[SC] Price of uridium has gone up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bounty_Hunter_of_Eic, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. They'll never learn. More players will quit buying uri over time like I already have unless I get a 50% EP booster to finish off quests I have lined up at the finishing post. Others will quit the 12 or 6 month prems especially when you have thousands of free repair creds anyway and there's no point spending so much for 5% discount and 5 second log outs, not worth it. I didn't bother renewing my 12 month prem on GB1 when it ran out a couple of weeks ago as I won't be bothering much with GB1 anymore anyway after I finish the last 15 Ubk kills of the 400 quest. I only have time for one server so I'll stick with GB2 for a bit, see how it fits in with my schedule now.

    Even when things crash and burn around them they'll still be scratching their heads wondering what went wrong and why so many people do not want to buy their blatantly overpriced products while in their deluded little world the prices are considered "fair and reasonable for all", never heard anything as funny as that while BP slowly goes out of business.

    Anyways, I got to get on the road to London for a government meeting... :cool:

  2. Quite understandable, the currency fluctuations influence players from several regions and although I can understand BP's position regarding players abusing this and the necessity to end it, on other hand BP should take seriously in mind how the said fluctuation influence the lives of people. In the sense that the trading value of some hard currencies, specially at regions where inflation occurs [depending on the inflation %] limits these people from buying not just online game currency but other goods as well.
  3. jaja2020

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    Back when I started this game 1 mil uri would go much further than it does now. I could get some boosters, ammo and still have enough to build a few gates. 100k uri used to get me 2 a's, 1 b, and 1 y. now 100k uri might get you an A gate if you are lucky. I do not care about the real cost of uri $99.00 vrs $120.00 is not a big difference. It is that fact that uri in game cost is pennies to what is was back in the day.

    A complete restructure of the virtural currentcy is far over due. Also would be nice if the restrictions on the gate generator and the bonus boxes could be reset to the standards they were in 2009. Botters are not as much of a problem anymore and the action taken to fight the bots are no longer needed in my opinion.

    If the bot all of a sudden get back like 2013 the nerf them again. There needs to be a solid way to make 500k uri a week without fighting for cubes and grinding 15 hour a day. most players have school or work and can only play a few hours at a time.
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  4. I have noticed that as well and people see it as a big con especially when you're grinding 200k uri to build gamma in some cases with cases of 700+ spins alone just to get the last 1 or 2 parts, absolutely ridiculous! Even when you box legitimately or do the whole palla thing, that is a LOT of time out of your life to do that to get that many spins to build that one gate in particular.

    I know BP will have made changes to the regularity of gate parts when spinning because of people botting for gates but what BP fail to understand here is that those players that bot for gates are not bothered about the reduced regularity of gate parts when spinning because all their gate spins are collected against the T&C's of the game and they have essentially have an unlimited supply of stolen free gate spins anyway and you'll find most of these players that bot walk away with thousands of free spins per week enabling them to steal millions in uri over a short space of time.

    It is only the honest players who have never cheated and most likely never will cheat that are getting punished here as always is the case in this game now.

    Businesses are sensitive about people buying their products and if not enough people are buying their products then it prompts most sensible and reasonable businesses into changing their business practices, or in BP's case, very poor businesses practices, and bring about pricing restructures often delivering better value for money, all BP does is fall down the hole its dug for itself and that hole has been dug so deep it can't climb out of it because they lack the sense to lower uridium prices across the board and they refuse to lower the cost of purchasing uridium which has always been vastly overpriced anyway and ultimately does not go far today anyway with all the new nonsense that has been introduced hehe :rolleyes:

    And it is the blatant overpricing that fuels the cheating anyway however even if prices were reduced across the board on everything it still would not eliminate the cheating 100% because there will still be players who'll bot although in much smaller numbers most likely but you'll still get the other cheating with auto locks, speed, damage increases etc. as well as the ability to override the demi zones which I have seen happen and I have been on the receiving end of that cheat twice from some cheating player.



    nothing will change now on price increase.. but wot i would like all the revenue they gain hope they will recode the game at the start so little down load so bots hacks auto cannot get through just a thought xxx
  6. if you actually think back and remember what killed this game was bigpoint getting greedy by introducing ufe items,
    it turned 100s of players to bot ,and 100s to quit,
    then 100s more quit because nothing was done about the botters,
    so now what remains are a few die hard players and the odd new player and they trying to squeeze every penny out of a dieing game before they pull the plug thats my opinion..
  7. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Is it worth to put price up for uri and reduce price for premium xD Good one Big point scavengers !

