maps
  8. I watched on GB and i have to pay 99,99 Euro because i have german payment^^ So i can't help u there anymore.
  9. I play on USA West, but I play from Canada. So as you can imagine, it is around $160 to buy 330k uri
  10. Same thing here. Some people got Price increases while other people said their prices are the same as always.
    I wrote a ticket to Support and they claim the know nothing about it, But will be looking into it.

    Could be one of the many glitches going on with the game right now
  11. Kyro

    Kyro User

    It better be a mistake cause I don't want to hear excuses like increased prices cause pound value went down, you're talking to a brick wall if so since I've always thought uri prices were overpriced. so just test your already not healthiest player base numbers BP with raising price to buy uri, come on.

    For GB1 from what I can see anyway 330k uri has went up by £10... Did you think I wouldn't mind? That £10 adds up, for 4 mil uri it now costs £320 instead of £280... This will make you lose money cause I know I will buy less with prices like that, so good idea BP you know how to lose even more money than if you left it alone and bit the bullet.

    That's if the reason for price increase is that you're not getting as much from me pounds, well sorry but I doubt most players will sympathise when they think uri prices were already overpriced nor is there a high chance they will buy same amount of uri as before, good idea BP.
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  12. i don't think they got a clue game is bugged to hell junk coming out instead of fixing problems JPA should have been back out a long time ago or people should get there money back for fails advertising quest still don't work after how long just pray its a bug or more will quit
  13. What I don't seem to understand is why prices go up for some players, yet stay the same, if not go 'Down' for other players
  14. Does any of you know if the price of premium went up as well? Because It did on my account
  15. From my memory the Prem appears to have gone up for me and the rebate, doubler and advantage XL packs(8 weeks) have come down... Uri I dont buy enough to remember what it was anyway...
    I pay in £sterling on a US server
  16. Premium went up on US West (not sure what the old price was, but it DID go up) as well as URI -

    URI Old New
    330,000 99.99 -> 124.99
    150,000 59.99 -> 62.49
    75,000 29.99 -> 31.29
    30,000 12.99 -> 12.49 *
    15,000 5.99 -> 6.29
    5,000 2.99 -> 2.49 *

    * These actually went DOWN .50 :rolleyes:

    Nice Logic BP (or whoever's running the show THIS week). Add MORE bugs then raise the prices.
    Who came up with this business model???
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  17. Everything in the shop, for me at least, has either went up or stayed the same.

    The only thing that stayed the same is the rebate, doubler, and uri package.
  18. prem for me went down 50p rebate and x2 boxes went down 10p lol
  19. Prem went up for me like 3 or 4 bucks, it's like $64 instead of $59.99, all uri packs went up and all other packs went up except the $2.49, and $12.49 packs. Which is strange. They need to fix this, no way am I going to pay an extra 25% for uri, it was already too expensive.
  20. GB servers:

    330,000u has gone up to £79.99 from £70.00
    150,000u has gone up to £39.99 from £35.00

    12 month prem gone up from £35.00 to £39.99.
    6 month prem gone up from £20.00 to £22.99.

    It was already overpriced as it was now they are just driving more customers away and encouraging more botting which I am seeing more of on GB1 and GB2 now with a small number of players botting on NPC's again. BP never learn and they have no intention of learning and that is why businesses go out of businesses, their own stupidity in driving away their customers.

    My advice to BP is to drop prices (and in-game uri prices) if you want to stand any chance of saving the game and actually going back to making a decent profit or you doom yourself through your own greed and BP along with its games go the way of the dinosaurs, but that will be great for all the players because then the company will be worthless on the market and my company/group can swoop in a buy it a very cheap price :)

    330,000u should be £39.99.
    150,000u should be £24.99.
    75,000u should be something like £13.99 which is a drop from £19.99 which has not changed with the new prices anyway.

    As for so-called out of this world deals, more like stupid out of your mind deals if you buy this stuff, £19.99 for 1,500 gate spins, haha, that is just crazy talk, make it 50,000 spins for say £14.99 and you got a real deal - still won't stop people botting for gates though :rolleyes:

    But hey, not like these people at BP or whoever owns it now knows anything about good deals, value for money, treating players/customers fairly, all they care about is making money they are failing to make anyway because they keep driving their small/medium spenders out of the game, for which they have already lost countless millions of those small/medium regular spenders over the last 6 years now anyway due to all the overpriced nonsense introduced during that time, oh dear :rolleyes:
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