[SC] Price of uridium has gone up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bounty_Hunter_of_Eic, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Well,.. as a Very Welcome Surprise, There was a Mega Happy Hour this evening and it seemed all Uridium Prices went down except 330,000

    Check your Uridium Pages guys and see if you can Confirm
  2. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Nope all still same greedy higher prices for me. (GB1)
  3. big point trying to make up the loss of revenue for the los of players lolwonder how meny buy 79 pound uri on mega bet not meny 20 quid is all ill spend on this on mega if you fix ya game and lower the uri u just mite get some players back but big point wont soi yiu just keep losen players
  4. It appears the prices have been normalized, the 330k uri package has gone back down to $99 for me
  5. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Still hasn't for me on GB1, come on BP make the right decision for once... Or just lose money up to you.
  6. I see that they have reduced the Uridium back to the $99.99 and reset the annual Premium (even lowered the price $49.99) for my us2/us3 accounts. Looking closer I even see the weekly and 8 week advantage packs have been reduced.

    IMHO I would think they would be making further reductions as they can not make sure we can use what we buy. Another change that is needed is to make these items an in-game timer (like the boosters) this includes the Uridium Bonus Boosters (5 day maximum), these need to be set where if you are not in-game longer than a hour (24 hour period) they do not take a day away from you, or fix it so they give you 12 hours of game play for every day and the counter counts down like the in Shop Boosters. The count down timer might cost some people more, if they play D O all day long, but the average player would benefit more from the count down than the daily running as it is now.
  7. make the game affordable..and not rip us off...we had this happen a few years back when prices went up..and no one brought uri they soon dropped prices back and blamed a glitch...£20 for 1mil should b plenty to encourage more players to play
  8. I agree White I agree, the game has tons of bugs and glitches yet they have the cheek to up the price of uri, £70 was already rather steep and now adding another £10 to make it £80.
    I refuse to pay that.
    There was no warning into the price raise, raising it is just going to kill the game even faster
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  9. prices gone up but people still buy uri, when u all gonna learn that by buying uri you are saying you are happy with thier prices,
    and they wont bother fixing bugs bots or give us new stuff we actually need, they will keep bringing out crappy designs cos it probably takes them 5 mins to change the colour of a pusat, and they make a £million from it, give us new maps new npcs new quests then i might consider buying uri again,
    as for spending £80 on a dead server you can kiss my MHH
  10. In the past 99€ for 330K Uri was worthwhile when there was LF3 as the high end stuff. You have needed a lot of credits for getting one LF3 or B02. It was like skipping a longer way to FE (ultimate goal) and enjoy it with so many other players.

    But now you will need many times more money for reaching the absolute aim nowadays: Ufe. Problem: the prices for Uri aren't decreased for so many years. I won't be surprised if some more experienced newcomers are crying about "Pay-to-win".
  11. just read this from the community team.. We are confident that this change will not affect the quality of DarkOrbit, that you will find the new prices to be reasonable, and that you will continue to enjoy the game for many years to come.

    can anyone spot the 2 jokes? answers below..
    1 .
    We are confident that this change will not affect the quality of DarkOrbit ,, quality and darkorbit in the same sentance lol
    you will find the new prices to be reasonable,, haha even funnier

    full post from community team here www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/board/threads/price-changes.116087/#post-903736
  12. Bigpoint OMG just increase the uri reward from the NPCs. I am not going to use elite ammo to kill a UBER npc just to get a ton of uri in a short amount of time. I use credit ammo for npcs and elite ammo for gates and enemy players. I remember hearing someone from the stream saying his philosophy is that the harder the alien the more uri you get. I am not going to circle for 20min killing a UBER bk just to get xxxx amount of uri.
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  13. StuUK

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    While I don't get to play very much (GB2), I do try to join in with new Events & Quests/Missions & keep my account/ship ticking over with upgrades every now & then, when I can afford the uridium. Well, they're certainly pricing me out of the game - £70 for 330,000u has been out of my price range for a long time now, so £80 just pushes it even further away.