  8. Imagine how the players that spin the materializer with cash, no pally and boxes, how frustrating must be...Many times it took over 100k uri for 1 or 2 parts, the last ones.
  9. Homepage says - not free to play o_O I just/use prem and enjoy...I hate Co. buyouts - the price(s) after that never goes down :(
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  10. ]eggy[

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    so bp put the urid price up this must be the biggest joke ever ..the game was already over priced in the first place that's why most people left already,,after all its just a flash game ,,realy thay should have dropped the price to 20pound for 1mill urid ..this would give players a chance to get to a good level and buy things to get the at a level with uber fe players ,,so everyone would be on a level playing ground ,,also darkorbit would make more money as lots of new and old players would be buying more uridium ,,even old players would come back and be happy ,,,,players happy and gp happy as now loads of people buying uridium ..but no thay always go the other way and rip us off and just lie to us all the time ...it pure greed and the game will be dead now it the end if thay don't just bite the bullet and drop the price like I said

  11. I agree that this is a flash player game, it was designed that way however, the devs have implemented a lot of things in order to make it more interesting and competitive. The down side is that the flash player cannot handle all that graphic load hence the game has issues, apart from the various others non flash related. Like I said before, I don't know whether the game can be developed in such way that would be a client to download.

    For the price you're saying, 20 pounds for 1 mil, might be the other extreme end. Right now we are at the extreme end of high, bringing it so low would be the extreme end of low... I can see that won't be possible because BP wouldn't be able to cover expenses, they would have to cut down on staff and projects and that would mean the end of the game. On the other hand, for a period of time they should lower the price for the reasons you mentioned and I agree with what you said.

    I sincerely hope BP is monitoring this thread, and as far as I'm concerned this is not a rant thread but a call from us players that enjoy our game to BP to save it.

    There are many games out there and many of those games are really fun to play, still DO got a scent of mystery and excitement. It had these elements from day one that I started playing this game and to be honest I truly miss the music score we had back then. That high pitch sound that was giving me the feeling that am somewhere in the vastness of space, lost....I really want to see DO thrive again and crave for that moment.

    We all have our lives, many of us have children and grandchildren, and there are so many things that need to be done but still, if BP allow us, we can find the time to play it.
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  12. *Rob9614*

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    Its pointless suggesting a price reduction theyll never do it, they dont care if people quit they have plenty of other games. It would be easier to find a different game to play thats cheaper and more player friendly
  13. ]eggy[

    ]eggy[ User

    like I said bp realy need to bite the bullet to get every1 on a level playing ground ,,20 pound for 1 mill urid would do this ,and yes the price drop does not have to be forever ,,when every1 is at a level playing ground ,and thay didn't do stupid updates like power increase mods ,more people would be willing the buy cosmetics skins for drones ships and other stuff ..and lets face it cosmetics are what this game wants to sell /but until every1 is on that level playing ground giving them a chance to fight or defend then its just not going to happen and the game will die and be closed down ..even at 20pound for a month or 2 bp would be making loads more real cash off people as more would be playing people coming back new player joining because thay now have a chance .
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    and to add to this let people bot they get caught in the end. but a BIG bug is the dev team cannot get the the CLIKKERS how hard can that be ? and gb1 we no who the main culpricts are my rant over and out
  15. This game - DO is part of BP and BP got sold to a Co. in China. So, math-ly market-ly speaking regarding WORLD currency. Currency fluctuates around the World and the ($)currency doesn't match the yuan (China Co. trades in this currency) so, it got an increase in price depending on the currency you trade in to match the yuan...That is my theory.

  16. I agree, and everything in the world market depends on currency fluctuations. The uridium along with everything else [subscribed packs - including prem, and all other direct payments in cash] might be cheaper in the Chinese market. Some online games keep their prices to the various regions according to the financial status of either region or country....

    Whatever speculations we are doing however are all from our end and it is up to the current publisher/developer to practice the policy they see fit. The question is whether the publisher/developer wishes to acknowledge the current issues [no need to list them again] and are willing or not to do something that will improve the situation.
  17. sadly yes cost has gone up,i wouldnt mind paying if i didnt keep losing connection and getting this terrible lag ive never had before so untill this is fixed sadly i wont be spending anymore.im gutted love the game but unplayable due to lag what have thet broken :(

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