[SC] Price of uridium has gone up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bounty_Hunter_of_Eic, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. HEY-YOU

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    is this a bug cause on my East 1 ship some of the prices were lowered http://prnt.sc/cijhn4 and on my GA3 ship it has been raised
  2. Baterax

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    up on my usual subscription. I won't be renewing. gaming is NOT a budget priority.
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  3. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hi everyone,

    Presently this isn't something we have any information on, but we are trying to get some answers as to what is going on with this. For now please bear with us (and don't beat up the other mods too much in chat or any other threads, discord, etc), that's really all we can ask right now

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  4. Regarding this issue, I messaged support and got this answer:


    It appears the pricing did change on some servers recently. We did not have advance notice of the changes, nor do we have any further information regarding the new pricing.


    Your Bigpoint Customer Service Team.

    I'm guessing support doesn't even know whats going on???
  5. that old chestnut " hey everbody we dont have information on this" is wearing a little thin Solid Eye, like u think we dont think that u do know when in fact we know that u do know;)

    i lnow this....the last time bp put the prices up NO ONE BOUGHT URI on the sunday MHH
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  6. #MakeDarkOrbitGreatAgain or Rip GAME
  7. Yup price went down, but they cut it from 2 weeks to 1 week.
  8. #MakDarkOrbitGreatAgain Way to start off This 2017 Game has tremendous Bugs Very Poor success from Big Point Team on How to Manage The Game and on top of that Raise the prices? oh , gal Good Keep it up this is a Strong way to Lose players!
  9. Hi everyone!

    We are currently investigating these price changes, and we will update you as soon as we have something!

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  10. 2010!!

    2010!! User

  11. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    That little "chestnut" is all I had. No one told us anything, even Flips just suggested as much since my post. Maybe you don't know as much as you think you do.

    Anyway, as posted above by 2010!!, that's all the info we have so far just now...

  12. ~~Dr.T~~

    ~~Dr.T~~ User

    Seriously, I was a player who walked away from the game 2 years ago (FE, all lf4s, all havocs, all hercs, fully upgraded, aegis, all ships, etc). I just came back last week to check out what's new and I was slightly intrigued (mainly with a few new ship designs and the drone skins). I contemplated twice spending money on uri but was a bit put off to spend $130 CAN for the $99 US with the current exhange rate. When I logged on the last few nights I have literally seen a handful of ships on the maps (if I'm lucky 2-3 per map if any at all) when I used to see tons of people hugging ports and grinding away and people popping each other left right and center. Then I saw this thread this morning and actually laughed out loud. Not a chance I'm gonna spend $160 for this crap. I might log on again in another 2 years if the game is still around. This game is a stark contrast to 2 years ago and I think they just drove the final nail into the coffin with that move.
  13. jaja2020

    jaja2020 User

    What a bunch of BULL....

    Dear Players,

    We would like to inform you about an already activated price adjustment in DarkOrbit for our players who pay in US Dollars and British Pounds. We apologize for not being able to confirm this earlier, however we were experiencing some technical difficulties and had to wait for a confirmation that this was fixed.

    Today, the prices in the payment area were adjusted to create a fairer and clearer pricing structure for all our customers. While we’ve tried to keep most prices stable, and have even managed to lower some, we are attempting to create consistent standardized price ranges. Due to that, in some countries prices increased whereas in other countries the prices decreased.
    A key factor behind this price adjustment is our desire to create a fair pricing structure and a fairer playing environment for all of our players. We had managed to avoid price hikes since 2007; such a long period is highly unusual, in keeping with our dedication and commitment to our loyal gaming community. But currently, players from different countries pay different prices, and in some cases this has been heavily abused. Because this is neither in the interest of our players nor ourselves, it has made this step necessary.

    We are confident that this change will not affect the quality of DarkOrbit, that you will find the new prices to be reasonable, and that you will continue to enjoy the game for many years to come.

    We will continue to add new features to DarkOrbit in the years to come, to meet the standards you expect as a player, and to keep you entertained.

    We hope for your understanding in this matter. Please rest assured that the change in prices will be reflected in our commitment towards improving the quality of the game and making your game experience even better.

    Last but not least, we would like to thank our players for your loyalty, and for continuously providing feedback, ideas, and proposals – your contributions are essential to the continued success of our games, and we deeply appreciate your constructive opinions about our work!


    Your DarkOrbit Team

    I am now here that some US player prices have either stay'd the same or lowered while others raised....
    Goodbye DO
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  14. I am glad that the powers to be think Dark Orbit/ Big Point is doing so well that they can raise prices especially with all of the Bug's in the game and players losing items, you have only succeeded in making it less enjoyable unless you already have ufe ships and, leaving some players not wanting to buy anything anymore. I doubt that your price increase is going to make up for the money you are going to lose until the game is actually playable without all of the bugs that don't do anything for the players.
  15. My guess is it is your currency (your country + server played) vs. the yuan in the currency market as you know it fluctuates. Before it was vs. the euro dollar. Jackpot was in $US then switched to the euro and now maybe yuan if BP brings back JP.
  16. jaja2020

    jaja2020 User

    It does not matter what country you are in. The fact that the prices increased period is unacceptible. If the game was less buggy and the uri went further maybe it would be fine but the fact that 1 mil uri is basically pennies in this game the cost was too much before the increase. Big Point need to make some drastic change to the virtual monetary variables to the game before considering a real money cost increase.
  17. im not buying it that no mod or smod or cm doesnt know whats going on in this game , its tosh to even consider it, as for flips even suggesting he doesnt know either...o_Oo_Owe are not the idiots bp take us for, there are loads of other things i could do with my time rather than stick with this crock but as most of the other players on here for some sad reason i am addicted to it or dreaming that one day it might come back to how it used to be...putting up the price of ingame currency will not make that happen..
  18. Kyro

    Kyro User

    "We are confident that this change will not affect the quality of DarkOrbit, that you will find the new prices to be reasonable, and that you will continue to enjoy the game for many years to come."

    Pft, you getting no money from me then untill you drop the prices back down cause it wasn't priced reasonably in the first place nevermind now so I ain't putting up with it. MHH is on now I would of bought a mil uri but nope you don't want my money.
  19. Hello,

    Is it possible any of you or your affected friends within the game have any before and after pictures of what the payment window showed for the uridium costs? We have been asked for affected UserIDs and any before/after photos if they exist.

    This was reply from Your Bigpoint Customer Service Team.

    Anybody who has any screenshots of before and after the price change should send them into support.

    Put in your inquiry in care of : Re: [Ticket#2016091437010161] Contact form

    Possibly they can get it sorted out once and for all
  20. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    delete your personal payment information and cancel running packages.

    done good bye
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