    The price of the Rebate Advantage Pack has come down by £0.10 - that'll help!

    Some weasel words from the "Community Team" here -


    that cut no ice with me I'm afraid - especially as this thread was started on Thursday, while that one appeared on Friday with no fanfare.

    As others have already said, DO/BP's thinking needs to undergo a major paradigm shift - and sharpish - or the game will die.

    Immediate edit - apologies, I'd not realised there were more posts after the point I stopped reading & started typing - note to self, "Concentrate!".
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  14. jaja2020

    jaja2020 User

    So my uri page is back to normal with a few items slightly lowered. Funny that this gets fixed extremely fast... Maybe if the players rally like this more often we could get so real changes in the game.

    1. make all equipment available in the shop. The WW's have had the elite equipment long enough and not make it easier for old and new players to buy the proper equipment to be competitive.

    2. increase the uri, ep, and honor recieved from npc.

    3. change the ranking system to one that allows more player to reach them. Right now if you want to be a Col. you have to gate daily and one you take a brake you lose it.

    4. end the MCC and restructure the war and alliance system.

    5. merge all the servers USA east does not need 3 different servers...
  15. gb servers definatly need merging too
  16. I find this thread pointless.....

    As much as BP tried to explain prices re-adjustment under the "we have been charging these prices for over 7 years..." in my opinion all the so called "adjustments" are at best wrong placed.

    The game as is right now not only suffers from countless bugs and glitches, but most important some servers are so low populated we can hardly find players to fight with. After all its a pvp game.....

    I would find justified the price increase if we had no issues to deal with plus had a good player base that would make servers thrive as it used to be. If some are wondering about which servers am talking about, GB1 is one of the best examples. Few years back we had round the clock on average 600 players on weekdays and over 2k on weekends/holidays. Now the GB1 stands at max 250 active players.

    I realize BP is a company with expences that need to be covered and should be covered if we want the game not to go offline but BP must also see that actions such as these will drive the players away and the result would be not profit in fact expences will have no chance to be covered.

    My 2 cents....
  17. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    You actually expect people to buy uridium on this rejected game thats full of bugs with no moderators? Sort it out Bigpoint. You think people have the money to go and spend £80 on virtual money to get 990k Uridium which in reality does very little, thats about 5 zeta gates. Our server of gb2 has around 30 active members daily, most of them are ufe/semi uri, theres barely any pvp and when there is people just moan about cross company clans, not like anybody who can actually do anything will read this but you need to shape up and act like a proper company and listen to people. How many cosmetic designs do you expect to sell before people get bored and find a new game? Fifa17 is coming out soon i guarantee you lose a fair amount of players..
    Lowering the uri too much is gonna make it basically into a private server, and the fact people can get 2mill uri for 20quid on other servers is a joke... you should have a large vote for all the non global servers to see what they want, you might as well try keep the few players you have left happy, so personally i think merging some servers together in a new global servers will be your best bet on trying to keep this game alive.

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  18. gogogo_12

    gogogo_12 User

    I've been without my levelled modules for 3 months, CBS bug in game for about a month, seprom bugs in the game for months at a time, but you definitely need to raise the prices of uridium rather than fix the above.

    Player's need to start holding Dark Orbit to a higher standard then they are at currently, and stop accepting the bugs being in the game as the norm. The game is in pieces. Fix it, please.

  19. Exactly !

    However, like I said to my previous post, this thread is pointless.....

    The folks from "above" might or might not even read this and if they do they'll just pass it along.

    Edit: This is not rant but a calling to BP to save the game, a calling that comes from players that actually care and want to keep this game alive and as near as possible to its former glory.
  20. Hello, In my case buying Uri is more expensive. Unfortunately, it is due to my country's currency value dropping when comparing it to the US dollar. As it goes lower, I buy less. :(